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"My husband and I stayed for 1week at rodeos palace. We where lucky to have a nice room after reading some reviews. But the food was awful stone cold. Plates where dirty, and the chef did not know how to fry an egg. And also beware, we where charged for drinks from the mini bar which we never had. But we had to pay, because its your word against theres. And you never win. People who say the food is nice must be used to slops, but were not. So take notice. Do not stay in this tower of terror. We defenitley wont."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Change your evening meal for a lunch if half board. It is more presentable.
  • Good For: Beach
by Olivia10
1 / 10

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"Myself,my husband and my young daughter have recently just arrived home from a stay at the Rodos Palace Hotel in ixia, Rhodes. On arriving it seemed very large and the reception seemed impressive if not a little dated.

Reception staff seemed pleasant and helpful.....This is generally where it all went downhill from!!!!.the room a garden suite which was a basic apartment dressed up with better wallpaper and curtains but basically a holiday apartment not a luxury five star suite.On enetring the room the floor had not been swept or cleaned ,the bathroom had somebodies used soap on the sink still and a dirty glass with mould in the bottom.not a very good impression...felt very deflated..we requested a new room which wasnt much better but think generally they were all of the same standard. Had to buy my own cleaning stuff just to make sure it was clean for my tea and coffee facilities,no iron and no mini bar.what five star hotel doesnt have a all these as a basic requirement, isnt that the point!!!! could have stayed at the apartment down the road for a fraction of the price..

We had paid half board but our experience at the first morning breakfast will stay with me forever its was just awful there was more food on the floor ,people had there hands in the food it was just disgusting i could have cried...Very un civilised!!!!! so we never ventured in there again the whole holiday.Very noisy at night and in the morning with people shouting etc...didnt really get a good nights sleep.

I feel myself as a well travelled person that the hotel is grossly misold by Olympic travel and will be persuing some legal advice as i felt the brochure and the website is deceptive from a trading standards point of view and it clearly doesnt represent a true reflection of the accomodation...

the only saving grace was Rhodes old town which was really pretty

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Dont go there in the forst place
by Bramhall3
1 / 10

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Holiday thatwas great

"I dont know where everybody esle stayed, but we found it to be good value for money. it is rated 5 star, but anyone who travels knows that out of the UK 5 star =3 star plus. and this is how we found the Rhodos Palace. we arrived early due to a good flight from Gatwick with Strategic airways (took off 3 minutes late and arrived 30mins early)and were upgraded to the executive wing, where we found all the amenities working, yes you pay for internet, but this is normal, dont forget this is a business hotel.

Staff all over the hotel were very helpful and friendly, nothing was too big or small, food was European standard and was very good, especially the A L'Carte., if you want British, stay in Britain or go to Spain.

We had a great time and will reccomend this to any of our friends and collegues and are planning to go back next year

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Dont think like a Brit, expect to be a European
  • Good For: Beach
by Charles H
9 / 10

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Do give the Rodos Palace Hotel a visit

"We were delayed for 12 hours at the Airport with Strategic Airways and sfter reading previous awful reviews regarding the Rodos Palace, we were very unsure regarding this holiday. We found the hotel to be spotlessly clean, we were upgraded to the Executive Wing, decor slightly dated (what do you expect!) but for us, we were delighted with the complete friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, who could not do enough for you, drinks not expensive, accommodation clean and well cared for. Food was quite varied but besides the buffet meals, you could eat from the menu or choose another restaurant in the hotel. I would certainly recommend this hotel for a relaxing break, pool and spa areas excellent. Very good value for money. Ignore the moaners, this was good value for money and service."

  • Holiday details: May 2012
by Amrit
5 / 10

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Definitely not 5 ***** to British standards

"Bedrooms were average, drawers broken and full of dirt/rubbish. Pool areas dirty. Generally dirty, rubbish left lying around for days.Breakfast hall disorganised, food average. Safe in bedroom broken, shower in our boys room was broken, we complained 4 times, still nothing was done. I strongly feel that 5 star prices are being charged for a 3-low 4 star hotel."

by Dissappointed
5 / 10

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rodos palace hotel

"i have recently been to rodos palace hotel and we were booked into the v.i.p executive suites but for a 5* hotel it was more like a 3* as the staff were not friendly and after a long journey to the hotel from manchester, they could of smiley at least. BUT!-if you go self-catering it is much better as the hotel food is not nice 1 bit!!!...when you go outside of the hotel it is gorgeous with bars and restaurants along the front of the main road,there is 1 restaurant that we ate in alot and it was the friendliest with nice waiters and they were pollite and helpfull and they were always chatting to you.this bar/restaurant was called the eleni pool must try it!! i am going again next year but not booking the same hotel as it was not upto 5* standards.and make sure you do not get a flight with stragicic airlines as they are awful and everyone on our flight was sick and ill when we got to manchester."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, half-board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: go out for dinner and do not go all inclusive as the food is not nice at all
  • Good For: Beach
by maria
6 / 10

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Terrible food, dirty rooms and unhelpful staff

"This is definitely not a 5 star hotel more like a 2/3. Upon arrival we were given a twin room, which was a smoking room and had clearly not been cleaned. We were then given another room, which was near enough identical to the room we had been given the first time round but worse. The rooms need a major uplift and a good cleaning. Our bathroom was dirty, full of mould, broken ceiling and smelt of damp. The bedroom had chewing gum stuck under the lamps, sockets hanging from the walls and a filthy mattress was stuck under our bed. The manager at reception was useless and was not willing to help one bit (Irena). Any questions we asked with regards to the services of the hotel we were told by her to come back because she was too busy to talk to us, and later on she was still to busy even though she was just stood around talking to other staff.

