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"We have just returned from a four night stay. this hotel is excellent value for money. we had a large comfortable room, good food with excellent facilities and will definitely return. Jean and Frank Marsden, Burley."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014
by Jean M
10 / 10

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Back from a wonderful holiday with National staying at Royal Court Hotel. 6 - 10/ 1/14

"Great time had by all - a warm welcome from Reception Staff, a comfortable bedroom . Enjoyed the food served by helpful obliging staff and the evening entertainment excellent thanks to the wonderful Blue Coats especially Emma, Catherine Michael and my " dancing partner " Harry they went out of their way to make our stay memorable . When can I come back ? ?"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with National Holidays
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Mary Crallan
10 / 10

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Nice suprise!

"After reading the terrible reviews for this hotel I have to say I was slightly worried. We were booked on a National Holiday so could do nothing about it! The entry hall/area of the hotel is all marble & leather sofa's & very impressive. Our room was a pleasant suprise, quite large all the usual furniture, bed was ok, definately had worse, bathroom could have beem cleaner but that's me being very picky, the spa bath worked fine. Throughout the hotel I found NO evidence of the stinking carpets I read about. The food was good, plenty choice & ven having our eve meal at 7.30 it was always fresh. The staff were always extremely polite & friendly both in restaurant & reception. I asked for another pillow & it arrived within the time we ate a meal. We did comment to the staff what a nice sprise we had after reading bad reviews & they said they had had a change after complaints received, if this is so the changes have worked. THe spa/leisure complex absolutely brilliant, fully equiped gym, great swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam room all used by local members. Jannette (Bradford)"

by jannette28661
8 / 10

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worst christmas dinner ever

"Last Christmas 2011 we decided has a family we would go out for Christmas dinner. It was my first Christmas day off from work in son had announced his engagement on Christmas day so we was looking forward to celebrating it at the royal court Tamworth rd.we was in a party of 11 family members including 2children under 2.cost £660.the supervisor on duty that day commented when we arrived in the room for our meal. "at long last we can get this final meal out of the way"strange comment we was on time.! there was no Yorkshire puddings left,no stuffing,pigs in blankets. The food was covered with tin lids of which the cook did not remove for us. There was the smallest piece of dried up turkey left, and when we asked if there was any more the cook shrugged his shoulders and said that's all that's left. Did they not cater for our party? did they just want our money. The food was inedible, we all sent plates back full.we was inconveniencing the staff clearly because she sent us packing in to another room for cold coffee so she could clear up. We have never been made to feel so awkward about staff having to work on Christmas day. The supervisor in question later joined her partner in the same area as our party. And the partner commented on the fact that this will be the last time she worked there on Christmas day. my husband compiled a 5 page letter and expressed our disgust with the service ,meal and the mold on the toilet doors. And to this day we have not received a letter of apology. To add insult to how misery of that day we have received a letter asking us if we are happy to join them this Christmas or new year."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, Booked Independently
by diandandy
2 / 10

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Do NOT stay here!!

"We stayed at The Royal Court for our wedding night, aswell as a number of our guests, after our wedding at the nearby church. We booked a spa room with jacuzzi bath, which did not work, I was awoken numerous times by people walking through the corridor (the walls must be extremely thin), the room which was the honeymoon suite, so I assume the best room in the hotel was shabby!! When we complained we were treated appallingly, as were some of my wedding guests!! I would never reccommend this place for either a hotel stay or a wedding..."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
by Kat S
2 / 10

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Do not stay if there is a wedding on!

"We went for a quite two night stay away from the kids. Ooops not the place to go for that, most Saturday's and Sunday's they have Asian weddings with around 500 guests (Asian weddings not an issue at all) but they do specialize in them and they are rather big events. Friday evening we were advised by a member of staff to 'go out for the day on Saturday, because it would be noisy and very busy'. Saturday there were people everywhere, no car parking spaces left and the wedding takes up all the main reception area with food being prepared and tables out for guest to have food, when we went for our evening meal we had to push through hundreds of guests to get to the restaurant and same on the way out. Could not use the computers as guest were using them to sit on eating food, gardens were being used by lots of wedding guests and ceremony taking place in them as well. Very very loud late into the night. On Sunday again another wedding and reception area was laid out with table and chairs this time with food being prepared, ceremony taking part in the garden and again normal guests feeling as though they are intruding!

