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5 Star Rating?

"Stayed at the Yaliscari from 18th to 25th June and was amazed that this was sold as a 5 Star hotel. The food was okay and nobody would starve with the range of food but I have had as good in a 3* and definitely much much better in the 5*'s we have stopped in before. The restauraunt service was very slow which really came down to the Bulgarian students who were doing the work not being shown or told what to do. We had to wait 3 hours before our room was ready, which seemed to be the normal waiting time. The reception is total chaos most of the day with people complaining about various things. In our room there was no remotes for the TV or air con, the hairdryer was next to useless, the toilet flush was never strong enough to take away paper let alone a number two so we had to resort to using the waste bin filled with water to flush. The toilet was reported twice and still not sorted. Our shower curtain was taken by the cleaners on the 4th day and we never saw it again, reported again. I asked the reception if the cleaners were on strike as we saw them in meetings with the management on three seperate occasions and the receptionist nearly bit our heads off saying that they always had meetings. What at 12.00 when our room had not been made up and was not ready until three?

Take euros with you as there is no ATM and the only ones you will find are in Corfu Town. While I am on the subject of money, one guy was walking round with a safe under his arm making a statement that he had paid for a safe and when he went to open it the safe came away from the wall. I went upto our room on the night and put one hand on the top of our safe and pulled and lo and behold ours came away as well.

On the plus side, yes there is one, we met some great people. This was probably because everyone spoke about their problems with their room, the reception, the staff, the food and the drinks. Tell a lie there were two others, George and his right hand girl in the restaraunt were great and the other staff tried to do their best, which for the money they were on was commendable. Spiros, Theodora and the other bar staff were great, worth tipping as we did.

Would I go back, possibly, but now I know what to expect I would be looking for a far cheaper price than what I paid.

If anybody can tell me how this is rated a 5 Star and prove it, I will be keen to know?

by holcomser
4 / 10

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cheap but cheerfull

"This hotel is in a wonderfull but somewhat isolated location. Overall we had a good weeks holiday. Meals are like school dinners and the entertainment a bit bizarre. It is not like any 5 star hotel i have have stayed at before. It was very difficult to get to reception as there were often quees of people with issues about their rooms or service. If for instance the toilet in you room wouldnt flush the hotel seemed incapable of correcting it. A tide mark around the pool was complained about by a number of guests. We got a last minute bargain the price was about right not the bargain we thought! Baths are not allowed, the plugs have been removed. We asked for a plug on a bedside light and for a shower curtain,these did not materialse ,but as our toilet worked and our room did not smell we decided to let the hotel deal with guests with with more important problems. I have stayed in 3 star hotels that would leave this one standing!"

by basilfTorquay
4 / 10

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This is not a 5 Star hotel, this...

"This is not a 5 Star hotel, this hotel is a budget holiday as a 3 star in the Skytours summer sun brochure.

We were bitterly disappointed with this hotel, and would not be returning.

We were informed by hotel workers that the hotel opened on the 12th May 2007 and was not due to open until June, as reservation work still needed to be carried out and therefore opened too early.

On arrival, our room had problems, the toilet was broke, the patio door would not close, the shower connection broke, and the phone would not work.

We complained at reception and was told that our room could be changed but had to wait until 8pm, bearing in mind we arrived @ 12:30!

We then returned back at 8pm , and then had to wait until 10pm.

The rooms were in need of updating and were not cleaned to a 5 star standard, the balcony had not been cleaned for days.

The next room that we were given, also had problems, and our towels were not changed every day, they were hung out on the balcony to dry!

The food was very boring at times and we tried to venture out, but be aware, it’s in the middle of nowhere and we paid 25 Euros to go to Corfu Town.

The only thing I could find good about this holiday was the view from the balcony, breathtaking, and the entertainment staff who were from Bulgaria.

The staff in the restaurant, George, Alison and Billy were lovely, however the seating needs to be addressed, the seats were very uncomfortable.

The literature also claims that the beach is 250m from the hotel, this is really not the case, we measured this one day, and found this to be 700m, however there is a free bus to and from the hotel, it is a very steep climb, good luck if you happen to try this.

The restaurant on the beach is not part of the AI package and is quite expensive but the food is very good, better than the hotel.

I could go on and on but really wanted to make people aware that this is not a 5 star hotel, maybe in time to come it will get better, but clearly at this time is not.

by  M Cole
1 / 10

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Me and my boyfriend went and were...

