Lindos Horizon

P.O. Box 33 Rodos, Rhodes 85100, Greece
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Very nice stay

"Have just returned from a weeks stay at this accomodation and could not find any fault what so ever, staff very welcoming and willing to help in any way good room given to us. Although we only used the pool area a few times and bought drinks and food both very good as we prefer to go into town. Location a little way out of town but can get taxi back up for 4 euros. Lots of donkeys and goats around but no bother at all. Mrs F"

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Mrs F
8 / 10

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lindos horizon

"just returned from lindos horizon and had a fabulous time there, stavros and family were extremely helpful and happy to do whatever was required , rooms were clean and spacious , pool area was clean, and rooms were spottless, food at bar was exellent, and views were beautiful. only downside was the barking dogs in the field below, oh and the cockerell that got up at 430 every morning. i would definetly reccomend this place to anyone travelling to lindos,"

  • Holiday details: May 2012
by Ian P
9 / 10

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Thanks, Hotel Horizon.

"Just got back from our holiday at the Horizon. Despite booking and then reading the poor reviews of sept 2008 we braced ourselves and went ahead.

All you folk out there can now be rest assured that you will enjoy your stay at such a cracking studios. We would like to thank both Stavros and his wife Boppi for being superb hosts who were both very friendly as they obviously worked very hard and long hours to make our stay very enjoyable indeed. The rooms were cleaned every day with linen and bedding changed. (OK, the odd towel may be dated?) but the accomidation was spacious,comfortable and tidy with a superb view. The pool was great and the food was good..Full English breakfast was sound and the Monday "eat as much as you like" barbecue is well worth trying. Horizon is set back a little away from the town and set into the hill side but only takes less than a 10 minute walk down into main square. If your not energetic you can always get a cheap taxi back?

Check out and visit the lovely peaceful St Pauls bay which is just the other side of the accropolis were snorkeling is worth a try? Will be back next year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Wear some comfy walking shoes. One of the nicest villages in Rhodes.
  • Activities: St Pauls Bay and the fair like ride on the Glass Bottom boat?
  • Good For: Beach
by Mr Barrett
9 / 10

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Back on track

"having just spent a fortnight at Lindos Horizon I am happy to report a very hot relaxing holiday was had. Having booked this accomodation without seeing the reviews first I went to Lindos very worried at what I may find. The studio was clean and well equiped we had a ground floor studio that gave wonderful views of the acropolis from the terrace. The rooms were cleaned daily and clean sheets and towels at least twice a week. The whole site was clean and tidy, gardens well maintained. Pool area very relaxing with sun beds available at any time of the day. No need to rush out at the crack of dawn to put he towels out, however some people just cant help themselves. Stavros seemed to run the whole show and I coulnt fault anything he did. We didnt eat at the snack bar very often but whatever we had was always good. The Monday night barbques were the best value meal we had all holiday. The location of the accomodation is a good uphill walk from the village but to be fair where ever you walk in Lindos you are walking up or down hill. I didnt mind walking and the benefits were that you had no traffic passing the studios only the odd taxi picking up or dropping off. Found most of the restaurants in Lindos to be ok all very much the same as the next. Would stear clear of the Italian at the top of the village near to the road to St Pauls Bay. We found it the first night and got stung for 60+ euros for two courses and wine which is steep for a couple of very average pizzas. Hired a car, three days is enough to see any sights on the island, driving in Rhodes town is fun !!!!

Would definatly go back and stay at the Horizon

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Expect to walk up and down hills but the best village on the island
  • Activities: Nothing really stood out and cant remember the restaurant names
  • Good For: Beach
by Mr P Abbey
8 / 10

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I'm afraid the recent reviews are all...

"I'm afraid the recent reviews are all true, sadly Nikos and Stavros toook the opportunity to fleece his guests, making the most of an unfortunate and difficult time for his captives, sorry, guests. He immediately raised his prices from 40 to 60 euro demanded money with menaces. Got the police for a young woman who questioned the legality of what he was doing. The police were extremely aggresive and not prepared to listen to guests.

On a positive note the rep.Elaine who had lost her job was excellent although she too was subject to intimidating behaviour from this father and son.

We paid him the three days we owed him and moved to the Lindos view for the rest of our holiday where the staff were very helpful.

I hope Nikos and Stavros are happy with their fistful of euros, but longer term I feel irreperable damage has been done. Their reputation is down the pan or rather in the bin beside the pan.

We will not be back.

by A Tonner
1 / 10

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on arival, rooms were nice and clean....

