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This, like any of another 50 hotels...

"This, like any of another 50 hotels within a very short distance of each other, is a high rise monstrosity of cheap building methods and featureless architecture. It has a high proportion of Irish holidaymakers who, in the main, are delightful people but enjoy their late nights and heavy drinking. Unfortunately, the combination of exceptionally poor sound insulation in the rooms and boisterous merrymaking until the early hours, makes sleeping for the non-participants very difficult.

The rooms are a little smaller than normal but are well planned and furnished. The bars, restaurants and other areas are all quite good. We tried them all without complaint except to comment that whilst the dinners were good, the table service was poor. The sunbathing and swimming facilities are very large and in the high season I could imagine them to be extraordinarily busy.

I see on other reviews that the Supermarket has received a number of comments. I don't know why! It is just a small adequate shop selling a limited variety of basic needs. There are two much larger supermarkets nearby, one only 200 metres from the hotel.

The atmospheric pollution on the main dual carriageway directly in front of the hotel is terrible. Unfortunately, because the hotel is far from the centre of Benalmadena, a walk down the road (there is no promenade until much nearer Benalmadena) is necessary - if your lungs can tolerate this! Alternatively there is a good bus service.

Benalmadena Marina is a very attractive place to visit for shops and restaurants. The old town at Malaga, Torremolinos and Fuengirola are within an easy bus ride.

There is no discernable place between Malaga and Marbella that has not been developed, so for those who like the hustle and bustle of busy street life it is ideal.

I don't suppose the hotel is much better or worse than any other in the vicinity - obviously it is over-rated massively compared with a four star hotel in England, but most people are aware of the exaggerated rating systems in Spain.

We disliked the noise in the hotel and left early. We hated the area.

by penlla
4 / 10

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We were not very impressed with the...

"We were not very impressed with the service levels and facilities at Sunset Beach Resort. In the supermarket, restaurant and the reception we were met by glum faces. In fact, not many people in the catering/tourist trade in Spain seemed to enjoy working there as no-one smiled!

We were shocked that we were asked to pay for electricity in a hotel. We also expected a washing machine in our unit as we were told that laundry facilities were available on site, but they refrained from adding that you had to pay 15 Euros per load!

On the whole, the resort was clean, but the cleaning staff "hogged" the lifts during their cleaning hours and the guests had to wait extended periods for a free lift. We will definitely not visit this resort again.

by  Raubenheimer
3 / 10

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Stayed with a baby and had a great time

"I stayed here with my wife and 7 month old baby for 9 days and I can't find any major fault with the hotel or the service we received. The apartment itself was basically a hotel room with a kitchenette attached but the main living area was large with a marble floor and the balcony was wonderfully spacious. We were intially shocked when we saw the bedroom contained two single beds, but the couch unfolded into a king bed so we soon got over that. The cot we requested cost an extra 3 euro on the room but was fine. The kitchen itself was well equipped - microwave, oven / stoves, pots, pans, toaster, blender, kettle, cutlery, glasses, crockery etc. The room also had an iron and board. One gripe was that the bath was miniscule and you literally couldn't even sit in it without bending your legs. The room was cleaned everyday, although you must clean your own kitchen area. You obviously have to provide your own food and dishwashing gear. Therefore it might be worth bringing little containers oil, washing up liquid, sponge, salt / pepper, sugar, tea, coffee etc.

We didn't avail of many services of the hotel, but the pool was fine and there were lifeguards on duty. I was irked that the signs stated that people should not "reserve" loungers but people did just that. I believe the hotel should stricly enforce the rule over towels and collect any laid out before 11am. There is also a beach nearby which is easy to get to, although the quality of "sand" is not great as it is finely crushed shells.

In terms of location the hotel is at the other end of Benalmadena than the marina but it is easy to walk all the way along the beach board walk, or take in any of the bars or restaurants en route. The marina is overrated and expensive anyway but is worth a look. The bars around the hotel are much smaller things but they're very cheap and often have happy hours. The hotel and area was excellent for strollers, and there were ramps practically everywhere. There was also a bus stop right outside the hotel that had sevices between Malaga / Fuengirola and a circuitous local service. There are also two supermarkets not more than 100 yards away. One is a cheap Lidl-esque store, the other is a large Supersol that was quite good value considering its main clientele. The hotel also contains its own basic supermarket and other services such as gym, internet access for a fee.

Overall, the hotel was clean, attractive, spacious, well equpped, convenient and it left us alone to do our own thing. If you expect pampering you might be annoyed that you don't get it, but what you do get is a perfectly acceptable home away from home and plenty of hotel activities if you like that kind of thing. I would have no hesitation going back or recommending it.

by HibTraveller
6 / 10

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Nice clean hotel, plenty of staff...

"Nice clean hotel, plenty of staff about, very polite and happy to help.

