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3 / 10
Building work and shabby room nightmare

"We booked our Honeymoon for this hotel hoping for something special, the hotel is spectacular but it was ruined by smaller issues and one major issue!

We booked b+b through Thomson, found out after that we could have booked with Thomas Cook Half board for £200/300 cheaper for the same period which was unbelievable.

That aside we arrived in a private transfer, glass of champagne whilst checking in, hugely impressive hotel, though they pump a horrid smell into all common areas which made my wife heave.

We got to the room and quickly noticed our view of the casino grey old roof with random carpet on it and the casino chapel roof. My new wife quickly noticed that on her side of the bed when laying down there was a person groove in the mattress where it was so old, on my side your feet where alot higher than the rest of your body where it was so worn. The bathroom, underneath the sink was falling apart and the bath had a crack in it which was badly filled. We had a fridge which was all broken and you couldn’t chill anything in there - when I approached reception about this I was told it was a mini bar and not a fridge and only come back if its heats items up.........The bath towels are tiny....had to use our beach towels after a shower.

This was until we were moved into a suite where we got grown up towels!! The suit comes with a Spa bath, however the jets were very grimy and green and pumped green stuff into the bath. We did use it and it wasn’t cleaned at all in our time there!

The main issue was the building work which Thomson failed to notify us of. The infinity pool...isn’t as there are huge boards across the end covering a mass building site of the hotels restaurants. So you have no infinity pool and no view. The building site was noisy and when you went out the back you were being run over by Lorries.

Corridors in the hotels were also being worked on with drilling and jack hammers going all the time. On day 3 green fencing went up out the front and they begun building work out the front as wel, you were never far away from a grab lorry in this hotel.

If you are booking this hotel or about to go I strongly urge you to find out about the building works as Thomson won’t tell you they want your money too much!

The only other issue was the hotel is very german orientated, from the entertainment to the food in the buffet restaurants. This can grind after a while. Pools were good other than the 'infinity'. They are very warm mind! The evening entertainment was spoilt by the hotels rubbish speakers and not having signers loud enough. The hotel band however were really good!

The resort however is fantastic, the restaurants along Boulevard Faro are to die for, Grand Italia and Maximillions top the charts here.

Thomson ruined out honeymoon by not telling us about the building works. Its really not on. German hotel, everything costs extra here they like to squeeze every penny out of you! Shame as this hotel could be amazing, not as good as the Arona Gran in Tenerife!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Stay somewhere else

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5 / 10
Didn't reach my expectations. Not a kid's place.

"My family ( husband, 11 year old daughter and nine year old daughter and 7 month year old son ) went to this hotel these summer holidays for two weeks. When you come up the hotel's drive you think 'Wow, that looks stunning. ' It really does, especially when they put the fancy fountains on.

Check in was fairly simple, and whilst we waited for our room to be ready we got free drinks at the bars. It was all looking great. We got into our room soon to find that our suitcases weren't there like the receptionist told us they would be as we handed them to them. We called reception and they said they would be there just in a minute. We waited about fifteen minutes, and by this time we just wanted to get into our swim gear and go relax, so we called again. Again they told us to wait just a few minutes and they will be with us. Around another ten - fifteen minutes past and still no cases. We went down to reception and asked them poliltley where our cases were, and they told us they had been sent to the lost property room. We were highly annoyed because we trusted them with our luggage and of course they were not on the ball.

As there are so many people staying in the hotel at a time it gets very busy around the pool and mainly it is quite had to bag some sunbeds, also your not allowed to reserve them with towels, so if you do they take them away. I thought this was a bit unfair because we have children to cart around breakfast and surley by then all the sunbeds will be gone. For sunbathing there is little space. Its very lush there with lots of trees and bushes, so around the pool its shady. There are two top decks where the sun is captured, but two only.

Food there was fairly good, but service wasn't. At the buffet it was so crowded. queues as long as twenty minutes just to get chips. Also normally half board you get one round of basic drinks free, but there you didn't . It was seven euro's for a half bottle of wine to sahre between two and two fifty euros for soft drinks.

Pool's were very nice. No complaints.

Staff weren't overley friendly, but very decent.

Rooms were fine.

Now - entertainment. I think theshows at night were good, but in the day for kids there was nothing to do. They want activites like you get at hotels, they didn't do them.

