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9 / 10
this holiday was the BOYYYY....ignore...

"this holiday was the BOYYYY....ignore the bad reviews, as its obviously extremely fussy people who write them. i went for a week, and we got excellent service throughout, the meals had a wide variety, and the chefs were at the ready as soon as anything ran out. although the waitresses didnt speak good english, the rest was excellent. the rooms were cleaned perfectly everyday and there was some comedy entertainment around the pool (dancing queen, deep sea diver, danny and dale, CRITTER) etcc etccc, i really reccommend this hotel for anybody, so please ignore the bad reviews.

jeff cormadore in the restaurant is a ledgeeeee.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Just came back from an amazing...

"Just came back from an amazing holiday in Salou with my friends! I'm writing this review to set the record straight as there seem to be a lot of bad ones across the internet which shouldn't be trusted in my opinon.

Hotel Mediterraneo was extremely clean, pool facilities were good, food was relatively varied (although perhaps a little repetitive after a few days) and the rooms were of decent size. Some of the staff (receptionist, head waiters) all spoke good english and were easy to communicate with! Air con worked well in the rooms and was definitely welcome in the Spanish heat!

Only complaints would be that there was no fridge in the room and the lifts were a bit dodgy, but other than that it was a totally acceptable holiday, above average for a 3 star hotel!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
2x 18 year olds and a 37 year old. We...

"2x 18 year olds and a 37 year old.

We went to this hotel 3 days ago now, we couldnt wait to be back.

when we first arrived on the coach the hotel didnt see very appealing from the outside, the reception was clean and tidy and cool. the main receptionist couldnt speak a word of english and wasnt very welcoming. The room was also tidy and clean but they didnt change the sheets once while we were there for a whole week.

The food was horrible we all lived on chips for the whole week, it was the same every night with a choice of un cooked burgers, and pork. the drinks were very expensive. staff at the hotel were very rude and didnt understand what we were saying.

The location was brilliant next to some of the nightlife, and in walking distance to the gorgeous beaches and shops.

Entertainment was awfull and was the same every night. there was hardly no english at the hotel and was either german, spanish and russian. not welcoming at all!!

I really advise no english to go to the hotel at all and advise the hotel calypso instead as it seemed very popular.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
We have all just got back from this...

"We have all just got back from this hotel. The hotel was wonderful, the food lovely and hot and enough choice everyday with breakfast, lunch and evening meal. The rooms are lovely and clean fresh towels when needed. The reception staff where very welcoming and spoke quite good english. The bar staff were excellent especially Jesus with his wonderful measures of spirits. Wonie the entertainment manager is very welcoming and will mix with you all, he enjoys a good laugh. All the staff appreciate you making the effort to say ola, or gracias, and will respond with english. The pool area is nice and clean with a life guard. The entertainment is the usual international but did finish by 10.30pm which was a little disappointing. As long as people are in the bar Wonie will play his music. Thomas Cook did advertise that you get snacks on all inclusive unfortunately this was not available for us, so best to check."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Full board There was some noise from...

"Full board

There was some noise from the street till early in the morning

I once reprimanded a bar staff member for slow service


I was very nice to the dining room staff and they treated us as visiting dignitaries

The waitress would come to us as soon as we arrived to ensure that all was perfect and if not she would fix it immediately, (wine not chilled enough etc)

The chef greeted me every morning and would enquire what I wished cooked for breakfast and how I wished it cooked.

I found the Spanish grannies (A mob not to be messed with!) delightfull and a true reflection of Spanish culture with their singing and dancing,

I found the hotel and surrounding beaches lovely.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Ferris

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8 / 10
As a couple we thought it was very...

"As a couple we thought it was very clean and peaceful just what we were looking for, the room was of good size and towels were changed daily. The food was of a good standard and with plenty to choose from no matter whether it was breakfast lunch or dinner. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Would def go back again."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Flyglobespan

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1 / 10
Should be renamed Worst Mediterraneo....

"Should be renamed Worst Mediterraneo.

The walls were paper thin and you could hear all activities next door including all toilet functions.

The food was poor and we only tried two meals preferring to eat out.

The only good thing was that the hotel was clean but otherwise, poor service (it took two days to fix the balcony glass/plastic which was loose and banging all night).

Would not recommend to anyone. Left hotel and moved into another.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
My daughter and her friend are four...

"My daughter and her friend are four days into their first ever unaccompanied holiday abroad. I have had several texts and an email from her saying they are having the 'holiday from hell'!

They were given no guidance as to meal times etc on arrival, and have been placed in a very noisy room on a corridor. The food is so bad that they have had to go out for their meals, despite having paid for half board. None of the staff speak English, and they are unable to find out about excursions because of the lack of communication. I would add that my daughter and her friend did not expect 5 star quality, but did expect good basic edible food.

