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Excellent hotel - make sure time share is for you!

"This is an excellent hotel in my opinion. This of course comes down to individual taste and what you want out of your holiday. We are a family of 4 with a 5 and 8 year old, so having everything on site is important of us. We have a 1 bed room with separate sofa pull out for the kids and it works or us, however with older kids this may be more challenging. The climate is excellent and the kids love the pool. Staying July 28th to Aug 5th on a promotional week through Azure. The hotel is exceptionally busy an this is noticeable around the pool, however not anywhere else as there are a number of restaurants to eat in the hotel.we opted for the half board option and again it works, - food choice, menu and availability is very good. Very very clean, ambiance is very good with staff displaying exceptionally high levels of service. It's a remote location, so unless you want to hire a car or travel by local bus( very reasonable) then access to other local restaurants and amenities are not close by.

We had our timeshare talk and it was a long day, not for us as we just do not have this type of disposable income at present. The team are happy to arrange a loan for you via Barclays and throw in extra incentives, so just make sure you are absolutely sure timeshare is what you want. We almost got stung for £950.00 and a 1 week return to this resort in off peak season, however the azure team sorted it in the end. Thanks in particular to Debra Fowler in the office, a real genuine person, these people are hard to find in life. Read all the paperwork, - long, arduous but a must if you are considering a timeshare option.

Hotel - excellent, - if it's in your budget, - I recommend a visit.

Promotional week - take it, this will not disappoint should you just want to chill and have everything in your hotel, - just make sure you understand timeshare and if it is something that suits you and your family.

Location - remote , make sure it's for you.

Those who come, enjoy Malta.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Azure malta
  • Advice: Don't be put off by the promotional week, just read all the paperwork and do some timeshare research before coming. Make sure a timeshare works for you.
  • Good For: Beach
by O'Sullivan.
8 / 10

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Beware of the Trial Timeshare

