Blue Bay Hotel

Ialyssos Beach, Rhodes 85101, Greece
6  / 10
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10 / 10
Me & my partner arived back from...

"Me & my partner arived back from blue bay 2 weeks ago and we wish we were still there. We paid 1200 for us both for 2 weeks all inclusive, and it was the best holiday ever. People who have complained about this hotel are just being really picky. Im no posh bird and you get little problems everywhere you go. But this holiday was really good and there wasnt anything major we could complain about. The food & drink was great, the entertainment was brill throughout the day and night the pool was lovley and the rooms were nice and modern and cleaned 6 days a week. The satff were so polite and friendly too. There were a lot of dutch there but they were fine we even spoke to alot of them, they werent rude or anything. We are both under the age of 21 and we would recommend this for couples our age, families and older people. We are going back next year with all our friend and family and cant wait. All i can say to people who are going is if you want a gorgoeus holiday with lots of laughs you are going to the RIGHT place. You will love it.!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
in the words of ricky tomlinson 4...

"in the words of ricky tomlinson 4 star MY ARSE.

well over crowded with other hotel guests eating there,not enough staff, mostly catered for dutch and germans.

main restaurant more like a works canteen had to queue for up to 20 mins just to get in.

lots of rude foreign kids and teenagers running riot.(some of their parents were not much better)

junior disco was ok but adults entertainment was rubbish

in direct flight path of incoming jets so very noisy, no life guard in very busy pool,had to pay for any drinks in main hotel bar(not happy)

this should really be rated as 2/3 star

rooms were clean,food not bad, friendly staff,aircon working,can"t fault the weather.water park not bad.

if you are dutch or german go here, if you are NOT then seriously consider another hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
This holiday, was one of the best i...

"This holiday, was one of the best i have been on. The Entertainment, the pools and the service were all very good. The only thing that let the hotel down was the food which was ok,but could do with heating up. There were a lot of Gemans and Dutch but also quite a few Brits. and if you get fed up sunbating by the pool or the beach (on the doorstep) there are plenty trips available to Lindos, Tsambika beach and Marmaris in Turkey. Overall a great holiday and would certainly go there again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Select, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
We have just returned from the Blue...

"We have just returned from the Blue Bay having booked this only the week before. The hotel is excellent for families with children up to early teenage years. There were three of us including our 16 year old. The place is spotless, food plentiful and lots of variety to cater for a range of mainly European customers. Entertainment for the children and later in the evening was good - the animation team work hard in providing something different each night. The Greek night on Tuesdays is well worth the additional cost - the dancers were a treat to watch and no-one was pressured in having to join in if they didn't want to. The location for the Blue Bay is convenient for the Airport - for a week it was OK having the planes passing overhead - and isn't too far from Rhodes Town by taxi. The WaterPark next door is good as well - the whole place runs well with courteous staff - it's well organised and if you want a week doing nothing but relaxing you don't need to go out of the hotel. Rooms are refurbished, beds comfortable - the family rooms are fine if you have older children with you as the adjoining room is separated by a door rather than partition. Would recommend highly based on the coments above. Only downside was pitiful organisation at Rhodes Airport on the way back (this comment is in no way connected to the hotel comments) but just to raise awareness that it is badly organised - screens do not show which counter is which for checking in. Queues are long and staff somewhat unhelpful. Catering facilities are basic and expensive. I don't expect the airport to be like Gatwick or Birmingham for example, but there is no excuse for poor organisation, lack of communication or courtesy."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Booked independently through

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10 / 10
This hotel is AMAZING! I have been...

"This hotel is AMAZING! I have been coming here with my family since I have been like 7 so im 19 now and due to go back July 2008. Best holidays ever have been with this hotel. The staff are amazing and very welcoming and are like family to me. Since the first time I have been here it has dramatically changed in looks but the friendlyness from the staff has always remained the same and i love it!! I disagree with everyone elses negativity about this holiday. The entertainment is brilliant you never get fed up with it, i wish to work at this very hotel doing the entertainment :) fingers crossed!!

see you blue bay in about 3 weeks :)

rachel x

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with U Travel

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5 / 10
blue bay hotel - fantastic....

"blue bay hotel - fantastic. entertainment best ever, food excellent, rubbish beach but u know that before you book. but beware your very unlikely to be stopping in the hotel. as they have 3 other hotels both with only 2 star accomidation, close to the blue bay. which they class as blue bay holiday village. we booked 1 bedroomed suite with sea view. and was given a 1 bedroomed rat hole next door in the 2 star hotel (matoula) we argued with the blue bay for a week a spent the second week in the blue bay. most british families were in the exact same position as mine it sempt to us that this is what the blue bay was doing to the vast majority of british tourists. if you can get in the blue bay hotel i highly recommend it. i read reviews before booking and was assured by my travel agent that i would be stopping in the blue bay. it was only from the hard work of my travel agent that in our last week of our holiday we finally got what we had paid for.having said this we have a wonderful holiday and could highly recommend it for families of all ages."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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10 / 10
Absolutely loved the place, right on...

"Absolutely loved the place, right on the beach (pebbly). The food was good and plentiful, the hotel was clean and well run. Entertainment was good for adults and children alike, I would go back again."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Your Travel

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8 / 10
Me And My Family, Mum, Lee, Nanny...

"Me And My Family, Mum, Lee, Nanny Chris, Antony, Amanda, Uncle Luke and Teresa.

Went To blue Bay Hotel 4 Years Ago. It Was The Best Holiday I Have Ever Been On.