We found ourselves a slight bit bored.

I wouldn't suggest this place to kids, so do consider this, please.

All together I think it wasn't a bad holiday, but didn't reach my expectations.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Half - board., booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Don't take kids, unlessy ou'd like to bore them.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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10 / 10
Wonderful Holiday

"Just come back from a wonderful stay at the Lopesan Meloneras Hotel, it's classed as a 4* but i think it could pass for a 5*. The room was immaculately clean, separate shower, the beds were very comfortable, took me a while to get used to the hair dryer (bit like an elephants trunk!) but that is the only slight negitive i could comment about this hotel. All the staff were very friendly and the uniforms smart and extremely clean. The resort is just outside the rear gate and need your room key to get back in. We found some very upmarket bars and resaurants loads to choose from, if you like live music try the irish bar 19th hole, brilliant nite.Lots of designer shops, and an indoor shopping area that sells all sorts of a mix. The resort itself is fab, clean (no doggy poo) no flyers, no time share touts, and no plastic cola chairs and happy hours! classy relaxed resort, so if your idea of a holiday is kareoke, cheap beer and sports bars don't go there."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Clean beach, nice bars and resaurants, familys and couples.
  • Activities: so many nice restaurants and bars.
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Happy New Year to you too!

"Well, we paid 110 Euro's each plus 55 Euro's for our 4 year old son for the Gala New Year's Eve Dinner. We were forced to take our table in a side room at 18:00 and warned at 19:45 that we had to be out by 20:00.

We had a bottle of wine delivered to the table and the wine waiter had disappeared for good. The dinner turned out to be an "all you can eat" buffet.

OK, the food was great but for 275 Euro at a 1:1 exchange rate!

The firework display was great and on New Year's Day, seats were being set out for a concert in the main courtyard. Exciting stuff, we wondered what was happening and my wife took a leaflet from a large pile. A very rude man in a suit snatched it from her and told her that this was private and she must leave! He turned out to be a director of the hotel and it seemed that the most public part of the hotel was now "out of bounds" whilst local guests were to be entertained to a classical concert. What a rude man and what a farce! He told us that this was no longer the hotel and that we should buy tickets. I wouldn't mind but we were paying £350 per night for a very small room that did not even have a mini bar!

Fantastic hotel, immaculately clean, wonderful location. Great if you're Spanish or German. If you're British and like to relax in T-Shirt and shorts (OK, not the knotted hanky!), expect to be treated as a second rate citizen and you won't be too disappointed.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Caveat Emptor
  • Activities: Bodega Restaurant where you will be treated with courtesy and rspect.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Me, my partner and our then 11 month...

"Me, my partner and our then 11 month old baby girl, went to this hotel last Sept and it was amazing. The staff were all really nice and helpfull, they always made a fuss of our daughter. The food was lovely and also lots of variety. The rooms were nice and clean and the entertainment was really good. This is by far one of the best hotels and resorts i have stayed in, so good in fact, we are booked up again for this September!

The location of the hotel is superb, we never had to pay for taxis to go anywhere, everything is on this hotels doorstep. Even though the hotel is masive, it took me only a day to find my bearings. Its surprisingly very easy to find your way around the hotel. We also never had any problems getting a sun lounger. Would definately recommend this hotel

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with travel republic

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8 / 10
I stayed at this hotel with my...

"I stayed at this hotel with my husband and daughter and son in law and we had a great time there. From the moment you come up the drive this hotel looks impressive. The hotel is large (one of the largest in Europe we were told) but the rooms are based around courtyards so you never feel you are in a big hotel. The rooms are large and comfortable and the service is excellent. The grounds are incredible with an infinity pool and lots of other pools. The beach is just outside the back of the hotel and there are shops, bars and restaurants outside the front of the hotel.

The entertainment was superb - with tributes to Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Il Divo to name just a few. The staff in the bars are really helpful and friendly.

IWe booked for bed and breakfast and there was everything you could want on the breakfast buffett. In the evenings we dined at a Balinese restaurant, a Tapas restaurant and an Italian restaurant all just outside the hotel grounds. Or if you fancy take-away the hotel does a great pizza. It was a lovely break with temperatures around 70-75. I would definately recommend it, and hope to go again!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
We stayed here for our honeymoon, it...

"We stayed here for our honeymoon, it was the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in and will definitely be back.