"Enjoyed a wonderful holiday at this amazing resort on a timeshare presentation deal in July 2012. We really wanted to try out this experience as we love Malta, particularly for scuba diving and as we were coming up to retirement we were researching holiday schemes. We first visited Golden Bay in the Christmas of 1989 when we had our first family holiday abroad in the old hotel, so the place had captured our hearts. Golden Bay is in a remote part of the island but as long as you can drive it's not a problem. It's very near the ferry terminal to Gozo and the location of popular and accessible dive sites. Our presentation wasn't until the end of the week but when it arrived it was a day of hard work. We were genuinely interested in looking at a timeshare but when it was clear to the young (ex-army) salesman that he may not be able to close the deal on the day he became quite threatening. He was also modelling his sales pitch to a female Maltese member of staff, she remained passive throughout. He said that if we didn't stop being so awkward and allow him to finish his presentation then we would be billed with the normal cost for the week. We were asking genuine questions that he was struggling to answer. This was quite a turn around since he'd been delightful throughout the week, however he offered us discounts at the dive center that were not genuine. (The dive center manager was brilliant and sorted us out with a great package anyway but nothing to do with the time share.) We allowed him to continue with his presentation feeling disgusted by his behavior but not totally surprised and when we had five minutes peace whilst he went to speak to his senior manager we were ready to just call it a day. When his manager returned he was able to offer us a compromise to the deal. First they wanted £20K via Barclaycard or cash for the timeshare deal or in order to allay our fears a trial timeshare. We wanted to be able to go anywhere we wanted in the world anytime we wanted because we are teachers and peak periods exclude us from a lot of deals. We narrowed it down to the Maldives and they showed us hotels and resorts in the Maldives. The trial membership was just short of £3000 and valid for three years. £1000 was to pay for another week in Malta at Golden Bay, an apartment for up to six people, we could book this anytime during the first year of our membership but some of that money was to pay for the Leisure time Passport through Interval International (the American owned timeshare company). This passport would be valid until Aug 2015 and would allow us to travel anywhere in the world whenever we wanted at very cheap holiday prices. The passport in fact only allows a very small choice of availability and in Aug 2015 we could only find the week we wanted in Europe, in Portugal on an unfinished site miles from any beach for £800. Not cheap and Hobson's choice. Accommodation was beautiful but site very remote with few facilities. The advertised hotel was not yet built! Back to Malta....we took our Golden Bay holiday in October 2012 with our family at half term, the apartment was brilliant and the weather excellent. The hotel was pretty much deserted and little to no entertainment. The dive center was great though and we did our usual diving trips and had a great holiday. It was good to be somewhere where everything was familiar, just like home. On our last day there another salesman met with me. This was our paid holiday week too. I thought he was going to help me learn how to use the Leisure time Passport and source the Maldives holiday for which we had paid £2000. He delivered a basket of fruit at the start of the week and on the Friday he took me for a coffee and a chat on the cafe veranda. I realized very quickly that he was building rapport and then slid in to how successful he was and how much timeshare he owned etc. He then showed me around some very tired looking rooms where there were special deals, the original £20000 deal was now down to £12000. Some owners had given up their timeshare due to their inability to pay the maintenance fees. I had heard that friends had managed to buy these deals for as little as a £1000 so I declined his offer. He seemed resigned that he wasn't going to get a deal that day and gave me his contact details should I change my mind or want him to get me a good price on our next holiday at Golden Bay. Fair enough I thought. No help with Leisure time Passport or future Maldives booking except that he assured me that there were NO timeshare hotels in the Maldives unless we had a full Platinum timeshare membership. He promised that he would get someone from Azure to get back to us on that issue and no-one ever did. The £2000 bought us two separate vouchers worth a weeks accommodation each for anywhere in the world through the Elegant Experience Scheme, The vouchers could only be activated after we had taken our Malta holiday in October but whenever we wanted as long as before Aug 2015. Well the company activated the vouchers immediately and without our request so the vouchers expiry date ends in 2014. We specifically wanted the holiday in 2015 to celebrate my husband's official retirement at age 65 and to his chosen place the Maldives which is of course a diver's paradise. We only accepted the trial under those conditions and despite the compliance officer advising us that the Azure team would be doing their best to impress us over the next three years since purchase, they have done nothing. The compliance officer told us to come to him should we have any concerns at all but he has only passed the matter back to sales staff who answer emails in the briefest form. They are not prepared to change the dates of the vouchers and they have not produced a holiday in the Maldives. It appears that once they have your cleared funds and they have failed to secure a timeshare deal on the second attempt then you are history. What a shame the timeshare industry is so aggressive because it's basically a good idea if people weren't so greedy. DO accept a discounted week at this fabulous place, DO enjoy the free trips and discounted meals, DO enjoy the rapport with the wonderful Maltese people, DO smile and nod throughout the presentation, DON'T ask any questions during the presentation (with any luck it will only take three hours), Do decline to accept their wonderful offer stating that you may consider it at a future date. Have a great holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very remote so you need a car or be happy to use the buses. Restaurants are expensive so worth hiring a car. Taxi from airport is 20Euro plus.
  • Good For: Beach
by Deborah D
6 / 10

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"nTimeshare with this Radisson is one BIG CON!!!!!!! I am a hard working woman that just wanted a holiday for my kids. what i got is a loan of 15,000 with Barclays Finance a memmbership of 500, a year and i cant pay for it now. I have fallen for this fraud i am embarrass to say any thing to any one. they talk and talk for over 8- 10hrs in the end i just signed away my life and my kids to. i have try calling Azure services to cancel my mrmmbership with them only to understand that yes they will take it back, but i will still have to pay a loan of 15,000. so i will have no rights to the timeshare no further rights of use or rights to re-sell the ONE WEEK UNIT. If i cancelled my memmbership but what i will have is this 15,000 loan."

by junen
1 / 10

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dont do it!!