I will update these comments when she returns next week, but possibly forewarned maybe 'forearmed' for some potential guests to this hotel!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with teletext

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2 / 10
Should be Worst Hotel Mediterraneo

"Quite simply the Worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Stayed in March on an all inclusive basis. The place was filled with pensioners, no problem with that, but they were quite frankly incredibly rude. When we took a table at the restaurant we were turfed out as "they always sat there" Similarly at the bar they pushed in and were just downright rude.

I have never been to prison but the food was what I would imagine the prisoners get, and I would probably agree if they complained their human rights were being violated.

The only thing going for this hotel was that it was clean.

The walls in this hotel were so thin I could here the people next door snoring, talking and going about their daily abloutions, not nice!

It was a great shame as the hotel was in a good location and with a little bit of effort the management could easily turn this hotel around.

My other major gripe about this place /prison was the balcony glass was loose. Unfortunately it was rather windy and for the first 3 nights it was a bit like having a neighbour leave a garden gate open, bang bang bang intermittently throughout the night.

Eventually though it was fixed ,on my fourth and final night .

Please think very carefully before staying here, yes it is cheap but if you have to pay to eat out what is the point of all inclusive!!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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2 / 10

"dont go here me,my ex and the kids went in the summer no room to move in room, were told we would all have a bed each or pull out camp beds which i didnt mind, when we got there there was only 2 double beds right next to each other, no fridge or kettle, so we couldnt keep drinks cool for the kids, we were told we could hire a kettle from hotel across the road ha ha, no bath mats had to have shower in our flip flops or brake our necks bar right below rooms so didnt get piece till 2am not from the holiday makers themselves but from the staff, and the food was disgusting, if you had a complaint no one was interested and the key cards never opened the doors we were constantly having to go all the way back down stairs to get another key card."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006

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10 / 10
I totall agree with the review before.

"I agree with the review before. We stayed there last week 18th - 25th June

My partner and I have been to Salou before and it is a party town not for children at night.

Very noisy at 5am when the club near by was closing I woke up every morning.

The music around the bar/pool area was so annoying 10.30am it started so loud and yes with the same cd every time. We went out by midday but when we got back at 5-6pm still it was going on through to midnight.

Not much for kids to do we took our 10 year old lad ended up in the same bar most of the week just no entertainment anywhere for him.

We went to the Water Park and theme park and played on the beach.

Had luck with the weather all week.

The food in the hotel was very nice and they kept it fresh all the time wasn't sitting there.

It is a clean and friendly hotel.

We did eat out on our last night we went to La Tagliatella this is on the road opposite Boomerang Steakhouse.

I would bother going there the service is poor and the food isn’t much cop waste of money wish I had dinner at the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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4 / 10
Before going id advise you to read this!!!!

"I recently stayed at this hotel for 10 days on an all inclusive basis, the place itself and the hotel itself have many advantages and disadvantages so read carefully before you go on this holiday!!

Firstly i am going to start with the best bits of my holiday;

Salou itself is a nice place and the weather their is fantastic, the prices are very fair out there, it is an extremley busy place and has very good night life.

The hotel was very clean and well presented and the maids there were very nice and done a very good job, the food was lovely their was a very large variety of choice such as; salads, meats (WHICH IS ALL GRILLED IN FRONT OF YOU),vegetarian foods, good choice of main meals, good choice of dessserts. The food is kept vey fresh and tates very nice.

The swimming pool was nice and their was enough space for people to sun bathe (the hotel provide sunbeds) e.t.c.

Being all inclusive is the best choice to go if you are going to salou as you can have what ever you want whenever you want, when the hotel is not doing breakfast, lunch or dinner you can still order food from the bars and the lobby in the resturant, i also ate out when i was their and found that the food was not very nice and the service isnt very good out their so i think its definatly best to go all inclusive it is also cheaper.

I also went to Port Aventura and the water park out there which were both great days out and good value for money.

Now i am going to tell you about the bits of my holiday that i thought were bad (unfortunately);

On a daily basis there isnt much to do in Salou if you have smaller kids with you and they also dont have much for kids at the hotel either it is only the night when it begins to get lively, this is not the place to bring kids to under the age of 2.

When going out in the night its best to out around 12:30 - 1:00AM as the clubs and bars are empty around any time before that this may annoy people who do not want to go out so late.

The people that work on the bar were sometimes very rude which was also not one of the best bits of the holiday but in general that didnt bother me to much as the drinks were always served generously and very cheap.

The entertainment in the hotel was very poor but on some nights they had excellent shows to suit all the family, before any show starts the hotel has a mini disco which was extremley annoying as they played the same cd every night.

Salou is a very loud place and if you are expecting to get away and go to a peaceful quiet place salou isnt the place for you.

The clubs do not shut out their they are open all hours and if you want an early night this maybe hard for you unless you are a deep sleeper!

In general i feel that Salou is the place to go if you are looking to have fun and if you want to go out loads it is more a holiday for couples and groups of friends.

I dont think that it is the place for familys with young children as when i went away i had younger childern with me and i could tell that they were not enjoying it on the days when there was nothing to do and when the entertainment was bad at the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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