"Me and my boyfriend went and were told by Thomson that it was on a little hill but nothing that will stop us getting about, that there were shops around the hotel and a beautiful beach. Well the 'little hill' was so steep and slippy that it was so hard to walk up and we r not old or unfit and we found it very hard work. There is one shop in the hotel which only opened 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. And one up the steep hill which was about 15mins walk. So the beautiful beach was 15mins walk down the steep hill the other way, down a path that was not level and about 2 feet wide. Going over little walls and big rocks, so when we did get to the beach, it was dirty and most of the sunbaths were broken, rubbish had been just left all over the place because they were no bins. The buses to the beach and Corfu town only ran when they could be bothered.

The hotel was so out of date, and need a serious make over, our room balcony faced a hill covered in trees, and the door wouldn’t close so we were bitten to death.

Then the food was so bad, boiled chicken, hard vegetables, for 2 days running I only had soup because it was that bad. We didn’t even bother going to breakfast for 4 of our 7 days.

So I would never go there again ever. The only good things about the hotel were the rep ellie who was lovely.

by Curran
1 / 10

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My husband and I had our honeymoon...

"My husband and I had our honeymoon here because my husband came here 5 years ago when it was a Thomson gold hotel. We found the hotel to be in some disrepair but very clean the cleaners came every day to change the bed and towels. The majority of the staff were very friendly and helpful but we found the waiters not so friendly.

The meal times were very disorganised and we felt you were being rushed all the time! Every meal time there was a new place to sit which drove us mad. The bar staff were wonderful although the entertainment was not very good although the Greek night on the Monday was brilliant.

Do take insect repellent as the mosquitoes will feed on you! Watch out for the wasps they can be ruthless! Overall a very relaxing place with views and sunsets to die for.

Would not recommend this hotel for people with walking difficulties or children. For a 3 star hotel it is very good.

by  G Witkiss
6 / 10

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We enjoyed a lovely relaxing 10 days...

"We enjoyed a lovely relaxing 10 days staying at the Yaliiscari Palace. The hotel, as others have commented, is very quiet and a hire car makes for a more enjoyable holiday.

The roads do have some pretty sharp bends but with caution and good sense we only experienced hassle with parking in Corfu town and nothing else. This was our second time at this hotel and we will most probably return again.

The hotel may be a little dated, but the service and quality of the food gave exceptional value for money. Not the place for kids or anyone needing a wheelchair certainly, but for a relaxing holiday with friendly folk and views second to none (pay extra for a sea view it's worth it) try this hotel.

by  S Wells
8 / 10

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Enjoyed our stay very much, food was...

"Enjoyed our stay very much, food was wonderful and the room was clean and comfortable.

Bitten to death by mosquito's, do make sure you have your insect repellent. Beach at Yaliscari is wonderful.

The waiting staff are pleasant and helpful. The hotel has a very broad range of guests from Rumania, Hungary, Ireland, UK, Germany etc so this does add to your experience.

The bus to Corfu Town is a god send and very reasonable.

One of the receptionists is English but they all speak clear English.

All 6 of us had a great time. Enjoy.

by  L F Wilson
8 / 10

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I enjoyed the holiday very much and...

"I enjoyed the holiday very much and the hotel was always clean. The staff were very helpful and the bar men had a good laugh. The food and service in the dining room was satisfactory although we found the food repetitive by the end of our stay.

The hotel provided lots of services like a little mini van took you down to the beach free of charge and back again as walking up the hill was very strenuous.

The beach was gorgeous and the sea was crystal clear and was very refreshing. Watch out the sand gets boiling! A little sea food restaurant lies above the beach and I would recommend it to anyone.

The hotel’s pools were always clean and are a decent size, overall the hotel was a little rundown on the outside but always clean and hygienic inside.

Don’t forget to pop up the hill to the mini market as Vicky is very helpful. She sells tickets for the local bus into Corfu which you can catch twenty minutes walk away from the hotel and costs only 1 Euro.

by A.C. Hendry
8 / 10

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I had been to the Yaliscari Palace 5...