"We stayed on a timeshare promotion 6 or 7 years ago. we now get at least two calls a week and today we had two within a couple of hours trying to flog it. we have told them hundreds of times we do not like malta and have no intention of going to this hotel again. I have now started paying £3 per month to block with held numbers to avoid this hotel calling again!

they are making my life a misery

by jasyse10
1 / 10

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For and against !!!!

"Hotel excellent . Large and very palatial . Unfortunately the location is so far from any where , you need transport at all times. The road to the hotel when you turn off the main road definitely needs attention.

Service, at all levels was impeccable , from cleaning to managerial.Rooms were spotless and well presented. Well equipped . Unfortunately some rooms as in our room had a balcony/patio completely enclosed by a painted wall on all 3 sides. Very disappointed as we did not have any outlook at all .They had a small supermarket [small being the main here]it could do with being a lot bigger and more products and stock, as there is nothing and no where else to go without transport.

The hotel prices were very expensive for food and drinks in all their restaurants and bars.You could not go on a budget.

Tips ...Hire a car , take plenty of euros , and eat out . Take local buses and shuttle buses. What you save eating out helps pay for transport . If ordering room service or running a room tab , keep a record and till tickets for every thing as some guests had to query their bill on checking out as it was incorrect ......

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Karen Davies
10 / 10

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Excellent holiday for the price we paid :-)

"We were offered a promotional hotel stay at the Radisson Blu from 7 July to 14 and can honestly say we enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel itself was nicely decorated and the staff were excellent and very helpful.

We opted for the bed and breakfast promotion and the food was excellent. The only downside was tha the hotel was very remote and as we opted to eat out most nights, it required a bus journey which took approximately 15-20 minutes and cost 5 euros for a return ticket for two of us and our child went free. However the last bus from the livlier St. Paul's Bay was 9PM and if we missed this we had to get a taxi back which cost us 15 euros, so a cheap night out turned quite expensive.

The 20% off voucher card we were given at the start of our holiday was very useful as the hotel prices were not cheap.

Evenings at hotel were very relaxed and not a lot happens. There were a couple of live singers in the Moca Bar that finished at 11pm and that was about it. Our child loved the pool but was very bored on an evening. If you have small children and they like to be entertained, maybe this type of holiday is not for you.

The pool grounds were stunning and the seating area in the Moca bar were very 5 star. We were in the middle block so spent most of our time at the pool. The beach was nice but had a lot of sea weed which I didn't like but the pool was good enough to spend your days.

We had to spend either a morning or an afternoon attending a presentation on holiday ownerships by Azure, the team who offered us the promotional deal. You are not bound into anything and it is simply for information purposes only so do not let this put you off if you are offered the same deal. Just give up 3 hours of your time and then the rest of the holiday is yours to enjoy. We saw the good sides to the holiday ownership scheme, but felt that if you were in a position with extra money and like this type of holiday. With young children, a package holiday is more for us.

The hotel room was fantastic, it was a family suite and it was cleaned every day.

Although the hotel was stunning, we woudln't return to Malta as the lack of nice beaches was an issue.

The price we paid for the hotel stay was briliant value for money as it was merely a quarter of what we would normally have to pay but we ended up sending a lot more money on eating out, taxis, drinks, ice creams for our child etc. so feel that an all inclusive option at a package holiday suited us more.

You wont be disappionted with the hotel :-)

by amyp86
9 / 10

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Send in the hotel inspector!

"We went on this holiday because of a cheap timeshare promotion deal. I have to say that if we had paid the full price we would have been livid!

The hotel is a very long way from being a 5 star and much of the furniture,towels,carpets and paintwork are extremely shabby.

My partner and I were allocated a 2 person sofa bed while my mum and daughter had the twin room. We were not happy with this but there was some confusion with the booking and we were given vouchers and an apology.

