Palm Court Apartments

Mallorca 16, Benidorm 03500, Spain
2.5 star
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July this year me and 2 friends...

"July this year me and 2 friends stayed at these apartments as the same as every comment on this site. I was not impressed.

The apartment was meant to fit 4 adults, they are horrible dingy apartments with no aircon and the fact that there was 1 toilet roll all week given is disgusting. We had to go to the shop to buy more and the fact that we had to pay for fans which were useless says it all really!

The only good thing i have to say about palm courts is the English couple in the pool restaurant, they are lovely and they make great food and are really friendly so big up them too.

Would never return to palm court again unless they had a refurb (and it would have to be a major big one).

by J Oldham
1 / 10

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We had the misfortune to stay one...

"We had the misfortune to stay one week at the Palm Court apartments. In particular room 6007. It was the most disgusting accommodation we have ever experienced.

Infested with huge cockroaches, damp and smelly, constant smell of smoke from reception area, extremely noisy from bar and reception area and late nighters, little natural light we required lights on all time of day, no outside space, tiny balconies enclosed, view was over a blank wall, no hot water to bath/shower, so ridiculous half bath had to filled with cooking pots from kitchen sink.

We could overhear everything from adjoining room and had the misfortune to overhear an aggressive domestic followed by one hour of sexual activity at 4oclock in the morning The rooms are advertised to cater for 2 to 4 persons, how ever 3 or 4 people could stay in that room is beyond comprehension.

We would not allow our dog to sleep on what is classed as the third bed/sofa. The whole apartment block was a Health and Safety nightmare. Thompson’s should be thoroughly ashamed to be associated with such disgusting accommodation in the year 2006.

We have had holidays in Greece and in what was the EASTERN BLOC and we have never encountered such primitive, appalling accommodation. If you go to Benidorm avoid the Palm Court and especially room 6007.

by R Barker
1 / 10

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The rooms are very small for 2 adults...

"The rooms are very small for 2 adults and 2 teenagers. You have to pay for fans as there is no air con. Pull out bed settee are very uncomfortable. Alot of noise in pool in middle of night.

If you want to change rooms they charge 45e and some rooms have closed in balconies. I would not recommend these apartments to families. It is close to beech about 10 minute walk and you are out of the rode of the night life that is very busy. There is plenty of places to eat and is cheap. You can walk to the water park it takes about 30 minutes but that is a rip of as you have to pay for the ring for the slides and pay for sunbeds at 3e each.

You can get taxi or bus to old Benidorm but I found that the walk was nice as it is all flat. There is only karaoke on once a week at apartments but there was never anybody there. Other then that there is no other entertainment for kid other then the pool.

by A Cunningham
2 / 10

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apartments ok benidorm the pits

"we stayed at the apartments in june 2005 ok but no air conditioning asked at reception if i could rent out air conditioning they handed me a fan and charged 18 euro a week strolling through the shops by day there were better fans for sale at 15 euro at night the drunken yobs appeared eating kebabs and throwing up one of my worst holidays to date best holiday yet puerto vallarta mexico"

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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The best 11 nights ever

"My friend and i arrived home from palm court yesterday. We both took our children for their first holiday abroad. On our arrival we had our rooms immediately, which were spotless and well equipped. The pool was clean and the kids loved it. The staff were helpful and had a lot of time for our children as well as us adults. I must say thanks to Gary at the pool bar for keeping the kids fed and watered with whatever they fancied. But a real big special thankyou to Dean and Kevin without whom us adults couldnt have had our nightly drink outside the hotel. Kevin you deserve a medal for playing tiggy with all those kids every night and they miss you badly. Cant wait till next year back at Palm court."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Fantastic Time!

"I have just came back from the palm court and have to say I realy enjoyed my stay. When we got there we were given a warm welcome and allocated a room in minuits. The room was great, it had everything you need. The hotel was nice, clean and the staff were very friendly. The pool was clean at all times and the food at the pool bar was cheap and appetising. The hotel is situated at the heart of the nightlife and is next door to a supermarket.

The only downsides we had was:

Noise at night from other residents,

Building work beside the pool area.

Overall we had a fantastic time and would recomend you to go there.

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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Apartment for Insomniacs !!

"We have just returned from 2 weeks at the Palm Court and after reading some of the reviews we were expecting the worst but it certainly was not as bad as some people had written about it. The apartments are basic but very clean and towels and bedding were changed twice a week,cutlery and dishes perfectly ok. No toilet rolls provided. Beds were like camp beds and the settee was a bit grubby. The main complaint was the noise at night both inside and outside, and during the night people just have no consideration for others, however the staff were very good and did their best to let the people responsible for the noise know that it would not be tolerated. If you are booked for the Palm Court remember to pack your earplugs."

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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Brill Time

"Sorry to hear about past guests problems BUT .......