"on arival, rooms were nice and clean. went to bed on the first night and was kept awake by a pack of barking and howling dogs that were chained up opposite the hotel. on the sunday morning there was a letter asking us to go to reception due to kosmar entering adminastration. we were told we had to pay 720 euros to remain at the hotel, or pay 180 euros and leave the hotel. there were mass arguments breaking out with the owners, who were so arregant and didn't want to listen to anyone at all, saying, "i dont trust english bas****s". i saw the owner grab hold of one woman and threaten her with a gun being mentioned. i would not reccomend anyone to stay at this accomadation. there was no bar like advertised on the internet. the rooms were not cleaned any more. my advise DO NOT stay at this accomadation..."

by R Ashby
1 / 10

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What nightmare owners!! And talk...

"What nightmare owners!! And talk about DULL, DULL, DULL!!!!

I am very happy to confirm the nightmare stories below - a psychatrist might conclude that the owner of this place is a few chunks of lamb short of a kebab!! The owner's behaviour was nothing short of extortion. Following the unfortunate collapse of the XL Group, the Civil Aviation Authority had assured him that he would be paid for all our holiday stays from the time XL went into administration - however, Nikos saw the opportunity to rake in some cash.

He was simply aware that XL wouldn't be paying him for unpaid holidays up to when they went bust and knew the CAA would only pay him the agreed rate with XL for the people already out there on holiday. He confessed to this being no more than about 20 Euros a WEEK! Rather than accept his usual pittance (presumably they make their money on the 55 Euros a week extra for air conditioning and bar sales), Nikos tried to extort 24 TIMES AS MUCH from his 'captive' guests, and 2 to 3 times the typical charge of other hotels (even 50% more than his own direct booking rates). He was nothing more than an opportunistic, bullying and beligerent con-artist.

As for his aggressive behaviour, it was shocking. We even heard one report of him threatening to come and find a particular guest with a gun if the guest climbed over the locked gate as he was threatening to do - I don't know whether this is true but it would not surprise me in the slightest. He really was such a horible man.

Even if there hadn't been the XL problem, this place was very dull indeed. The barman in the evenings would not pass a smile to hardly anyone (until presumably he had counted up what he felt were suffient tips) and you were lucky if there was anyone at all at the bar in the evenings. I think people rightly chose to find somewhere else for their food and other entertainment.

I would say don't go near this place but just down the road a bit was a lovely, welcoming place, with a far better atmosphere. The staff were friendly, the mood was lively but definitely civilised. This one was called Lambis Studios and, like the 'reviewer' below, I would highly recommend it. In many ways I am glad I too chose to pay Nikos the ransom money to free us from the Hell-Hole of Lindos Horizon. We had a fabulous time once we were elsewhere.

by R Smith
1 / 10

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Having just returned from a nightmare...

"Having just returned from a nightmare stay at the Lindos Horizon studios. I must agree with the previous review concerning a family of 14 being evicted, well that was us and it was only after demands of 480 euros per studio. As you can imagine we refused to hand over the cash, with this we were subjected to a barrage of abuse including I do not trust ( English B......s). The demand was then 60 euros per night which should have been for one night but Mr Nikos Kritikos demanded 2 nights, when we disagreed with this he then locked the gates and spreadeagled himself across them refusing us any kind of exit and threatening us with the police. (We didn't realise that the police would have been helpful to us). This was done at 12noon in the seering heat. Our party included three children of which two were under three years of age.

Before we had decided to leave we had already checked out accomodation at the Lambis and they agreed to hold five studios for us (Lambis were fantastic). We had taxis ordered and waiting outside the locked gates, when Mr Kritikos saw them he completely lost control of his temper and was screaming at them in Greek which we obviously didn't understand.

Because this behaviour was causing stress to all our party, which should have been a happy time as we were in Lindos to celebrate our wedding, we decided to pay the full 120 Euros, the men proceeded into the office with Nikos and Stavros Kritkos, the gates remained locked while a woman stood guard.

Only when all money was handed over were the gates unlocked allowing us to leave.

Having not understood what was said to the taxis drivers and thinking they would be very negative towards us we were very surprised to discover that they were in full sympathy with us and apologising to us that all Greeks were not like the Kritikos family.

We think ourselves very lucky as last year we were in Lindos arranging our wedding and met the Kritikos men who were very different, and the Lindos Horizons was different, this year it was minus pool bar and top bar but they are still being shown on their website. Nikos and Stavros Kritikos were very eager to arrange our wedding plans and all we can say is THANK GOODNESS we didn't use them.

by  S Ollis
1 / 10

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Just arrived back from the Lindos...

