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Very Basic - Don't expect much

"September 2012. My wife and I have just returned from a week in The Seaside Apartments at St Peters, Kavos. Overall we had a decent holiday and used the apartments as a place to sleep effectively. As most of the reviews seem to be from 2011 or earlier, I thought that I would add mine to assist people to make a decision.

In general, first impressions are not good. The apartments are cramped and very basic.

First of all the negatives ( and there are a few ). Beds are small with the minimum amount of bedding provided. There is a cramped shower that just about works and floods the room. Be under no illusion, under no circumstances can these apartments be considered fit for self catering, as the only means of cooking provided is a basic, single free standing hot(ish) ring, that took me 45 minutes to boil a small pan of water. Very basic utensils and a couple of plates and dishes are provided. ( There is a list of everything that should be there, but most of it is either missing or ancient ). With the restaurants in Kavos offering full English breakfast for 2 Euros and three course dinner with drinks for 8 Euros why cook ?. The bar played loud music until 3 am most nights, with virtually no-one in it, despite the vast majority of people on the site being middle aged and in bed from circa midnight ???. Finally these apartments may be by the seaside, but they are not by the beach. At the back of the buildings there is an access to a tiny beach, which is totally covered by a deep layer of rotting sea weed, effectively rendering the tiny bit of sand 'off limits'

On the plus side the place was clean and the cleaner friendly. She was helpful with regard to fresh ( but threadbare ) towels. Beds linen was changed during the week. There is a lovely beach with two tavernas a short walk away. There is a small supermarket over the road. The pool is lovely and the bar is nice and well run. The apartments are sufficiently far away from the noise and bustle of Kavos, yet near enough for a an easy stroll into Kavos for the excellent restaurants and bars.

In summary. If you are looking for a nice quiet, picturesque, beach side location with some home comforts where you can self cater then The Seaside is most definitely not for you. However if you are looking for a cheap week in the sun, not too bothered about short walks, prepared to accept basic, clean accommodation then you can do worse.

by Kriscul
3 / 10

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never again

"stayed here in early september. It was apalling. The rep was unhelepful. The owner was offensive. The places is noisey, dirty and the rooms are too cramped, the bathrooms inferior, the cooking facilities zero. Take your own loo paper, dont expect a variety of food to buy in the shop. Everyone was complaining. I would never go here ever again. The socalled beach is not a beach. There is nothing either side of the apartments, everything is closed down or deserted."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: None just dont go
by mea
1 / 10

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Excellent Atmosphere

"The seaside Studios are not to be mistaken with the Akrogiali which are the apartments to the righthand side but seem to have the same name. They are basic but clean and you dont spend time in your room except to get showered and changed. There is a tiny stretch of beach at the back of the apartments and i mean tiny but if you walk ten minutes down the road you will come to a much bigger beach with two tavernas on it and sunbeds are free. We spent the whole week here it was bliss. On returning to the seaside studios Mick was always behind the bar and always welcoming. We always had a couple of drinks before heading off to get showered and changed and Christos, the owner of the studios and apartments is there in the evenings for a while and is a very interesting man to talk to, so make the effort you will not be dissapointed. We ventured into Kavos one night and had a meal and then a night out at Marias famous pub and had a very good time. Most nights were spent around the bar at the seaside studios with Mick and many other residents that were staying there. We had many shots off mick and were there some nights till 4am. We are a couple in our early 50's and in September we far outnumbered the younger ones. The atmosphere at night here was like your local pub where everyone knows everybody and thats all down to Mick. Cheers Mick we didn't want to go home."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by mayfly49
8 / 10

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Seaside Apartments

"This is confusing as there are 2 apartment blocks and pools next to each other.

As you look at the properties we stayed in the left hand side.

I have to admit when we first arrive about 01:00 and saw out room I told my daughter and her friend not to bother unpacking as we would not be staying here. The room was cramped and the stench of the sewers overpowering.