We subsequently spent our week on a small sofa bed in the living room, which was not at all luxurious or relaxing. Due to the lack of storage facilities we lived out of our suitcases. A basic clothes rail with a variety of tatty hangers was delivered to our room because the only wardrobe was tiny, had just 10 hangers and was in the twin room. I felt as though we had taken up residence in a charity shop!

The balcony was a lovely size and the side sea view was very pretty. However, the cheap, paint-chipped and uncomfortable patio furniture let it down.

As for the private beach, the hotel owns a pocket-hanky size piece and the rest is swarming with local people enjoying time with their families. This in itself is absolutely fine and the atmosphere is nice and lively, but it is very misleading when you see the photos of the large bay overlooked (and seemingly owned)by the hotel.

Overall this is an ok hotel. It's clean, the staff are pleasant and work hard. The food is good, the location is lovely - but very isolated, and we had a nice holiday and enjoyed Malta. However, if you want a really special holiday or genuine 5 star pampering then this is NOT the hotel to choose and there are plenty of 4 star hotels around that are far better than this one.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Bought breakfast option, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't think it's 5 star, you'll be disappointed! Book the breakfast package for the week unless you intend to self cater as it's good value for money. If you are happy not to leave the hotel then booking the evening buffet is also good value.
by Rubysmum
6 / 10

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"Just returned from the Radisson Blue Golden Bay Hotel on a promotional presentation.

We could not fault the friendliness of the staff and service we were given.

We had booked for breakfast which was most enjoyable with lots of choice. The facilities at the hotel etc became very busy during the weekend with Maltese people coming for the weekend and taking over in the reception area and reastaurant and outside facilities and there was a real buzz to the place but failing that it was very quiet indeed.

We had booked a car previously to coming to the resort for some of the week, which was very useful in getting around the island, but the bus transport system is excellent and cheap if you did not wish to hire a car.

The hotel is in a remote position and we found it a little restrictive as you could not walk out at night as very dark (at this time of year) and no promenade to walk out on as the hotel/holidayownership is situated on the top of a cliff.

We had a side sea view half looking across to the next building with no-one in residence, but the view of the sea was beautiful and I am sure that wherever the accommodation is, at the front, side or back there would be a nice view.

The four hour presentation went quite well but we did not wish to purchase at this particular time, for several reasons.

We really enjoyed Malta as there is something new and of interest at every turn and it was always enjoyable to come back to the Radisson Blue Golden Bay Hotel when we had been out.

The indoor pool was lovely and warm, but the sauna did not reach the required heat and steam room not working.

Obviously there were beautiful outdoor pools, but far too cold to use in January and no-one around the pool.

We would, without hesitation return, but maybe at some other time of year.

The room was spotless and the housekeeping staff excellent.

All in all we found all the staff in the hotel very helpful, polite and very friendly.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2011, promotional plus breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Gozo
4 / 10

13 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

dont go

"my wife and i went on 1-3-10 for one week on a timeshare preview the hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere there was a cafe down the road that shut at 5 ocloc two cafes on the beach one was not open and the other shut at 6 oclock so if you wanted to eat or drink in the hotel you will pay through the nose so we used to buy groceries and wine in valletta and as we had a kitchenette in our room we used to eat and drink there as a pint of local lager was 4.70 euros (£4.50)sunday lunch was31 euros (£30.00) yes it was a 5 star hotel but you will pay 5 star prices for food and drink outside the hotel ther was no shops no bars no restaurants you may as well be in the middle of the desert so unless you are training to be a monk or nun or are totally unsocialable do not go to this hotel"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go somewhere else
  • Good For: Beach
by big mal
6 / 10

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An Interesting Week!

