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brilliant stay

" just arrived back from cyprus after staying at the crown resorts elamaris in pernera

i thought i would write a review because after we had booked the holiday i read some of the

reviews and got worried because they were mostly bad.our stay was excellent the hotel was very clean;all the staff were very nice and could.nt do enough for you,the cleaning of the room was first class the maid came every day and did a great job.when you book the crown resorts it says its in protaras but its in penera whch is a very nice place its got a very nice beach and there are nice bars and restuarants to eat and drink at night. From pernera to protaras built a walk way along the beach which is vsry nice and it took me and my partner a 20 minute walk and what a nice walk for topping up up tan.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: a very nice and relaxing place
  • Good For: Beach
by magicmatty
9 / 10

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fantastic holiday

"We travelled here 20 oct 09 to 27 oct 09.... I had read previous reviews after booking so i was terrified at what we might find, it was to be our first family holiday in a long time with 2 young children aged 3 and 5. But when we arrived i was pleasantly surprised.. the reception staff were very helpful and nice. Our room was ok... not perfect as it was in need of some tlc but immaculately clean, but we did have a tv and air conditioning. The weather was still great for this time of year approx 85'f. the pools and all facilities were cleaned daily. There is plenty to do for younger kids, the small pool, park and arcade machines. we ate out at different resturants in the evenings and had no complaints, we then sat by the pool bar of an evening to relax whilst watching the kids playing in the park. I would not think of going here all inclusive though and other guests were complaining the the on site resturant's food was not very nice."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by amandajchapman
8 / 10

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Enjoyable holiday

"Booked holiday then read reviews? wondered what we had let ourselves in for? We found the hotel very clean and all staff were friendly and polite.Room was cleaned every day if you wanted it - Bath room was dated but no worse than other resorts we have stayed in.Food breakfast - full english or fruit or cereal or yogurt good choice - all good - Lunch very good choice salad or 4 different warm dishes plus cake/ice cream etc - again all good - Evening dinner good but need to label up what the dishes are ? Pool area good and very clean done every morning . Drinks ok but it is local drinks - Entertainment good for kids not sure about adults. On the whole a very enjoyable week - would go back."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: mini boat trip - weather - pleasant walks along the sea front -
  • Good For: Beach
by collier
8 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Great holiday

"The Elamaris is an older hotel but it is clean and provides good services for an enjoyable holiday. Our room was very clean and although the bathroom was not ultra modern the shower was great. The staff were always friendly and helpful. The food was fine, quite basic but edible with plenty of salads and cooked meats and always something simple on hand for children- the only off putting thing was the smokers! Good for a relaxing pool hiliday with some children's activities available.

Can't believe how negative some people can be! I overheard one man saying the hotel was 'absolute crap'- I don't know what he based this on but he was an absolute disgrace littering the pool area with his empty drinks and cigarette butts-and basically making a complete prat of himself.

A holiday is what you make it and you can have a great time at this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: beautiful beaches
  • Good For: Beach
by the chadwicks
8 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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"hi to all that read reviews before booking just to advise u not to book the crown resorts elmaris me and my partner stayed there for two weeks on an all inclusive holiday and its the worst place we have stayed at the food is disgusting as u only get a limited choice and 9 times out of 10 the food is cold or the same as the night before. the rooms are ok but they are very dated it says that this hotel is a 4* when it actually is only an a* hotel the entertainment is very basic thaey have a kids disco in the day but its the same as the night time. the kids food menu is a choice of chicken nuggets and chips or fish fingers and chips thats all the choice there is for kids. as for the food for the adults i would not even feed it to my dogs thats how bad it was. me and my partner ate out most of the time as the food at the hotel was that bad we meet a few people whilst on this holiday and none of them had a good word to say about it either. all of us have said we will never book this hotel again. the only two staff at the hotel that were polite where johanna and mariella they work on the pool bar but the rest of the staff are so rude and igronant that my daughter is better manned then them and she is only 2. i am so glad that my daughter never came with us on this holiday as i feel there was nothing for toddlers or young babies to do there also the a/c is so bad that me and my partner had to sleep in the front room to even feel the a/c. SO PLEASE IF UR THINKING OF BOOKING THIS HOTEL THINK AGAIN PLEASE DONT BE MUGGED OF LIKE THE REST OF US HAVE"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: i like potaras but not the crown resorts elmaris
  • Good For: Beach
by heidi86
1 / 10

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if you want a nice all inclusive holiday in cyprus please do not book this hotel!!

