Ayaz Hotel

Ayaz Cad No 12, Gumbet 48400, Turkey
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Room: 7/10
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"Ayaz HOTEL is in great location...right on the beach and also in the centre of shops,bars,discos and eateries.Breakfasts were O.K Turkish style.Friendly staff and nice ,clean rooms."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by raver
8 / 10

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My friend had booked one week at this...

"My friend had booked one week at this hotel and i stayed over for 2 days while visiting her..... Great hotel, pool fantastic food generous and cok guzel!!!! Very friendly staff and would recomend to anyone..... Booked my sons here for 2 weeks half board and they loved it, said it was the best holiday ever and been coming to Turkey for 5 years. They met lots of people from other countries also staying at the ayaz.

Very central for all entertainment even though you dont need to leave the hotel if you dont wish...

by melekgoz
8 / 10

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I took my mother for 1 week, this was...

"I took my mother for 1 week, this was my mothers 1st holiday to Turkey and she loved it!

The Ayaz Hotel was fantastic all staff were so helpful.

Pool area was brilliant, large beanbags set on a decking area, loads of sun loungers and canopies. Swimming pool was fantastic!!

Food was nice and bedroom was basic but kept very clean and tidy every day by the hotel cleaners.

Only draw back was the amount of stairs to get to the pool area, this is not recommended for people who have mobility problems.

A great holiday was had by both my mother and I.

by  A Smith
9 / 10

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The Ayaz hotel in Gumbet is...

"The Ayaz hotel in Gumbet is fantastic, I have spent 3 happy holidays there. The staff are brilliant, they are really attentive, very courteous and friendly. The hotel is right on the beach and in the centre of town. The standard of food is really good although the evening meal at the hotel restaurant tends to be very Turkish. We only go B&B now as I have a fussy child, and there are so many great places to eat around.

The rooms at the Ayaz are basic, but very clean. The hotel is in the best possible location, and wherever we went for our evening wanderings, we always end up on the beach in the Ayaz Bar, watching the evening show. My daughter is 10 and she is gutted that we aren’t staying at the Ayaz this year.

If the rooms were a little fancier it would definitely be a 10.

by CA Cooper
8 / 10

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Map for Ayaz Hotel Closest airport: Kos (KGS) 24 miles

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  • by raver

    " Go to Dalyan..book with Queens Travel.great prices and English staff. "

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  • ayaz hotel gumbet

Address: Ayaz Cad No 12, Gumbet 48400, Turkey