Suite Princess Hotel

C/ Alcazaba, 4 (Urb. de Taurito), Gran Canaria 35138, Spain
4 star
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perfect holiday

"A perfect holiday, quiet location, wonderful staff, excellent food and a well equipped gym. Plenty of roon around the pool, and right on the beach.

The evening shows weren't very good but it didn't matter as the pianist Niko was so entertaining, good music, good songs, a real joy.

by elaine hagg-clark
10 / 10

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a perfect holiday

"a perfect holiday, a quiet location, wonderful staff. The shows weren't

very good but it didn't matter, as the pianist Niko was so entertaining,

good music and good songs. A joy.

by elaine hagg-clark
10 / 10

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Suite Princess Hotel

"First time on holiday without our children, went with friends, excellant choice of location and hotel. Room spacious and very clean, Staff very polite and helpful, food delicious and plenty of choice, drinks excellant,complex spotless, weather fantastic,met some lovely friendly people, had a brilliant time,very relaxing and peaceful without listening to some screaming children, sorry we did not book for 2 weeks instead of one. Overall this holiday was enjoyed by the 4 of us, would recommend to friends, will definitely return to this hotel. Maybe the pool could open earlier than 10am."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by celia (Liverpool)
10 / 10

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Great holiday, shame about the weather

" My husband and I have just returned after a wet wnd windy week at this lovely hotel.

In total we had two very wet experiences dueing this time. Appariently,this was a very bad winter, and it showed, in as much,as the beach had been washed away leaving mostly rocks.

This was upsetting as we have spent four years going back to this same spot. The attraction being the lovely little beach that is between the Taurito Princess and the Suite Princess nestled in this little cove.

Having said that, the Ligo which caters for a few of the other hotels and the general public is a great place to take the children.

Apart from a few tourist shops and a Spar there is very little else in Taurito apart from hotels.

There is no night life or discos for the younger age group.(we are in our early 60`s), apart from the hotels.

The entertainment in the "Suite" was dire.

The pool area had the sun beds mostly booked by 09.00

(and yes they got soaked), Ha Ha.

We upgraded which included free safe, fridge a welcome basket of fruit and a litre bottle of water each day.

In the resturant at night, and we only discovered this a day before we left last time in May, we were entitled to a free bottle of wine. So made sure that other guests with black bands were also aware.

The foods was very good, lots of chioce both at breakfast and in the evening. The waiting staff seamed to be under preasure the whole time, but were very friendly and would banter. The dining experience left us feeling like we had eaten in the works canteen, it was not a relaxed atmosphere.

The room was very clean. On our arrival we had no `robe or slippers so left a drawing for the maid, who responded with a cartoon in response which was very funny. We had a few axchanges through out or stay which were very conical.

We did one trip which only cost 6 euros for tapas lunch, that was the "blanket trip", worth going on as we saw the Caves had lunch and visited a little village which was in the middle of a funneral at the time. But it was nice. Don`t be tempted to buy tho.

Overall it was a nice holiday .

The hotel was comfortable, the staff pleasent and friendly, the "holiday advisors" informative and helpful.

The weather did not spoil it, as it passed as quick as it came, and it was warm rain.

So go, we will proberble go again.

Have been to the Mogan Princess, Taurito Princess and the Masplomass Princess but this one has loction,location, location.


  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: yes, with reservations about the beach
  • Good For: Beach
by sue
8 / 10

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Most relaxation i've had for months.

"This was our second visit to this hotel, although the last time we had our son with us.We decided to return and try it now the hotel is a child free zone.This might not suit everybody but i have to tell you the peace and quiet was bliss.The hotel hs been refurbished since we were last there and it really shows.The whole hotel is very modern, light and airy.But best of all it is spotless. The restuarant was very welcoming with plenty of variety. We were all inclusive, which was a first for us,and would certainly do this again, well worth the money. The room was cleaned every day, with towels replaced each time.My only complaint is the entertainment at night. As the hotel is off the main track for night clubs etc, they really need to provide more for the holidaymakers than they do. However i will certainly be returning to this hotel when i am in need of a quiet, relaxing and child free zone holiday."

by Murray Mania
8 / 10

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wonderful holiday

"My wife and I have just returned from Gran Canaria where we stayed at The Suite Princess Hotel in Taurito. If your looking for a quiet and easy going place to stay this is the place for you, The food is excellent and a very good choice of fish dishes and a wide selection of meat dishes. The rooms were very clean and spacious with wonderful veiws of the sea and Puerto Mogan across the Bay. The hotel staff were very good and nothing was too much trouble,the waiters were brilliant and very friendly. Animation which was run by Dominque (who worked hard at getting people motivated) was very friendly and knew nearly everybody by name by the end of their holiday. We would certainly go there again and would reccommend this resort."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Loved it here would go again
by jimmyboy
10 / 10

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Bad ending destroyed the quite good

"Oct 31 -- Nov 7, 2009

First impression was poor furnishing and not so well cleaned as we are used to at a high class hotel. Nice view from the balcony, but the balcony floor, chairs and table had lots of marks from the pigeons, worse for every day. One morning there was an enormous dropping over half the balcony floor, we just had to ask for cleaning. Most of it was taken away that day but there was still marks on the chair. The air condition was good and well needed as it was very warm despite the season. No extra cost. But extra costs, 12 euro each, for using the fridge, the safe, parasol on the balcony (no roof to shadow). If you needed a clean bathtowel to the sunbeds at the pool you had to pay 90 cent!!

