Jack's I & II Apartments

Kos, Greece
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We had a lovely holiday

"We had a lovely time in Kos and found the people to be very friendly. We stayed at jack's 1 and found Marie and Jack to be very friendly and helpful. The apartments are basic but met our needs adequetly. We had breakfast,lunch dinner a few times at Jack's and the food was very good. You must try one Maria's CLUB SANDWICH WITH TUNA - DELICIOUSE!!

Thanks Maria, jack and boys for lovely holiday.

p.s. how are the two wee puppies doing?

Anna & Tommy.

by anna and tommy scotland
5 / 10

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great place to stay

"Four of us just returned from jacks on arrival at jacks we couldnot see much as it was late at night.We were showed to our rooms by a big guy called kostas.Our studios were very clean and quite big with a balcony with a sea view.When we went down in the morning we were greeted by jack and marie who were very friendly we also met there son george and of course kostas They were all very friendly and couldnot do enough for you.they all made our holiday great and cant wait to go back next year.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: visit the aussie bar for very good food and cheap
  • Good For: Beach
by lofty
8 / 10

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Never go to these apartments again

"After a very long journey we were greeted at Jacks 1 by the youngest son who had as much charm as a stick, as soon as we entered the apartment we could see that it had not been used in weeks, it was dirty, and on the balcony the climbing shrubs were over grown so we did not get the best of views to the sea, we immediately went down to see Jack and asked if we could be moved he said, he had no more apartments and it was his best room, he came up to room 6 and looked around and he agreed that he would cut back the shrubs, the washing line was missing and he actually accused the previous occupants of stealing it. We asked for a new kettle as ours was leaking , Jack couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been reported before and would replace it. Although very tired, we went to the supermarket to get detergents to clean the apartment to make it habitable, not a great start to the holiday!! Before our arrival we had confirmation by e-mail from Jack that a double bed was available but on arrival no rooms have double beds. The following day we had the meeting with the Thomas Cook representative, we asked how often our rooms were cleaned, he told us every three days, but if the bins got full in the meantime we could empty them ourselves, which of course we did, daily!!. The toilet bowl was black on arrival and we found after a few days the toilet didn’t flush very well, it was cleaner when we left, than on arrival. We went down to the pool bar to have a meal as we were told by the rep that Jack was a qualified chef, the meals were not of a high standard and a better meal can be found at the various Taverna’s in the village. The pool bar staff were disinterested in serving guests and we felt more of an irritation to them. None of the family seemed interested in customer care. Thomas Cook/Manos do need to re- assess these apartments as they are very tired, neglected and need refurbishing, they are poor, even by Greek standards!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Manos
  • Advice: would never recommend this apartment
  • Good For: Beach
by bridget
3 / 10

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worst hosts ever.

"we arrived at 5am just to be showed to our room by the son and no welcome or smile. From then it just got worse, alough we did drink and eat at the bar we were ignored, Maria was very ignorant and Jack wasnt much better, only ever saying good morning. The only one who spoke to us was the big lad behind the bar, think he might of been the oldest son. The week got worse as all they did was shout and argue. They closed the pool bar at 6pm the last 3 nights, they just couldn't be bothered with us and the other guests, we felt in the way!!! The room was cleaned once and I had to ask for that done, we emptied the toilet waste ourselves. Our pick up time was 3am to go home, there was no one available from 6pm so us and others were left in the dark to wait for hours with no refreshments. Despite all this we enjoyed Kefalos it self, as we met some nice people and had a great welcome by other bar tenders, we were in Popeyes till 4am celebrating our engagement. If you want a nice holiday dont go to Jacks!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Nice quiet place to chill out
  • Good For: Beach
by mozzy bitten
1 / 10

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Fantastic time

"The apartments at Jacks are basic but are what I have become accustomed to in Greece, no better or worse. I know it is impossible to cook in a greek self catering villa but all I want is a fridge and a kettle and I got both.

I would have liked an apartment on an upper floor both for the views and because initially I was nervous of leaving the balcony door open at ground level but after one night I felt secure enough to do so which was necessary because it was so hot.

Not on one day in two weeks were all the sunbeds around the beautiful pool fully occupied there was always space for everyone.

Walking from your apartment to the pool took seconds and then you could top up your tan in comfort. There were lots of umbrellas and a superb shaded area. Where Jacks is positioned there is always a breeze blowing which makes the time in the sun more comfortable.

In addition the restauarant opens at 8am and doesn't close till 10pm plus the bar remains open until the last guest leaves.

The staff are happy to play with the children(and "up for it adults!") and help make the holiday a memorable one. Kostas is dangerous with his bucket of icy water but he helped make the atmosphere light hearted and fun and only selected the right candidates for this kind of entertainment and was accepting when people took their revenge on him.

The supermarket takes a few minutes walk it isn't that long despite waht people say on here, no more than five minutes as are the nearest bars and tavernas. The main Harbour road area where most of the night life is, takes about 20 minutes to walk to but on a balmy night 28 degrees with nothing else to do but meander to and from Jacks I found this an enjoyable experience rather than a tortuous one. More difficult for people with walking difficulties as there is not a taxi service in Kefalos.

What was interesting was discovering the number of people who had visited Jacks before, those that were leaving vowing to return again and those who came for the day because they had left booking too late, had to stay elsewhere but still came to Jacks. For me that spoke volumes.

