Las Terrazas Apartments

Calle Toscon 12 Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote 35510, Spain
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We really enjoyed our stay at these...

"We really enjoyed our stay at these apartments, Claudio was a real help to everyone and a great host.

Even though apartments were basic it made up for it with the complex being so friendly, a definite for those who like a relaxed holiday .

We will revisit again in may, I’ve learnt more karaoke songs to try so watch out Claudio.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
7 / 10

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Music from the pool area

"Pretty basic accommodation. I had to see 3 different apartments before I was happy. The first was right beside the pool bar on the ground floor. As I was a woman on my own I was not happy. The next apartment shared a stairway with the adjoining apartment. The neighbours could come up the stairway and on to my balcony - not much privacy. The third apartment had a private balcony and I was happy with that. What I did not like was the music emanating from the poolside bar every day from 10 am till 6.30 pm. Not everyone wants to listen to music all day when they are on holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007
6 / 10

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A friend and I had a last minute...

"A friend and I had a last minute break to Purto Del Carmen.

Las Terazzas was in a good quiet location on top of the hill, and a nice walk down to the old town and harbour but a bit of a long one to the main street - but with taxis being so frequent and cheap this doesnt really matter.

The apartment we were in (didn't see any of the others so hard to comment on them all) could have done with a bit of a referb - the shower was so tiny and trying to wash under it became a bit of a joke, when the curtain would stick to you, the taps fell off and we didn't have any hot water unless showered before 5pm!

We were in quite a shaded part and didn't get any sun onto the tiny front porch that we had which was straight off the main path to the pool. But on the up, because it was shaded it stayed cool, and the dark blue painted walls made it quite dingy we constantly had the lights on inside - but then it was nice and dark for sleeping time!

The pool area was nice but on the small side, but we did notice the pool getting dirtier as the week went on until it was cleaned on our last day there - seems as though this was a once a week procedure.

Otherwise it was okay for what it was - a quick cheap break in the sun. But don't think we would choose to stay there again on our next visit it Del Carmen!

One thing you must do/see (as long as you are open minded!) is a night out in Flanigans show bar at the bottom of the hill by the harbour - excellent night out - been time after time and never fails to have us in stitches!

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Self Catering, booked with Airtours
7 / 10

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Never again!

"On arrival at Las Terrazas we were quite happy with the appearance. However once inside the accommodation we were not quite so happy. Although the place appeared to be clean, we were met by a smell of dampness in the sleeping area, smelly wardrobes, a broken bed, ragged towels and a severe lack of adequate ventilation. We put the smells down to the room possibly being empty for a while prior to our arrival. On informing reception about the broken bed, a bit of wood under the mattress was classed as a repair.

The room was not cleaned at all over the weekend, the floor was soaked when showering due to an inadequate shower curtain and we went four days without a change of towels, which were soaked because of the bathroom floor.

On our fourth day the smell was getting steadily worse around the sleeping area and the wardrobes still smelt. After reporting this to reception, the cleaners seemed to get rid of the smell, although they did not touch the wardrobes. Later in the evening we returned and the smell in the sleeping area was so bad we ended up sleeping on the floor!

The following morning we requested a move from the place through our rep. We agreed to give the cleaners another attempt to get rid of the smell, but all they done was use bleach in the smelly areas, which got rid of the stench for a couple of hours. As this was unacceptable we once again requested a move. Later in the day we were told we could move to another complex the following day for the remaining 8 nights at an extra cost , half of which was met by the tour operator. As our holiday had been pretty much ruined until this stage, we agreed. We were moved to Bitacora Appartments, which while only 1 star higher was luxury in comparison.

When we spoke to others in the complex, they seemed surprised by our problems, so it is possible we were unlucky to be given that particular appartment.

On the plus side Las Terrazas has a nice pool area, the staff seem friendly enough and the walk to the harbour area really isn't all that bad (about 15 mins). Some of the restaurants at the harbour are superb.

For nightlife it's better to hit the "New Town", although a 25-30min walk may be to much for some. Taxis are dirt cheap (about 3 euros) so this shouldn't be a problem.