"My husband and I visited the resort for a week as part of a Timeshare Bonus Weeks deal. The room was lovely although we looked onto the countryside and were woken every morning about 7.30 by the sound of gunfire. Due to the local custom of shooting everything that moves or flies, there are many hides on the land behind the hotel where locals spend all day every day trying to lure and kill birds or rabbits. The whole island is very lacking in birdsong! We also had to sit through a 5 hour timeshare presentation - even although we said from the start that we would not be buying. The hotel itself is beautiful and extremely well appointed with a good selection of restaurants and bars. Prices vary but are generally similar to the U.K. Its main problem is that it is quite remote and there is only one small bar/restaurant nearby if you don't want to eat in the hotel itself, which can be expensive. We were on a self catering basis and had a small kitchen. Although there is a Deli in the Hotel, it is expensive too. The nearest, very small shop is about a mile away. Luckily there is a good local bus service to nearby towns where you can stock up on essentials. The hotel also runs a courtesy bus, which we used frequently. We would like to return to the Hotel though- even if we do have to suffer the sales pitch again. All the staff were very pleasant and helpful. On the whole, a lovely break. I don't think we would have liked 2 weeks - not enough to do."

by j10joy
8 / 10

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excellant hotel 5 star rating very...

"excellant hotel 5 star rating very clean rooms we had a one bedroom apartment with a sofabed in a second room which was not very comfortable so the children tell me . we had a large balcony overlooking the maltese country side with lots of campsites some of the sites had groups of scouts camping , as we were staying on a promotional basis we did not get the seaview , but we did not mind . It was more interesting watching the maltese camping out. our room had airconditioning , 2 tv so we could watch the news and olympics , the restaurants were a bit expensive we found it cheaper to order room service for breakfast . We ordered one contiental breakfast and one baskets of pastrys and cakes which came with a pot of coffee and orange juice , which we all shared between the 4 of us 2 adults and 2 children . in the evenings we eat out of the hotel at local restaurants . My wife on our second day had a small accident with the heat and climbing steps from the beach [ we had not yet worked out the lift to the beach] she fainted whilst with the children , i was still on the beach , the hotel staff were excellant and quickly attended to my wife the response was very professional . i found out as i came up the steps to this scene which was a shock at first , but all ended well . we found the staff helpful and polite , when needed , information local buses they provided bus timetables and advice . the free mini bus to Valletta and back which the hotel run ."

by thamespirate
10 / 10

13 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

We arrived at this hotel and from the...

"We arrived at this hotel and from the moment we stepped out of the courtesy shuttle bus this holiday experience was magical. The hotel is spotless - staff work tirelessly to keep all rooms and areas up to the high standard that it is. Everyone so kind and efficient. The spacious room we had was great - main living area with bed sofa, dining and study areas as well as SAT TV also twin room. To our surprise the sheets were changed daily - much appreciated, as was the double sinks in the luxurious marble bathroom. The attention to detail was great in all areas - housekeeping, restaurant, reception etc. we had read on web about area being remote, not for us ....bus calls regularly (cheap)with a choice of destinations and journey times and also the Apples eye restaurant / bar is a very short stroll and has an extensive and reasonably priced menu. It is easy to access the beach from inside the hotel but if you take the route through the car park and down the hill you will come across a truck selling a great range of things from fruit cocktails which are chilled and delicious to homemade wine.....we'd recomment the 4 bottle deal!!! Both beach bars good too, not just for drinks but toasties and ices are good too and cheap! Other things to note about hotel is: there's a shop on lower ground floor, the pool, spa and gym are all great and do not do what we did and leave it a few days before you visit them as you will only be disappointed!! Room service menu is good value and good quality - even the childrens menu is quality!! Order something to try , as we did, early on and you will discover what it is like.

Part of our holiday deal was to go to a presentation...no problems, interesting and unfortunatley we were not in a position to consider this - or any other - resort. Would we go back? You bet! It was so very special and our only problem now is finding a holiday within our budget that compares!

I wish there was something we could moan about to make this sound less like an ad but the truth is there was'nt in our case. On the last night there was a really big storm with thunder and lightening and we even loved that!!!

by J Hall
10 / 10

20 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Karen Davies

    " Take advantage of the shuttle transport and local buses. Eat out for economy . "

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