"Myself and my friend had worked hard all year to save for a holiday and thought we would treat ourselves to a nice all inclusive break away and I wish now that we had not chosen this hotel because it was thoroughly dissapointing.

The food that was on offer to us was abissmal and I actually only ate in the restaurant (or canteen as I renamed it) about 3 times, the food that was on offer was that poor that I couldnt even bring myself to go to the restaurant as it began to get depressing. I began to tire of eating the same foods (mainly chips, salad, dry pizza), and one night I had to resort to eating the childrens option of chicken nuggets and chips, which is definately not my desired choice of food especially when I was on holiday. I had to spend lots of extra money on eating out at surrounding restaurants. I began to think that maybe I was being too fussy but after speaking to other all inclusive guests at the hotel I knew this was not the case as no-one had a good word to say. One couple who we spoke to who were staying at the hotel as self catering (and this was their third visit in 2 months) told us that they went into the restaurant one night out of curiosity to see what all the fuss was about and told us that they would have not eaten anything in the restaurant either and definately would not be returning to the hotel.

The staff (with the exception of about 3) were rude, ignorant and made me feel like a piece of dirt on their shoe, they had no idea how to be polite and many times I stood at the reception desk for about 10 minutes whilst they spoke amongst themselves and then finally acknowledged that I was there. I have been to greece/cyprus several times and am used to their normally friendly manner which I expected from this hotel but it is all european staff whom do not seem to understand the aspects of efficient customer service.

The rooms are very basic and outdated. The bathroom was the worst Ive ever seen in a hotel, the shower curtain was disgusting and there was a pile of hair in the corner of the bathroom during our whole stay and ants running round the floor!!

Im not usually a moaner or a complainer when I go away but I can honestly say this was the first holiday where I couldnt wait to get home. It was the holiday makers that we met at the hotel that made it bareable and the surrounding area was lovely, I will not let it put me off going back to cyprus but I will not be going all inclusive again unless I know it is a repitable hotel and I will definately not be returning to this hotel ever again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with co-op breaks
  • Activities: Shalimar indian restaurant and Sizzlers
  • Good For: Beach
by emma83
3 / 10

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Elamaris very disapointing

"We have just returned from Elamaris 3 days ago and thank god it was only for 1 week. On arrival the hotel looked impressive but once you enter inside the apartment you soon realise that all is not as it seems. The bathroom was disgusting with old water marks/stains on the bath tub. The shower curtian looked like it was about to walk off by itself it was so dirty, god knows what was growing on it. The toilet seat had old wee stains and as for cleaning the maids did very little. We also had a ant problem, the ants where coming out of the fridge, running up the front of the fridge door and on the kitchen floor. This was delt with but it was so off putting. The next event was walking out of our room and being hit with the smell of urine. Someone had urinated in a tall standing ashtray/bin which was situated next to the lift and our room, this was washed out but stunk for days after. The food was okay, we never went hungry but it was becoming boring. The deserts were always the same and not very good at all. The entertainment was shocking,at times when we could'nt bare it anymore, we took ourselves off to the apart-

ment to have our own "party" , this is bad when you are all inclusive. The staff apart from one or two were very miserable and unhelpful and on the very first night when I asked for drinks,was asked who they were for, how many adults and that you carn't order more than one drink per person and not to give other people drinks. When you first arrive at a hotel you do not need this type of attitude, which ofcourse put me off and was upsetting and annoying to think we had paid £2,500 for this type of treatment. We

have said we would go back to cyprus but never back to this hotel ever !!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
  • Activities: Beaches good, Sea fanstastic and clear, good for snorkling etc
by sirs
3 / 10

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Family Holiday...