There was so much to do. The food was brilliant, there was a great selection. The pool area was beautiful and we never had any problems finding a sunbed and we found the staff really friendly.

We can't wait to go back and we will be staying for 2 weeks next time.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
This was by far the best hotel we...

"This was by far the best hotel we have ever stayed in. The hotel is very impressive on arrival.

Staff very attentive took our luggage to room straight away. The restaurants are excellent with plenty of choice and the food is superb.

Rooms very clean and spacious. Pool area is really large with plenty of sunbeds and the grounds surrounding the hotel are beautiful.

Spa at hotel is wonderful and well worth a visit. Hotel is situated in a very upmarket area.

Can't wait to return.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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4 / 10
The first impression of the hotel was...

"The first impression of the hotel was wow! We had booked a family suite for 14nights with our two girls being 11yrs and 9yrs, the rooms were lovely with plenty of space!! But our first morning around the pool was a shock!!! Not one sun bed to be had anywhere, as the Germans obviously get up major early to save any beds near pools or in sun!!!

Food was very good but restaurants were so busy, this hotel has 1,200 rooms so we think the average guest amount is 3 - 4,000. We waited for up to 45mins for a drink in hotel bars and often order was wrong, waiters were very unfriendly except for one called Pedro, he was fab and ran around like a headless chicken once tipped. We all suffered upset stomach during our stay!!!

Entertainment was great, we would recommend this hotel but stress you visit out of school holiday time as the amount of children was unreal.

Our overall opinion is....... if you don't mind the impersonal touch, fighting for sunbeds, loads of spoilt brats, rude waiters, grab for breakfast or dinner... this is the hotel for you!!!

WE WOULD NOT GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVER!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Half Board, booked with Travel Republic

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10 / 10
Stayed here for a week in June and a...

"Stayed here for a week in June and a week was just not long enough. This was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in as part of a package deal.

The grounds and pools are beautiful and well maintained. We never had any problems finding a sun bed. The spa is absolutely fabulous and well worth the 25 Euros for 4 hours.

Breakfast was good with a wide choice of food including cava some days! We didn't eat in any of the other restaurants so cannot comment on those.

We enjoyed the entertainment at the hotel, especially in the Brasserie bar downstairs which had 'tribute' acts on each night. Drinks were reasonably priced too.

The staff at the hotel were very pleasant and we had no problems at all.

We would definitely stay here again and will book for two weeks next time.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airtours

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4 / 10
Lovely hotel. Great to look at and...

"Lovely hotel. Great to look at and that’s as far as it goes!

The waiters totally ignored us as we were British, they waited on other tables, not ours. We got friendly with other Brits and we felt outnumbered by all the Germans, Italians and other Europeans. Breakfast was sloppy-everything was cold as if it had been sitting there for hours. We only had breakfast once. We were glad we didn’t upgrade to half board as it would have been a waste of money. For the whole week we were there we didn’t once go in any of the pools or lie on a sun bed as the Germans had about 3 sun beds per person. It was ridiculous!

The location was great. We made the most of the bars and restaurants just outside the hotel. The hotel was too big. There are about 1100 rooms and when we asked to pay to keep our room on they told us we couldn’t as all the late checkout rooms had been taken-by the Germans.

We were offered a slot to have 20 mins in a room to have a freshen up as we had to wait until 2am for our flight the following day. When I got to the room it was absolutely filthy. It hadn’t even been cleaned after the people occupying it for the week let alone the people having a freshen up.

I definitely wouldn’t stay here again. I felt as though we were not worthy of the holiday. When I look at holidays now, I make sure that neither Thomson or Thomas Cook do the hotel as they are German companies and I couldn’t go through that again!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
Exceptional hotel

"Stephen and Angela from Dumbarton.

We have just come back and have booked up again next year. We are frequent visitors to the area and watched this Hotel being built. Our stay exceeded our own expectations. Staff were great and the facilities were first class. It caters for all ages and the best part is everything is self contained. The rooms were fantastic and ok if you stay indoors the Atlantico could have the feel of a dinner school. My advice is get outdoors and sit under the stars and you will drink in the atmosphere of what the splendid hotel has to offer. Entertainment is excellent and it goes on to the we small hours downstairs in the Brassier.

Do yourself a favour and visit this hotel, you will not be dissapointed.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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