Blue Bay Hotel

Ialyssos Beach, Rhodes 85101, Greece
6  / 10
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10 / 10
We had an excellent holiday, it has...

"We had an excellent holiday, it has been fully refurbished and the staff and facilities are excellent. We are a family of 4 with boys, aged 16 & 12, loads of activities for all ages.

The food and drink were plentiful and you had at lease 6 choices for every meal. The hotel is spotless the staff friendly and professional.

The waterpark is great and during our 14 night stay we could use it 12 times, which is just right because we arrived at 3pm and left at 1pm.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Libra Holidays

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1 / 10
After two nights at the Blue Bay we...

"After two nights at the Blue Bay we asked to be moved from the hotel. The hotel was overcrowded we had to stand in line for 25min just to get to the food which was awful. The taverna available to all inclusive guests was shabby. You could only get drinks from plastic cups or plastic beakers. The staff were rude, I asked the barman for a proper cup and his reply was "what do you expect" pointing at my all inclusive wrist band. My youngest daughter asked for an ice cream at 3.00pm and was told there was none left.

The main bar was lovely but not available to all inclusive guests unless you paid. This bar was open until 2.00am yet the all inclusive bar remained open only until 12.00am. This caused a problem as we could hear the noise from our room and the children couldn't sleep. Eventually at 2.00am and just nodding off a huge domestic argument took place outside our room. We were informed that the third night was Greek Night but we would have to pay 18 euros each to attend. My husband complained and said ‘but we have paid for all inclusive’ to which the man from the hotel replied that our youngest child could go free.

By the way, the aircraft practically land on top of this hotel - great for plane spotters. We had to transfer to another hotel which cost us more money but was far better.

I would strongly recommend not going to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
We flew to Rhodes with First Choice...

"We flew to Rhodes with First Choice to stay in the Hotel Blue Bay on an all inclusive option in a one bedroom apartment.

Hotel reception:

Friendly and efficient staff who like the English visitors. On check in we received the usual AI band.

Hotel rooms:

Highlight of the holiday for us and a real surprise. We had a room in the main block. Recently refurbished it was large, modern, and comfortable with large double bed in main bedroom and two comfortable single beds in the second. Bathroom was well equipped and modern with shower gel, shampoo, soap etc laid on. Stunning views over the pools and sea.

Air conditioning, tea coffee making facilities and DVD player made these rooms 4* in quality.

Water Park:

Travelling with First Choice we received unlimited free access to a waterpark at the front of the hotel. Featured free drinks and snacks together with 5 chutes and play pools. Really good modern facility and very well supervised. Plenty of sunbeds in the park.

Now... that’s the end of the good things:


Can't call it a restaurant. Reasonably furnished but tables packed together and room insufficient for number of guests. Very hot as it is not properly air conditioned with large numbers of people and children contributing to the general melee and noise.

Do not expect a quiet meal. Get in, eat up, and ship out. Food is of a good variety but was frequently cold. Large queues and rude Germans contributed to a stressful atmosphere of conflict.


Terribly short of sunbeds. If you did not get down to the sunbeds by 7am you did not get a sunbed. On average there was one sunbed per 6 people. This led to conflict, arguments, and disputes. Paying the amount you do to go here you expect a sunbed.

The pools were adequate but surrounded by concrete and short on safety. There were numerous accidents due to poor safety. Indeed my own daughter slipped on the surface on the last day and broke her finger.


From 9.30am loudspeakers blared music. This was interspersed with multi lingual entertainers in scenes reminiscent of Butlins. Cranked up through the day and added to by groups of beered up Scandinavian and German louts who had no regard for it being a family resort. And then in the evening it cranked up even further.

Same things every night, so loud that our room vibrated with the music at night.

All inclusive:

Shambles. The only drinks available are soft drinks, tea and coffee, wine, beer, vodka and rum. It is only available from the pool area and a building at the bottom of the complex next to the beach.

There is a large bar in the main building which is pay only. You cannot get any all inclusive drinks in the main hotel or at the entertainment. Oh, and the drinks provided are in plastic beakers with jagged edges.


First Choice filled in a duty report when my daughter broke her finger and the office made one call to the doctor to say we were coming. Beyond that nothing. In fact they were conspicuous by their absence.


38-46 degrees. Far too hot for us but can't complain as we knew that before we went.

In conclusion, please consider carefully what you want from a holiday. If you want a family holiday with quiet days on sunbeds by pool and relaxed meals and entertainment in the evening with drinks at hand... avoid like the plague.

Oh, and if you want customer service, avoid First Choice. They have let us down three times out of three.

Thomsons every time for us!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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2 / 10
I have never been so upset. We...

"I have never been so upset. We arrived at Rhodes to be told that the hotel (Sunland) was not built yet so was being upgraded to Blue Bay Hotel (its sister hotel).

