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8 / 10
puente real

"Just got back from a week at this hotel, the food was nice, the drinks were very good, the animation team were excellent and work extremely hard from morning to night. Great hotel for adults and kids. The only thing I can criticize is the sunbed situation, there are signs saying no reserving sunbeds yet crowds of people wait up to 40 minutes before the pool opens to grab as many sunbeds as they can, it really is embarrassing to watch although it is not the fault of the hotel. Overall it was a really good holiday and the staff work really hard."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with jet2
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10

"We just returned from the Puente Real Hotel . In four parties of 2 We went for a week on the 6/7/15 to 13/7/15 we arrived at the hotel at 11am and was told we could not check in till 2pm at 2pm we went back to the reception to be told 3 rooms where ready but my daughter and her partner would have to wait another hour to check in.the rooms are ok cleaned spotless everyday, we stayed on 8th floor in the main hotel,which most times is a nightmare to get to pool on -1 floor or pool or reception on 0 floor, the lift takes ages to get, stopping on random floors sometimes can take five minutes, the food is ok there's loads to choose from but after a while it becomes monotonous eating same food everyday, also the Que to get into the dining room and when in there to get your food is terrible often waiting for people to finish there meals before you can sit down then your in a Que again waiting to get your food..the pool is nice and the food at the poolside bar is well worth having, with toasties, chips, burgers, sausages various ice creams for kids slush puppy's and cold and hot drinks, there are also lots of sunbeds your not suppose to leave them for an hour unattended or with towel's on but like every hotel people do so get up early if you want one, but the beds on the beach for between 3 and 4 euro all day where you can go away and come back as you please is well worth it, the hotel overall is ok i would stay there again but i wouldn't go all inclusive its cheap enough to go out we had a great meal at the Tudor Rose put 800 yards on same side as hotel two stakes with all the Trimmins chips etc for 23euro the place is nice not in noise place a taxi to Toremolinus is 10 euro very nice the airport is only 10 minutes away not 45 as stated cost is 16 euro in taxi when getting taxis always make sure you get one with a meter in , i got the hotel to order me a taxi once and they said cheaper to pay and get taxi receipt from hotel which they charged me 22 euro when i got one back on my own cost was 16 so book your self last thing WiFi is slow often don't connect in rooms and free in the reception but takes that long to connect i hope this helps there's good bad points at every hotel the entertainment is ok sometimes very good sometimes very very bad so its hit miss good luck"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
hotel great....... food not so great

"Location and facilities at this hotel are second to none clean and well kept and the entertainment was great wide range of food available. But on the third to last day of the holiday I got food poisoning from the breakfast buffet and spent the next three days stuck in my room ill. All in all I would say the hotel just needs to keep a check on the temperatures the food is kept so this does not happen to anyone else."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go out and look around the other towns some fantastic places
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Great Entertainment

"In August I was with my family in Puente Real, it´s a nice Hotel..you can relax, but also have fun!

The Animation was fantastic!! During the day and also in the Evening there were always great and interesting activities!! Thank you to the Animation-team! Angel, Erika, Katy and Sabine...you are fantastic! Most we liked the Aguagym, Zumba, waterpolo and a lot more. In the evening they did shows, which we really enjoyed. For example there was a show of Tarzan and also white party with disco. We were never bored.. also the rooms were nice and cleaned. you only need to cross the street and you are on the beach. The food was good and varied. So it was a great holiday with a lot of fun and we want to come back!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: to see shows nignt
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Terrible Hotel

"Just returned from 1 week all inclusive food was terrible same every day and never hot enough. We paid extra for a superior room but did not get it we got a smelly apt which was awful . Staff and manager on recption would not give us what we paid for and were very rude to us .The pool area was infested with flies it was awful.I will never return to this hotel nor would i recommend it stay clear...."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Travel Republic
  • Advice: Dont stay here its awful....
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
lock up your valuables

"The hotel itself was fine except they tried to put me and my partner in a low budget room - so we complained and were moved to a slightly better room. breakfast, lunch and dinner were manic, full of rude elderly Spaniards. The bar and restaurant staff were rude also. to top it all off my diamond rings were stolen from my suitcase on the day we left!!!

Ont the morning that we left I placed my diamond rings in my makeup bag then put it in my suitcase before me and my partner went for breakfast before being picked up to go to the airport.

