Aparthotel Rossella

Tamarell, (Urb.El Dorado) S/N, Majorca 07560, Spain
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I was surprised at some of the...

"I was surprised at some of the reviews I had read and could hardly believe it! I am only 15 and found this holiday the best so far. I stayed there with my mother, my father & my friend.

The rooms were clean & very tidy. It was very spacious; you had a lot of room to store your things. There was no air conditioning in the room but you could hire fans for 17 euros for the week, which was great! We didn’t have a problem with the air conditioning though.

The staff were very nice, friendly and understanding. There was a large variety of food & plenty of snacks to eat by the poolside. We got an all-inclusive deal, which was self-service; you could help yourself to drinks. There was also a self-service cafe style restaurant which you could also help yourself to drinks.

The restaurant was very big. It was very clean & air conditioned with plenty of tables so you were never without a table. Breakfast, lunch & evening meals were wonderful and there was a large choice.

There are lots of sun beds so you are never without one, there is a play area for the children next to the pool where they are not out of view. The entertainment is brilliant, the holiday reps put on excellent shows that are very enjoyable!

The Hotel is situated between Cala Millor & Sa Coma. Cala Millor is about 20 minutes walk & Sa Coma is a 10-minute walk away from the hotel. The beach is lovely and was roughly a 10-15 minute walk.

I found this Hotel absolutely fantastic & would love to visit again!

I would recommend Hotel Rosella for any family holiday. Brilliant!

by K Parker
10 / 10

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Booked this hotel through tour...

"Booked this hotel through tour operator a few weeks before arriving. Classified as a 4 star hotel but have stayed in 4 star hotels before and this was not up to standard. Apartment was spacious enough but quite basic and the bathroom could have done with a refurbishment. There is no air conditioning in rooms so windows had to be left open at night. However, this resulted in sleepless nights as our bedroom window opened onto the fifth floor corridor so we were constantly woken up with people coming and going.

The room was cleaned, of sorts, every other day and towels changed as well. However, we had our bedding changed only once during our 10 day stay. We did speak with the Manager about this who assured us he would change the bedding that night for us, but it never happened. With no air conditioning you can imagine how uncomfortable it felt sleeping on unchanged sheets.

The pool area is okay but looks old and is in need of a makeover. The hotel has a policy of not reserving sun beds, however, this is not reinforced and no matter what time we awoke we would find towels on beds. On a plus side, the restaurant is spacious and spotless. The food is of a high standard, although breakfast is not up to much and if you prefer a full English you'll be disappointed. However, lunch and dinner more than made up for this. There are plenty of snacks to eat by the poolside as well.

Drinks are all self-service in plastic cups, however, they ran out of vodka for two days and whenever anyone enquired when it was coming in, the waiters just shrugged their shoulders. The disadvantage of plastic cups was that some people just left them and their other rubbish lying around instead of putting them in the bins provided and at times it felt like we were sharing the facilities with a load of slobs; we often had to clear someone else’s rubbish away before settling down on the sun beds.

The hotel reps do try hard but the evening entertainment leaves much to be desired, unless you're a fan of bingo and quiz nights.

Despite these problems we still had a very good holiday with our two children aged 10 and 7. The beaches at Cala Millor and Sa Coma are fantastic and our children still enjoyed the pool area. We would definitely go back to this area again but would probably look at the 4 star hipotels on the beachfront rather than the Aparthotel Rossella.

by  S Hutchinson
6 / 10

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A real pleasant surprise considering...

"A real pleasant surprise considering some of the reviews we had read on the Internet. (By the way that's me, wife, & 2 children aged 3 & 7)

We arrived at approx. 21:30 local time to be told that the evening meal finished at 21:00 but they knew we were coming & had thoughtfully put 4 cold meals, covered, in the fridge! This was just right. The rooms are a good size but NOT air-conditioned, however you can hire fans for the week for 17 euros, which I thought was fair.

We requested extra pillows & got them same day. We had a "smell" problem emanating from the bathroom, which they rectified in 10 minutes! But they were the only "hiccups"

The meals being all-inclusive, are not gourmet, they catered for the family. They do a lot of fried variants. There is a fair salad selection, the deserts are wonderful, and they regularly replaced the food. The staff in the dining room are very keen to clear the plates so beware!

The pool is a good size & cleaned every morning. Plenty of sun loungers and space for them be moved around. The entertainment is "amateurish" to say the least but they do try (their German, French, Spanish is better than mine!) & the kids enjoyed it.

I think if your kids are over 8/9 they will probably want something a little more sophisticated. If you head towards Sa Coma (half a mile up the road), there are plenty of English bars with entertainment, Calla Millor seemed much more German orientated.

by D Everett
8 / 10

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We booked this holiday last minute...

"We booked this holiday last minute and it was our first experience of an all inclusive holiday. We took along our three children aged 12, 11 & 9. We thought that the 3* rating was fair, the accommodation was satisfactory although the room should have been cleaned more often, the food was varied and generally very good and the staff were approachable and helpful. However, we did find that towards the end of our holiday the hotel got busier and it seemed as if the staff found it harder to cope with the extra demand for food and we were often queuing for longer.

The pool was great and we had no problem with finding a sun bed for all 5 of us. The hotel was mainly German although this was not a problem. The entertainment was very basic but we didn't really stick around to watch it - preferring to venture out into Cala Millor which was lovely. One thing that we did find annoying was the fact that all drinks wherever you were in the hotel were supplied in very small plastic cups. Somehow, the Germans managed to obtain pint glasses - I tried but failed!

Overall, we all had a great time. No major complaints and would certainly recommend this as a value for money holiday for families.

by M Buckby
8 / 10

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After reading the comments on the...