Next day we saw Jamie the Olympic Rep who was very helpful, offered us entirely new accommodation or to look at another apartment at the Seaside. We looked at another apartment, very light and airy., slightly bigger (we did have 3 beds in a 2 bed but still plenty of room) Helen the lady that owns one of the blocks was there and kindly got us an adapter 2 way plug, a bigger cooker, extra pillows and even fresh eggs from her hens.

The stench had gone as well. We unpacked, went to the pool and chilled.Mick the Bar Manager his lovely partner Tasia and the other great staff Angelo, Jacob and Koula are really nice genuine people. Mick is English and has been over there 20 years and is so helpful with places to go and advise re the best time t visit Corfu, cabs etc.

This was a very cheap last minute holiday (I am used to 5 star hotels) but I would not hesitate in stating that I am taking my daughter again in 2 years as it is the ideal place for 16/17 year old first holidays without the parents (I shall be at the bar waiting for them to come home) There was no trouble whatsoever along the strip, the bar and restaurant owners and the English reps are really nice and helpful.

We shall be staying in contact with Mick and Tasia together with some really nice people we met at the apartments young and old.

The sea is just 40 mtrs away from the apartments at the back. No there is not a proper beach but we went to the big beach once and came back to our lovely little area where it is safe and shallow, we just floated on our lilos getting a lovely tan.

If you go there and have a problem, do not rant and rave just speak to the staff or Reps nicely (just how yo would lke to be spoken to !) and they will help you sort out any problem albeit with your apartment or anything else. I ran out of books to read, Mick and Co managed to find me 11 books to read after asking me what kind of novels I liked. The bar is open until 0400 if people are still there sometimes longer if Mick is enjoying the banter and if you feel peckish he can normally rustle something up for you.

It is bare basic in respect of the apartments, but cleaned regularly and the staff well they just made it that bit extra special

Sadly my photo thing is not working but if I can sort it I shall upload them at a later date

by `yvonne the bookworm
8 / 10

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Depends what you're looking for

"Just got back from a week at these apartments at the end of July. We ended up in the newer block of apartments across the road from the main block and it was great. We booked last minute and had realistic expectations for the price we paid, however we were pleased with what we got. A large balcony looking out over the pool, full size fridge in the room (perfect for chilling water and 'other' drinks!), decent sized room and comfy beds. We were a group of four flying from two different airports so had requested rooms next to each other if possible, which was accommodated no problem.

We had a great holiday and no complaints at all about our accommodation. However if you are going here expecting 5 star luxury, try spending a bit more and go somewhere else.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Don't go expecting a peaceful, relaxing holiday because you won't get one!
  • Good For: Beach
by Four girls
8 / 10

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2011 seaside apartments best holiday ever!!!!

"i dont know what everyone is moaning about i found the hotel rooms basic n small but its much of plenty as you dont spend that much time in them overall. i found the staff mick and his greek wife really friendly and helpfull and approachable they made us feel welcome with free drinks and advice n a friendly smile everyday!! after reading the reviews before i went to kavos i thought what am i letting myself in for really?? but as a 21 year old male on holiay with friends its ideal!! its not ideal for elderly people but familys in seaside apartments i saw had a great time!! i enjoyed it that much me and my friends are booking seaside apartments in kavos again for 2012!! dont let these reviews put u off because from what i saw of kavos and the surrounding areas seaside and akrogalia apartmants were by far the cleanist and better pool and bar facilities. the rooms were clean they towels and sheets changed 2 times in the week mooped and swepped 4 times while we were there wich is enough!! BEST HOLIDAY OF MY LIFE FACT!!! THANK YOU SEASIDE APARTMENTS AND KAVOS!!!!! TOM 21 FROM HULL"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: seaside is the place to stay FACT!!!
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by Tom_hull_KAVOS
10 / 10

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Seaside apartments 2009: shabby but friendly