Throughout my stay at this hotel hotel my diamond rings were clearly in and around my makeup bag, this being clear only to anyone that entered the room - this being only myself, my partner and the hotel maids.


Due to the fact that the cases were padlocked after breakfast when we returned to collect out bags before being picked picked up I am positive that this is not a matter to be discussed with the airline.

After speaking with the travel agent that we booked our holiday I have been informed that this is not an uncommon thing to happen within this hotel

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
Want a Hotel that makes you feel Unwelcome ? Then this is the one for you...

"On arrival the hotel looked to be a bit on the tatty side. The reception area felt a bit ominous but the lady on the desk was quite friendly. On entering our room it felt really small,a chair that wasnt in any way goint to be sat upon was stuck in a corner getting in the way as you made your way around the bed. The room was clean and tidy as was the bathroom, but the towels provided had been used within an inch of their lives and did not dry properly. There was no hair drier provided and as the hotel was sold to us as a 4 star this was a surprise. We had a sea view from our balcony but only if we were sitting, if you stood up and looked below your view consisited of the area where the trash from 2 hotels was collected, you could hear the empty bottles being deposited in skips on a regular basis along with the roar of the ventilation shafts from the kitchens etc.

One of the pleasures of an all inclusive holiday for me is the first visit to the dining room, good food and friendly service being one of the most important aspects of a good holiday experience.

On entering the dining room at this hotel we were greeted by the Maitre D who was fairly pleasant. From then on it was all down hill the waiters were the coldest and most unfriendly people Ive ever met, they did not acknowledge us at all, they made us feel as if we were invisible, there were no Holas or smiles from these people....I feel that the worst experiences were had by U.K. guests, although I did not feel much like a guest. Ordering a drink from the bar was no better. The entertainment provided at night was as follows, Bird of Prey demonstration, a session of Bingo and even some reptiles....all held in what resembled a very poor church hall. You could however pay for entertainment in a room owned by the hotel which was supposedly hired out for private parties....the prices ranged from 5 euros to 15 euros per person.

The pool area was pretty good, but it was October didnt really use it much, The lad running the pool side snack bar was a ray of sunshine in this dismal hotel as were the cleaners and the lad and lass who ran the day time entertainment, they were honestly the only ones who actually smiled and acknowledged us.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Hays Travel
  • Advice: Do not go all inclusive, preferably eat out, do not stay in the main hotel the apartments look pretty nice, make sure you take pool towels as the hotel does not provide them
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"we have just returned from a 7 night holiday here. i must say the hotel was very clean we even saw the cleaners polishing the bins everyday! The food was ok, got bored of it by the end of the week but overall it was good. Our room was cleaned everyday and the maid was very friendly, Our room had a excellent view overlooking the beach and looked wonderful at night. Hotel staff were helpful and friendly. The pool was very nice, The entertainment at night was ok, nothing special but the kids liked it. Only downside to the entertainment was if photos were taken with the reptiles or parrots it cost 10 euros per photo! However i would recommend this hotel and will be returning here."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Travel republic
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
excellent hotel

"My husband and myself have just returned from the Puente Real hotel in Torremolinos, we had a great time. Being in our 60's and late 50's we found this hotel had a good combination of ages and nationalities.British, French, Italians,Danes, and quite a lot of Spanish, be it couples, and families. All were catered for food wise, and we found quite a lot of the food was dedicated to the Brits.Hence, pork & lamb chops,the usual fish & chicken, but noticed a lot of beef was on the menu which is quite unusual for AI hotels. Delicious food served every day, 2 choices of soup. Excellent pates, cheeses, salads, etc.and a good variation of fruits.The different types of breads was good too, including melba toast, and always fresh bread which you can cut yourself.Also once a week, were crevettes (large prawns) and mussells on offer.pizza and spagetti, hot chips, and potatoes veg etc.All displayed on smaller plates so restocking frequently was alway hot food available. There is a microwave also in dining room.

The snack bar situated by the pool area was excellent and cooked to order.Hot chips, burgers, hot dogs,bacon & egg sandwiches, ham & cheese, and cucumber,chicken pinchos were gorgeous. These are chicken on skewers!! snack bar open from 10am-1pm then again 3pm-7pm in between restaurant opening times.The cook worked very hard and fast, and always people at the snack bar so it proved very popular.Breakfast times 8-10am and had fried eggs, poached and boiled. bacon, beans, tomatoes sausage.as well as the usual cereals and cakes,cooked meats etc.