We had an excellent time there June last year (2004) the place was really friendly with the bar staff making sure everyone was welcome.

Enjoyed so much have went out of our way (with awkward flight times) to go back.

Mack and Dor

Happy Jocks

by Happy-Jocks
8 / 10

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being robbed continued

"adding to the review by gemma, i was on holiday with her and i was also robbed, the staff were incompetent and did nothing to help, but offer free sangrea!! WHAT DO I WANT WITH ALCOHOL AFTER BEING ROBBED!! we were there with thomson and they were as much help as a cholcolate fire guard. the staff at the hotel were just walking around and were supoosed to be at the desk 24 hours aday and they were not at the front desk when this happened.

after speaking to the rep the police turned up and said nothing to any of the tourists that were robbed, and the rep told us that the police had no time for statements and that the police at alicante airport would deal with it.

at the airport the police told us that it was out of their juristiction and that they could not do anything and contact the police here in england. thomson reps were no help at all and in englnad the police could not help. at this present moment we are trying to get compensation of thomson for this incident

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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room 101

"My husband decided to give me a valentines break for the weekend and booked last minute so we didnt know what hotel we were staying in.

Our holiday didnt get off to a good start anyway as our luggage was know where to seen, we eventually found it an hour later, by which time our coach to the hotel had gone! Thompson managed to get us on another coach, number 13! An hours ride and we were there, Palm Court, very basic and we were told we would get a three star Hotel, yer right! We went straight to our room 101 may I add, and unpacked, pushed the beds together and went off to the bathroom, watch out the toilet moves, I thought it was going to fall apart. We went straight out and come back a couple of hours later, slightly sloshed but not that bad, we shut the door and, I will leave the rest to your imagination.

The next morning I could hear voices very clearly of people walking up and down stairs, after investigating in the nude, I found the door wide open! I was so embarrised I went to the loo many times in the night and didnt notice it, as it happens the door latch had got stuck so for the rest of the break I was parranoid the door was going to open when I was sleep, I even put a case in front of it just in case in opened again.

A very basic hotel but friendly staff, Im pleased we only stayed three nights and I must say its the first time I was pleased to get home and sleep in a comfortable bed!

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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also robbed!!!!!!

"Could not praise the hotel anymore it was clean, nice layout, decorated well, a really pleasant place to stay with all the amenities you expect from a self catering hotel. Most of the staff were fantastic, however some staff seemed to be quite hard to find: The reception was supposed to be 24hours however you would go down to get a fan or report a problem 3-4 times in the night and no one would be there.

Apart from that we had a fab time lazying round the pool with the snack bar and drinks on hand, untill the last day. Rooms had to be vacated by 10am as usual but with 14 hours till airport pick up it was going to be a long day, unusually we were not provided with a locked room for our baggage but were told the lobby would be a safe place as the baggage would be looked after by the reception staff.

WERE THEY WRONG about 3 in the afternoon I and a friend went to get somthing out of our bags and thats when we discovered it. All of the guests who were leaving the hotel that day had there bags ransacked and a large amount of things had been stolen. From bags of crisps and water (not a big loss) to expensive perfume and camcorders.

The receptionist was no help as to an explanation and the spanish police were just as bad. What a great day to end the holiday, what made it worse was the realisation that because the insurance company's saw the luggage as unattended bagage no payout could be made. My party of four lost nearly £1000 and some lost more.

If you decide to holiday here do not accept anything less but a locked room to store your luggageor you too could have the same dissopointing end to a fantastic summer holiday.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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"I went to Benidorm last September and stayed in the palm court apartments, the hotel was fantastic until the day we were due to fly home. We had to be out of out rooms at 10 o'clock in the morning which was fine, they then told us out bags would be kept in the lobby near the reception which I did not like the idea of but they insisted that they would be fine. So I went out to enjoy the last day of my holiday, as we were not being picked up till 12 that night. We then decided to relax near the pool, my friend and my sister went inside to get something out of their bags and that’s when we found out!

I was horrified! Most of our luggage had gone. We were told that the people that robbed us had taken everything into the courtesy bathrooms, which had then been locked. When we were finally aloud to go into the rooms... our things were slung around the place, we had to rummage through everyone’s things to find ours. We had a lot stolen and we were not impressed. As you can imagine we wanted someone to blame! The police arrived mumbled something in Spanish and left. We could not believe it we'd been robbed n they didn’t even care! The receptionist then decided to give us a room for our belongings! Only after we'd been robbed we were allowed a room to put them in.

They did not even apologize for what we had lost; they just said it’s not our fault! If it weren’t for palm court apartments we would still have out things! There is only one exit out of the hotel and that is straight though reception! How could they say that they didn’t see anything!

Id advise anyone that is going there to demand a room for your bags! Because if it’s happened once it will happen again

by Gemz870
2 / 10

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