Puerto Del Sol

Av Cala Llonga, Majorca 07660, Spain
7  / 10
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7 / 10
Could so easily be better

"Great location,if not too bothered about going on beaches every day,(where umbrella with two sun loungers cost £12 per day and you are packed together),because there are nice family friendly pools and shady areas, the grounds are quiet and attractive, the marina, shop and restaurants are a safe minute walk away, and the apartments are adequate. A complaint was dealt with in minutes. Maid service every other day.

However,the apartments are being run by a skeleton staff. Litter around the pool ( dropped by only the Brits ) was not picked up, there was no bar, play room or any refreshment except from a Brit run poolside bar. Reception staff didn't know much about local public transport or markets, and sadly didn't offer to find out. I used to maintain a pool and saw no evidence of the pool being properly cleaned.

I strongly suspect that, as the complex is running at 25% capacity, it is on the market.

It would be so easy with a new management approach to turn this complex around.

Thompsons could influence this if they choose.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
we have spent 3 hoildays in this...

"we have spent 3 hoildays in this hotel and have always found the staff and hotel very excellent the setting of the hotel is fab with lovely restaurants and bars over looking the maraina. The night life is buzzing in and around the mararina but not to the degree that it disturbs you in the hotel its more for familys and the yacting people No young people clubs, infact that age group would find it boring. Cala dor town is within walking ditance but we have always hired a car.Cala dor town is more for the young but it also has really good restaurants to eat and is much cheaper than the maraina.Back to the hotel it is very clean and well looked after the rooms are of a nice size and again are spotless.The down side we feel is that since the hotel has gone fully enclusive these guest seem to really abuse the hotel ie very greedy with there drinks and food and they seem to cause no end of mess everywhere to which i can safely say that the hotel staff clean it up which is not fair and makes british people look really bad. But dont let this minor thing put you off try this location and hotel we are sure you will have a wonderful time it is fantastic....."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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2 / 10
Where do I start! I suppose the good...

"Where do I start! I suppose the good points - The hotel rooms were quite clean and when we did have a slight problem with a lock, a guy was there in half an hour. Our room was on the first floor overlooking the rear mid sized pool so not a bad view and was nice and quiet during the night. The staff are a bit frosty but again like other reviewers the manners that some of us Brits is disgusting, and I don’t treat my dog as some of the these people treat the staff, again a few please and thank yous will get you a courteous member of staff.

The main marina is a bit more expensive but we found that for 4 Euros we can get a taxi to the main centre from outside of the hotel, but as it is mostly down hill home we had a casual walk back most nights with the kids, there is a taxi/train every half hour or so but we found it cheaper and better to use the taxi cabs.

Food was ok at its best, even though we were all inclusive we ate out 3 days out of the 10, so I think that speaks volumes, the pool side bar was slightly dirty, but again this is down to the people allowing there kids to run riot and order food and drink and then to throw it down regardless. I have 2 boys one aged 7 the other 9 and they could not understand how some people have so little regard for other people and their surroundings. The area outside of the pool bar where there are two pools one being for toddlers did not fair any better than the bar, uneaten food, ice creams left on the floor, beer glasses and empty coke cartons rolling around, now I can assure you I am no snob but my kids took one look and said no way, again this comes to knowing what is clean and how to dispose of rubbish.

If you do find that you are willing to use the pool, do not think you will get a sun bed as most beds are took by 10pm and towels left out over night (some ended up in the pool Ha Ha), but I guess this is the kind of thing you will expect.

On reflection all I can say is that our relations booked the holiday and we thought it was a bargain - NOT TO BE - you only get what you pay for, my advice is if this is top of your holiday budget then you never know you may enjoy it, but to those who think it is a bargain STOP, pay the extra and go to a better reviewed hotel.

Cala D Or as a resort is spot on so don’t let this hotel stop you, we have been twice and we will be back again soon but to a better hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
The Puerto Del Sol was a really nice...

"The Puerto Del Sol was a really nice hotel. You had your own private apartment and it was lovely and quiet around it. The place was set out like a street of flats and was very lovely and picturesque. All of the apartments were white and were on 3 floors.

I had a ground floor apartment. It was quite spacious and nicely decorated. Comfy beds and good storage space. There was a triple wardrobe with hangers inside which was handy.

We had a balcony with plants and bushes underneath.. it was more of a veranda type thing, about 1 metre off ground level. There was a very nice bathroom. The only bad thing was that I saw a rat run along the balcony!

The restaurant had a range of foods for everyone, always had bread and desserts. Food was nice. The restaurant overlooked the marina which was nice.