We arrived late and on first glance the lobby looked lovely, yes they were in the process of renovating it but it did look very posh with marble floors and was 5 stars.

We went up to our room on the first floor and I have to say I cannot really complain about the room, it was big and we overlooked the sea, beautiful.

We awoke in the morning for Breakfast with our two children 4 & 7 years and there was cereal, toast , ham, cheese and then slight English Breakfast Beans, Bacon, Fried egg, scramble egg, tomatoes and little frankfurter mini sausages. We didn’t think much of it Breakfast is breakfast right?

Lunch time came and and it was nice but bland, then snacks were pizza if they had cooked it. Most of the time you was waiting and sometimes up to 15mins which isn’t always a problem but you don’t really expect to have to wait, that’s what we paid for right?

We soon came to realise the food is the same everyday - all salads were with vinegar.

The food and entertainments were all catered for the Germans, how rude they are they didn’t queue they pushed they are utterly rude! The entertainment was mainly in German due to the fact there was very small amount of English.

The kids club we went along with the few other English couples with children and were told our children were not allowed in, it was for German children due to the language barrier of the person looking after them.

The so called children’s menu was chicken nuggets one night and the same old mini frankfurter sausage they had for breakfast along with chips this wasn’t every night so you can forget the children’s menu.

The swimming pools were ok and we did see the bloke clean them every morning but there are flying beetle’s things, which get in the pool but this can’t be helped. The beach you couldn’t really use due to cars up and down and one day even a mini digger truck thing doing building work.

The bar staff were friendly. The main entertainer I found rude, others were ok. The young girl never spoke with us.

The entertainment was ok for kids although most in another language they were happy to dance.

Couple of days in we noticed (due to being overcast we sat inside) that there was a few major things wrong with the hotel. There were wires where lights were going to be put but hadn’t yet hanging from the ceiling with tape around them.

My little boy was playing with a friend in the lobby (you could say shouldn't have been running around). They had lovely sofa's with tables on the end with glass on, didn’t think anything of it but he caught his leg on the table and the glass moved which meant he went to step over but couldn’t and stepped on the glass causing it to smash the corner.

My little one was ok the manager came over and so did the cleaner and she cleaned most of it up, and they walked off they didn’t seem bothered and didn’t ask if everything was ok.

We awoke next morning to a chink, chink noise at 7am, when we looked out our window there was a little guy below cutting off reinforcing and throwing it into a pile below our balcony, we had had enough due to lack of sleep from airplanes every night so low the wheels were down and could read the writing.

We finally managed to cop hold of our Rep on the Wednesday and told her everything. The table was still there this was two days after it happened!

The water park we were told would be open for use all week but was closed, apart from one day of which we were not told it was open, no sign, nothing!

This holiday has been a disaster I would never recommend it, we came back miserable and didn’t feel like we had had a break.

It comes to something when half way through the holiday your 4 year old son asked to get on the coach and go home!! Believe me if I could have I would have come home!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
We chose this hotel because it had...

"We chose this hotel because it had its own waterpark for my son to play in. It had a little children’s paddling pool with all different water features, which looked lovely in the pictures when we booked it. It is registered as a 5* hotel.

I will now list all of the things that was wrong with it.

1) The waterpark wasn’t even open. When we booked the hotel our main criteria was the waterpark which we were told was open. On the first day we got there we were told it would be open in two days but two days came and went, so I asked again and was told the same thing.

We looked in the waterpark and they were grouting the tiles painting the pirate ship and just decorating it really, they had no intention of opening it. There wasn’t even any water in the pools. Then when I asked again, I was told they don’t usually open until 16th of May. They should state this in the brochure.

I was told they can’t open because it might rain. (It rained once in the evening that week) but they still had the swimming pools open.

On the final day they said that it would be open but all they opened halfway through the day was the adult side of the pool with the big slides which my son was too young to go on. So I went and spoke to the Manageress of the hotel who I had been speaking to all week and all she said was ' I will get back to you later on' (bearing in mind we were going home that day). She never got back to me.

So I went over and spoke to the main man at the hotel. I asked him what was happening about the waterpark and his response was as if he didn’t care.

2) The hotel wasn’t even finished, there was building works everywhere nothing was mentioned about that when I booked the holiday.

3) The beach was filthy so my son couldn’t even play on that. There was a skip in the middle of the hotel beach and on the left hand side there was a big pile of rubbish about 10 feet high and 20 feet wide that was full of all bits of concrete, old mattresses, bits of metal and wood.

There were trucks and cars that constantly drove up and down the beach. When I mentioned this I was told that it was because they were building a beach bar.

4) The food was appalling. They only used half of the restaurant so there was not much variety and the food was always cold. I reported this and was told the Greeks always eat their food this way, but they are not feeding Greeks. The next day they put a microwave out.