I would never stay at these appartments again, and would not advise anyone I know to do so either. The rooms really are in dire need of a re-vamp. During the night the lighting is poor and they are far to warm - due to the lack of available ventilation.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006
2 / 10

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What a fantastic Place. The staff...

"What a fantastic Place. The staff were great (Claudio) in the bar was so helpful at all times. The rooms and pool were all you need for and very clean. Very safe for children too.

If you don’t want a 15 min walk to the coast then you should get a taxi (2 Euros) about £1.50 (2006) but this walk is beautiful and very good to burn all the food and drink off!

No matter what sort of clubs or bars or restaurants you are looking for, you will find one for your taste. We would definitely go back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
9 / 10

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What a lovely place! Didn't know...

"What a lovely place! Didn't know what all the fuss was about having read each and everyone of the negative comments but then again we have stayed in various places in Lanzarote and it's our fourth visit so we're used to all types. The accommodation is certainly not as basic as I imagined it to be, no cooker, only rings but with food as cheap as it is on the island who wants to cook anything but basic food anyway.

The Las Terrazas apartments are situated in a lovely spot. No it's not ideal for the disabled or those with walking difficulties but then it does state that on the site and nor are ten thousand other apartments in Lanzarote as 80 per cent are up hill too. Lanzarote is hilly in general but it's friendly, very beautiful in the old part of town, very hot for those wanting the sunshine and it's a lovely place to visit. For those who can't be bothered to walk or who are frightened of a bit of exercise taxi's are dirt cheap anyway and 2 or 3 euros will go a long way. The staff at the apartments were very friendly and helpful, the bar staff too.

For those wanting a nice informal sort of place with a lovely atmosphere and friendly faces the Las Terrazas apartments is definitely the one. The Tapas Tree around the corner is a must - English too and we usually like to try Spanish cuisine when we're abroad but this one's not to be missed. Try it and enjoy! We'll no doubt be back at some point in the future.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
9 / 10

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I thought that the hotel was really...

"I thought that the hotel was really nice and the staff were really nice and polite to everyone the people are very friendly and they would help you in any way possible if you were lost. Also there was good entertainment in the hotel, in the evening it was very windy but it was still hot, (take a jacket).

My partner and I made friends with some of the locals and we are still in touch and email and send letters to each other now, they don’t know it yet but me and my partner are going back to see them soon and we cant wait til we go and see them again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Self Catering, booked with Airtours
10 / 10

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Good Times!

"Having recently stayed at the Las Terrazas apartments, in old town Puerto Del Carmen, for the fourth time in the last 16 months I felt compelled to write a review. The Apartments themselves are basic, as mentioned in other reviews, however they provided everything I could have asked for. I was visiting the island with a friend to catch up with friends and enjoy the nightlife in the resort. We are both 23 and were really just looking for a base to sleep in after 1 or 2 (or 3) beers! These apartments are perfect as they are in the quieter end of the resort so during the day you could lie by the very nice pool and sleep off the excesses from the night before! As ive said these apartments are basic and if you were expecting the Hilton then you will be dissapoionted.. However,,, these apartments have something that really make them great - the staff. The guy who runs the aparments is called Mario and nothing is to much trouble for him.He really helps to make you feel at home and relaxed. Next up is Claudio who runs the bar at night. He is great and again would do anything for anyone. This might be due to the fact that we spent a small fortune in his (very reasonably priced) bar!! These two guys really do make the Las Terrazas a fantastic place to stay. There is also a Geordie couple who run the pool bar during the day who we have since become good friends with. They will sort you out with any food or drinks you want during the day and are, again, very friendly. They are Geordies though so thats to be expected!!

As I already said, the complex is in the quieter 'old town' end of the resort up quite a steep hill, however this isnt too bad and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops on the way down to the beach and the new town. It is about a 20 minute walk to the new town where the bulk of the nightlife is located and a 10 minute walk to the harbour area of the old town where there are some great places to eat and have a drink. Alternatively you can get a taxi for about 3EURO which you can order form the complex reception.

