Filerimos Hotel

37 Ialyssos, Rhodes 85101, Greece
3 star
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3.5  / 10
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Room: 5.5/10
Service: 5.5/10
Food: 3/10
Value: 5.5/10
Cleanliness: 6/10
Location: 5.5/10

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Can't fault it by bigfish
9 / 10

Visited the Filerimos Hotel in September 2012, had a great time. The staff were lovely especially Alex behind the bar. Food was lovely. BBQ every night- cant get much fresher than that. Room was huge, quite old fashioned but spotless and cleaned everyday. Having visited many all inclusive hotels in Greece got to say this is one of the best for the money.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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Worst experience ever. Disgusting in every way! by Daniel S
1 / 10

This was by far the worst experience I have ever had in a hotel, hostel or anywhere else I have stayed/slept on my many travels. Please do yourself a favour and not go there... I made the huge mistake of not listening to others before booking.

- The photos online are NOTHING like what it is really like.

- The place is old, dirty, run-down, poorly kept.

- Beds are impossible to sleep on... Like a park bench with a cardboard box as your pillow.

- No shampoo or soap, stained towels, ants everywhere. Air conditioning is extra.

- Food is old, recycled and very, very bad in general. Even if you have all inclusive, you will eat out and drink out.

- Staff (including the manager) are so rude it is unbelievable. The receptionist said - quote: "If you saw the room you actually booked, you'd flip out"

We ended up leaving, not getting a refund, and booking in to another hotel. We simply couldn't bare another minute there, it was so disgusting and depressing!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Issta
  • Advice: Book somewhere else

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Worst place ever by Becca F
4 / 10

If your thinking about booking this hotel.. Then I advise you to read this then make your mind up. Me and my family went for two week and there was quite a lot of us, including young children. The rooms themselves are nice I have to say, we stayed in the rooms that are named the bungalows, which were quite handy because we were straight near the poolside. Sun beds were easy to get and the weather was lovely. That was about it. There were no entertainment whatsoever throughout the day unless you call one girl jumping around in a pool with a whistle. The food was disgusting! Full of left overs from the night before. You had to help yourself to the food which we did not mind but the plates were mucky, the tables had bits of food all over, and all the staff did was come out of the kitchen and empty some rotten cooked chips into the trays. We lived off grapes and cucumber for the rest of the fortnight. The staff are the most rudest, unsociable people ever. They never talked to you, and even on one occasion threw our towels into the pool! They also looked very lazy too. Throughout the day there were "snacks" well if you call stale biscuits. And even though it was all inclusive you had to pay for things such as ice cream. The drinks were flat, and there was hardly any choice except coke or lemonade or "beer" if that's what you call it. At night there was nothing at all do to except sit around a table and play cards... That is all what we did. There were no entertainment at night and on the 'stage' it had ripped curtains, chairs everywhere and it looked scruffy and a mess. We went into town once which was expensive so we couldn't go out really. The beach was not far away about a 10 minute walk which is full of pebbles. I would highly recommend to save your money and not go to this place. As the weather was lovely, the hotel and it's surroundings was a dissopointment.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The weather
  • Good For: Beach

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Dumped here by Como Street Travel! by suehunter17
1 / 10

Booked and paid for 5*AI unfortunately Como Street did not. My family ended up here and it was THE holiday from hell. After 6 days of begging (by myself) my original hotel found us a room (at their expense) in between, we ate out every day as the food was disgusting. The place was filthy and the staff couldn't have cared less as they hadn't been paid. Fought two year for compensation and eventually got it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, booked with Como Street Travel
  • Advice: Don't go there in the first place.

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1 / 10

• Rude staff


• Very far from shops ...the one shop outside is very expensive

• The pools are dirty and don't get cleaned regularly

• There was a wasps nest just outside our door

• Plugs not attached to the wall

• Air conditioning was very expensive

• Dirty bathroom with shower that drips

• The toilets near the pool were disgusting. **** and tissue all over the floor

• The one good thing is that the beach is only about a 7min walk away but

is full of pebbles

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go out to Rhodes town everyday and don't spend time at the hotel during the day

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catered for the polish by hag
1 / 10

if your english and you like polish food then you will like it. meaning if you like the same **** everyday then your be ok. me and my boyfriend payed for all in and had 2 eat out everyday. the only good thing was a member off the anermation team (hungarian andy) with his witty ideas and borat voice which kept us laughing. the hotel is a 2* or 1* not a 4* english stay away

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: not to go
  • Good For: Beach

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Nothing to complain about by andy
8 / 10