Dinner is 7pm-9,30pm self service including drinks.Pool bar is self service including beer, soft drinks coffee, tomatoe juice etc.you only had to be served manually for spirits for obvious reasons.Hardly any queques at pool bar, which is another good thing.2 pools one being at the back of the main pool, with grassed area with sunloungers, also a seperate toilet.Think this is mainly used by apartment dwellers,as apartments are also part of the hotel.Lifeguard on duty at main pool.

Maids were lovely and friendly, and always cleaning, nothing was too much trouble for them and they always said "Ola" which means hello,when you passed them by.

Childrens entertainers were also very friendly,and as far as I could tell did a very good job.Entertainment was more for the kids I would say, magic shows, reptile shows, flamenco, and karaoke.This was held outdoors by the pool and near the bar.

Reception staff were very helpful I found, and all in all all staff friendly and nothing was too much trouble.

We had a twin room opposite the beach club hotel side seaview ( I think all rooms had the same views)but there is another block separate from hotel with pool views, so request this when booking.We had a fridge, hairdryer and modern flat screen tv, although speaking to other guests they had none of these. I don't know why this is, as presumably we all pay the same price for the all inclusive.

This hotel is on the outskirts of Torremolinos,but lots of restaurants,and shops, not many bars though.Although the tobacconists is a slow 15min walk and exchange is a further 10 mn walk away.The bus stop is outside the hotel and takes you into the centre cost is 1 euro 20 and the bus service is every 20 mns.Market is on Thursdays located quite a way away, we got a taxi for 5 euro.Fuengirola market is much larger and is on a Tuesday, you can get the bus into centre and then another bus directly to this market.

Hotel is situated right on the beach, and sunloungers are 3.50 euro including shade lovely and comfy! for those beach lovers like myself. Pool was warm and sea also at this time of the year.Beach not crowded either.

Think I've just about covered everything. Thanks for reading my novel ha ha!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with on the beach
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"We went to the puente real last year, we had an amazing time, loved every minute of the holiday, the staff were nice, rooms wer spotless and cleaned everyday, maids wer brilliant, food was nice, great service, overall I would definitely recomend it. I think some people just like moaning and expect a lot from a 3* hotel. I would definitely go back and I can speak for the people I went with."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
The hotel staff were rude and abrupt.

"Just back after short break with four others, we were quite disappointed, in particular with the standard of service at reception, bar and also in the restaurant.

When we asked the cleaning lady for a clean towel, she began ranting and shouting in Spanish, instead of being in any way helpful.

In the restaurant, it being self-service, there were no facilities for hand-washing. Food was being handled by countless people, presumably none of whom had washed their hands, purely due to lack of facilities.

On one occasion, our table wasn't cleared, and we laid one plate on the table behind us. As a result, a waiter came over, shouting and complaining about this. Upon checking out and requesting a 7 seater taxi to the airport, the receptionist claimed there was only one taxi firm in Torremolinos and they could only arrange for 2 separate taxis.

All in all, we found our experience to be poor at best, and won't be re-visiting.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go all-inclusive as not worth it, due to restaurant closures.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"I'm in year 9 at school and am very eager about Spain. I have been learning the language for 6 years! I went with my school - most of my mates were there! We went for four days, and I loved it! We had really nice breakfast which served magdelenas; they are a traditional fairy cake type that most Spanish people have with their breakfast. I loved this as it showed part of their culture.

The dinners weren't very nice the last three days as they were packed lunches and we couldn't chose what was in them, however the first day we ate in and it was delicious!

The tea was very nice and I loved it. They served hot food like pasta and pizza and cold food like tuna and salad.

The rooms were nice though the doors were difficult to open! We also locked ourselves out of the bathroom but once the cleaners had been in they opened it for us! The beds in the bedroom were comfortable however the fold-out couches in the main room weren't!

As for the kitchen we weren't allowed in this - only because we were on a school trip and the teachers didn't want us cooking! However in the room we stayed in the kitchen had a hole-in-the-wall window through to the living room.

We had a porch with table and chairs which was near the pool! That was nice. The hotel is a two minute walk from the beaches with lots of shops nearby ( ones like the co-op not asda!)

The pool was absolutely frezzing though we went in October so what would you expect - besides that the pool was refreshing!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Amazing
  • Good For: Beach

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