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Yunus Nadi St No 20, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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"booked last minute deal so didnt have time to checkout hotel details.

room was covered in a dirty old carpet maid service was o.k.

food was a disgrace, toaster broke first day (never fixed)

no beans, bacon or sausages, table covers were never changed.

never seen a potatoe, mostly chips and chicken, chicken and more chicken.

very poor selection of drinks (which were watered down)

only good point of hotel is that it is handy for city centre, but far enough away from any noise

would only give a 1 star.

by robertbarcay
2 / 10

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What a joke 4*? I wouldn't even give...

"What a joke 4*? I wouldn't even give it a rating the staff were arrogant and rude with the exception of two. The room's carpets were old and battered electricity sockets were unsafe to say the least.

Food was unbelievably poor everyday it was the same grey meat in a different sauce. In the end I was so fed up I just couldn’t wait for my coach to arrive. Be warned if your young blonde and female you will have the Turks all over you like limpets for your duration.

All in all it was the worst holiday of my life. I would have much rather spent a week in work!

by Ryan Ashman
1 / 10

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Warning - avoid this hotel at all...

"Warning - avoid this hotel at all costs! If I could have rated it as 0, then I would have.

The hotel is advertised as a 4* but leaves much to be desired with shabby, filthy carpets which are frayed and a Health and Safety risk. The whole hotel could use a face-lift.

The food is bland, unappetizing, often cold and many of our party of 15 suffered diarrhea as a result. The drinks are so watered down that when we ordered a straight vodka and gin from the bar we could not tell which drink was which as they both just tasted of water.

One member of our party accidentally walked into a window surrounding the indoor pool, the glass cracked and he was extremely lucky not to have sustained an injury as a result. There were no safety stickers on the doors and windows surrounding the indoor pool to show the doors were closed. Surely safety glass should be essential in a pool area with children running around on wet floors? This hotel is an accident waiting to happen.

If you don't want the holiday from Hell - don't visit this hotel!

by W Ashman
1 / 10

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Warning - Don't Book This Hotel!

"Club Armar is described as a 4* hotel but does not deserve a 1* rating. The public areas and corridors are shabby with filthy, frayed carpets and the whole hotel could do with a make-over.

The food is cold, unappetising and bland and several of our party of 15 had diarrhoea for most of the week. The drink is so watered down that when we ordered a straight vodka and gin, we could not tell which drink was which as both just tasted of water.

The hotel staff were often surly and rude and there was also very little entertainment throughout the week.

One of our party had an accident when he walked into a window by the indoor pool. The glass cracked and he was extremely lucky not to sustain a serious injury, we were then forced to pay £40 to renew the window. Surely glass surrounding a swimming pool should be safety glass? Children running on wet floors could fall through the glass - this hotel is an accident waiting to happen!

Unless you want the holiday from Hell, take my advice - book another hotel!

by So-disgruntled
2 / 10

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Well, where do I begin?! if that was...

"Well, where do I begin?! if that was a "slice of turkey" count me out, I have heard so many good and even excellent reports about turkey and thought as a last minute "bargain" the club Armar sounded wonderful and after a bit of a stressful year decided it was just what my partner and two babies needed to put us on for the winter. Never in my wildest dreams would our all inclusive 4* break be such a let down! We have all vowed not to return and certainly not eat chicken again for a long time.

We were offered chicken morning noon and night with very little variation on a daily basis, the alcohol was, in my mind, so weak I would question we were even given real alcohol, the room was shabby, the staff tried to make it enjoyable and would join in with friendly banter but the entertainment was practically non-existent and started at 10pm, too late for our little ones and out of boredom we were in bed at about that time!

The second day when we had found our feet we realised you had to be up at 4am to get your towel on the sun beds and decided to venture to Marmaris beach or should I say ashtray because that was exactly what would describe the sight we met, the beach was so dirty that I would let my little ones anywhere near it so be warned, please, please think very long and hard about a "holiday" to club Armar, next time I will be getting a real review from Holiday Watchdog and not just listening to the utter lies that the travel company wanted me to hear, to spend hard earned cash in a fleapit, if you have just booked, god help you!

by J Stevenson
1 / 10

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Please read all comments/views for...

"Please read all comments/views for this hotel before you book! I arrived back this morning 5/9/06.

On arrival to the hotel, we were extremely tired as our flight was delayed over 3 hours and our rooms were not ready! We were asked to go and have breakfast when all we wanted to do was sleep for a couple of hours due to the night flight. It makes me wonder what would they have done if our flight was on time?

Eventually my husband, 3 year old and I were taken to our room, my friend’s room was still not ready and she had to come with us. The room was shabby with torn curtains, crinkled carpets which was a health & safety risk not just in the rooms but hallways too, and the linen looked grubby.

A bloody plaster was left in one of the wardrobes which obviously hadn't even been cleaned out. An hour later my friend was given her room! We asked to change rooms later that day, they said we could change tomorrow (it never happened). The Hotel pictures looked quite nice but once you are there, it is a different picture. Everywhere we seemed to go, somebody was complaining! This is certainly not a 4 star hotel.