I too had a marvellous time, people make holidays not the rooms and I met some fantastic people both guests and staff and will be looking to go back.

If you have been to Greece numerous times, know that mosquitoes, cockroaches and cats all roam there and the staff do not hire them in to annoy you. Know that your bathroom will get wet, your towels will be small, your room won't be cleaned as often as you might like it to be then you will enjoy Jacks as much as any other self catering place in Greece. If on the other hand you want some luxury, pay more and go elsewhwere!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: A gem a little bit away from everything else but that's what makes it special, that and the pool
  • Good For: Beach
by motherhen
9 / 10

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Every Euro counts

"Just returned from a 2 week trip to kos

island lovely, used the apartments as a base - advertises bbq every night, didn't happen. Also advertised in kefalos as open to all so were not enough sun beds for guests! have been to greece many times so am fully aware standards are not the same but this was a joke blood stained sheets and towels (replaced with the same). Mice, cats & cockroaches all staying in the same apartment :-( the more you spent at the apartments the nicer the staff are to you. Could not use kitchen. Would not go back. had to rate as a 1 cos it wouldn't except 0

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: No
  • Good For: Beach
by cox1e
1 / 10

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cant wait to go again!

"My stay at Jacks apartments was one of the best holidays i have ever had! Jack and his wife Maria can't do enough to help you. Jeorgos and Mixalis really made the pool a fun place for children in the day although i went for a relaxing holiday i enjoyed watching others have fun around the pool! I never felt that i had to eat there every night. E.G when i returned from a meal on the main road they were interested how my night had gone! you could ask Jack for anything from advice on a day trip to where to hire a car from! the food at Jacks was amazing! all home cooked food and if we wanted something not on the menu Jack was happy to oblige! the apartments are not 5 star yet we were never told they were! they were exactely what i expected! the room was clean and tidy when were arrived! the towels and toilet rolls were replaced 3 times weekly which i felt was more than enough! would definately reccomend Jacks apartments for a holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by hollie lloyd
10 / 10

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kefalos, kos

"these apts are clean & v. basic, ideal for adults, for peace & quiet. altho music is played@ the pool & bar, its not overwhelming, thankfully. theres little to nothing for kids, wonderfull, wen u want to get away from them.!!jack & maria & family v.nice, food, v. good.maid service was twice a wk. which we feel was ample.we get fed up with maids every other day, wen theres no need.towels were thicker & fluffier than my own.!! restaraunt, maria, on sea front, v. good, lovely family. memories cafe bar, just a few yards further, v. good, yianni, he's a charachter.!! lol.:-) if u get fed up walking every where, rent a bike, stamati, on main road, v,good price, if u are energetic& want to go to old village, missing uot the v. steep hill, try the other route, going out of kefalos, turn let, lovely ride & scenic.little to nothing for kids @ kefalos, more suitable for couples & the more mature traveler.we hope to go back next year."

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: very relaxed & friendly
  • Good For: Beach
by egglayer
9 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Apartments are very basic, although...

"Apartments are very basic, although clean enough. Bins, towels etc only changed 3 or 4 times in 2 weeks and the toilet/shower was V. basic indeed. Jack and his family were not very welcomming and we got the impression they just couldn't be bothered. The pool at Jacks is lovely and definetly a highlight of the apartments. We loved Kefalos, and loved the fact that Jacks is further out, as it meant a nice stroll home after visiting a few of the pubs and bars down by the harbour. Good holiday but could have been better."

by J Green
5 / 10

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Stayed in Jacks I. The best part...

"Stayed in Jacks I. The best part about these apartments is the pool. Natural salt water and very clean. This is my 7th time in Kefalos and it was very last minute. Jacks is about 15 minutes walk from the main road - mostly unlit, you will need a torch. Jack and his family are friendly enough and the atmosphere is very relaxed however the apartments are dirty and tatty. The towels were changed only once in a week as were the sheets and they are both thread-bare, the bins were emptied only once and the apartment was given a quick sweep also. We were greeted late evening by a hugh cockroach and an army of ants, I bought bleach and spray the next day. Would not go again but did not spoil the holiday."

by  Z Wilkinson
5 / 10

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We had a fantastic holiday with Jack...

"We had a fantastic holiday with Jack and his family.

We were made to feel like 1 of the family. Jack, Maria and their 2 sons were absolutely fantastic with our eldest child. The food was mouth watering and the steak was to die for I fully recommend this place.

Kefalos is a peaceful town and all the shops and tavernas had friendly welcoming people.

by L Ballard
10 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

These apartments are the pits. They...

"These apartments are the pits. They are basic and ok by Greek standards but not clean toilet constantly full of water and smelly. No clean towels or linen during my whole stay. Check between your beds as we moved ours to find black hairs all over the floor. Woken up at night by slaters crawling all over you. No air con buy a fan your self as it is cheaper than renting one, then bin it dont leave it for that horrible family. Very aggressive rude unwelcoming family. think you would need to be eating there flashing the cash for them to be civil.

Kefalos itslelf is very good. If you want good food great hospitality and a good night out go to the Sydney bar, Michael and Mariantha are the perfect hosts!

1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Jack's I & II Apartments

  • Call 020 3468 2351

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