"Me and my husband spent a week here 2 summers ago, thinking it would be quiet as it's outside the town, but it's actually very noisy all night long. The combination of this and the heat (you can't leave doors and windows open because of the noise) added up to a virtually sleepless week! Having said that though, we found the staff friendly and the small pool very clean, with enough loungers, and lilos in the water. It was a pain they wouldn't let you have food and drink from outside by the pool though, as the snack bar is quite expensive. I managed to hide my drinks from the supermarket and supplemented them occasionally with an overpriced cola from the bar! ;)

The room itself was rather shabby; furniture very worn and scratched; but everything worked and it was cleaned regularly. (Cleaning lady really sweet and friendly!) They even let us have another room for half a day once we had checked out while we waited for our coach to the airport. Mind you, we are "older" (ie: not 18-30), we don't drink alcohol and make a lot of noise, and we went out of our way to be friendly and polite to the staff and that helped a lot.

Kavos was definitely not the right resort for us, but we went on trips and really enjoyed Corfu. I probably wouldn't stay at these apartments again because of the noise (music til 4:30am and then drunk kids on quad bikes til dawn) but having said that, they weren't all that bad and certainly didn't ruin our holiday as some reviewers seem to have found. Perhaps it's more about attitudes than the facilities themselves. Going to Rhodes this year, again with Olympic.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Be nice to people, watch out for drunk drivers when walking into town and don't expect to be able to get an early night.
by Sarah
5 / 10

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Wonderful Holiday...

"Looking at all the negative reviews, I'm Pretty sure they are all heavily exaggerated. I just came back yesterday after staying for a week and would honestly say I would go back again.

The studios themselves are owned by a lovely lovely couple called Billy and Karen and neither are loud mouthed or cocky or anything else you would describe. They are both genuinely kind and caring people and I actually watched Karen 'telling off' some girls for having music too loud at 5am and she was completely diplomatic about it not patronising or rude in any way. They both definitely make your stay incredible and will always have good laugh about anything.

The pool has a 24hr bar and ample beds for you to use. Unlike in some all inclusive places where it's a fight to the death for a bed, here you can get up at any time and wander down without fear that you won't find a bed. Food and drink is always in plentiful supply at the bar. The only negative is that you can't take your own, but that's purely for tax reasons and the food and drink isnt expensive anyway.

The rooms are cleaned every day and we had our towels and sheets replaced nearly every day too. The cutlery and crockery that was provided was very clean and although the bathroom was tad small, it wasn't really a problem. It's not like you will spend your holiday in the shower. The only downside was that our apartments had no air con. But hiring a fan from the supermarket below was easy enough and completely effective. The supermarket below stayed open til 11pm so there was always sufficient time to buy things.

Coming to Kavos, you should expect the buzzing and lively atmosphere. Yes, you may get some waking you up after people coming in from a night out, but that didn't bother us too much because you could still sleep in and catch up on sleep. Even if you dont actually want the party holiday (like myself and my boyfriend did), Kavos provides many restaurants and shops and there are plenty of opportunities for relaxing excursions.

Staying at the Akrogiali was never a problem for us and would strongly recommend using this friendly family run business for your holiday. All I would say is take a hat and plenty of sun cream!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Self catering with room and bathroo, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Go for a walk, explore the area, be open to everyone and see as much of the town and island as you can!
  • Good For: Beach
by Becca
7 / 10

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"had the best holiday ever here. rooms are small, and basic but that is all you need unless your planning on stayin in the room the whole holiday! went aug 2009 and was definately an 18-30s sort of place. not far from beaches or town and clubs. pool was lovely, staff were really friendly and the food was good too! the shower cubicle was very small, and the waters run through solar panels so the water wasnt always as warm as it could be, but in the middle of summer a cold shower is sometimes a relief!

met some amazing people and had an awesome time!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: loved the place, best holiday ever!
  • Good For: Beach
by steph
9 / 10

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This place was a disgrace

"When we got to the Seaside Apartments in Corfu we were greeted with abuse from other guests –The outside of the apartment was full of dirty clothing i.e. bras, ladies and gents underwear, towels, empty wine and beer bottles scattered everywhere and also someone had been sick just on the stairs leading to our so called apartment. When we got in things got even worse, if that’s possible the room was dark and dirty (someone had actually spat on the walls in the bedroom). The sheets on the bed had spots of blood and the towels left in the room were dirty. When we got to the so-called private bathroom and I parted the shower curtain there was a toilet brush left in the shower and it looked like this had been used to clean the shower with! The place was a disgrace; this place is not fit to house cats or dogs in!