There is a picture on the Club Armar website of a children's pool with what looks like a tall mushroom waterfall type statue, it doesn't even exist! The main pool at the back of the hotel is a fair size with an extremely small section for children. The indoor pool is nice if you want somewhere quiet but the bar there isn't open. The waterslides are advertised as part of the hotel but you can't take any food or drink from the hotel in to this area, you can only eat and drink food purchased from the bar/restaurant which you have to pay for.

They call this an All Inclusive, it is not. I spoke to the Rep who said in Turkey they have different All Inclusive bands, Gold, Silver and Bronze, this is Bronze. Food was appalling, no choice and wait for it, Chicken every night! We ended up eating out most breakfast and evening meals, didn't bother eating at lunchtime.

Music which was being played by the waterslides on occasions were inappropriate for children with a Yogi Bear song with explicit words and the "Fat B*****d" song. Children were then repeating some of the words and obviously getting told off for saying them, which really wasn't their fault.

The towels and linen were not changed all week. We asked to keep the room on until 10pm as we were not being collected to return to the airport until 11.30pm. They told us to check on the morning we were leaving so nothing was concrete. They asked for 45 lira and I commented they already owed us 6 hours anyway. The rep sorted this out for us and many other couples and families so we could keep our rooms.

Thankfully my friend and I didn't have to pay any extra for the room. On the positive side, yes there are a couple believe it or not! The staff were friendly and polite and the jewellery shop in the resort was great, I got a fantastic ring made to my budget!

Please consider before booking, the Rep did have quite a pile of complaints so hopefully the hotel might make changes that obviously are required.

by  P Chaplin
1 / 10

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Holiday memories stay, well in this...

"Holiday memories stay, well in this case they faded away. After landing at Dalaman Airport, the local airport. We had a pleasant journey with regal holidays transport service up to 2 hours which flew by. Once we were entering Marmaris the beautiful resort our big group of 12 were all excited and looking forward for the hotel. The hotel " Club Armar " looked very deluxe type and above our expectations.

We then went to the reception, which was fulll of turkish men who spoke very bad english. we asked for our rooms and were told to wait as they had been booked for the day before and were given to other guests. so we waited in the reception wondering why the other people who were with us got a room and we never even having a big group of 12 consisting of small children.

Well anyway as time passed we were told to wait and in that 6 hours had passed until it got to a point where we went to the reception and asked for our rooms or were calling the tour operator and the rude ignorant staff told us to "shut up and get out of the hotel" and then we were not the only ones in the same situation cause another man from London along with his family was told the same.

In that the manager called the tour operator and told her that we were swearing and physically attacking him. Anyway the nice tour operator lady moved us from that hole to a more warm and relaxing hotel CLUB PINETA PARK HOTEL where the staff were more pleasant and understanding.

Any way I would not recommend the hotel club armar to anyone as the breakfast only consisted of cold food indoors and after taking a 2 min walk round the building outdoor you would find an chef standing there watching the flies attack the cold and tasteless scrambled eggs which was the only warm food and was below the danger zone of 63 degrees and could cause food poisoning.

I read before going on holiday the reviews for this hotel and still took the risk and wished I had listened to the other reviews. I seriously urge people not to go to this hotel as it would become holiday from hell. And another thing I forgot to point out was that there is no safety around the pool area. Firstly there are no signs to indicate the dept of the pool and secondly near the deep side there was no safety equipment.

Regal holidays are a good tour operator who are understanding and helpful, who will do anything for your satisfaction. BUT DO NOT GO TO CLUB ARMAR.

by M J
1 / 10

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I’ve just got back from turkey just...

"I’ve just got back from turkey just yesterday and I was shocked I was expecting the worst from reading some of these review but it’s not as bad as it sounds by far.

At first we were all a bit grumpy when we were 10 hours delayed from a malfunction on the plane and then the crew got stuck at passport control but that was nothing to do with the hotel so lets get onto that shall we.

We (me my mum and my two brothers) got there about half 11 Turkish time (Turkey is 2 hours ahead of English time) we got there and a bell hop took are bag to the room and the room nice and cold form the air conditioning which was very simple to use. So we went straight to sleep.

The staff were very funny and friendly and were always smiling especially the manager he always looked dead serious but you talked to him and watched him he had the biggest beaming smile you have ever seen. There were no fights and mix up for us.

The food was same through the week, it was good quality and if you like salads chicken barbeque you would have been in your element me on the other half being the fussy eater that I am didn’t like it much. But it wasn’t too bad though the Club Armar is in the most bustling part of Marmaris if you dint like something all you would have to do is walk down the street and you would find a pub bar restaurant which were all very cheap.

The water slides in the photo were free but wasn’t actually part of the hotel the drinks you had to pay for, not expensive quite cheap which was good the staff there were amazing as well, some not as good at speaking English as others but they understood you eventually, there was the entertainment at night and during the day if you didn’t want to go out the hotel.

No entertainment for the older ones at the hotel brill things for the littlens nothing for teen except pool.