The food was ok in the evenings but the lunch was absolutely terrible. However all the staff in the restaurant areas were nice enough and friendly as was the guy who works on the main bar in the hotel in the evenings. However during the day if you want a drink from the pool bar and your willing to wait up to 40mins for a drink then you’ll be ok. Panos who runs this bar and the dome bar in the evenings was rude, arrogant and had a habit of talking rudely about the guests of the hotel in greek as he did about me and my partner, unfortunately for him I can speak greek to which he didn’t know about until the fourth day we were there! He was often very off hand with anyone who came and asked him for a drink at the bar or any other questions related to the hotel.

The pools were nice and there was plenty of space around the pool- the pool guy was probably the most helpful person in the hotel even though he spoke very little English, as was Suzanna who unfortunately for her works around the pool area/bar.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book the garden rooms alot more expensive but much nicer than the standard block, beware what you book. The hotel website is very deceiving.
by Dee - West Yorkshire
1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Dont waste your money at this hotel or Olymtic hols

"well were to begin, the staff were awful and unhelpful.

Our room was never cleaned, and i dont see why i should have to wait till 5Pm for towels to have a shower.

The 'Dome; that is pictured doesnt come to 1% of what was there, no lights, no tables set, and even no dinner in there. I have never burnt my hand on a hairdryer, but i did here. i have neve had to queue to get into a dining room in a 5 star hotel. 3 lifts for a hotel this size was just a joke! we had to slam our down shut as the door was out by about 1/4 inch, we complained buit this didnt get us anywhere, we complained to the rep, and never once where we offered an apology!

Dont waste your money going to this hotel, you will be disappointed with your room, the staff the food, the service, the lighting in your bathroom, and the excuse they call air con

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Half board, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Dont book
  • Good For: Beach
by samanddave
1 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

very unpleasant reception staff...

"very unpleasant reception staff especially duty manager irena, youd think she owned the place and had a grudge against brits, hotel beautiful, rooms a let down for a five star, food , a good job we live in cyprus and are used to meditereanan cusine,if you didnt like fish or spaghetti bolognese youd had it, no choice on buffet, tell a lie i spied some chicken one night, but by the time i got there it was gone. entertainment was not up to standard, as an entertainer myself in proper five star hotels, i think im qualified to judge after 40 yrs in the biz, we moved on the last night to a modern hotel called ocean blue, in Ialysis

brilliant food staff excellent reception very helpful will not be staying at rodos palace again

by G J Lane
4 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Upon arrival at this hotel, the...

"Upon arrival at this hotel, the reception staff were not very welcoming after a long journey, a smile would have been nice at least! The rooms were ok, but slightly dated, especially the pampus green bathrooms, which were very 'dark' with one small spotlight in the ceiling - but I suppose the tan looked better! At one point our shower had completely come away from the wall and had to be fixed back. The food was ok, but was the same each night, the breakfast choice was ok. As this hotel is used for company conventions, the hotel guest is treated as second class, when there are company conventions eg., the larger restuarant is only available to the convention guests for breakfast, the hotel guest has to eat at the smaller restuarant. The main outdoor pool was only for use by the convention guests for one day, the hotel guests were not allowed to use this, it was sectioned off annoying a lot of people. When the receptionist was confronted about this, she said 'what's the problem its only for one day??!! The entertainment was ok, but not fantastic. A lot of the staff were very miserable, and a smile and a bit of effort would have been nice! Overall the hotel is more of a 4 star."

5 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Conference facilities were excellent...

"Conference facilities were excellent BUT! billing this hotel as a "luxury" resort is a euphemistic daydream. The staff treated guests as a nuisance. I asked what was included with my plan and was told emphatically 3 times "it was explained you at checkin" (it wasn't, why else ask?) The rooms were unmaintained. No air conditioning. Breakfast was cafeteria food. Over rated, over priced. Absolutely the worst staff I've ever encountered at a hotel! Don't get me started on the smoke filled lobbies and rooms!"

by Other JBKR Disappointed Guests
1 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

my husband and i booked this holiday...

"my husband and i booked this holiday resort because it sounded lovely, on arrival we asked to pay for an upgrade to a better room, the man on reception was rude and arrogant and made a nasty remark to another reception worker and they both started to run down the british, they were so rude i was nearly in tears, and asked my husband to get on the next flight home. We stayed for the week but our room devoloped a leak in the bathroom and they had to move us. The food was the same every night (not very good ) and sitting talking in the resturant area one night we saw several very large cockroaches! The staff on reception were rude arrogant and anti british. This is a hotel we would never recommend or go to again. We have been going to Greece for years and have always found the Greek people to be very friendly and helpful, but this has turned us off of ever going back to Rhodes."

by P Winmill
1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Amrit

    " Chill out and relax in the pool areas, and spa facilities "

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