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really good place 10/10

"Looking at reviews for this place and see so many families moaning ,lmao what the hell are you doing taking kids to Magaluf in the first place in would be like taking the to Las Vegas strip for a week, you just wouldn't do it how about you research your holidays before you go and stop blaming others for your stupidity,

TRH is a really good place ace for letting your hair down and having a real gd party like most of Magaluf, the rooms are clean but not been refurbished in the last few years but who expects everything to look brand new, the sheets was clean and fresh towels every day, nice hot running water, nice good working air con, most rooms have a nice view of the sea that is 3minutes away or of the pool, TRH is on a little hill that is not half as bad as some people make out on the reviews may be a bit much if you like 70 or 80 and have walking difficulties or Asthma but to be fair i have a bad knee and asthma & it didn't bother me once & i was up and down all day and night, the hotel was very good they don't mind what time you get in or go out and a little noise is accepted,

the pool area is loud and party like atmosphere with music playing from first thing in the morning with a huge tv playing all the UK football games, the breakfast are well up to standards with the rest of the island & not a bad price, the bar is a gd price as well, but again this is not a place to take your kids this is Magaluf 100% party town aimed at young adults & most of the hotels on the strip will reflect this meaning loud fun drunkenness with large groups wanting to have fun not wanting to watch what they say because one uneducated family has brought there kids expecting a peaceful holiday in a party town, if that's what you want don't go to magaluf full stop, i loved the place and have already booked up two more stays but wouldn't dream of taking kids the whole town is aimed at over 18s and i did my research before i wasn't and most sites state this ,,i have not one complaint about the hotel except the WiFi should be free :) but that's probably me being tight,lol this is a cheap cheerful hotel with 3 stars i think it is so don't expect the Ritz, pool was clean lobby was clean rooms clean staff very polite people, you may even find the odd person crashed out in the lobby as you only as you only get one key for the room and people come back at different times of the night loosing mate in the very busy strip, but this is not a problem just something to smile at ,lol the shop next door is not bad priced and do fresh baked stuff in the morning, again Magaluf is a party town and very very busy between the summer time with large gangs of girls and boys getting drunk if you want a good nights sleep and a relaxed holiday go to some other place do not go Magaluf then cry its not what you wanted,

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the strip is a must you can't miss it as its only few minutes walk
  • Good For: Beach
by dougiephipps
10 / 10

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Unfair veiws

"I have recently stayed at this hotel with my 3 friends , all 4 of us really enjoyed our time , the rooms may not have been anything out of this world but they weren't as bad as made out.

The Hotel isn't for familys but if your a young party-goer on holiday with your friends you will enjoy this Hotel , Its at the top of a hill which is easily managed unless your really drunk.

We had nothing stolen , never had our door rang at unapprioate times although the next door neighbours buzzer was rang and could be easily heard.

It was a good time in this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Drink loads of beer
  • Good For: Beach
by Reegan K
8 / 10

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joke.10 days of hell.

"this hotel is advertised by thomas cook as a friendly family hotel,it isnt,the staff are ok but turn a blind eye to almost anything,throwing up over balconys,hurling pool furniture at the balconys,running about on the flat roof and throwing bottles at the kiddies pool.we were woken every single night sometime around 3am with what can only be called rioting,screaming & shouting,banging on doors,saw one door kicked in,and then repaired by a carpenter the next day.the lifts stink of urine and have spit all aver the buttons,even saw someone urinating into the pool in the early my advice is to avoid at all costs.we were there 10 days and spent 9 & 1/2 waiting to come home.its also advertised as its in palma nova but 'the strip' in magaluf is at most 1min walk.mayhem."

by oswald1968
1 / 10

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Terrible reviews here?! Here's a balanced one..

"I stayed at TRH with a group of female friends just last week. I was a bit worried as I read about the stealing, so we hired a safe (bit cheeky, we had to pay 3 euros for the safe each day, and there were 3 of us so worked out at 9euros each for our stay: but better to be safe than sorry). I also kept things like my purse, day allowance locked in a suitcase, but we had no problems - certainly no clothes missing etc.

The people making out the hill is something awful must be quite unfit. It IS a bit steep but the hotel's only half way up there, would be very lazy to get a taxi to it from the strip! It's nothing that bad at all.

