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Hotel met our needs, but still awaiting released of security deposit funds by janeq
5 / 10

Overall, we were pleased with the hotel. The hotel was conveniently located, rooms were very clean although very compact which was expected.

However, on check-in we were asked to leave a $100 security deposit on card which is standard policy for many hotels. Regrettably I used my Visa debit card for this and 9 days after arriving back in UK, I'm still waiting for the funds to be released back to my account. It has been necessary to pass this issue to Visa for investigation. Also, we stayed 2 nights and $200 has been frozen on the account - although at check-in I was told $100 was required for the duration of the stay. I will not stay at the Hudson again for this reason. We left the room in immaculate condition and did not incur any additional charges - there is no excuse for the Hudson to retain these funds on my bank account. I've sent an e-mail, but they have not had the courtesy to send me any reply.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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I was in the fortunate position of... by x-stitcher
9 / 10

I was in the fortunate position of having won this trip to New York - my third in fact !!!

We flew from Heathrow with Virgin (wonderful airline - very efficient and very nice staff !) and arrived in New York somewhat later than we had anticipated as there was a storm in NY and we were unable to land ! After meeting the Virgin rep, we were then transported to our hotel, which was very modern but very very dark inside ! (All the floors, walls & ceilings were painted chocolate brown for some unknown reason !)

We were given our room number and after travelling in the chocolate brown lift (!) and negotiating long corridors (also the aforesaid brown) we discovered our room.

The room was very small, but clean. The bathroom was also ‘compact’ (knees touched the door when on the loo !) but again was clean - plenty of towels and toiletries. There was a safe in the cupboard which was easy to program and gave you the extra feeling of security for somewhere to leave money & passports. A television and ‘mini bar’ also occupied the cupboard (prices were absolutely over the top !)

The hotel is situated on West 58th close to 8th Avenue so we easily found places to eat. On 8th Avenue there was a superb diner serving meals all day - the breakfasts were just the thing to set you up for the day ! Close by there was also a supermarket and a pharmacy - both 24hr.

As we have visited NY before (1998 & 2000), we didn’t do the tourist bit, but went to places we hadn’t gone to before. We had an excellent day at Canal Street - this is where you can pick up fake Designer goods at a fraction of the price of the originals & the copies are brilliant. EG Prada, Louis Vitton, Burberry handbags were selling for $18 & you could barter & get the price down even further ! My husband bought a Rolex for $28 !!!!!!!! It was hilarious to see lots of these tiny shops all selling the same goods & trying to get you to part with your money !

Whilst out & about, we just tended to get boxes of fruit from deli’s and then eat properly in the evening !

On the Sunday there was a street market along 7th Avenue and the prices of goods was absolutely amazing - of course there is no sales tax added at the markets, so the price you see is the price you pay. I picked up beautiful leather handbags for presents and they cost me $10 - a similar bag (of the same quality) would have easily been over £60 here.

Another place we visited was the South Street Seaport Centre. It is a lovely area with lots of nice shops and cafes etc.

We felt that prices had somewhat increased since we last went, but this could be because items such as CD’s have come down in price so much here. We found that PC software was quite cheap as well as the branded perfumes.

A place that was very important to visit was Ground Zero. In 1998 we had stood on the roof of the World Trade Centre & then in 2000 (when our children also came with us !) we had been up to the observation deck. It was a wonderful place and we really had to see for ourselves what was no longer there. I found that it was quite a poignant place, lots of people milling around, but at the same time a quiet place.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend (Friday - Monday) and I would recommend New York to anyone. Travelling around by subway is easy and there is so much to see and do (everything is SO BIG) - VISIT SOON !!!

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Claustrophobic Chic by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

The hotel was very hip and the design of the lobby and bar outstanding (which was to be expected). The service was fine. But this was the smallest hotel room I have ever seen in my life and it was the standard room. As a frequent visitor to New York, I've stayed in some pretty tiny rooms, but this was almost funny. Basically, if you prefer chic to square footage, you might want to give it a try. If you actually prefer the ability to walk around the room (or even around the bed) without stumbling into something I'd look elsewhere.

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NEVER GO HERE by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

The hotel staff is VERY rude and they cast a blind ear on every special (even the not-so-special) request. They couldn't find a reservation that I made on their ver own website! When they finally did find the reservation, this "4 Star" hotel didn't offer to make up for their negligence in any way. Oh, and the rooms are the size of an airplane restroom.