Altogether I gave it a nine it was a lovely hotel and it was nice and warm.

by Jemma Hayes
9 / 10

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Enjoyed our stay at Club Armar

"Before we stayed at Club Armar I'd read alot of negative reviews on the internet and I was prepared for the worst . I can honestly say we had a great holiday and found the accomadation at club armar quite acceptable. The hotel would definatetly benefit from a make over , as some of the decor is dated, but our rooms were always clean , as were the towels etc. The maid changed the sheets every day and would come back at a later time if it wasn't convienient. Most of the staff were really lovely and helpful , as are alot of the turkish people, however if this is your first visit to turkey be prepared for the pestering to get you into shops/ restauraunts etc - we were just firm and polite with them and they were great. I really loved the food , as there was a good selection of hot meals, salads and kids buffet. My only gripe is the bar staff at the outside bar , the two women on the bar were quite abrupt and had no inter personal skills whatsoever. I really loved our holiday to turkey , there is so much to do ( watersports, shopping - loads of fake designer copies - no copywrite laws in turkey , so goods are almost identical, boat trips, turkish nights and more ) - club Armar wasn't the most stunning hotel I've ever been in , but I have to say I was impressed with most of the staff , food and how clean the rooms were. A fab holiday !"

by codemi11
8 / 10

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Not good for stress relief

"We booked this as a last minute break through a company with a similar name. We didnt have time to research it thoroughly before we booked and I recommend that you take the reviews on this hotel seriously before you book.

I am of Turkish origin and regularly visit parts of Turkey, it is a beautiful country. I have visited the resorts of Marmaris and Icmeler many times and general highly recomend them, particularly if you are staying near the beach. Unfortunately this is the first time I feel compelled to say something negative about a hotel.

Hotel Armar is not near the beach and is in a very built up and noisy location. You can not sit on your balcony and relax because there is a lot of noise until at least 2am. You cant go out for a quiet walk without being hassled by every shop assistant even though this is meant to be against the law in Turkey.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service to the beach and has a deal with a restaurant that occupies a private part of the beach. The beach was nice and the sunbeds were free. We tried this but found the restaurant staff annoying. The lunch was cheap but the soft drinks were £2.40. Turned out to be an expensive day.

The outdoor pool of the hotel is large and clean however it is noisy most of the day and there are no rules preventing people dominating the pool with games whilst smaller children are pushed aside. The indoor pool is nice. The water slides were free but were only in operation for certain times of the day. They are not supervised so watch out if you have small children. The pools are deep for small childen.

The food was edible but there was not enough variety of meat. The choice for fussy kids is poor. We ended up eating out in the main resort of Marmaris where the restaurants are tried and tested.

We found that our rooms were cleaned daily and were satisfied with this. However the cleaning staff are rude about customers. I know this because I understand Turkish and heard them speaking on a few occasions.

The reception area was clean but staff were not helpful. We had lost two pieces of luggage on the journey and they weren't interested in helping at all. They never wanted to do anything for you.

The waiters were either too friendly where they asked too many personal questions or they were blunt. They also take your food away before you finsihed eating so I deliberately made a point of getting up and getting more food whenever they did this.

The bar service was hit and miss depending on which member of staff you got served by. The quantity of drink poured varied by the person. They often ran out of ice. Dont be put off the Efes beer. Efes beer is great although it didnt taste the same at this hotel.

As a family we were not satisfied with this break. This is the first Turkish holiday that we feel like this. We will certainly go back to Turkey but definitely not back to this Hotel or even this part of Marmaris.

by Fenderman
6 / 10

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Bit of a mix up on the first day...

"Bit of a mix up on the first day where they wanted us to share a room with the rest of our party because there were no spare rooms, but it was all sorted straight away as we refused to share.

Rooms were tidy and clean, the staff very friendly, except the grumpy drinks woman in the pool bar.

Food was good, we did hear some complaints, but this was people complaining there were no chips, I mean come on, you’re in turkey, if you want chips go to Skegness for a holiday, there was always more than one choice. Food was available all day as well, unlike some people noted in other reviews,

Pool was cleaned but beware of the Germans and their sun bed antics, you need to be up early to get a sun bed.

I would definitely stay at this hotel again.

by D S Harrison
9 / 10

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It was our first time in Turkey and...

"It was our first time in Turkey and we must admit we were a little bit shocked by the standards of the hotels. There was very little entertainment, not fantastic food - although not as bad as we have read!

We complained to the rep Kerry who was fantastic and did everything she could to sort out any problems in the hotel. The hotel wasn’t great but we didn’t let it spoil our holiday as well it was hardly expensive! Whilst we were there we went to Talk of the Town - which was great and a VIP cruise which was on a gulet and far nicer than those sold on the beach front.

We booked both of these through our rep and were very glad we did as their was a horrendous accident with one of the street agencies whilst we were here. My advice would be to take things with a pinch of salt as it is a cheap holiday and no point in ruining it by complaining all the time.

by  N Hitchens
6 / 10

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