The evening before the last evening we got a very bad experience. All clothes in my wardrobe was wet through. Water was dripping from above. Above was a shelf with two extra pillows, very big ones, and so wet, that there was a cascade of water out onto the floor and bed when my husband took them out. We went to the reception and asked for someone to come and look and tell us what help we could get. We did not get much help, a room maid came and took the pillows away, stuffed bath towels inside the wardrobe instead of the pillows. We had to hang clothes all over the room and bath-room. I had to go to dinner in jeans and the linen I had had that afternoon. Two skirts meant for dinner were not in shape, linens, t-shirts and blouses either. I asked in the reception for someone responsible to come and have a look at the disaster. But no.

We think it was the air condition driven too hard that caused the disaster, the room maid always put it on, and let it go at the most when she left. It could be hours before we came home and reduced the speed.

Next day Solresor´s guide tried to get us some compensation but didn´t succeed. They could wash the clothes, but as we should make the packing in the afternoon, we said no. We got a voucher for lunch sent to the room at 1.30 pm. We had already prepared for simple lunch as usual. With dinner served at 6.30 it was not attractive.

It was very frustrating that no one from the reception or anyone in charge cared, not even checked what caused the flooding. They must have known, we guess, it wasn´t the first time.

They could have teared our bill from the restaurant to pieces, equivalent with two lunches but this was not a service-minded hotel.

We always appreciated dinner, we found it fresh and nice. Wine was expensive, but in the end of the week they offered a sort of house wine.

The hotel looks nice on pictures, but it is too hot on the balcony from noon to sunset and the pigeons are too familiar.

Now washing is done just the ironing left. I can promise we won´t forget this in the near future.

Our next journey goes to Madeira a 5 star hotel, service every minute, have been there seven times since 2001.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, Half Board, booked with Solresor, Sweden
  • Advice: Just a beach
  • Activities: Halfboard
  • Good For: Beach
by Land
4 / 10

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Thompson Platinum Gran Canaria

"The Suite Proncess Hotel was lovely with plenty of sun-beds and beautiful common areas. The bedroom we had was a family suite on the 8th floor and was lovely. The air-conditioning was a bit basic in that it just had settings 1, 2 , 3 and off so no timer but generally that was OK. The food was a buffet and despite there being a chef station there was rarely a carvery. The meat was mainly in sauce and of mass-produced processed variety rather than fresh. Regular visitors said this had gone down since last year. The drinks were horrendously expensive in the main bar as you`d maybe expect in such a hotel although the pool bar wasn`t too bad.

The resort was next to another resort called Paradise and their facilities such as shows and miniture golf were available to outsiders so that was good as there was nothing in the immediate vacinity. However a short bus ride away were Port Mogan - lovely picturesque harbour and village or the other direction to Puerto Rico for nice beach and the english cheapo stuff. (We used it to see the football)

The main problem I had with this holiday was Thomsom themselves. The gold hotels have effort from the reps in organising games and quizzes. Not here though. Nothing. We booked three trips: The VIP catamaran trip which was OK but nothing special, you wouldn`t complain but it wasn`t quite worth the money.The pick up was left for you to walk to the hotel on the other side of the bay and no rep. When we went he picked up a family that wasn`t on our trip (luckily they were on the next boat along) and left a couple. The Island Tour which was good value I thought and the best way of seeing the island. Lastly we booked to go on the hiking trip which the Thomson rep organised through another company , the pick up again was across the bay with no rep and they didn`t come at all. We ended up arranging our own walking trip to not lose they day completely. When we told the new rep (who was about 17) he didnt even say sorry for the lost trip and told us to come back for the refund that evening so he could discuss with the old rep naomi - meaning we had to cut short anything we were doing to be back for him.

So, in short, I`d reccomend the hotel ,just, but not the food though so book B&B if you go and eat in Puerto Mogan or Puerto Rico. The local buses run regular to both places. Thomson reps were like going back in time 20 years so wouldn`t reccomend booking via them. The rep said at the welcome meeting "It`s not a sales pitch" and then gave a sales pitch like a tupperware-party demonstration. She might as well of said it IS a sales pitch so at least we`d trust her. Then she said "if you get any problems ring the number on the card AND IF I HAVE TO I`LL EVEN COME TO THE HOTEL TO SORT IT OUT..." - don`t put yourself out dear, we only paid a small fortune for this holiday, wouldn`t wanting you putting yourself out with some effort for the guests or anything. To me she should have been arranging activities in the hotel like the gold hotels and going the extra mile as it`s platinum.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Philfy
4 / 10

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fab holiday

"We arrived in the middle of the night, we were checked in quickly and directed to our very pleasant spacious room...went straight onto balcony to admire an absolutely fantastic view and evidently ours wasn't even the best view available...then I grumbled because the air conditioning didnt appear to be working...however this was only because we hadnt closed the patio door tightly...once we had done this, the air conditioning worked.The pull out sofa bed was uncomfortable but we asked for an extra bed and it was delivered within minutes.