If the wedding like normal hotels takes place in a room there would not be a problem but when it takes place throughout the main hotel area this is not acceptable.

Shame because not bad hotel, bit dingy and in need of modernizing but cheap break which turned out to be a very noisy and busy one!

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by joskin
2 / 10

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One of the worst ever

"I stayed at this hotel as I was attending a conference there.

From the moment of walking through the door it was one bad thing to another. The 70's decor which would have been fine if it had not been put up in the 70's and looked as if it had not been touched since. I had a twin room in which the beds were minute, the room was to dark to read in, even with all of the lights on.

I had to complain (though the duty manager did not seem that interested) about the bathroom after finding hairs in the sink, all over the floor and large cobwebs around the window. After another cleaning there were still hairs on the floor.

The dining staff did not in the main appear to care about what they were doing with the odd exception. Though the breakfast staff seemed the one positive about the hotel. As for the breakfast it was noted that you did not have to give your room number and we commented that anyone could walk in off the street and have breakfast. After we had, had breakfast we understood why they did not, in fact I skipped breakfast myself the second morning

I must say that I did not read any reviews about this hotel untill I came on here to leave this post so the morale has to be dont even consider staying here... find somewhere else

by jewellery4u
2 / 10

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A very pleasent surprise!

"My husband and I booked one night at The Royal Court Hotel in Coventry, paid up front and then looked it up on "Trip advisor". I was horrified at the reviews and temped to cancel, but decided to give it a try. I am glad we did. It was delightful, and the staff were helpful, efficient and happy. The decor is a little tired but the room we had was large, warm, clean and the bathroom had a shower as well as an enormous jacuzi bath!! The food in the Carver restaurant was tasty and plentiful and the wine delicous. We found the place had a charm of its own and the old part of the building was delightul. I think the negative reviews about this hotel are harsh but then I do try to look for the good in something rather that the bad. I would certainly go back it I needed to stay in that area again."

by Starnia
6 / 10

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"We were very disappointed with our 'standard' room - it was a lovely sunny day but the windows were above head height so we couldn't see out. The divan was broken so that when either of us moved the other one was nearly tipped out and there was a build up of dust on the sides and backs of the furniture. The bathroom was 1970's chocolate brown and desperately in need of some TLC. The fire alarm went off at half past midnight but fortunately we weren't required to leave the room.

We ate in the Cavery Restaurant - the primary ingredient in my Mushroom Stroganoff was gherkin and the dominant flavour was vinegar. I complained to two different members of staff both of whom responded 'we always do it that way here'.

Overall we felt that the staff couldn't have cared less what sort of experience we had and we won't be staying there again despite regular trips to Coventry.

by AlpineTraveller
2 / 10

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Use if desperate.

"Start with good bit we thought the room and the hotel was generally clean. As to the rest - it is best described with every adjective begining with "d" ie dreary, dank, depressing, dismal, dreadful, disinterested staff - you get the picture. Having paid for an "executive" room we given a "standard" room and told it was better as it had been refurbished. Have a look at the attached pictures. Note the picture of the stairs patched with tape!!

I would not recommend this hotel or the city centre hotel unless there was no other option.

by jumbo54
2 / 10

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Great value Poor Service

"Despite this being the busy summer season I received excellent value for money including an all you can eat cooked buffet breakfast.I did not have any other meals so cannot comment on the restaurant.

There was even a complimentary bottle of wine which I did not choose to accept.Parking is generally adequate but the car park does have some deep puddles.

The swimming pool and sauna are included in the room price at weekends but when I asked a staff member to confirm this fact he replied "only for residents" and looked at me as if I may have considered sneaking in the Dagenham Girl Pipers to accompany me.Once inside, the leisure facilities were adequate but displayed the bizarre warning notice that wet shaving was not permitted in the sauna!