"Just arrived back from the Lindos Horizon, Unfortunately my second stay at the apartments was nothing like the first one, this one was a nightmare.

Aggressive behaviour to guests, Police involvement, Mass checking out, (all on a relaxing holiday), if you wish please read on.

The open bar and themed nights as stated on the web site did not happen

The major issues started following the collapse of XL group. Saturday morning, saw a big argument at reception and a family with children being evicted.

Individual letters were sent to everyone asking for individual meetings in the office to pay for the rooms; this was contrary to the media, CAA and details on the notice board.

The cost was to be 60 euro per night, not the 40 euro per night as advertised on the Lindos Horizon website (most people were aware of that fact).

The Manager was insistent that we pay him as he did not trust English Companies and was fairly aggressive when asked why; this was not just us but all of the guests.

The situation went totally out of hand this included a couple having the owners in their room demanding their Passports, on refusal the police were called.

The Kosmar rep was fantastic (even though being unemployed at that time), but on the night of the police calling she was initially refused entry by the owners, but did eventually get in, we were advised that due to the situation we would have the option to be transferred to different accommodation.

We were advised not to try and leave as we would be reported to the police and arrested, during the night we actually blocked the door of our room for fear of the owners entering during the night the atmosphere was so bad.

That night the rep who came to the apartments advised us all to stay around the apartment complex, until she could make alternative arrangements for accommodation the following day for the rest of our stay.

When she arrived we were told that we had the option of paying up to the end of the stay and remaining there, alternatively we could pay to that day and leave as we did not wish to put any additional money in their pocket.

We and 5 other couples took the second option; we went to different apartments and paid the same price.

We did also hear at the airport that the people remaining continued to get demands for money; they were told that all of their luggage and belongings would be confiscated in payment.

The room cleaning was also stopped immediately in all rooms, on our leaving only the bins were emptied.

I do feel sorry in a way for the Lindos Horizon, it appears that it has grown too quickly and has been caught out by the current climate; unfortunately you cannot treat your paying guests in this fashion if you wish to retain a business

So would I recommend staying at the Lindos Horizon????????????

Following this experience we will not even consider visiting Rhodes / Greece for a long time

by G Thorpe
2 / 10

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We have just returned from a week at...

"We have just returned from a week at the Lindos Horizons.

We could not fault the accomodation at all, spacious and spotlessly clean.

The food in the pool bar was excellent, we had the English breakfast most days and it was far superior to any we have tasted in any European country.

Bottled water was sold in the pool bar at the same price as in the supermarkets which saved carrying them up the hill.

The barbeque food was delicious, and a relief not to walk down into Lindos for an evening!

Stavros, his family and staff were fantastic and could not do enough for you.

Stavros even got our cigarettes from the cash and carry!!!!

by A Phillips
10 / 10

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just returned from a week in lindos...

"just returned from a week in lindos horizons

i must say every part of it spent in these appartments was A1 the rooms were spotless and all the staff very friendly

the pool area was really good and no problems getting sun beds

the food was really good i had tuna and feta salads most days and they were really to die for as was the english breakfasts

lindos itself is a really beautiful place a bit of a trek down into the village its ok on the way down but had taxi's back to apartments

we ate mostly at bar code the meals there were excellent nice bars around aswell a must is to go into the courtyard bar what a laugh with jack the owner there is also scott and ryan they really are great lads and sooooo funny

overall the week we have just spent in lindos has been absoloutley fantastic will defienatley going back again next year

by B Oakes
9 / 10

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Just got back from Lindos, after...

"Just got back from Lindos, after staying in Lindos Horizons for the fifth year running, and still it never ceases to amaze. The town is wonderful, with lots of different tavernas to chose from, with Ambrosia, Dionysis and Symposia being our favourites.

Accomodation is brilliant, the apartment is large, air conditioning can be paid for, and it is always kept clean by the staff on a frequent basis. The snack bar is very good, with a good range of food to suit all tastes, although the salads are very very tasty!!!! Although, our current favourite is a tomato, mushroom and feta omelette, beautiful.

Stavros, Poppy and the rest of the family are great hosts, and the BBQ on a Monday is fantastic value for money and a great night for getting to know other guests.

Only negative point, was the transfer back to the airport, a 45 minute journey took two hours, as the tour opearator picked up at every resort on the island. This shouldn't be a problem for next year, as Stavros now takes bookings himself on the Lindos Horizons website and you only need to find the flights and a taxi transfer yourself.

Off to book for next year!!! Can't wait!!

by Longmore
10 / 10

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  • by Ian Protheroe

    " take ear plugs as the dogs cockerells and donkeys love to make a noise "

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