the rooms were cleaned daily, the staff were very pleasant and friendly and the restaurant served lovely food with a good choice of food.The entertainments team were great and this was the first time my kids had joined in at the kids club ...and my eldest is 12!!!!!!! the first week was sheer bliss,very relaxing, I would say the guests were about a third each ,English, spanish and German/Dutch..On the down side the resort is very quiet and we were a tad bored by the 2nd week, the excursions weren't great and were really expensive..the first holiday where we've felt we had to watch our pennies. Avoid the dolphin watching tour....we never saw a thing and everyone on the boat was violently sick...except us as we'd taken travel sickness pills...thus people vomiting all over themselves and into bags in front of you ...yum!!!! We like to try somewhere different so we're not going back this year,,,but I would highly recommend it...and we will certainly return in the future.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by soosidoo
9 / 10

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An New Year Holiday -Elaine Bournemouth

"We arrived at the Suite Princess in the early hours of December 28th and was greeted by a quick and efficient Reception Staff, who very soon had us on way to our room. As it was late we just went to bed, but the following morning were delighted with the excellent sea view and general space in the room and balcony. It was clean and had all we needed.

The Hotel must have been very nearly full with everyone expecting a fantastic New Year break and that is exactly what we got. OK the buffet style dinner was not exactley 'Gordon Ramsey' but there was always plenty of food, lots of choice and even with a full Hotel it was always easy to get a table with excellent friendly service.

The New Year Gala was slighty over the top as each course was paraded through the restuarant, but it was great service and a really good night. Followed by Fireworks and celebrations at Midnight by the Pool.

The Entertainment wasn't for us, but we had come to relax and were not looking for night life. An English TV channel other than Sky News would have been good, but we survived!

The pool area was excellent and even though the hotel was busy never had a problem getting a sun lounger. I must admit that we very rarely left this spot as the weather in the main was excellent.

We did however venture out one day on the Island Adventure, up in to the mountains and then back round the coast. This was worth every penny (actually quite a few pounds). It was the one bad weather day which actually created more excitement on the trip as the fleet of people carriers had to avoid rock falls and raging waterfalls, along the often single track mountain roads. Not for the faint hearted, but a brilliant day out, one we would thoroughly recommend.

Taurito itself was dissappointing and could have done with a few more bars and restaurants, but there was a handy supermarket for drinks and snacks plus a couple of gift type shops.

We would definantely go back again, but its not the right resort if you are looking for party nights. Its a true 'recharge the batteries' and 'several good books' type of resort.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Elaine01
9 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Stunning sea view but .....

"We have recently returned from the Suite Princess an all-suite hotel with a 5 star view overlooking the sea. There is a lot of building work in Taurito but this does not interfere with the enjoyment of the sea view, but there is no mention of the concrete "jungle" that the resort is becoming. The hotel interior and public areas was very clean although the suites were a little "tired" and the bathroom needed a little up-dating. The word "suite" implies luxury - this it was not- although the accommodation was as described in the brochure, and was comfortable. The balcony was very large and all suites overlooked the sea, some having better views than others. Our view was superb.

There were some irritating charges levied by reception - for fridge hire (a fridge being in all suites), for safety deposit box hire (again in all suites) , bath robe hire, and balcony sunbed hire - we wouldn't have expected this in a 4-5 star hotel. The toiletries in the bathrooms were poor quality and not replaced.

Meals were buffet style - we welcomed the fact that the hotel was only half full as with full occupancy the restaurant would have been difficult to negotiate. At breakfast there was a good choice but dinner was a different matter, the food was mostly uninteresting and unadventurous - again not 4 star and disappointing.

The hotel was half full - there was plenty of room around the pool - but we would imagine at at the height of the season it would be very different.

The free hotel bus to Puerto Mogan and to Puerto Rico was very good. There is little to do in Taurito and the bus provided a welcome change.

by calma ofyorkshire
7 / 10

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Just got back from this hotel. the...

"Just got back from this hotel. the rooms were excellent towels & bedding changed regulary. The food was v good plenty of variety it sometimes could have been a bit warmer though. The only down side is the tv was in german the only english channel was sky news. not that we watched a lot of it but sometimes it would have been nice to watch something else after we got back from the evening entertainment.The entertainment was 50/50 again depends on what you like. Also a good morning out is to porto mogan on friday for the market 1 brought a bracelet there for 3 euros exactly the same as they were selling in the hotel for 8 euros. We would probalby go back there again just to see if the region has improved as there is a lot of hotels/apartments being build but very few shops it could be a realy busy little resort given the potential."

by J Cottle
8 / 10

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  • by soosidoo

    " mogan a short bus ride away was lovely with some nice shops and harbour side restaurants "

  • by Philfy

    " Fav Restaurant - the harbour wall at Port Mogan & the ones at Amadoras, Sightseeing: Island delights "

  • by celia (Liverpool)

    " Take advantage of all facilities and enjoy "

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