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Best hotel ive stayed in,in ibiza!! by sr2012
9 / 10

Just back from 10 days in ibiza..this was my 3rd time and poniente was definatly the best and cleanest hotel ive stayed in yet,we had to pay an extra 75 euro each for the top floor and the air con but it made our holiday 10 times better,the balcony was huge and looked over the sea we watched the sunset every night without having to go to mambo so i wud suggest to ask for the upgrade if the rooms are availible 504.,just 1 bad thing is that the baldy guy that works at the bar is the cheekiest person ive ever met and the girl that works in the shop would be aswell buying some deoderant for herself cus she stinks the whole shop out with b.o lol

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: top floor appartments
  • Good For: Beach

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Girls Holiday by Jaykay
8 / 10

We stayed at this hotel and before we went we were dreading a dingy little apartment! We have been on a budget holiday to Ibiza before and the hotel was dirty, and out of the way and there were idiots running around baning doors playing loud music all night.

we were surprised at how large the rooms were, we had two balconys, a large dining table, 2 bedrooms, we weren't far from shops, bars and restuarants. The hotel does food which is good value for money and it had its own super market which was very handy. The room was clean and there was plenty of storage for us 5 girls and all our belongings!

We received a free cocktail on arrivial. There is security at the hotel 24/7, even though it said its a twentys hotel there were no idiots and we could sleep at night.

Just doen the road from the hotel is their swimming pool which was great for catching some sun, there is a bar there which also does food. You are not allowed to bring your own drinks in though!

The staff at reception, the bar, the pool bar are all freindly.

My only problem we experienced, we were there for 12 nights and our cleaner didn't change the sheets and didn't clean our room properly. I reported this to reception and it was sorted that day.

We also didn't have any air con, they did give us a fan unit to be fair it wasn't great!

We would defiantly stay here again, for what we paid it was value for money.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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ponienti by bella
1 / 10

i just came back from ibiza and stayed at this appartments if your looking for some thing to do if your aged over 40 there nothing at all it is a party place for the young ones i av never been so glad to get back of holiday in my life we ad no sleep at it was for to loud on a night with doors bangin all nite but i will say that the staff were lovly that was the best thing about it i can say i would never stay again

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Very very noisy and staff really rude - June 2011 by Gillian
3 / 10

Just back from a week from these apartments with my other 2 girlie mates. Great location in terms of to beach and main town. Apts are clean and spacious but be prepared for no sleep at all between the constant banging on the doors, people screamin as if they were let out a mental asylum. Toni, our rep totally was not interested in us once we decided not to buy any of her daily tours which would have turned out to be a regimate. She never bothered to warn us about the crime in the area, prostitutes and the black women tricks of wrappin braclets around our wrists and nearly attackin us for money. Crazy!!!!

Be prepared to take alot of money with you as this is the first place I've been to where the apartments ask for 100 euros upfront deposit for your room! Not mentioned in the brochure. U also have to pay for ur air conditionin and the deposit box which is normal anyhow.

Another thing no mentioned is that the pool bar is not part of the apartments. Its across the road and is only staff with one woman who takes for ever to serve u!!!!!

Lastly other really bad point is the staff here. At night if ur type of person who likes to bring a few female friends back to have a few drinks then forget it. They charge u 10 euros for each person which is really scandalous when the apt is already bought and paid for.

The beach is so crap and rocky. One of the day I was down at it the police was there cause there was a robbery cause a few of local kids lifted a couples bag even though there was a lifeguard watching the lot!!

All in all this place is a total rip off and tour rep Toni really needs to learn manners!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take plenty of extra cash with u
  • Good For: Beach

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Loved it. by Devon Girls
9 / 10

Brilliant hotel if you're young people. staff were super friendly.. rooms were spacious and clean, towels cleaned regularly and everything in the kitchen anyone would need, except an oven! supermarket on site, expensive for a food shop but perfect for grabbing the quick box of chips ahoy and a pot noodle. Spacious pool across the road although it was very cold, the lady who works in the bar was really friendly and the food was lovely for the price. The hotel was only a short walk from the sunset strip and the westend, and the twentys rep Toni was very helpful throughout the holiday. Although this was a young persons hotel it was suprisingly quiet after midnight which was even better! Really enjoyed this holiday and would definitely go back again to see all of the friendly staff! Loved it! Also the WIFI area was perfect for contacting home and making everyone jealous of the parties on holiday!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with First Choice