When I complained about the food lots of other people did too. Also before I booked the holiday I read up about the hotel and they constantly talk about the children’s menu, and that it is the only hotel in Rhodes that has its own children’s menu, but we never saw one.

The hotel also has a poster in the restaurant for the children’s menu. We complained about that and on the last day they put out some fish fingers, chips and beans.

When we were leaving I bumped in to a Thomas Cook rep and she was coming in to try the food because they had so many complaints. Remember it is advertised as a 5* hotel.

All they offered me in way of compensation was for them to pay for a taxi to take us to a clean beach. They even wanted me to pay for the taxi upfront and they said they would pay me back later.

It was like one of those holidays from hell programmes.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, All Inclusive, booked with You Travel

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8 / 10
I was pretty scared about going on...

"I was pretty scared about going on this holiday when I read the other reviews about this hotel but let me tell you.

This is one of the best holidays I have ever had and I loved every minute of the 2 weeks we were there.

There were 9 in our party, 3 couples and 3 children (me and my fiancé don’t have children) and all of us had a really good holiday. The other 2 couples upgraded their rooms to family rooms and they were on the 3rd floor which has recently been refurbished and is very nice. Me and my fiancé stayed on the 1st floor, this hasn’t been refurbished yet and was very 60's, brown bathroom with avocado suite etc which at first glace we were a bit disappointed but the room was kept spotless by the cleaner and we had no cause for complaint and the view we had from our balcony was spectacular.

The main fun of this holiday was the Animation crew, Billy (Halloooo), Nemo, Momo,Penu, Babbou, Oshi, Rose and Lolita - what brilliant people! They entertain you all day everyday and the shows at night were funny and imaginative! I still keep humming Opa Opa and Chucka Chucka Choo now!

The food was brilliant, you could always find something you like as they had a pasta dish every day, chips or roast potatoes and fish, they always do a lovely meat dish as well and all dishes are replenished regularly and we had no problems with our tummies or anything like that, the snack bar food was also quite good, cheese and spinach pastries were nice, they sometimes had pizza or pasta and they always had cheese and ham rolls and salad.

The hotel itself has everything you need close by, there is a supermarket inside the reception area, also they have a disco which is quite good. The hotel managers are always walking around the hotel keeping there eye on things which was good to see.

There are amenities close by too, a couple of restaurants and bars, one night we went to Pegasus for a meal and it was beautiful.

I would also recommend hiring a car and having a day out at Lindos, you can ask the hotel for a packed lunch which is very nice (sandwich, cake, fruit and a bottle of water) and then Lindos is about an hour and a half drive away but well worth a visit as the beach is gorgeous and the town is very pretty.

The beach at the hotel was nice and the sea was lovely, sometimes warmer than the pool! I would recommend taking a pair of jelly shoes or something similar for getting into the sea as this is a pebble / shingle beach and it would hurt your feet trying to get in the sea, although once you get out about 10ft you are standing on sand and its quite shallow for quite a way out.

We used to get our sun beds (you pay for these 2.50 euros) round the main pool as this is where all the games and pool games happen and also near to the bar where you can get drinks and ice cream.

Overall I would rate this hotel at excellent - yes it’s a bit old fashioned in parts but this by no means affected our holiday in any way and the main features i.e., food, drinks, entertainment and cleanliness were second to none and the Greeks are lovely people and they love the English people. If you are polite to them they will go out of their way to give you a fantastic holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Room Only, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Excellent holiday!

"Went to blue bay this august and it was fantastic. . . the animation team are fab especially Jimmy and Billy!! What natural entertainers. . . We will definately go back. The rooms were very clean and spacious. Hotel very clean and staff very helpful. Lovely pool. Had sea view room which was added bonus! have stayed in 4* and 5* hotels and this was the best at only a 3* so i definately recommend blue bay. Only downside(tho didnt bother us) was the aeroplanes that fly over the hotel so some noise!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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4 / 10
Wonderful location, facilities and weather- but not for us....

"First a bit of background. When we started looking at this hotel we couldn't understand the lack of reviews here - the last one is still from October 2005. Well first off the Hotel details at the top of the review page are for a different hotel! The reviews are definitely about the Blue Bay between Trianta and Kremasti but the Hotel's pictures are somewhere else. Anyway we were confused so maybe that's the answer. Another thing, the complex also includes the SunLand apartments which share the Blue Bay's facilities which does have more up to date reviews (not good) on TA.

We went with Thomas Cook and the brochure warned that renovations were underway - scheduled to be finished in May. Well we arrived on August 16 and whatever it was before the accommodation is now superb! We (my wife, grown up daughter & myself) had a family room (separate bedroom and seating area with sofa beds) overlooking the pool and sea - wonderful view! Furniture was all brand new and I've never seen so much storage space - terrific!