It is a noisy hotel. We are young girls and we loved Maga and partying, but didn't always stay out until 6am like some, and unfortunately did find we got woken up every night. If you're not a clubber and love your sleep, definitely go elsewhere. Instead, if we were too knackered, we had a quick nap in the afternoon when it's not too bad!

The music by the pool was far too loud in my opinion, there's no need to have it blasting like that, and the bar was far too expensive and a bit of a joke. The staff seemed quite strict on removing booze people brought to drink by the pool, which is ridiculous when they were charing 2.70 for a half and 4.00 for a pint. This is why we went to the beach a lot, which is 5 mins away and absolutely gorgeous. Still, a lot of people seemed to drink from the bar, maybe we're just tight?!

We did have absolute ****s for neighbours, a group of lads, who clearly enjoyed winding up girls in that 5 year old "i'll pull your hair" way, and unfortunately put a downer on our holiday by throwing things over the balcony on occasion and ringing our doorbell/knocking on our door. We ignored them as they simply wanted a re-action, but one night my friend woke up and got dressed as they were ringing and banging so loud on our door and apparently saying they were going to "break in". As the hotel's rules state in reception that there's to be no noise after 12, it's insane they don't bother to check round at 4/5am-ish. That was unfortunate but not the hotel's fault, just a bunch of idiots next door.

The reception staff were very friendly and nice and helpful, although we did request 3 glasses as we had nothing except very small tea cups, but these never came. They were still happy to chat and seemed nice.

The rooms weren't the greatest quality but they did the trick for a cheap week in Maga. They weren't dirty, there were no bugs or anything gross like that, so we have no real complaints there. Also, you can double lock your door for safety if you are worried which we found handy when faced with the d***s next door.

All in all, this hotel is what you get: cheap, party central. We went in July, so perhaps it's slightly better when not at the height of season, and there are a lot of 18 year old, noisy party-goers about. As you can tell from my review, it wasn't the most impressive place, and I probably wouldn't stay again however there are a lot worse in Maga (so I've heard) and I wanted to balance the reviews a little and be honest - there's no point in over-dramatising things.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Bring your earplugs if you need your sleep!
  • Good For: Beach
by alexlolly
7 / 10

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ok for two nights, but be carefull

"Just back from Magaluf a week. Party central!!!!! Stayed in this hotel for the week. First day the music at the pool was very loud , by the third day we had to go to the beach. The music is louder than the clubs on the strip. It is constant. You cant get concentrate enough to read. The music comes on at 10am on the dot. Not good if you never got home until 6am...........

What they dont tell you when booking this hotel is the nickname for the hill its on is HEARTATTACK HILL. Very well named. Also watch out for the prostitutes who operate on the hill. They generally work in threes and they rob single men blind. We spoke with a few who had mobiles and cash, credit cards stolen. The prostitutes approach men who are alone ,who are obviously drunk and rob them.Also common down the strip, getting youre drink spiked. I traveled with my partner and it happened to both of us.( we are both in our forties and party animals) To the effect that neither of us could eventually stand. Thanks to the guy in Oasis bar accross from the hotel who stopped us from being robbed and helped us home to the hotel.

Staff at the hotel are not very helpfull and are very thin on the ground. The place is clean enough, however it can get very noisey with groups of stags and hens, around the pool shouting and swearing to be heard above the music.

Definately not a family hotel, nor a hotel for couples.

I wouldnt recommend this hotel.........

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont leave youre mates to walk home alone, take ear muffs.
  • Good For: Beach
by party animal
3 / 10

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All Day Partying, Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I stayed here with 6 other girls in Aug 2011, Up to date music is played all day so made a fantastic atmosphere and kept the poolside full all day everyday, Lads being slightly loud and just being lads didnt get moaned at or told off by staff which made a great change, the young lifeguard even joined in messing around and had the whole poolside laughing, The barstaff are so friendly too and had a laugh with us.

The room wz a good size for 4 girls getting ready to go out bt the aircon didnt work very well which in aug wz quite warm bt when getting ready at 10pm (as the bars dont get busy till 12) it wz cooler in the rooms, the maid came in almost everyday and just went round us, we had plenty ov toilet rolls and 6 large towels were left every other day.

It wz a bit of a maze to find the room bt then we found a short cut through the pool area.

The big hill I read so much about wznt exactly a mountain plus it used some calories I had drank that day, When you come out of the hotel to go to the beach turn right and theres a little short cut on the left so you'll be at the beach in minutes.