Only problem with this place was having a room on the 5th floor. Right underneath the main bar. My pet hate is the scraping noise of chairs on hard floors. Grrrrr, and people that take kids on holidays then sit and drink in the bar allowing the little darlings to run riot on stairwells and corridors. (Until they get grabbed by the security guards and sent back to their parents.)

I had my two cherubs with me and I knew where they were at all times. It's not difficult!

Put up with it a couple of nights but then it got ridiculous. but, as soon as it was mentioned to the reception staff we were allocated another room to a much quieter one on the 9th floor.

Plenty of sun beds and the shop is really good. Don’t vastly overcharge for anything. Two good sized pools. One heated and the children’s section is big enough. Plenty of sun beds and a no reserving policy. So towels can't be draped over in the middle of the night! Ha!

by G H
7 / 10

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Crap parents spoil it for everyone

"This hotel was ok.. rooms a little bit small for 4 people but kitchen had everything you needed rooms were regularly cleaned and you do get tons of nice clean towels every day.

My only problem was the people with kids who seem to think that because they are on holiday they can just drop the parenting bit and let the kids run riot... they were in the lifts running up and down corridors just being a pain in the arse in general... while the parents sat at the bar and got plastered.

I'm not against anyone having a drink... i like a few myself.. .but ... I ALWAYS know where the kids are and what they are doing.. because i keep them within earshot...

Dont get a room on the fifth floor because you are right under the bar and scraping chairs get on your wick after about 3 sleepless nights... we did complain about this tho and the reception staff sorted us out with a move straight away. New room on 9th floor .. only problem being you could hardly ever get a lift because the crap parents were now leaving the kids to play in the lifts.

The poor security bloke spent most of the later part of the evening chasing these lot round and sending them back to their rooms or the bar to mummy and daddy... so it isn't really the hotels problem.. what more can they do? There are signs on lifts saying that children must be accompanied but these just get ignored, Worse thing is.. it is NEVER the Canadian, American, German, Dutch or Spanish kids that are a nightmare.... is always the English and in this hotels case the Irish.

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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4 Star is a bit much but...

"I have stayed in many Timeshares and this has to be one on the bottom end. It has crummy twin bed which were nearly unbearable. The housekeeping service was HORRIBLE The halls were very noisy as well. I would not say that the staff (front desk) went out of their way to help to do anything and the "leisure desk" was the worst. Imagine trying to book expensive day trips and the seller not knowing any general info ie: will there be pictures we can take on camels on our daytrip to Tangier? No was the answer but YES is the truth of it all. They sell you trips at a premium but you can book them through the same company (VDT) for a decent discount and they know the adenda. The service in the resturant was very poor too. it took 35 minutes to get waited then they let your food stay in the kitchen till they get around to serving and they put all your food on the table at one time (appetizer,salad,meal). Noone in the hotel really seems to care either.. They grocery store was semi convenient except it closed at 6:00pm plus had a siesta time each day. It will be hard to go to if you have daytrips planned as they leave before 7:00am. We did make arrangemnets though once we found out about the resturant service was poor. Not to worry, there is a grocery store just across the street! The redeaming quality was that our room had some louvered doors on the " bedroom" which could help to block out the sunlight and some sound. That particular part of Spain is absolutly worth going to there is so much to see and do. If staying at Sunset Beach Club make sure it is a rockbottom price. ps: most all the stores close in Benalmadena at 7:00pm and are closed on Sundays."

by vfswope
4 / 10

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Very Good, Perfect for Families

"We stayed in the sunset beach apartments for our two week summer holiday and we totally enjoyed it. we had our 4 year old daughter with us and she really had a ball.


The Apartments were clean and the staff were very friendly, They have an adventure play area for the kids which was a God send as our daughter played there when she had too much of the water and sun, the location of the play area was right beside the kids pool which ment we could sit back and relax as there was only one way in and one way out.

We would get our sun chairs early beside the kids pool so we didn't have to go looking for her. There is a nice walk to the shops, restaurants and bars, The Marina was incredible.

Tivoli World was fantastic and it just goes to prove costa del sol is a must with the kids as there is so much to do.

Kiddies club was okay but I never exspect much so I wasn't let down.


The location of the apartments are a bit out but a nice 15 minute walk, I myself like entertainment but it was just okay in the hotel, the surrounding area of the sunset beach was a residential area which ment the music was finished at 12 or 1. It's fine for familes.

When we arrived we had an apartment looking out onto the road, we paid 33 euro to change to a pool view, stay away from the interior apartments as the have no windows and look crap.

We would definitly go back again, if they could pick the Sunset beach up and put it in Torremolines it would be a master stroke


by SmallBlackOne
8 / 10

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Disappointed with tiny rooms.

