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Wonderful hotel and resort

"We have just retruned from the Hotel Blue Sea after staying for a week. It was so lovely I have been inspired to write this review! There was 12 of us in the party. 6 teenagers ranging from 11 to 19. 4 parents and 2 Grandparents in their 70s. The hotel was clean and the rooms were done every day. The location of the hotel is right at the end of Stallis where it is peaceful and right by the beach. There is just a small quiet road to cross. There are shops and bars to the right of the hotel if you want to get into the more touristy area. The beach is quite narrow but does widen out further down but wouldnt put me off because its nice and sandy and shelves gently into the sea. There are plenty of water sports to choose from on the beach for the more daring. The hotel pool is made of 2 areas and was never that crowded. There seemed to be enought loungers to go around. We usually managed to get our 12 together most days without having to go down at dawn!. We went half board and the breakfast was fine. The dining room has its busy times when it can be a bit of a bun fight but it felt busier in the evening. The evening meal was buffet style and probably could have been a bit better but everyone got fed and no one get ill!!. The hotel staff were just lovely, very friendly and helpful. If I could go back again I would and would book one of the hotel rooms which comes with its own little pool just off its balcony. We had one for the first night but couldnt keep it as it was booked to someone else but it was lovely and the rooms with the pools had the best location. Having said that because the resort is low rise, most of the rooms are single storey and there is nothing higher than a third floor."

by YummyMummyDorset
10 / 10

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"amazing really nice hotel everything was just perfect the only down fall was there was not much entertainment in the hotel in the day or night but as soon as u walk out the hotel your no the main strip of stalis which was full of bars and resturants. the hotels were really nice and big. mainly germans in the hotel but the was not a big rush for sunbeds there were plenty. i recommend this hotel to anyone. i stayed half board the food was ok plenty to choice from."

by michelleruby
6 / 10

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Blue Sea

"We have just returned from staying at this hotel, the rooms were lovely and clean, cleaned daily. We had a balcony with a sea view which was lovely to wake upto.

The pool was very nice, but if you wanted to take a dip in the sea you only had to cross a quiet road where there was water sports available if required.

The only thing I would mention is the food was not very good, was all buffet style, and as long as you like cheese you will be ok as everything seemed to have cheese in it or on it. Also the entertainment was all geared towards German and French guests. Also towels were placed on sunbeds during the night which I didnt think was very good.

by Tregenna
6 / 10

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Fantastic Hote;

"The Blue Sea Hotel was a fantastic hotel fro young couples and families. It has lots of shops and places to eat. The hotel food was great with a selection of salads and freshly prepared meals. The staff were friendly and helpful. We haven't been there fora few years, but it was a lovely experience. Would highly recommend.


by sarah-jane123
10 / 10

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quality time!!

"Spent there my Easter break and had a good time (except from the firecrackers!!!!). The weather was not the best (well April in Greece is not really summer) but the hotel environment was simply great. Friendly staff nice and quite rooms all away from traffic and noise, next to the beach. Went to a local church for Easter and I must admit I was worried with all these firecrackers going around (those who have witnessed this sort of thing in Greece definitely now what I am talking about…).

Although rooms are somewhat old, they are clean and spacious and almost all of them have a private veranda and garden. I cannot wait to go back to this hotel during summer and experience it at its best. Reasonable prices. Do I recommend it? Yes I do.

by AdlerMunich
8 / 10

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brilliant cant wait to get back!

"i spent 2 weeks in the blue bay from the 1at of august, i must admit i was a bit cautious once i had booked the holiday as some of the reviews wern't great, But i LOVED it!

The hotel was fab! the staff were freindly, the pool was clean and nice, the food and drinks were great (plus they rotate the menu on a 2 week cycle so there is no way you get bored!)

The hotel is right in the center of stalis and within easy reach of malia, i went with 3 friends ( were all in our late 30's) and had the best holiday we have ever had!

I cant wait to go back next year!

by vampirechick86
10 / 10

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Beautiful setting

"I stayed here for a week with 3 friends. We all had a fantastic time. The setting (right by the sea) was gorgeous, and the pool was great, and never got too full of people.