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august 2010 by hanja
7 / 10

i stayed here with 3 friends for a week last year, the hotel was clean tidy, and new towel etc most days, can get a safe deposit box, the hotel resturant was gd food was fine although ate alot because there is so many places to eat, theres a bar and resturant accros the road, unbeliveably close to the sunset strip! perfect to watch the sun go down while eating. just down the road from all bars. the beach is walking distants. once u find ur way around everythings so easy to get to, we walked home most nights from the big clubs, some are taxi rides away, thers very local shop, room was good size bed comfy. only thing to fault is the pool! in the pictures wen booking it looked a good size and like it was attatched to the hotel, but its round the side hotel in the shade! no bar was there when we was, small and no sun! but the beach is walking distance, would stay again, perfect for what we needed and price was best we could find four a two bedroom apartment and the bloke at the counter was helpful when we needed it :) .

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take a walk, ask people for local things. we didnt realise we were so close until somebody showed us lol., explore :)
  • Good For: Beach

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loved it by arje2
10 / 10

I am a returning client to the poniente playa and just recently stayed in august. This is one of the best/nicest hotels I have stayed in, considering the price! The rooms were very big and comfortable They had a nice bathroom and small kitchen area, think these had been done up recently! The maids came regularly and cleaned, changed towels . The staff are friendly and helpful and was nice to be recognised as a returning client It's in a great location, only a few minutes walk to te sunset strip and about 10-15 to the west end! Taxis are cheap for the end of the night!! All in all a great holiday and would definately go back to this hotel

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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PArty starts around 5am... by louloux25
6 / 10

Hotel was nice and cleanand good location as not far from small beach and sunset strip. rooms were clean and towels were changed everyother day although i dont ever remeber the sheets being changed. Pool area which is over the road wasnt clean it was fully of sticky stuff and fag dimps.. Deffinately the noisiest hotel in the world, ive been to ibiza 6 times and never experienced that kind of noise in a hotel befor. The parties generally started around 5am every morning..i didnt getin til 6 most days but if ever you want to get sleep..there is no chance! Also the man who does the night shift was rude, and every night he accused my boyfriend as not being one of the paying customers out of out room..so i ended up arguing with him everynight until he let us go to our room. if you want air con you would expect to pay around 60 euros which is a complete rip off! i doubt i will go back there.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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very clean, value for money, big... by K  Mc
9 / 10

very clean, value for money, big rooms, kitchen the only thing is that its noisy and I wouldn't stay here if you intend on getting much sleep but hey this is an ibiza twenty's hotel after all and thats what its all about!

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Booked a five night holiday with 2... by J Holehouse
7 / 10

Booked a five night holiday with 2 girlfriends to these apartments. Very disapointed that they did not even have our booking on arrival! We were moved to a budget apartment down the road for the first night before returning to demand a room the next day. We did then get a room but it bcame aparent each day that people were coming and there were no rooms for them. We spoke to so many people that said they had to stay at a different appartment the first 1 or 2 nights! They were blaitently overbooking to cram as many people in as possible!! So unorganised. Apart from that I can't fault the apartments. large, clean and perfect location near the beach the the sunset strip.

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The best week of my life!! And these... by D Brown
10 / 10

The best week of my life!! And these apartments are perfect for young people 18- 30! If you like non stop partying and ending up in random rooms with random people you have never met talking utter random bollocks whilst off your head... then these apartments are perfect for you! Supermarket is great with awide selection of beers, spirits and English groceries. Didn't spend much time at the restaurant/bar but within 2 minutes walking distance were plenty of small bars, restaurants and other supermarkets. The only night I tried to get some kip... I admit it was very hard to get to sleep constant banging and loud noise so if you are thinking about taking a family trip to this place then think again! It is definatley not suited for families. But if you are young and lively then I definatley reccomend Poniente.

Watch out for the Welsh though ! ;)

Brownz, Nugzy, Leigh, Sven and Bungle July 08 Ibiza!!!!!

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I went to Ibiza for one week and... by J Bryce
7 / 10

I went to Ibiza for one week and found this hotel very good and clean. Its pretty basic but its near the west end and you can walk along the bay which is a 5 min walk from the hotel. Ideally it is suited for young people and has a good pool just over the road.

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    " go to the supermarket called Hiper Centro, its cheaper. "

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