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Majestic cruise

"A wonderful 13 night cruise aboard Aurora from Southampton to the Canaries and Lisbon and Madeira.

Check-in was easy, as was the car drop off process. We were soon relieved of our baggage and making our way to our cabin. Our interior cabin was well kitted out and spotless. Plenty of closet space for two ladies with too much luggage! Our cabin boy Morris was serious and helpful and incredible polite. During the cruise he created swans from our towels and later an elephant. Very talented.

We ate at the Medina restaurant every evening. Our fellow diners were lots of fun and this certainly enhanced the experience. Not that any enhancement was necessary - the food was absolute magnificent and the staff incredibly helpful and professional. Our grateful thanks go to Joe and Jones our waiters and Elvis our wine waiter.

On the subject of wine. Does it have to be so expensive?

We ate occasionally - lunch and afternoon tea - at the self service restaurant the Orangery. However, I much preferred the silver service of the Medina and not having to queue or carry a tray. It must be said that the hot scones in the Orangery are delicious. In general the curries are fantastic. A different curry each day for lunch and the quality superb owing no doubt to the majority Indian crew.

We had breakfast in the Marco Pierre White restaurant a couple of times, but the style and menu choices weren't appealing compared to the breakfast menu at Medina

This was a Strictly cruise. Therefore there were Strictly events. Craig Revel Horwood was aboard for a book promotion and for an evening session of questions and answers. He was present in the disco at night (sadly didn't see him dancing)and in the bars with his partner. Fab-u-lous shoes.... Also on board were Strictly professionals, Darren Bennett, Lilia Kopylova, Camilla Dallerup and the so handsome Ian Waite. A bonus was getting 'up close and personal' with Mark Foster the Olympic swimmer. His dancing skills hadn't got any better but he came across as a shy and single minded athlete.

The headliners dance troupe were good, but the choreography seemed to be dull. However hats off to all the dancers who managed to dance so well when at sea without seeming to be perturbed by the swell.

The cocktail pianist David Taylor was friendly and extremely talented. Lovely to hear him play outside Anderson. We tried to get to see him most nights.

Caravan are a superb cover band. Their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely unmissable. Loved it when the wine waiter from Medina took the microphone one night in the Terrace Bar and belted out some rock n roll for us.

Ballroom dancing with Richard two hours per day, and then sequence ballroom another couple of hours per day kept me busy. Only criticism was that there were no hosts at the evening dances. As a single woman, passionate about dancing, I was looking forward to dancing the night away with a handsome ship's officer.... instead all dressed up and nowhere to go, I often sat alone in Carmens or the disco. Dancing was couples dominated.

DSI put on a lovely display of Strictly dresses. It was great to be able to touch them and see them for the works of art that they are. So many hours of work and planning for each one.

The professional photographers were present every trip ashore, every event and in the evenings. Their photographs were great, but pricey.

The entertainment in the Curzon was good. The ships entertainment officer was extremely professional and the range of entertainment superb especially the ventriloquist 'I'm only four...'.

Shore visits were partly disappointing. Lisbon and Madeira were lovely and we explored both independently. However the 'Essence' shore excursions on La Palma and Gran Canaria have to considered a waste of time and money. The exception was the tour to Fire Mountain on Lanzarote, our host was very informative and we didn't get the impression we were being driven around to kill time as with the other tours.

The Captain's welcome gala was a little disappointing. We were led into the Crow's nest and were seated in small groups. But none of the ship's company passed amongst the guests, and we had the impression the drinks were limited. We weren't there for the free drinks, but there were no canapes and the occasion could have been made to be so much more special and a highlight of the cruise.

Finally, the real stars of the show are the staff. Thanks to all the waiters outside and in, thanks to all the entertainment crew, thanks for the stewards and all the unseen staff working behind the scenes. Its because of you that our holiday on Aurora was a holiday of a lifetime... THANK YOU.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Elasticated waist trousers and skirts for week two
by Zuludawn
10 / 10

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"Noisey room, very hard to sleep. Loud thumping n rattling all night n all day! Great staff. Got a bit bored during the day with not much to do and the evening was the same sort of music. Was a few children around but mostly much older people. Boat was nice apart from a few leaks through the lights! Food was good n plenty of it."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: check how noisey your room will be depending on which cabin and where
by lisa1712
5 / 10