"Hi if your thinking of booking Elamaris as an all inclusive holiday think again! im not one to complain but after my holiday i was determined to put in a review as the hotel was the biggest dissapointment to my holiday! the staff were rude with the exception of 1 0r 2, the breakfast was not very nice it was made up of ur typical english fry up which is fine but it just tasted like crap! then theres was the snack menu chips and chicken nuggets! chips and burger! toasted sandwich- which wasnt actually toasted! not impressed as i payed over £2000 and ive paid alot less and gt alot more for my money in other places! dinner was no better there was only a choice between 2 dishes and they served smiley faces ! desert was always the same! and the all inclusive drinks were served until 11;30pm! and we were told we were only allowed to order 1 drink per person all though there were 11 adults and 10 kids! all of which were all inclusive! the lift was always out of order so was constantly carrying the buggy up and down the stairs with no help from any of the guys from the reception! there were a number of other customers very upset with the quality of service.. it was like staying at butlins just in hotter country! and the entertainment was very poor! lol i do sound like a big moaner on here but trust me i would not go back here again.. this was also my first time in cyprus, cyprus its self is lovely and im booking a holiday to go back again this year i really dont kow how they got there '4*' rating more like 1*, good luck with finding a hotel with the general standard you'd expect!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Carlamarie
1 / 10

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"I loved it. The hotel was clean and the staff were really friendly and welcoming. Perfect setting for a get away from it all kind of holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Absolutely
  • Activities: Cape Bar in Protaris - Very funny!
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Kerriedee
8 / 10

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how poor

"The area is great and the entertainment was superb. The food was the worst I have ever eaten you are eating with flies and birds, and flies in the food. The service is something to be desired; your drinks ordered in the restaurant before you start eating is received once you have finished your meal. The food servied at lunchtime is also served at dinner and quite often repeated again the next day with the odd exception of change - however the desserts were the same day in day out. The staff are rude and slow with the odd exception of two barmaids Mariella and Johanna. The cleaners do not clean the rooms properly especially in the bathroom. Online stated that the hotel was a four star but it emerged that this was only an "A" class hotel appartments!!

I would not recomend this place to anyone else.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Really nice area you shoud go but avoid at all costs the World Crown Resorts Elamaris
  • Good For: Beach
by Sasha1234
1 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Bit Of A Letdown!!

"Iknow this review is a bit late but i think it should be said.I stayed there with a party of 7(5adults 2kids)last july,the place was a dump!! ive been holidaying in Cyprus for the last 8 years mostly all inclusive and i told the others in my party what a great place it was food never let us down etc.The place was run by Polish and bulgarians who couldnt smile,understand a word you said unless you gave them tips(money not lessons in how to be cheerful!!)The food was utter junk,even the stray cats were stick insects!!The pool was nice and clean ,if you like swimming in others crap!! ohh floaters. I did go see the manager he was a very nice fellow listened to me,even tried to sell me a timeshars bungalow!! think he was more interested in getting close with the polish girls. As for the pool bar if you have any freinds staying in nearby hotels the Rottweiller(Marianne)you could backhand her and she will let them enjoy all inclusive with you (not cheap tho!!50euros)overall tho i love the Cypriot people and ther lovely country but this year its time for a change Turkey 5Star enjoy folks"

by twingo
3 / 10

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Short but concise review

"We have just returned from a week in Cyprus staying at the Crown Resorts hotel Elamaris. First impressions from the outside seem good, but it goes rapidly downhill from then on! I'll keep this short, but if you are booking in May it can be hot, however the hotel refuse to turn the air conditioning on despite us asking. We were simply told "well we are ok with the heat this time of the year and we don't turn the A/C on until the 1st of June". To be quite honest I don't give a rats bottom what the staff like or don't like about the weather - I am a paying customer and expect A/C when it gets hot!!! Despite me saying my baby was too hot they still refused to turn the A/C on, however they offered a fan which simply whafted the warm air around and was pretty useless. This is unacceptable.

The balcony is unsafe! DO NOT LEAN ON IT OR YOU COULD FALL TO YOUR DEATH! It is held together with rusty screws and rubbish aluminium bars. So if you feel the need to lean on it to appreciate the view, expect to meet your maker instead.

Food is pretty awful. They offered eggs, beans, tomato and these awful "dog food" style hotdogs for breakfast. The food in cyprus is generally very good but they simply can't be bothered serving up anything decent in this hotel.

The rooms themselves are fairly basic and I wouldn't say 3 star at all, maybe 1 or maximum 2. The interior is very dated, although it is clean. The bathroom shower curtain was too short and water went everywhere so the bathroom floor was like skating on ice. The toilet took about 5 attempts to flush and was obviously broken.

I think that about sums it up! I wouldn't recommend it and won't be staying again. Overall - poor and could do better.

by Mr Bing
3 / 10

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