"After reading the comments on the Rosella Aparthotel, I wasn't expecting too much, but due to the low price I was prepared to eat out every night. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The food was lovely. The menu was never repeated in the 14 evening meals and 3 lunches we ate at the hotel! (We had some lunches by the beach and sometimes just had pizza & sandwiches by the pool.) Add to that the creams cakes which arrived by the pool every afternoon, we've all come home 1/2 stone heavier!

There was never any problem getting a sun lounger at any time of day. There were more than enough to go around (which is a first). There was never any hassle with drinks etc. due to everything being self service. (We couldn't believe it when we saw the beer pumps all faced the customer's side of the counter!).

The hotel was a mix of German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch and even Swiss, which made for an interesting holiday. We had lots of friendly banter with the Germans during the 3 world cup matches we were there for. (These are best watched at Delaneys, the Irish bar up the road as the hotel was very reserved when watching the games, Delaneys went wild in typical Brit style!).

We did not hang around for the evening entertainment preferring to venture into Calla Millor or Calla Bona, but we had to attend the kiddies disco for our 6 year old. She loved it.

All in all we had a wonderful time and would not hesitate to go back.

by  C Kirby
8 / 10

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Not bad for the amount of money that...

"Not bad for the amount of money that I paid for this trip. Food surprisingly good and the restaurant very clean. Rooms a good size and in good condition although I had the guests from hell in the room above who liked to move furniture at 3am.

Entertainment however was a complete joke in fact what entertainment!!!! Better off going to the Irish bar to watch the tribute artists. If this could be improved I would have rated it higher.

by D Henshall
6 / 10

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The Rossells hotel met all my...

"The Rossells hotel met all my standards when my family and I went on holiday there. The food was super and there was alot to choose from. There was a few snacks throughout the day.

There wasn’t a big amount but it suited us fine. The entertainment crew were great and put on some brilliant shows! The kids club was brilliant for the kids and the activities throughout the day was great also. Overall the holiday was fantastic and everyone there, Staff, Reps and even Guests were nice. It was good that there were different nationalities there. We had a great time, Thank you Rossella.

by L Terry
10 / 10

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Hotel accommodation was clean and...

"Hotel accommodation was clean and tidy. The rooms are spacious with enough room to accommodate a family of four easily.

Great idea to have a kitchenette in the rooms. The hotel staff were very helpful and pleasant. The dining room was spotless and the food was lovely. There was a large variety of foods to try, every day being different. The desserts were pretty much the same but were nice just the same. There was plenty of food for my two children to eat (aged10 and 13) they never went hungry. The only thing that let the food down was the all day snacks (sandwiches dry no butter and with ham n cheese or fish paste)

The evening entertainment was much to be desired with only one evening where dancers came in to perform a show.

Everything was geared for the Germans, the lounge TV and the TVs in our rooms were either Spanish or German channels. We have found out that this hotel has only just been opened to the English Market this year. The hotel was 10 mins walk to either Cala Millor one way or Sa Coma the other. Sa Coma was more for the British and Calla Millor was more for the Germans. Overall our holiday was very enjoyable and we would go back again.

by J A Morton
9 / 10

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Described as 4* by tour operator was...

"Described as 4* by tour operator was greatly exaggerating the hotel’s actual state. I would rate it was 2* at best a basic 3*. Plastic cups in self service cafe, limited sunbeds around pool although the hotel actually policed the policy not to allow people to reserve beds by putting towels on them at the crack of dawn, if you wanted a sunbed you had to sit on it! Fantastic!

Food was satisfactory, resort was good situated equally between Sa Coma and Cala Millor.

Dominated by Germans and Spaniards.

All inclusive deal was basic in as much as it was self service by machine in plastic cups no matter where you were including the self service cafe style restaurant and ice creams came in yoghurt pots with peel back lid - a first for me.

Very noisy building and no air conditioning in rooms. Entertainment in the evening was poor if not laughable, resembling junior school plays and there was no sign of flamenco dancers.

by J Bennyworth
5 / 10

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Tour operator was great no complaints...

"Tour operator was great no complaints there. Hotel is situated between Cala Millor and Sa Coma. Therefore it was a 25min walk to Cala Millor and a 15 min walk to Sa Coma.

The beach was a direct walk for 15 mins. Room was clean and spacious but there is No Air conditioning or Hairdryers. You can hire at a price for the fan and dryer. Great for kids totally entertained but the evenings were extremely noisy as you cannot escape the entertainment noise, which did not finish until midnight every night.

Then noisy neighbours strolling back to their rooms up until 2am. You can hire a safety deposit box at a price. The restaurant was large, clean and Air conditioned there was never a problem getting a table. However there high chairs are dangerous and the food was catered for the Germans, but you could eat although not necessarily enjoyed. Usually the lunch was better than the evening meals and i would have to say the breakfast was dire.

There is no waiter service it is totally self serve including bars and ice creams which was good as it avoided queues and waiting times. But water was rare as this was not self-serve except for the restaurant you only managed to get a cup if there happened to be a member of staff around in the bars at the time. There is a mini supermarket on the doorstep for all you may need such as bottles of water!!!

the shallow part of the pool came up to my daughters chest therefore toddlers are a pain as you cannot take your eyes off them for a minute. All games tables, grab machines and popcorn machine you have to pay for yourself. You are not supposed to reserve sun loungers before 9am. But if you stay on them you are fine but do not leave towels on there and disappear for breakfast as the manager comes around and removes them. this was due to alot of German families hogging the beds.

Overall brilliant for my 7 year old, my 2 year old loved it too. As for the parents great, hectic but too noisy lack of sleep!!!

by L Hardcastle
5 / 10

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