The rooms were basic but clean, and the balconies overlooked the sea.

We were all-inclusive, but never felt begrudged by staff. All staff were friendly and served us with the same good customer service shown to other (non- all inclusive) guests.

The buffet meals could have been better; I'm vegetarian and there wasn't a huge amount of choice for veggies other than chips and salad. However, my meat-eating friends didn't really have a problem with the food.

The location is great - Stalis has a good range of shops, bars and restaurants, and a range of water sports are available right in front of the hotel.

The guests' nationalites were a mix of French, English and German. There were a large number of families, but also quite a few groups of 'younger' visitors, like us.

I would definitely stay here again.

by sarah_j_k
8 / 10

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o.k. if your french

"l we were two sister with two grandchildren of 9 when we booked the most important thing to us was the kids club which did not exist after a lot of moaning on my part we got a kids disco of a evening and a club of a day which was totally unsupervised.

we were made to feel inferior because we were all inclusive at the bar they were rude would not wait on the tables of all inclusive guests

the restaurant was the only place you were made to feel special maria was a gem

the last review was right all the people in the hotel apart form about 30 of us were french


all old age pentioners all the staff made them the stars of the hotel

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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my first time in creta

"i went with my mother in greece, in creta. we stayed at blue sea. it was great. when we arrived they gave us a bottle of wine and a basket of grapes.

the room was ok, we had a balcony that was near some grapes trees (you could pick them).

all around the complex ware trees and plants, flowers, it was like in the pictures.

the food - we had sweden buffe for breakfast, and regular for dinner. for lanch we went to different restaurants (tavers ). the people were very nice, the spoke english, german and french.

the beach was clean, the water so warm and calm.

i reccomend it , it was super.

by alina27
8 / 10

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Fabulous atmosphere, friendly helpful...

"Fabulous atmosphere, friendly helpful staff, and great location, My wife and I will definitely return.

In the restaurant George was very hospitable whilst overseeing the professional running of the whole operation.

The waiters and waitresses were without exception friendly and very helpful, I would especially like to mention Elena who always welcomed us with a smile and friendly demeanour, and we even met her little boy.

We awoke to the scent of the wonderful gardens and walked along the pathways that had fruits and flowers growing above and alongside them.

I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful place to anyone.....

by J Brien
8 / 10

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English Nightmare!

"We were a party of 8, 2 families, ours with 2 adults, 3 children and our friends with 2 adults, 1 child. When we booked the holiday we were told that we would have bungalows together, when we arrived our friends were up in the hotel, and we were put away from all the facilities, with no air-con in our room, we had to hire two fans a total of 6 euros. We complained and were put in bungalows still not together but were clean and suitable! But we still had to pay for air-con - 6 euros a night! We went all inclusive, but it should have been all exclusive, as you were only allowed, beer, wine, soft drinks, ouzo no fruit juices, no spirits no ice cream for adults and they monitored and wrote down everything you ordered and begrudged every drink you had. The staff were inpolite and ignorant with the exception of George, Elena, Maria and Ella! All the entertainment was in French and geered to them, we thought we'd booked a holiday in Greece not France. They were lovely to the French because they were paying and wern't all inclusive. You also had to pay for sunbeds on the beach. The location was stunning! Views were beautiful, kids club okay if you were french! With the exception of Denise who spoke very little English but was good with the children. Food = Don't be misled by the pictures, very limited food all catered for the French! Only fries and chicken nuggets available for the children every night!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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The hotel rooms weren’t that good...

"The hotel rooms weren’t that good to minimalist for us. It was meant to be all inclusive but you were only aloud a certain amount of food and drink at the bar, most of it you had to pay for. The entertainment in the next bar along was really good and the entertainers were fab. The food was really bad as well in the hotel but some nights it was ok. I wouldn’t really recommend the hotel to anyone, and also there was too many French and German people there.

The beach was literally 1sec away and it was gorgeous and the water sports was amazing. The town of Stalis was really good as well for shopping and night life, and all the Greeks are sexy!!! Especially the ones who work in the hotel. Over all the hotel was ok but the beach and the town was great and I cant wait to go back next year (but not to the same hotel!!).

by K Williams
6 / 10

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