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san fransisco to Sydney

"A lovely ship, happy staff, but oh those round the worlds, ignorant people who think they own the ship, spend nothing and fill bottles with water and orange juice from the buffet, even when asked not to. We met some marvelous people and had a fantastic time. Our cabin steward mincer was a star, there was a bad case of coughing and chest infections going round. Food was good and the restaurant had a good variety of menus, waiters an wine waiters were lovely and couldn't do enough. Would i sail on her again, probably but much prefer Ventura."

by cazannh
8 / 10

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Fabulous kids club

"We sailed on Aurora from Southampton for Christmas and new year. What a fantastic captain Neil Turnbull was, it was lovely to see him waiting in line in the mornings with his children waiting for breakfast like everybody else. He seemed to be everywhere on the ship and always said hello. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean ,Msc,Carnival and Disney and the kids club was the best by far. The girls in jumping jacks were so friendly and my 2 little ones were in the Nativity on Christmas morning which was amazing. Apart from the weather which was awful the only complaint we had was the amount of very RUDE PENSIONERS, most of them would just ignore you if you held the door open or let them in front of you. My children were amazed that people could get in the lift and just push past them. All i have to say to them is stick to adults only ships and remember that once you were a CHILD. We had a balcony cabin on deck 9 and our steward Grenville was so helpful especially when my little boy was ill. We would probably sail with p&o again but on a more family friendly ship."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Balcony cabin in the middle
by Ali 29
5 / 10

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Aurora, we adore her!

"This was our third cruise with P@0, having already been on the Oceana and Ventura, and we were not disappointed; she is a little older,yes, but is contemporary with a feeling of opulence, decadence, and unique friendliness.

The staff all seemed relaxed, only too happy to help,appeared happy in their work, and we felt this was a knock on effect of the CapTAYNE(as he addressed himself) Neil Turnbull, who was the most personable master of a ship we have ever encountered.....he is a fabulous example of family cruising for the future.

We travelled as a fifty something couple on our own but were lucky enough to be seated with two other like-minded couples, and this just enhanced our holiday.

The children were catered for, as were the teenagers; this shipj just has something for everyone, and we would like to give a special thank you to our cabin steward Elias, and our lovely restaurant staff, Viv, Ash, Marilyn, and Salvador...who ran the show and always had the biggest smile!

The food was fabulous, as was the service, at all times.

A fantastic holiday....until the next with the speed of a thousand gazelles(the Captaynes quaint term of phrase) we are signing off.

Jane and Kev Hill.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011
  • Advice: Read your daily Horizon mag to ensure you don't miss out.
by kev hill
9 / 10

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Cocoon cruise

"Me and my wife have just returned from a 14 day trip to Norway , the cruise was very good apart from missing the last port of call due to the pilots being on strike. The down side was 90% of the passengers were either crippled or 90years old. Getting behind one was a nightmare as they took ages to hobble down the decks. Also dodging the wheelchairs speeding into the lifts was very annoying,in the buffet dining they had a habit of forgetting where they were and just stood still when you were behind them with a tray of food.they also nicked the digestive biscuits from the cheese board.the worse thing was the smokers lighting up just outside the dining room so all their foul stench wafted into your nose as you were eating.I enjoyed the ports and sights of Norway but won't sail with the contents of a care home again."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Bolster cruise club
  • Advice: Go with younger passengers
by Chopper ward
5 / 10

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A very expensive experience

"My husband and myself have just returned from a Baltic Cruise, and feel that we could have had a much better time visiting the various ports independently using the wasted time on board flying from port to port. The cost of the cruise itself is expensive, but there is also a hidden cost for all the extras (drinks, trips etc) even wi-fi. True, there are a lot of things to entertain you on board, but it is very much like "Butlins on Sea" and the experience of the ports are minimal. Cruising is for those who are either too ill to fly, those who do not like flying or those who have a great deal of money and time to waste. There was a nono-virus scare when we were on board. It was laughable at the precautions that were taken. Passengers had our hands cleaned with gel every time we entered a dining area. The waiters though handed everyone paper menus which were not sterile and I noticed on a number of occasions unused pots of marmalade being returned to the store to be handed out to the next diner. The precaution was hit and miss to say the least with the waiters enjoying the power that they had over the clients. I was astonished that one waiter's job was to pore coffee and tea to the diners while another just pored water to the diners. Why a coffee pot and water jug couldn't be put on the table thus reliving the waiters time was a mystery. I noticed a number of times that there were too many staff and work was being created and the clients were given miss information as to the time of meals. All in all a very expensive not to be repeated."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Iglu
by Rosmeary
5 / 10