On the ground floor there's the main restaurant, reception, shop and a really nice (cash) bar. If you want all the inclusive drinks you'll need to go to the pool bar or taverna where they serve beer, wine, spirits (Vodka, Rum, Ouzo or Brandy) and soft drinks in plastic tumblers.

The beach is the best part, lovely breezes and coarse dark sand. However the shore line itself is very pebbly. You'll need some some sort of foot protection just to get in and out but they do sell special shoes in the shop for 5-10 euros which do the job nicely.

All told if you looked at this hotel without the guests or very early in the morning you'd think you'd found paradise (see photos). Unfortunately you haven't. The place is heaving not just with our friends in black Speedos from Germany but also some of their unpleasant cousins fom other parts of Europe. We found ourselves queuing for everything - which was perhaps pretty silly as most people there seemed to think a queue was just an opportunity to push in front. Don't even think about a sunbed unless you're in your starting blocks with towels ready before 7:00 am. The entertainment is aimed squarely at German children, teenagers and their parents. There's an enormous speaker system to the side of the pool and if you're lucky enough to have a pool view room you wont be spending in any relaxation time in there between 11:00 and 23:00.

I can imagine for families with children/teenagers this place could work out great but if you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday and a quiet meal and drink in the evening go elsewhere.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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10 / 10
Fantastic holiday!

"I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday. It was the first holiday me and my partner had taken together and I couldn't fault any part of it. The room was very very clean - the cleaners came every day except for Sunday. The bathroom facilities were fine - hot and cold water at all times. Unfortunately the room that we were given was one of the lower floors that hadn't been "done up" as yet, but we had a gorgeous sea view and a big balcony. Anyway as per other reviews - who wants to go to Greece and stay inside for two weeks anyway!! The staff/entertainment team were fantastic. Very friendly and very polite, especially Jacob, Fedra and Mo Mo from bar/entertainment staff and Nikolaus(Not sure of spelling) from the bar that you pay at - great cocktails! . The food was very nice, Neither me or my partner were ill all holiday. However it was our first all inclusive holiday ever and we had been told that the snacks were not up to scratch - but we ate enough at meal times so didn't really bother with the snacks. It is worth hiring a car to see the rest of Rhodes as it is a very beautiful island, especially Lindos and Rhodes Old Town. I would definitely consider, in fact not even consider, I will definitely be coming back at some point!! The all inclusive bar has a bit of a patio area that leads down to the beach - literally about 10 steps. This is definitely a plus point. Again, what a fantastic holiday at a fantastic place."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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10 / 10
loves the hotel really and pino really

"it was a great hotel cause of the great entertainment and pino was absolutily FINE!!! (hes was bloody hott!)

the hotel was really fab too, and look out for billy cause he is a good entertainer and he is extreamly funny!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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6 / 10
what can i say

"I felt that the majority of my stay was ok. Yet I found a few problems such as the air conditioning wasnt working properly, the food was very repetative over two weeks, the all inclusive drinks were awful you may describe them paint striper mixed with cheap cola. If you wanted a late check out you had to get up early on the day od departure to see availabilty, if like me a late check out was not available a curtosy room was offfered if that was available. To describe that curosy room is difficult, you walk into what seams like a sauna, in my case i had to ask for towels as there was just a pile of dirty towels in the corner. I then proceded into the shower where you find mould on the door and its also on the ceiling where you get changed. i had my shower and still felt dirty.

Over all the rooms in the hotel were basic but on my holiday that suited, the curtosy room well less than impressed. I do have to say though that the entertainment staff were absolutely amazing they not only entertained the children they entertained the adults through the whole day and the night time.

The hotel is more suited for the family holiday not a young couple, the night life is limited to a local bar next to the hotel.

The holiday was enjoyable, thanks to the entertainment staff and the company arround the pool, the staff work hard but there is a few areas of improvemnt.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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6 / 10
Great for Families

"We've been to the Blue Bay twice now, and we're going back again later this year. We feel it is a little tatty in parts, the bathrooms are outdated,

but you dont stay in the bathroom, well we dont! The entertainment is good, excellent in fact, all day long if you join in! As for food,well it can't be easy to cater for all the likes and dislikes of the amount of people who go through there in a season, we would say it is perhaps a bit repetative, at worst. We like to get out and eat so we do go out once or twice during our stay, into Rhodes Old town/Mandraki Harbour just for a change. The hotel put on barbecue evenings which we're lovely, extra cost which we felt was a bit naughty, but well not a great deal, and they were very good indeed. Overall it is a pretty good deal and great for families with children, our own loved it, and now we're taking the grandchildren, good excuse to keep going back really, and we will.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005

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