However the staff service experience ruined my stay.

Reception staff were unfriendly to the point of being hostile from the outset and bordering on the insolent on my departure.No eye contact- I felt like I was being discharged from a stay in prison-let out early but still guilty in the eyes of the woman receptionist who was surprised that I said I had not run up a bar bill and was somehow trying to hide it..(No eye contact no "thankyou for staying with us-have a nice onward journey"Perhaps she did not want me to return so no "hope to see you again soon".I promise that I did absolutely nothing to antagonise or warrant this impoliteness.

Yes it was a busy time of year for staff with a large number of Seniors to deal with but I am not an unreasonable or on this occasion a complaining guest so why the hostility?When waiting to hand over my key(no electronic locks) the receptionist could clearly see me(6 feet tall and built to match)so why choose to ignore me and wait for another guest to assist instead?In case you think that I am being picky the favoured guest was surprised at this strange behaviour and pointed out that I had been waiting patiently in front of him.

I have stayed in many different and some upmarket hotels so I do not write bad reviews when they are not justified by the facts.

So in summary a good bargain marred by needless bad service.

by travelsprite
4 / 10

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A shocking, disgusting disgrace AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

"I am genuinely unsure where to start with this review. I was booked in by my company and had no choice in the place, especially as Coventry is renowned for being very poor when it comes to hotels. It seemed quite pleasant on the website but alarm bells started to ring when I arrived (finally, after many wrong turns and much searching) in the car park. This was far from a secure car park as mentioned on the site - in fact it is little more than a scruffy, unlit field five minutes walk from the hotel entrance. The car park was full and I had to park right at the end of the line, in an ideal spot for any passing car thieves. I got out of the car straight into a puddle. I then walked up to the reecption which looked like something out of 40s Soviet Russia, it is absolutely awful. I realised that the pictures on the walls and on the internet had all been taken when this place was opened many many years ago - it stank of cigarettes and damp and was dirty and genuinely disgusting. The staff behind the desk were quick to demand full payment immediately - despite 'not being able to find my company's booking' - and I now know why. When I finally got to my room (good job I don't use a wheelchair) the radiator was on full blast and the window was open - overlooking the rain sodden car park. The room was caked in dust, the bathroom was full of pubic hair and mould and in short it was a disgrace. I phoned reception requesting a move to be told the hotel was full and this was impossible. I then asked for someone to come and turn the radiator down as I could not do it. Someone arrived and confirmed that the radiator was broken and that he would go and get some pliers to fix it - he never returned. It was at this point I needed a drink. So I went to the bar - chock full of male salespeople, not a woman in sight - and ordered a pint of warm beer from the sticky, filthy bar area. My fellow guest arrived and she told me she had to be moved from her room as when she arrived someone had been sick in it. They moved her to a room that had a single bed and that was equally as filthy as mine. We 'ate' in the restaurant and I am too depressed to even explain how bad this experience was. Think Butlins in 1962 and then remove any element of fun from the experience. We went back to the by now very rowdy bar full of drunken shouting sales people covered in tattoos. I decided to call it a night and went back to my room which was by now about 120 degrees. Not wishing to sleep in a ground floor room overlooking a car park (for obvious safety reasons) with a window open I decided enough was enough and went to reception to join the queue of people dermanding to be moved. After a most bizarre altercation with the surly and quite frankly, very odd, night manager - where he stated he didnt have any rooms- he eventually found one. I was moved to the other side of the hotel (the 'old part' I was told) and was given the key to a room that had to be a joke. In it was a single bed, filthy pink curtains and right in the middle of the bed, a large broken television set. It was past midnight and I heaved the TV off the bed, checked it for lice and finally got to sleep about 4am. I rose at 6am scratching and itching all over and feeling very queasy. I quickly packed and left immediately - never woudl I return to this DUMP it is a disgrace that they are getting away with this. I will be reporting them to their local council as trading standards rules must be being broken here as well as various hygiene rules. Overall a horrible disgusting place. Do not visit!"

by UKTraveller35
2 / 10

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  • by Kat Stretton

    " Breakfast was the only good thing. "

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