The pool always had sunbeds if you went early enough, and had a nice garden down some steps. The football court and play area was nice. Leading off from the garden was a street of pubs and things so you could just walk out into the town whenever you liked. The pool side snack bar was wonderful, providing delicious hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches, chips, drinks, and healthy snacks all day long for free.

The staff were a bit grumpy though. The reception area was modern and nice. If you walked down the street you could walk round the corner and there was the marina with lots of shops and bars.

The bad side was if you walked out of the actual hotel entrance there is nothing for quite a while, but if you don't mind a 10/15 minute walk you get to the centre of town where there are lots of shops, bars, and restaurants.

People around town are generally very nice and I would like to recommend 'Bar KO' where the staff are very friendly and you can hire games. Back to the hotel, there are 3 bars all of which are nice. The show bar is good but there are only 2 main entertainers which gets a bit boring when you want to see different people perform. The acts are all mainly for children.. and I won a bottle of champagne in a quiz!!

There are poolside games & a kids club which is good. There is internet access which is very handy. Overall it is a very nice, peaceful, but fun hotel and I'd go back there any day.

The beaches, which are only small & enclosed beaches are beautiful & there's a train which takes you everywhere around the town. The place is lovely & I'd recommend you to go there.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
Me, my husband, daughter, son-in-law...

"Me, my husband, daughter, son-in-law and 2 children, aged 8 and 3, had a lovely week here in Sep/Oct this year.

There were no robberies we heard of while here. The hotel was very clean, the rooms spacious. No complaints about the food which was well cooked and good variety.

The pools were brilliant for everyone; 2 quieter ones and 2 the kids loved. We also found some families were unruly and just seemed to want to get as paralytic as they could before tea but we just steered clear of these. Most families were decent types like us.

The only other thing was there was no evening entertainment, only for the kids which was the same every night as we were told by staff the acts had been cancelled due to being end of season.

Overall we would recommend this hotel to anyone but after all we only paid 220 pounds each for the week.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with MEDINLAND

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1 / 10
Booked this as a cheap week away and...

"Booked this as a cheap week away and got what I paid for. The apartment was fine luckily had nothing stolen. The food was ok in the main (yes chips with everything) but salad and fish also, you get what ya pay for comes to mind.

The main gripe with this place was the other people there, mainly brits who thought it was perfectly acceptable to allow their kids to do whatever they pleased then shrugged it off as "well they are on holiday". Kids EVERYWHERE even when they should have been back in school. Discarded coke cartons, food dropped and left. Dont get me wrong I am not anti kid nor a snob but my partner who has 2 older kids now was appalled at the general lack of any rules laid down to the kids there.

Ironically it was 90% Brits and they let the kids run riot in the restaurant, the bar, the pools etc. As one couple we met said it was "Council Estate Cala D`or". The hotel location is a bit of a walk to Cala d`or itself about a 20 min walk round the marina, Cala Egos is closer but was fairly dead. The local pubs were a tad expensive too the Smugglers Inn on the marina charged 5.80euros for a pint and a half san miguel, so if you are used to the euro a pint bars in other parts of Spain think again.

The room was cleaned once in a week in about 3 mins flat. The restaurant staff were ok but the bar staff at night were fairly miserable and had control of the tv in the lounge so ya watch what they want. So in summing up would I go back? wouldn't go back for free.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Medinland

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6 / 10
After reading all the reviews before...

"After reading all the reviews before we went I was expecting the worst, but overall the holiday was not too bad! Yes, there were chips at every meal, but there was also pasta and rice. The food was adequate and there was only one night when we had to go out because there was nothing any of us liked! The snack bar was a bit hit and miss, sometimes the chips and hotdogs were cold, but worked out that the cook had loads ready for opening so if you went up half an hour later the food was hot! Breakfast was the best meal and worth getting up for.

The apartment was clean and roomy but did have a slight damp smell! The maid came in every other day, had a clean round made the beds and left clean towels! Now the staff were the downside of the holiday, not one smile all week, miserable is the only word to describe them! Yes, they do long days and have to put up with bad manners off a lot of people (children and adults) but even when you are polite they are still miserable!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with medinland

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9 / 10
We have just returned from a week in...

"We have just returned from a week in Cala D'Or and after reading recent reviews on this hotel, I want to provide reassurance for anyone who is going to stay in the Puerto Del Sol Hotel.

We are a family of 4 with two boys aged 9 and 4 and this was their first holiday abroad. The boys also have severe food allergies and this was of great concern to us when travelling abroad.

On arrival the staff were very helpful and friendly and took our children’s' food allergies seriously - the restaurant manager was informed and each time we attended the dining area, he advised us which foods the boys would be able to eat and on a number of occasions provided pasta and meat (without the sauce) for which we were very grateful.