All in all, Las Terrazas is a great little complex with clean, comfortable facilities and fantastic staff. Cant fault the place.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006
10 / 10

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I was meant to have won a holiday for...

"I was meant to have won a holiday for the same price on the internet and staying in a hotel not far from these apartments and when I saw them I much preferred these apartments, very clean, nice pool with waterfall.

They were quiet, great for couples (we are 26 and 24yrs old) with a bar and pool table on site, very spacious rooms with a fridge, hob and pots and pans. The balcony was spacious and provided sun loungers so you didn’t need to rush to the pool side to grab a seat early. There was a spar just around the corner to get food and some other local bars just a few yards down the road.

The walk was quite hilly in parts where they are adding buildings but you walk past lots of bus stops which we found to the local market and a shopping centre not far. Taxis cost around £2/ £2.50 as long as you agree cost before you get in, we would walk to the restaurants and get a taxi back. The beach is very close to the restaurants and bars so a lovely setting and every type of food there very active in the centre with lovely cocktails and friendly people.

After staying a week I wanted to move there and I will definitely go back to the same apartments and Puerto del Carmen without a doubt tomorrow if I had the cash. I think some of these people who have commented are picky or quite old, which I can appreciate, would struggle with the pavements in one small part.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
10 / 10

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Very basic accommodation. freezing...

"Very basic accommodation. freezing pool (but very clean), can't leave door open at night and no flow of air, take cleaning products with you as they are quite expensive.

Hiking up and down the steep hill hard work in the evenings. pavements terrible, no public transport.

Puerto Del Carmen just a tourist location, a dump, only good for those who want to get drunk and eat English food. Local restaurants few and far between, every other shop is an Irish or English theme bar or a Chinese or a pizza cafe.

Must hire a car (about 100 euros a week). Take a jacket for the evenings (very windy).

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
2 / 10

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Fantastic island what a holiday had...

"Fantastic island what a holiday had the best time here. The hotel ok a little basic but such a great little place just what was needed, nice pool, clean rooms, friendly staff, cheap well stocked bars, pool tables etc.

A few people have complained that it is a half hour trek to the beach, I can understand for people with small children this would be a pain but for couples I would say suck it in and enjoy the walk especially as you pass through the old town on the way which is just beautiful.

Also situated rather more closely is a huge shopping centre just 5-10 mins walk from the hotel with everything you could want and a crazy golf course on the roof. If you only do one thing in Lanzarote be sure to go on the island tour it is fantastic taking in fire mountain, the old villages, Jameos del Agua and loads more (including the infamous camel ride).

For couples, older families etc I couldn't recommend this hotel enough, however for anyone with difficulty walking or young children I would recommend a hotel nearer the strip as there is a hill to climb to get back to the hotel (although for most people its nothing) Hope you have as much fun at the Las Terrazas as we did ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel
9 / 10

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I agree with the other reviews on...

"I agree with the other reviews on this site the apartments are clean and they are cleaned every day but I would expect this of any accommodation. I could not give it 10 stars just because they are clean.

But being clean does hide the fact it takes 30 minutes to walk to the beech and the main drag. The location of the apartments was too far away for me and my young family. The complex is located on top of a hill which is known to the locals as "heart attack hill". You could not get any farther from the beach if you wanted to.

The apartments are also small and the decor is very outdated. The bath room does not have a bath only a stand in shower. The size of the bathroom is about 3 foot by 8 foot.

There was not 1 window in the apartment just a glass sliding door at the front. I would not like to imagine what it would be like in summer as there would be no ventilation and there are no fans. You could leave the door open at night if you wish but as the complex is not secure and anyone could wonder in I doubt it would be wise to do so.

My friends booked through another tour operator and stayed in the Tropican apartments. They were also 2 star but 5 mins from the main beach and main drag and also much newer.

However the pool at the Terrazas is great but we went in Jan and it was just too cold to use it.

I could not recommend this just because it's clean. It's just too far from anywhere. Who wants to pay for a taxi 4 times a day to take you to your apartments?

  • Holiday details: Jan 2005, Self Catering, booked with Aspro
3 / 10

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