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Building site blues by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

I had the misfortune to stay at this excuse for a hotel 21st-23rd April 2006. The advertised £1m refurbishment is ongoing. My 1st afternoon in my room was accompanied by the sound of building work and foul language from the builders. The phone in my room didn't work neither did the TV.

Rewinding back to check in I am obviously disabled and was offered no help with my baggage and placed in the rafters of an annexe overlooking the hotel service area. Aah the sweet sound of empty bottles being deposited in a skip at 2 in the morning! The heat in this hotel is unbelievable..IT IS BOILING!!!!!!!!!!!! The reception staff couldn't give a --- (obviously in a torpor due to the heat) but the cleaners were lovely and the room was clean. I couldn't have breakfast in the Dining Room due to my disabilities, and when I requested room service was told there is NO room service at weekends (not mentioned in any of their literature).

An awful experience not entirely due to my disabilities as countless other 'guests' were far from satisfied at check out. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rutland Worked for Us by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

We have just returned from a two week trip to England. We began our vacation in Sheffield, at the Rutland Hotel. The location was perfect as we were visiting our son who is an international exchange student at the University of Sheffield. The Rutland is near his dorm. We found the accommodations comfortable with a full size bathroom en suite. The English style breakfast included in the room rate was excellent; a full buffet and cooked choices. Excellent service by all staff and extremely clean. The Rutland is next door to an old church, near the wonderful botanic gardens, and affords easy access to downtown via a bus. If you want an authentic English experience , I totally recommend the Rutland.

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Rutland Hotel by SCBlossom
6 / 10

We just stayed there while attending a conference at Sheffield University. We were told to take a trolly from the train station then it was a short walk to the hotel. Nobody mentioned that it was all up hill - dragging suitcases! Take a taxi. We took one back to the train station and it was only 5 Pounds.

The hotel appears to be several beautiful old homes that have had structures built between then to connect them and form the hotel. The lobby was nice and the staff were very helpful. There was no lift in the hotel. Our room was at the top of one section.

The room was clean but the bathroom had a moldy smell and the slant of the ceiling left very little room in the shower. Watch your head!

Breakfast was included and was a huge cooked to order. It was served by some very attentive waitstaff.

We travel internationally a great deal and found Sheffield was a bit pricy. We had checked some other hotels in Sheffield and they were ever higher. We found the restaurants and hotels to be overpriced for the quality.

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Overpriced by Flimo
4 / 10

We stayed here due to its proximity for a gig at Sheffield Uni's Octogan. It was expensive for what it offered, but I would stay here again - purely for location. Reception looks lovely, but the room we had was very dated and the sink had to be in the bed part as there wasn't enough room in the bathroom. I've stayed in much nicer hotels for the same amount of money in much more sought after tourist areas.

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Definitely Would Recommend It- Standards Are Up ! by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Did the previous reviewer stay in the same place?

We stayed for 4 nights in the Rutland Hotel, Sheffield and found it to be a pleasant place, the staff seemed very attentive and keen to please, the room was clean and well presented, and the food in the restaurant was fine. The hotel location being close to the peak district and Sheffield city centre was ideal.

The Rutland Hotel has obviously recently undergone major refurbishment and judging by previous reviews might have needed it.

It was nice to stay in a privately run hotel instead of the multi-corporate brand chain and is well worth another visit.

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Would not recommend it. by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

We had one night stay in this hotel. The room was in the basement and it was dingy,small and it had a very strange smell. The bath was disgustig,so much so we couldn't use it.The hallway leading to our room had peeling paint and wallpaper and ,like the room,had a very peculier smell. On a positive note we had a lovely meal in the restaurant in the evening unfortunately breakfast was limited ,the reason for this we were told was that they were busy as it was Mothers Day!

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Disappointing by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

Staff were very pleasant. Reasonable choice of breakfast served by friendly staff. Room was disappointing. It was clean, but furnishings were jaded and the beds and pillows were lumpy. There were no extras provided, although you could ask for them.

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can't see the problem by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

After reading the two reviews on your web site I went to The Rutland Hotel (the only place in Sheffield to have rooms) expecting to find a run down shack to my total surprise I found the hotel to be excellent.

The room give to my self was clean and well decorated, the staff were accomodating and helpful. A must visit for a warm and friendly stay in sheffield. Well Done to all.

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We were very disappointed with that... by P Audo
1 / 10

We were very disappointed with that Hotel. The location is in a street of "Professional evening Ladies". As it was winter it was cold outside but inside as well. There were no electrical heater available. It was very hard to get blankets.

The level of cleaning wasn’t very satisfactory. To make matters worst money & credit Cards went missing from our rooms. And the management wasn’t supportive neither apologetic. Not recommended.

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Can't recommend it by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

We stayed in 4 different hotels in Sheffield (work) last summer and found this to be the least pleasant and most expensive. We too were given a horrible room initially (dark, ground floor, by the car park and smelling of smoke even though we'd booked no smoking). We were moved to an OK room in an annex but I was underwhelmed. There are much nicer places to stay in Sheffield!

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Fine if you like dirt by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

First room given was about the size of a closet. We had booked in advance and it was not cheap.Our 2 children were given a room far away from our's - different floor, different part of the hotel.Second room given - better size but absolutely filthy. We stayed in it anyway as we had little choice at this stage but due to the dirt were unable to use the bathtub. Grime was all around the sides of the tub, pubic hairs were inside it, the taps were grimy and the shower curtain mouldy.The carpet hadn't seen a hoover for probably a year or so (no exageration), we had to put on our shoes to walk across the room.Thank goodness it was only for one night.We stayed well away from the restaurant, so no comments there.

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