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Hotel that is really a nightclub by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

I recently went on a girls' weekend to New York City and stayed at the Hudson. I am from Manhattan, so I go back all the time and have stayed in numerous hotels. I have a lot to compare this hotel to. It comes out horrible on every one! The rooms are SMALL, fitting a bed and a chair. The bed was very uncomfortable and makes loud annoying noises every time you move. The bathroom is smaller than a linen closet with the most horrible lighting I have ever experienced for putting on makeup. I had a shelf attached to the wall to put toiletries on and it was half falling off, and upon further investigation I noticed it was patched up with some duct tape. Upon arriving, I had one hour to get ready for dinner, only to discover my room wasn't getting any hot water. Nobody answered the front desk telephone for about 10 minutes and when someone finally picked up I was told that that tends to happen and they would have someone look at it later. After traveling all day I was not pleased to go out without a shower. There are no drawers to put your clothes away, so anything that can not be hung must stay in your suitcase in the closet with no door. My friend stayed on the 10th floor and could hear the thumping of club music in her room half the night. The staff doesn't care, they all act as if they are waiting to be discovered and have never heard the phrase customer service. If you would like to stay in a hip hotel in New York, try the Soho Grand or 60 Thompson. Both are hip and fabulous and understand that the customers needs come first. Stay away from the Hudson.

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Hideous Experience by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

Based on other reviews, I knew the room would be very small, but what I was not prepared for was the gross lack of service and care. They couldn't figure out how to retrieve my messages on the phone and the air conditioning never worked. It was the worst experience I've had in a New York Hotel, and I've stayed in many! When checking out, another woman complained of the very same things with her room. With all of the great hotels in this city, don't stay here.

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Read If You Want An Honest Opinion by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

I've read a lot of reviews on the Hudson before my actual trip and was very skeptical. I saw the Hudson on the Travel channel and fell in love with it. With all the negative reviews it was recieveing I was apprehensive about going there, but still followed though. Well. . . I'm glad that I did. Me and my boyfriend fell in love with it. The tone of the hotel is NYC sheek and you definitely pay for the atmosphere.The rooms are small but you're in NYC! you only sleep in the rooms. And the shower is my favorite part. - With the glass wall. The lighing is dim and illumniated and the bed is very comfortable. the sheer curtains are a great addition.The hotel is block and a half from cental park and is close to times square.You get passes for the Hudson bar and can surpass the line as it accumliates during the night.Very romantic and we can't wait to stay there again.

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What were these people thinking? by jlhmdh
8 / 10

Yeah i read all the other reviews before going, not a good idea since it was not even close to what some reviewer said about this place, I waited for something to go wrong but everything was just perfect, sure the rooms are small but what do you really do in the room anyway but *&%^*^ and sleep, The staff was great answering any questions and the hotel atmosphere and decor was outstanding, dont read all the crap that others say, go for yourself and experience the excitement that this hotel offers.

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You get what you pay for by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

As an avid traveler, I've seen it proven over and over again that in selecting hotels you get what you pay for - nowhere does this seem to be more true than in New York City. I chose the Hudson because I was traveling on my own dime and wanted to save a few bucks - under that criterion, the Hudson rises to top of its class among hotel choices in the city. In fact, traveling on the cheap felt fun and funky given the Hudson's murky hallways, atmospheric lobby, and bento box-style guest rooms. If, on the other hand, I were traveling on business as I often do and needed a bit of room and more comfort, I'd quite honestly choose to stay elsewhere. Again, you get what you pay for and at the Hudson - if you don't expect much, you actually get a lot.

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Didn'r rate this establishment by DRNS-London
4 / 10

I was unimpressed with the Hudson, largely as a result of the poor service. In short, the staff were just too 'cool' to serve you properly. I shall not be returning.

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One CAN fit a bed into a closet... by traveler3535
2 / 10

Although the lobby floor was buzzing and energetic, I became worried as I wheeled my suitcase down the long, narrow, darkly painted, dimmly lit corridor, with door after door, disappearing toward the vanishing point. It felt like I was in a David Lynch set.When I opened the door to my room there was a curtain in front of me. I slid it aside and fell onto the bed. The entire room consisted of the bed and a one-foot wide path on either side. Nothing more.I returned to the lobby and told them I wouldn't be staying there.What is Expedia doing recommending this converted NYU dormatory?

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will not return by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

We went to the Hudson because of all the talk about it. here's what we experienced: When other reviewers said that the rooms are small, believe them! There is no usable lighting or extra space to speak of. The heat was on full tilt . Thank god the window opened (except we were on the street side of the building, so we also got tons of traffic noise. The CVS accross the street has a lovely selection of earplugs). The bathroom is a joke! if you are over 5'8", plan on sitting side saddle (in the bathroom, that is). The place is dark! (lobby, halls and rooms). The room was clean, the staff was fine and the Cafeteria restaurant was okay. We would not, however, stay there again!!

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