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An experience left us a bit perplexed

"Just got back from a caribbean cruise for 22 nights. Being 38 years of age and going with family aged 50 to 75 we were prepared for the elder clientele. Unfortunately i wasn`t well for the first week and spent a few times in the medical centre on board. We felt fleeced and scare mongered with what was wrong with me. We were told i had to have proper tests in Antigua and would possibly have to get off of the ship. I found the medical centre to be unefficient and rip off merchants because they know they can charge as much as possible because hopefully your insurance will cover it. Problem being you have to upfront the money before leaving the ship. Fortunately we could get back on the ship. After being told i could return back on board our holiday finally began. The food in the Medina and Alexandria restaurants were 5 star, the service and waiters were fantastic. The orangery reminded us of buffet butlins. The Pennant grill was so lovely, especially on hot evenings as the ship leaves port. Cafe Bordeaux was very disappointing. I think if Marco Pierre White was to visit he would be very upset. The whole vibe and service just didn`t match other restaurants on the ship.

Entertainment from the Headliners was our high-light and the Beatles tribute band, David copperfield but everything else was very mediocre and sometimes tedious and boring. If you are someone who likes to play Golf, Tennis etc these facilities are also mediocre. The Golf simulator kept playing up and to book a lesson you would have to wait for a week. We found that there really wasn`t enough to do and there were too many days at sea. The port calls were a much needed break from the ship and we would definitely like to hoilday in St Maarten or St Lucia now.

Our cabin was inside and ok but the ship is rather worn looking in places and there were so many leaks around the ship with buckets and cones seeming part of the furniture, there was water leaking from lights in the hallways. Not Good. This isn`t a holiday for the young or middle aged. There were so many wheel chairs, zimmers, scooters and slow moving people and at times this was very frustrating. I don`t mean to sound nasty because these things may happen to us one day but this is just not a cruise for young able bodied people. You will get bored!!! Staff are excellent though and Jason Dean who does the radio and Entertaining on board was the one who entertained the most. We did have a nice break but it does feel like a money making machine at times. We wouldn`t return to this ship again.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by bueller
3 / 10

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Good, but with some flaws

"I have recently returned from a 12 night Medeterrenean cruise on the Aurora. This time I was accompanied by my elderly mother, who unfortunately suffers from Alziemers Disease, I was determined to give her one last cruise before she dies. One big problem, I found though, is that P&O will go out of the way, if you have some physical disability, hence specially designed cabins for wheel chair users, mobility assistance at port disembarcation etc, but on some ailment that is not visibly noticeable, they are not so strong. My mother is fairly physically active for her age (she's 86) but this is more of a hinderance than a help, if you suffer alzeimers, for instance, although she has been on the ship many times before, she could not find her way around the ship, and could'nt use the swipe card key to her cabin. Although, I had a next door cabin, I could'nt keep tabs on her all the time, and she sometimes went wandering out of her cabin and got lost, she was usually picked up by a member of staff, but they were far from sympathetic at times (language difficulty, is a problem here) and made it clear to me, that I should keep a better eye on her, which grated with me a little bit, especially when I witness badly behaved children, unaccompanied by parents, not being challenged about their behaviour.

As for the ship, the food was good, with the odd duff dish, (never tried the cafe bordeux or Pennant grill, the waiting staff were pleasant and efficient in both the bars and the restaurent. The Cabin Steward was average, (did not understand my Mum's need, but I did'nt expect him to), though he lost the plot at the end, when on the last morning he woke me up at 6.15am, loudly talking into his mobile phone, and I had to open the door and tell him to be quite as I was still resting, his tip was of course reduced, and talking about tipping of the cabin steward, here's a useful tip (excuse pun), always give it on the last morning, when you have completely finished with their services, because if you give it the previous night, (which many people do!) and then during the night or next morning, they do something to irratate you, like as happened to me, its then to late, they have got their money from you and are laughing. The theatre company was very good, with some great shows, and the resident band, Caravan were very good. Though that miserable concert pianist was still there. I have seen this gentleman on this ship since 2001, he has a lovely life, full use of all the passenger facilities, sunbathing on deck, seeing the world plus probably reasonably paid, for minimal amount of work, playing a bit of bach or whatever in the Champagne bar for an hour every night (nice work if you can get it). This leads me on to a general criticism of some of the lesser entertainers on P&O cruise ships, I think they are ever in much threat to their jobs as they would be on other lines, because of thier membership of Equity, (one of the worst restrictivwe practice unions, still to be found). and this leads to a comfort zone mentality, Knowing no one is likely to step in and replace them at any time.