When We Arrived We Were Greated By Lovely Receptionists. Who Welcomed Us To The Hotel.

We Went For 2 Weeks And During This Time We Stayed In The ANEX.

I Really Enjoyed Meeting The Entertainers At The Time Who Were.



And Nadine.

I Loved Going To The Swimming Pool.


And Playing Water Polo And All The Other Activities The Had To Offer.

Me And Lee Also Went Jet Sking.

Which We Fell Off.

And Could Not Stop Laughing It Was So Funny I Had To Swim All The Way Back.

It Sure Was The Best Holiday I have Ever Been On.

Love Emma Storey x

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cookx

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9 / 10
I went in August 2007 to the Blue Bay...

"I went in August 2007 to the Blue Bay hotel. It was the best holiday I have had yet! The location was amazing-right on the beach, it has a restaurant that serves buffet all inclusive with lovely food, a huge selection with lots of different dishes and lots of choice, even for me and I am quite picky, the snacks were just cheese, bread, salad and pasty things, and sometimes pasta, but you can get ice creams from the pool bar!!

The view from our apartments were amazing (we had one on each side of the hotel) my room was looking over the town and aqua park and I lay there for ages on the comfy chair getting a tan and people watching. The other apartment had a lovely view of the beach and pool and even the skyline of turkey!! The rooms were lovely and clean, with a TV with American channels, Greek channels, and BBC news! We got a DVD player when we asked at the desk.

The staff are friendly, the barman in the main bar and the woman working there too. The reception are okay, a bit moody but you don’t need to speak to them that much! The entertainment is really good. The animation team do pool games and beach volleyball and at night do a show we got to know them all really well, but if you don’t want to join in they just leave you alone to lie in the sun. The main pool is huge and the beach is nice, but most people wore jelly shoes bcoz there are stones in the sea.

The bar is great with cocktails that cost 3 Euros at happy hour and they’re gorgeous. The free bar is really good too with a big selection.

There are a couple of English bars about 2 minutes walk where the guys go to watch sports, and a karaoke bar next to the supermarket round the corner. There is a good bus service into all the nearest towns, and we went all over the island, eventually hiring a car. It’s really cheap to go anywhere and it’s easy to get to the Rhodes town and Faliraki too. There’s lots of English people at the hotel with other nationalities.

There’s a shop, a bag shop and a jewellery shop too! In the bar there’s kids games and computers, pool table.

Well I think that’s everything you need to know!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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5 / 10
Overall we had a wonderful time for...

"Overall we had a wonderful time for the price we paid. It was not one of the most organised Hotels my wife and I have stopped at. The service was not A Class and neither was the food.

The entertainment was fantastic. If it was not for the entertainment team run by Billy and his companion, we would not have gone back. We also enjoyed the family feel about the hotel Blue Bay.

For a cheap and family filled holiday Blue Bay is the place...

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
I must stress I am not one to...

"I must stress I am not one to complain but me and my boyfriend had the worst holiday ever!

I must agree with all the negative comments and add to them.

We only got back this morning and I am so glad. If you have booked to go here - please cancel it.

The negatives -

1) We paid for 5 star and got put in Sunland which is 3 star but I would say more like 2! I complained about this to our rep who was not interested at all. She said they advertise as 5 star because the main hotel is and you get what you pay for. Well, we paid £600 per person 3 weeks before we went and were told it was 5 star and we were getting a great deal. It was a complete waste of money which made me furious.

We just thought we would get on with it though and make the most of it.

2) The food is disgusting - we lived off bread and ice-cream and ate out because I got so upset I couldn't eat the food anymore. It’s only slightly warm and most of it wasn't cooked properly (burgers pink apart from the outside which was brown so it looked cooked!). The pizza and spinach things in the snack bar were ok.

3) Germans - they were very rude - staring at us constantly, pushing in the queue for food.

4) Planes - this hotel is on the flight path but doesn’t advertise this. Planes flew that low we could read the writing on them so we even knew which company it was! They woke us up constantly and we are not light sleepers at all.

Positives -

1) The adult entertainment at night was really good and dead funny. The staff work so hard you wouldn't believe. The children’s entertainment was exactly the same every night (we knew the words and moves to all the songs in the end!).

2) The waterpark was really good - my boyfriend loved it. You have to go to the one in Faliraki though; it’s well worth the 20 euros.

3) The island is really pretty in parts - go to Lindos, Rhodes town and Faliraki.

I will never ever go back to this hotel, even if they offer it for free! If we go back we will go to Rhodes town or Faliraki.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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6 / 10
Food: Breakfast-cold-5 /...

"Food: Breakfast-cold-5 / Lunch-warm-7(not much choice) / Evening meal-cold-much the same every night-7

Room: Good-clean-bright-fresh towels-8

Pool: Good size-nice and clean-8

Drinks: Local spirits/beer free till 11pm-pay in hotel bar -free in snack bar- soft drinks the same. So the drinks are not all inclusive, read the agents site blog

Beach: Poor-very rocky/stony- sunbeds poor standard-6

Entertainment: Tried really hard all day- entertaining watching them trying hard-7

All inclusive: Garbage-sunbed man takes money but doesn't give right number of receipts back, YES you have to pay for your free sunbed on the beach and by the pool even when all inclusive. Hotel say that the travel firm tells the customer if the bed is free or not. Not the hotels responsibility, take it up with the agent YOURTRAVEL... BE WARNED

Apparently there is a TIER system for all inclusive at this hotel,check out which tier you are on.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Your Travel

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