The kitchenette with cooking rings (please note that there is ONE cooking ring) and you have to either use the fridge, cooking ring or kettle at any one time not all at once as there is only one plug there.

I tried to speak to the owner; I was disgusted at what this lady had to say. She said “don’t want to hear it, heard it all before nothing phases me it just goes over my head” Not the response and goes to show that others have complained in the past yet nothing is done about their complaint by the owner. Do yourself a big favour and spend extra and get apartments that are at least clean!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: book elsewhere
by Narmin
1 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"after booking my holiday i decided to lok at thr reviews and wasnt vry happy with what i read and wasnt expecting it to be great however once we arrived in kavos i was suprised, me n my boyfriend had he best holiday ever and are defiently going to return next year! what made it was karen and billy who made yu feel like family not jus their customers! they were so friendly and helpfull. the rooms are basic and small but thats all you need who really is goin to be spending time in the room all holiday. the pool was lovely and clean and they had lilos and rubber rings for us to use. you also didnt need to rush to get and sunbed and didnt have to pay for them like the other apartments. the beach is right in front of you wit a few minutes walk and the sea is lovely and warm however it does have a lot of seaweed but it is the sea. the food at the apartments was lovely as well as all them cocktails we managed to drink our way throug and we were suprised as how much cheaper it was thean spain. the main town is about a 15min walk which isint too bad as its easy to sleep at night away from the noise and madness. we did take a walk down there one morning but it was so hot we didnt do it again. you can also get a taxi for about 5 euros if you prefer. we loved the pool bar it offered everthing you need and we made lots of new friends. we did pay the 40 euros each to go on the booze cruise and its a must, its a brillent day out and so much fun!!!! if you have read the other reviews you shoudnt listen to them this is a great place and karen, andreas and billy made our holiday we would defiently be goin back again!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: yes!
  • Good For: Beach
by lucyrm
10 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

a pleasant surprise

"After we booked our holiday we started to research things to do while we were away, we came across this website and read some of the previous reviews, honestly i nearly started to cry after reading some of the negative reviews, but as my partner pointed out we had booked and payed for it and were just going to have to deal with it. However like the title says i was pleasantly surprised , our apartment was small but clean with a nice balcony and suited our needs sleeping and showering , it was cleaned daily and when we requested extra pillows they were placed in our room moments later. what really made the holiday for us were the owners karen and billy, they instantly made us feel welcome and told us about the island ,the best places to eat ( i recommend billys pizza),the best places to visit, and helped us hire out a bike plus so much more. The pool bar was a great place to relax where good food and drinks were on offer and a clean pool to cool off in,Its about ten minutes from the main strip in kavos and is ideal when you just want to relax without all the madness of the main strip.The mosquitos are a problem in kavos but if you go prepared with plug ins and repellent they will leave you alone, we came home bite free.we have been to many resorts in europe on holidays but this one will go down as one of the best and that is down to being made so welcome and at ease by both karen and billy, we started our holiday as customers and left as friends. My advice to anyone going away on holiday is its only as good as you make it and if you go with a positive attitude you will recieve a positive attitude in return. We would happily go back again to the blue skys ,cool pool, happy hour and most importantly the akrogiali beach studios. A holiday is what you make it , so make it a good one."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: explore the island, it contains some of the most beautifull beaches
  • Activities: TKD( amazing food and cocktails)
  • Good For: Beach
by jennifer lewis
9 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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