"We spent 2 nights at the hotel on my hen weekend, 4 girls in total. I was impressed by all the previews I had read but a little disappointed with the size of the rooms. If we had shared one room between the four of us there wouldn't have been any room at all. The room also backed onto a view of balconies, no view of the sea. However, the room itself was really clean and well equipped. The kitchen had every appliance you would need. We also requested an iron which was sent up to us straight away. The bathroom is nice with a great shower. The room was tidied and cleaned each day. We had a problem with the cards to get into the room which was really inconvenient last thing at night, having to go down to reception.

The pool area was nice. There is a restaurant by the pool which isn't brilliant but what you would expect. There is an a la carte restaurant inside the hotel.

There are lots of taxis outside the hotel which is convenient especially to get down to the marina, which is too far to walk. Overall the hotel was ok but I wouldn't stay there again.

by Amelia03
6 / 10

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Cock roaches and lizards !

"Stayed here with my husband and our 6 and 3 year old for 2 weeks and would never go back again. We had all been so excited about the holiday and were counting down the days to getting there. We had heard great reports of this hotel and had paid over 3,500 for the pleasure of staying there. We had asked for a room above the 6th floor and got a tiny room on the ground floor. As we arrived in the middle of the night the guy on duty said we could do nothing about the room until the following day. We did not even unpack that night as I was adamant that I was not staying in that apartment. To top it all it was tiny and when the beds were made up in the sitting room we could hardly pass each other. The following morning I spoke with another staff member at reception and they said that they were booked out and that was the only room they had. Another couple were having a similar argument. The lady was in tears. I took it up with our rep to to no avail. We had to stay put. The apartment was looking out at the side of the pool and had a family of cock roaches and a lizard as constant companions on the terrace. My children even gave the lizard a name as it stayed with us for the 2 weeks on the roof of the terrace. There was no privacy sitting out on the balcony as people were passing by you the entire time. Our room was opposite a gym or sports area and from early in the morning there was loud booming music coming from there. The couches did not turn into comfortable beds so we slept badly. We had looked foward to evenings sitting out on the balcony sipping a glass of wine watching the sun setting over the sea - but alas all we had was noise and lizards and cock roaches. After about 2 days of complaining my husband was getting angry with me and the girls and the entire holiday was looking like turning into an unmitigated disaster so I decided to stay quiet and suffer it. No point in ruining the entire two weeks by constantly complaining about something outside of my control. We made the most of the 2 weeks but both my husband and I agreed that we would never set foot in the Sunset Beach ever again."

by angieos
2 / 10

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A Great Hotel

"Just returned from a week at this hotel, superb, fantastic 2 bed,2 bath apartment with double balcony and extra huge private roof sun terrace.

Breakfast buffet was superb, the 2 shows we saw Rat Pack and The Musicals were absolutely spectacular. The only critisism was that the outdoor pool was freezing. The sports centre was good providing classes such as pilates, step, water aerobics etc.

The massage's were great , Julie you were fab. the hairdressers and beauty salon were good and value for money. The supermarket was handy altho a little pricey, better one across the road. Benamadena marina is worth a visit, very nice to see and to eat. Food is a lot cheaper at this resort than nin canaries. Altho taxis are more expensive.

One more bonus was that the streets are not full of scratch card touts. This hotel is fantastic for families or couples who want to relax. So go on visit this hotel and have a good time.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Anyone for Timeshare?

"If you get a sea view room and have children, you might just possibly like this hotel. As it was, even though we booked through RCI, we got a rear room overlooking the hills and a noisey roadway. The room was compact and clean. Two small bathtowels were insufficient for our needs and reception was poor on the English language TV channels. We complained to the front desk almost daily without success.

Children are everywhere, playing in the lifts, running in the corridors and lounge, its just that kind of hotel.

The poolside area is dirty and dusty underfoot. It is never swept or hosed down. The sunbeds are stained with bird droppings which no one seems to clean. A discarded childs nappy lay under a sun bed for three days and was still there when we left. I have brought all these comments to the attention of management in the in house guest survey so it will be interesting to see if it provokes any response.

We last stayed here 10 years ago but standards have sadly diminished since then. Then the focus was on customer care, now it is on selling guests timeshare. Ownership at Sunset Beach Club? No way Hosea

by redhand
4 / 10

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Very pleasant and helpful staff....

"Very pleasant and helpful staff. Reception is very welcoming. The on site hotel supermarket is the best I have seen in a long time - very clean and a good range, AND for a hotel the prices were not ridiculous.

Location on a rocky penisula is fantastic - wonderful views along the coast. Easy walk to bars and restaurants. Lots of English owned bars, plenty of English meals available. Beach side local Spanish restaurants smoke sardines over open fires - washed down with the local red wine - delicious.

Beach both sides of the hotel, lovely calm sea. Ideal for children to dig and play. The local beaches have showers and play areas provided.

Easy drive from Malaga Airport and easy access along coast to other towns and even down to Gibraltar for a day. The hotel has parking on site for guests.

by  HK Bosworth
10 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Sunset Beach Club Resort

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