"I had been to the Yaliscari Palace 5 years ago and couldn't wait to go back. I was dismayed to find the standards had slipped considerably. Our room on the 7th floor was dirty and although reception offered us another room that was no better. The food was excellent with a good choice of dishes although the head waiter insisted on seating us in various parts of the restaurant each meal time. Our waiter George was marvellous and nothing was too much trouble for him.

The rep only gave us information about the overpriced excursions and left us to find everything else out for ourselves. To be fair, the rep was fairly new but we had to rely on Vicky in the mini market to give us the advice we needed. Vicky should be on Thomsons payroll.

The Yaliscari Palace could be restored to its former glory and it is in a spectacular location. There are lots of walks around the area and an excellent public bus service from Pelekas or Sinerades which goes into Corfu town for one euro.. From there one can get another bus to any place on the island. Lets hope the Yaliscari Palace doesn't deteriorate further.

I notice it isn't on the Thomsons web site for next year. Does this mean it is having a long overdue facelift?

by  P Dunne
4 / 10

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The location is too isolated and is...

"The location is too isolated and is not suitable for the elderly due to the very steep hills. The brochure advises that there are tavernas up hill, there is in fact only 2 and one you have to climb another steep hill and steps to get there. This hotel is not suitable for children of any age there nothing for them to do, the entertainment was boring and unprofessional. Our children had nothing to do on evening we found we had to book trips and take taxis to make our own entertainment.

The food was excellent and there was plenty of choice. However the head waiter was the most ignorant man I have ever come across he actually had stand up fights with people if they did not sit where he wanted them too. The staff on reception and the bars were marvelous. The drinks were far too expensive you do not expect to pay these prices in a 3 star accommodation.

All in all I had a relaxing break but I would advise anybody taking children (especially for two weeks as I had) not to visit this hotel. Car hire is recommended but after the journey to the hotel. I decided against this. We used taxis which costs around about 50euros return to travel around Corfu.

by  I Charlton
6 / 10

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My self and partner have visited this...

"My self and partner have visited this hotel now for around 8 years, sometimes twice a year.

The hotel in general is very clean, food good with a choice for vegetarians, and the staff always friendly and helpful, some becoming good friends.

Also if you like walking there are some nice walks around the area, Sinerades is a favourite of mine, a small village location with a few shops and bars, there is a bus stop at the far end of the village where you can catch the bus to Corfu town, as there is one down the hill from Pelakas, tickets must be bought before entering the bus.

There is a very steep hill up from the hotel to a small independent supermarket, also a couple of bars, just for a change of scenery, overall a lovely quiet location but the room we had did need some attention, after pointing out the comments we had a room change in a few minutes.

by Lee
8 / 10

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The hotel used to be a 5Star Gold...

"The hotel used to be a 5Star Gold location. Since it’s heyday it has been redecorated and kept safe and clean ,but the finish is certainly no longer 5star, although elements of the old days (like the vast marble floors) are still very much in evidence.

The hotel itself is over 11 floors but these are split up into blocks that run up the side of the mountain, so it looks more like a 4 or 5 storey building, at most. The hotel is a short walk from the nearest beach, down the rather steep narrow roadway, and the walk takes only 5 minutes or less. There is a regular free mini-bus during the day as well, for those not able or not wanting to do the walk. Note, if you’re over 50 then you probably will want to use the mini-bus as the walk is rather steep, especially coming back up from the beach.

The average age of the people that go to the hotel these days is in the late 40's to late 50's, I would say. That is reflected in the entertainment the hotel puts on each night - it finishes at 10.30pm and don’t go expecting anything wild! Having said that, what we saw was rather good.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. After reporting a non-functioning light bulb in our bathroom, an engineer was at our room in less than 15 minutes to fix it. The waiters and waitresses are also very, very friendly (Hello to 'Billy'!). As we were half-board, we got our breakfast and evening meal provided by the hotel in their dining area. Food is served buffet style so you eat as much as you want and whatever you want. In general, the quality was good and varied. Don’t go expecting too many ;local; dishes, though.

The location of the hotel is fine - it only takes half an hour or so to get to Corfu Town by bus (and what a busy place that is!). In addition, the tiny village of Pelekas, at the top of the mountain, is about 25minutes walk away. There are a number of beaches and small hidden coves about 40minutes walk (at most) from the hotel, too.

In all, if you’re looking for a calming and quiet place to chill out in, where you get greeted by very friendly staff and locals, then this is certainly a place to look at.

by Jason Anderson
8 / 10

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