Our room was very clean and spacious and we had the added bonus of a kettle, toaster, microwave, and fridge in our room.

I can honestly say that we had a lovely family holiday and from talking to other families who were there the same time as us, they were more than happy with the hotel and its facilities.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with 2 can travel

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1 / 10
Just got back after a fortnight here...

"Just got back after a fortnight here and wanted to come back after 3 days. The food was terrible all I can say is chips, chips and more chips.

Went last year and it was brilliant but this year was totally different. My six-year-old son found kids club boring, there was at least thirteen break-ins while we were there and they were not done by false entry so it could have been an inside job.

Money, fags, clothes, and phones were stolen and the hotel didn't want to know and the people who had things stolen had to travel 35km just to speak to a police officer.

I phoned Medinland while I was there to ask for a transfer to another hotel but they wanted too much money to move, when I said this they said stay in room for the rest of the holiday so your room isn't broken into!

I will not be going back to this hotel ever again and unless Medinland sort something out I will not book my holidays with them ever again.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Medinland

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5 / 10
Started off a lovely holiday. There...

"Started off a lovely holiday. There were 4 adults and 1 child at the age of 14 months.

The food was ok, we didn’t starve that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have liked to have been there for 2 weeks though as the food was very repetitive, especially breakfasts! Staff at the dining area were very pleasant and friendly.

Thought the reception staff were friendly until we had a break in!! There were quite a few rooms robbed whilst we were there for the week. When we reported this to the reception we were just told to go to the police station, as they would not come out to the hotel, they were very unhelpful and at times quite rude.

We personally wouldn't recommend these apartments to anyone as you feel unsafe and have to carry your personal belongings around with you (which is what reception told us to do).

We had been speaking to people who had been here in May and they said the food was 5* but has since gone downhill.

Apart from the negativity of the apartments, the marina is beautiful and lovely to have a wander around and it has some good restaurants. Great restaurant/bar in the Cala D'or town centre called 'Cheers', we would recommend this to anyone, good food and the craic from the staff is brilliant (he’s from London). I think most folk from our apartments ended up there most of the time. You must check it out, you will know who we are talking about when/if you eat there!!

Entertainment for kids was pathetic!! Good for young babies but not for anyone over the age of 4!

Overall, enjoyed the first few days of the holiday but wouldn’t go back!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Mediland

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1 / 10
I think that the other reviewers must...

"I think that the other reviewers must have been staying at a different hotel or that the place has drastically gone downhill in the last few weeks.

I would describe it as the hotel from hell. We have just spent £250 to get home nearly 3 days early from a week’s holiday, and I am so glad to be away from the place.

The room was dilapidated and very damp... damp bed, damp bedding, damp musty smell pervading even our clothes from home, not secure windows wouldn't shut properly, very noisy, bed rock hard and pillows like rocks.

Food absolutely abysmal, always stone cold, poor quality, very little choice, by the end of our short stay I only ate toast from there, coffee was completely undrinkable, still had 4 days with upset stomachs.

Children running wild from early until 1am....no I'm not a child hater, I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother to 5, but the sheer noise volume outside the bedroom at all hours and the fact that there was nowhere to sit quietly at any time, made it difficult.

The staff could not be less interested, I smiled a lot, was really polite and tipped [to their surprise] but to no avail, towels were changed twice but there was no other cleaning in the room.

I am not picky, we have stayed in 3 stars before in Malta, the Dominican Republic, Venice, London, etc, but never have I had such a bad experience...we only paid £275 each for a week but we were robbed. Please don't go there.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Medinland

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8 / 10
My wife and I stayed at the Puerto...

"My wife and I stayed at the Puerto Del Sol for 11 days and we found it excellent value for money, the apartment was quite big and very clean, the pools were very good and there are 3 in total. All the pools were nice and clean we used to use the pool that was fairly quiet.

The food in my opinion was very good; we ate out one evening at the Texas steak bar in Cala Dor and to be quite frank the food was far superior in the hotel.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Puerto Del Sol however there is one big drawback to this hotel; it was not safe during our time there; about 11 families had money, valuables and clothing stolen from their rooms, the doors had not been damaged and always locked this says to me that this could be an inside job by using a master key or even sliding a credit card down past the lock.

When the thefts where reported to the reception staff they allegedly said it was not the hotels responsibility? They where not interested also, one family where burgled at 3am whilst they were in bed but the burglars were disturbed and when confronted they said we are cleaning your room what at 3 in the morning?

Because of the thefts I would not recommend this hotel, a lovely hotel spoilt by a lack security.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Mediland

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