The ports of call were all good, apart from that dreadful Gibralter, it has got nothing going for it whatsoever, all it is, is a few ugly buildings, surrounding an ugly looking cliff, and they even have the audacity to charge for shuttle busses, when we subsidise them, with our taxes.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Use all the facilities available.
by Willycruise
6 / 10

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july med cruise

"Very easy drop bags at terminal travel up escalator check-in -no wait! walked straight onto ship lovely lunch, bags outside cabin departed on time.

Lovely atmosphere with mixture of all ages but children so well catered for didnt see them except being well behaved in beautiful outfits in the evenings enjoying the fabulous shows by the headliners in the evenings.

Plenty to keep you occupied during sea days. Dance instructors were excellent!

So the negatives aurora is getting on a bit but i believe she is due for a refurbish and like a lot of the reviews the atmosphere and friendliness of the ship is in a class of its own. take the moans about the food with a pinch of salt the evening meals cannot be faulted and there is plenty of choice during the day!!

The cruise director lacked energy certainly didnt see her around the ship! and there was bad planning with the programmes sometimes- why no headliners shows on sea days? the 1st sitting would have to rush back exhausted from a trip and rush to get to the show!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, cruise, booked with iglu
  • Advice: enjoy the grill to dine out one evening
by dolly
9 / 10

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should do before to old

"just came back from a world cruise of south america and austrlia new zealand and polynisian islands and mexcico. very good time had by both of us everything worked well as to be expected from them,room food, entertainment could have been better as the cruise went on. staff very good, lots of short courses to learn, paiting,bridge, dancing. but a lot of competitive games as well. the ports were good. and on our return we were assisted to catch our connections home. would recomend. only downside was a lot of days at sea."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2011, All Inclusive, booked with P&O CRUISES
  • Advice: be prepared for long sea days
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by toffee
9 / 10

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Lovely ship, great cruise, highly recommended.

"Aurora has the feel of a classic cruise ship. She isn't the newest or swishest but she is comfortable, spacious and smooth.

We went on a Baltic cruise; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn and Zeebrugge. The only place we did any of the organised tours was in Russia. We could have done cheaper tours and they are easy to arrange - but the P&O tours were the easy option! I would certainly go back to the Baltic, especially St Petersburg but would probably arrange any tours independently.

This was our 3rd P&O cruise (Arcadia and Artemis) and we have already booked another cruise on the Aurora - so you can see we do like both P&O and the ship.

P&O prices represent pretty good value (eg £2.80 a pint, decent wine about £14 per bottle). We have friends who have travelled with other cruise lines where the drinks prices are exorbitant. The approach to tipping on P&O is also less regimented; although there are suggested amounts its is left up to you to give any individual/s the amount of tip you wish.

Aurora is a child friendly ship, something which worried my wife and I as we had only been on all adult ships previously. There was no need to worry, the activities for all the children and young people on board kept them fully engaged and at no point was our enjoyment impinged on by screaming kids.

Meal times were a treat. We usually like a table to ourselves (anti-social pair that we are!) but we booked late and were on a table for eight. There ended up being another couple and two cousins who holidaying together along with one of the officers who joined us on formal nights (the chief electrical engineer). We found ourselves looking forward to dinner and catching up on what we had all been doing that day and telling all sorts of stories and jokes. The food was absolutely superb and made dinner the highlight of the day.

The only area that was not particularly good was the entertainment. The shows seemed pretty half-baked - we went along on 3 occasions but ended up excusing ourselves after about 10 minutes because the show seemed a bit lame. That said, there were some superb talks on board, not our usual thing but very educating, engaging and entertaining.

For us this cruise gave us new experiences along with the comfortable familiarity of the ship. An excellent blend.

by permahols
9 / 10

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  • by bueller

    " Eat at 8.30pm in the restaurants so you don`t get bored after the early 6.30pm slot. "

  • by Rosmeary

    " dine in the Bordeaux restaurant - cover charge in the evening but worth it . "

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