San Marco Palace Hotel

Ponte dei Dai 875 Piazza San Marco, Venice 30124, Italy
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Rooms OK, breakfast not so good

"Spent 3 days there and it wasn't bad. Room etc very clean but only enough hot water for one bath. Staff very helpful with the exception of the breakfast room. Surly and sour faced doesnt do them justice.

Mini-bar expensive. There's an off licence round the corner, buy a bottle of bellini instead - and a couple of glasses!

Very good location.

If it's still on, go to the Freud exhibitionat the Corro. Uncrowded. If you buy a ticket for Freud you can go to the cafe or cloakroom and walk "the wrong way" and see the whole museum half price.

by TimEastbourne
6 / 10

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Nearly a palace

"Having read of some of the negative experiences people have had about this hotel - we were a bit concerned. But there was no need. The location is wonderful. Less than a minute away from the piazza, which is great when returning late in the evening having listened to the cafe orchestras. The hotel is wonderfully quiet given its nearness to all the bustle so it is a great haven to retreat back to when you need a breather. - The rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable and the staff friendly. The Breakfast room is lovely and the meal itself perfectly adequate - although if you leave it until near the end of the breakfast period - you might have to wait for some of the items on the buffet to be replaced. Good to go here if you are a family group as we were. A couple might find the breakfast room a bit noisy. The Marano trip was mentioned just once and we were non commital - best way to see this is making your own way on a water bus which gives you time to enjoy the island. On the downside, the water in the rooms was boiling hot to the point of being dangerous, there was no kettle or tea making facilities, no cups or plates in the little kitchenette, but none of this spoilt our first time stay in Venice. We would stay here again."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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We booked one night at San Macro...

"We booked one night at San Macro Palace after Princess cruise. We were very disappointed with the service comparing to the price we paid and other hotels we stayed in Rome or Florence.

The room is nice and it comes with a small kitchen. However, there is no cookware. There is no cup or any kind of containers.

When we went back to pick up the key for the hotel. The night manager was on the phone. Despite I was standing in front of him, he still talked about 10-15 minutes before asking me what I needed.

We had a sick person in the party and we asked for a cup that could hold the hot water and the night manager was very rude and refused to give us anything.

There was no information book about the suite facility. Even though the room was nice but I would not consider this place if I visit Venice next time.

by R Lee
4 / 10

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Expensive but very close to San Marco Basilica

"Our suite was very nice: spacious with a living room, foyer, 2 bedrooms, bath, and a small hallway.

I had to provide a reservation number, despite having 5 passports for each family member. We could not use the hotel's internet computer, so I had to walk nearly a mile to an internet cafe to get my number from Expedia.

We had a shower with shower curtains, but the shower overflowed and flooded the floor twice, even with the curtains drawn. We think the shower had a leak near the floor. The hot water in the room was boiling hot, so be careful.

One of suite 125's rooms was literally over a canal. (See attached picture of our room over the dirty green canal water.)

Plenty of storage cabinets & closets in the room. The kitchette (stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink) had absolutely no pots, pans, silverware, plates,...nothing. It was almost useless.

They gave us a "free" ride in a water taxi (I tipped the driver 2 Euros) to Murano Island to see a glass factory, but we faced heavy sales pressure to buy something from the showroom. We spent 3 minutes watching glass being made and 30 minutes winding through a maze of showrooms with a salesperson. No fun,...but we laughed about it with some fellow Americans on the return boat ride.

The hotel had an excellent location 50 meters from San Marco Piazza, but the tall, frowning, mean front desk clerk and very high cost dissuades us from wanting to return. The front desk clerk was particularly rude, even for Italian standards. I noticed that he had disagreements with many guests who came to the front desk.

The Best Western across the sidewalk and others will be strongly considered before we try this place again.

by St._Simons_Dad
4 / 10

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Dual aspect fantastic room

"Just got back from this hotel, stayed for 3 nights at a very good rate - plus travelled on Ryannair - so the whole trip for two cost under £300. Didn't ask for any restaurants as there are so many around - have no problem in walking out if I think prices too high - and in a couple of instances did just that after looking at menu.

Did the Murano trip - was given a private boat to get there and one back. Sure we were ripped off when buying, but felt it was worth it for the experience and the guy who took us around wasn't remotely pushy - in fact he told us he didn't have any of the stuff in his house as he'd been working with it for 50 years. Bought a vase, but we'd seen it made and is being sent engraved. Considering cost of whole trip it was worth it. Take everything that is said with a "pinch of salt" - it's like any other city there are people out to make money, but at the end of the day everyone is out to make money from tourists.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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Good Location, don't trust the advice!