This hotel is not for the elderly, families or anyone who wants a quiet holiday its for groups of girls and lads, men and women who want a good time all day then go to the strip for an entire night of partying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Escape
  • Good For: Beach
by DanielleSD
10 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"Was really freaked out by the reviews on here! But after staying at the hotel with 3 mates for a week, have now realised that it is not nearly as bad as it seems!

Very lively and constant party atmosphere! Would advise families not to stay here as it is not really a family orientated hotel!

Buy a safe in reception not one in the rooms as staff seem to also have a key for these and people we had spoken to had belongings stolen from these, not the ones in the lobby. Ours in the lobby was fine all week and nothing to went wrong.

Resort itself is very cheap! 10 Euros will get you a few courses and a few drinks easy! 5 euros for a cheap bottle of vodka! This is a young persons paradise! Would recommend BCM water party! Do the 27 euros four clubs deal aswell as its free drinks all night! Also pop into Sues place over the road! Always giving away free shots! Also relating to drink the off licence a little further down from spar is also alot cheaper for drink!

Would recommend palma nova beach over magaluf as its alot cleaner!

Lads walking home alone watch out for the prostitutes outside the florida they have been known to mug guys and drag them off!

Have an amazing holiday! WE DID! Lisa and the gals! lool

by Lisa_Mafia
10 / 10

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i need some sleep!!!!!

"just got home today from a weeks holiday at this apartment, with my hubby and 2 teenage lads,they thought they were in heaven but to be honest it wasnt for me and my hubby, i didnt realise when i booked it that it was in maguluf, thought we were staying in palmanova,

we hardly slept,they had no respect for others in the hotel.they were like animals both male and female, every night there were shouting swearing parties furniture being thrown about,door buzzers going off constantly, and we even had to call securiy on one night as 2 blokes were trying to get into our apartment and wouldnt belive us when we told them they had the wrong one, if id had a young family with me i would of been very scared.although security did come straight away. The staff knows what goes on there so should not accept bookings from people with young families as it would be a complete nightmare...So would i stay there again...NO WAY.but my teenage lad cant wait to go next year with his mates,lets just hope hes not one of those ********* that ive just witnessed. although saying that i found it was the older blokes that were the most offensive, probably all with families back home!!!!!!! and yes of course they were british, makes me ashamed!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by tired family lol
5 / 10

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"The bestest hotel ever!!! Definitely not for families, or people who like to be tucked up in bed by 12, but hey, it is Magaluf!!! The staff are great, room’s are sizable and clean and the atmosphere fantastic. If you’re a party person who wants to party this is the place for you, if not, your loss ;0)"

by Jodie Manchester :0)
10 / 10

12 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"What can I say? AMAZING holiday, AMAZING hotel!!! The bad reviews on here are rubbish, we had a great time, and can not wait to go back!! Obviously it was full of drunken people, thats what Magaluf is all about..

We met lovely people here (especially Scott) and had a top top laugh! The reception man was nice and very helpful.. and had some great 'parties'!! :-)

All I say is when you book onto this hotel request room 500!!! It was the best!! Whooop!

(kiss kiss, wooooow!!)


  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Becks from Manchester
10 / 10

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You get what you pay for

"I went to this hotel Last weekend, on a hen do. We were all really worried after reading the reviews, it's no where near as bad as it sounds. Our room was clean and tidy, it was very busy and full of hen and stag do's, i woiuld never take a family there! the cleaners came everyday and did a good job. the pool looked nice and clean, it is at the top of a steep hill, and on the main strip where all the pubs are. its also very close to the beach. it was worth what we paid about £30 a night for 4 of us. When we booked we were told it was in Palma Nova it is not, it is in magaluff and no where near Palma Nova. Its perfect for Hen and Stag partys!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by hennightgirls
7 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

TRH palma nover

"the hotel was riddled with ants we was bitten to bits TRH Palmanova hotel puts up familys and couples and also is joined with the young and lively we went on our honeymoon as they said they do provide for familys and couples but i wouldnt reccomend it unless your 18 or above as we experienced large groups of drunken lads and girls in and around the pool area and on the balcany's shouting, sceaming and swering throughout the day night and early hours of the morning and i feel famileys and couples should not be put here its full of silly kids who cant handle their drink"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, self catering, booked with jet2 holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by Danielle
1 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to TRH Palmanova

  • Call 020 3468 2351
  • Call 020 3642 8221

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