"I too was pushed into the Murano trip. Don't take it! You are driven right up to the dock of the glass factory and will not see the island at all. I am going back to Venice, planning to visit the islands, but not that way! Also, I was given advice about that awful, overpriced restaurant from the same hotel people and it was such a rip off! Basically, stay at the San Marco for an easy walk to San Marco Square, but don't book anything through them! You need to research before you go and bring a guidebook you trust. Or you can sign up for walking tours/boat tours and ask those people for advice. Anyone but the hotel staff. I'm staying somewhere else this time, because I feel so ripped off from last trip."

by bhansenk
6 / 10

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Beware La Colomba

"I just returned from a trip to Venice, we stayed at the San Marco Palace, The first thing that we were offered was their "free trip to MURANO", after that we asked for a local Venetian Restaurant were the venetians go (not a tourist trap), we were sent to LA COLOMBA wich we later discovered that belongs to the same company, IT WAS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF EVER!!!!!, we were charged for two adults and two kids with a bottle of wine (25 euros), the amount of 257 EUROS (350.00US), with 2 entrees, 4 main courses and 2 desserts , 1 coffee, Worst of all the food was regular not bad but not excellent, a cafeteria food with bad service. DON"T DARE TO GO TO LA COLOMBA IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY"

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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Fantastic Holiday

"Just come back from a fantastic 4 day break in Venice, staying at the San Marco Palace Hotel (25-28 August 2004). We were unsure about how the holiday would pan out as it was the first we have booked over the internet but were very pleasantly surprised at how easy, hassle free and cheap it was.

Seeing a few of the reviews for this hotel had us wondering whether or not this was the hotel for us (unfriendly, rude and pushy (re. Murano) staff, broken lift and no kettle or cups), however the photos and the close proximity to San Marco Piazza sold it to us.

Having arrived hassle free from the airport, making our way to the Vaporetto port with ease, the scenic 50 minute trip to San Marco was fantastic (10 Euros per person). The hotel was easy to find (enter San Marco Piazza, past the Basillica and turn left into main body of square around the bell tower (don't tread on the pigeons!!!), along past 2 cafes with orchestras, and hotel is down alley on right (neon sign for bar visible and San Marco restaurant in mosaic on floor). Reception is seperate from apartments. It is approximately 5 minutes slow walk (avoiding the day trippers and admiring the scenery) to find the hotel from the vaporetto stop.

The staff were very pleasant (and appreciated our attempt of Italian - it does go a long way). Got taken to room by 2 staff, and yes the Murano trip was mentioned very briefly but a "may be later" was all that was needed. I suppose this is a good tour, but not for us. Plenty of Murano glasswear in the shops to browse. As to the broken lift, it was working when we were staying, however we always opted to use the fantastic staircase!!!

The rooms were very sumptious with a fantastic view along a canal. As to no kettle and cup, i'm sorry 'when in Rome...', we tend to prefer sampling the cafes and restaurants. If you want a cuppa tea, get a nice bottle of wine instead!!!!

This hotel makes a fantastic base for all the attractions in San Marco Piazza, as well as exploring the 'real Venice' - a must - the rabbit warren of narrow streets are fantastic. As the hotel does not appear to do evening meals we made an effort to find restaurants that the Venesians visit (some fantastic restaurants in the hidden away court yards).

The end to the perfect day must be sitting in San Marco Piazza after 11pm listening to the orchestras of the cafes (playing until about 12:30-1:00am), then wandering back over the bridge to the hotel.

We will definately be returning to this hotel for another stay in the near future!!!!

by nma_nik
10 / 10

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Not a 4 star

"After having a VERY rough trip due to the airline losing our luggage, we had a wonderful stay in Florence at the Sofitel, which was rated a 3.5 star. So we assumed that the San Marco Palace being rated a 4 star would be even better.

It was not. The staff was rude, and would not work with us on anything. We had to leave early to go back to Florence to get our bags (we had been with out them for 5 days) and they told the tour company that we booked thru that we stayed the whole time, so we are unable to get a refund of the 400.00 we paid for that last night!

Do not stay here! I say to stay in Lido, it's a nice area and only a short taxi/bus ride away from the action, but nicer hotels.

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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Fantastic time at the San Marco Palace

"I just spent 4 days at the San Marco Palace and had a wonderful experience. The rooms are very large, clean, quiet, and for the price a very good deal. Just steps away from the Piazza San Marco but also just far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet. Yes, they do push the Murano tour and if you are looking for wonderful glassworking as I was then take it. Overall the staff was very helpful and friendly. Sandro was especially helpful with recommending outstanding restaurants and even makes reservations for you. When I go to Venice someday I would definately stay there again."

by joninva
10 / 10

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Superb - great location, great room

"I spent 4 nights here last June. What luck to find this on an Internet search of Italian hotel sites. Not at all expensive, location cannot be beat (my travel agent booked me near the train station - too far away), huge room, so comfortable, great staff. Yes, they push the free Murano tour but many places do and some people, myself included, do want to buy something special so it makes it easier for us. (If there is no interest, take the free tour but do not expect a free ride back - take a public boat - at least you ride there for free and in style.) Staff is just fine - not overwhelmingly terrific, but not bad at all. Breakfast is fine too. I would not suggest booking anywhere else unless you want to pay for a canal view."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Address: Ponte dei Dai 875 Piazza San Marco, Venice 30124, Italy