May 2011 - just returned from a fortnights holiday. 14 year old fussy eater only had one meal when there was nothing he liked! We didnt pay 5 star prices, didnt expect 5 star food but it was all very nice. Heard about another 5 star hotel nearby, that was full, with people going down with food poisoning! Only plastic glasses by the poolside, with hot and cold snacks, soft drinks and alcohol served all day. Pools are lovely. Staff very polite and helpful. Particularly Giannis the barman who was good fun and very informative about the local attractions. Would recommend to anyone who wants a relaxing,cheap, fun holiday. Rooms cleaned daily, beds made daily. 5 minute walk to beach. Short bus ride or 30 minute walk to the nearest town.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
  • Advice: Hire a car to see the area
  • Good For: Beach, Skiing

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Hotel from hell! by sioux
1 / 10

We were moved here by Beat the Brochure after booking 5* AI with them. The hotel is dirty, the rooms are dirty, the staff are rude, broken glass around the pool is not cleared up, dirty plates and glasses are not cleared away, the toilets are not cleaned, need I say more...Oh yes, the food is inedible and if you are expecting All Inclusive you will not find it here.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go there

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This is really a holiday from hell! by .
2 / 10

unless you like dirty plates, cutlery and cups, rude staff, dungeon rooms, disgusting food with no variety and the same thing every single day then this is the holiday for you :).

The hotel itself looked loverly. the rooms where basic but clean. apart from the dungeon rooms on the ground floor which are disgusting! they put us in those rooms on the first night because they didnt have our room ready! we couldnt even take a shower after a long flight because the bathroom was disgusting with **** on the seat on poo on the toilet brush which had no cover. The aircon is expensive and there is no way you could sleep without it so that was £165 of our spending money gone!

This hotel can not handle all inclusive. the food was the same every single day, there was no variety and they used leftovers for the next meal. the 'hot and cold snacks' available next to the pool where hot and cold biscuits!! its says all inclusive but you have to pay for ice-creams, pizza and certain drinks such as coctails and other alcoholic drinks you had to pay for. All of the drinks where waterd down and the plastic cups where diswasherd and recycled. The plates, cutlery and cups where dirty and the table cloths where changed but wernt cleaned properly so there where still stains and dirt on them. As you eat there are wild cats walking round your feet begging for food and because the staff dont clean the plates up strait away the cats actualy jump onto the tables and eat off of the plates. there are also wild dogs running around the hotel outside which went to attack a familys young children when i was there. The staff which are suppost to be cleaning up the plates and tables stand by the door look at your bum, boobs and everything else and grade you out of 10!! even though they speak greek it was obvious what they where doing and who they was talking about.

The pools where nice and where cleaned well but the man who worked at the snack bar by the pool would force you and push you out if you was wet, shout at you to get out, even little kids. Ive seen numorous people complain because he was man handling there kids.

As you check in they take your passports which are just left behind the desk! and when you check out you can pay to have a room if your flight is later but they didnt have any rooms left so we couldnt get showerd before our late flight, one family i spoke to checked out at 11am and there flight wasnt untill 5am so the hotel didnt even give them a room to sleep in. Your suitcases are just left in reception for anyone to take.

Just dont go, youl regret choosing this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Viking
  • Advice: its terrible.
  • Good For: Beach

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all inclusive Not ! by B.Reveiw
3 / 10

when we arrived i thought that we get all food and drinks for free, we soon found out when were at the pool bar we had to pay for chips , pizza. also at night most of the alcohlic drinks had to be payed for and the milkshaked and crisps had to be payed for.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the entertainment is canceled as they dont pay there staff
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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Think twice by bookreader
3 / 10

we have never left a review before but felt we had to

to do so this time,firstly the good points are nice pool area with some activities to do like waterpolo,football,water aerobics,nearest town is lalyssos with afew restaurants and shops to get by on which is around 25 mins walk,the rooms are basic but are cleaned every day,rhodes town is 15 mins on a bus at a cost of 2 euros 10 cents to date and run quite frequently,but what really lets this hotel down is the all inclusive,this hotel does not cater for the english but mainly for germans,polish and russians,in the morning there was one rice krispie look a like offering which was poor to say the the least,horrible scrambled eggs,cocktail german sausage and something shaped like bacon but awful,the food was no better in the evening and nothing for children other than chips and salad,only certain drinks were on offer for all inclusive and that ends at 11 oclock then you have to pay,no hot snacks through the day unless you pay,ice cream is chargable,no fresh fruit on offer,we did eat out the majority of the time, for us it was totally unacceptable for all inclusive and the choice of food was very poor,hardly anything at all for english and children,forgot to mention ther was one four slice toaster for the hotel,most people have one in their kitchen,ovrall verdict is hotel is ok for a quiet holiday but all inclusive package is poor especially for a so called 4* rated hotel.Air con is chargable at 42 euros a week which should be free in a 4*.

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horrible food... by claire
3 / 10

if u are thinking of booking this hotel for all inclusive,Dont!!! The food was really bad!! worst ive ever been too ever.. usually in all inclusive you find something you can eat, This is unfortunately not the case in the filerimos village. For such a large hotel there is a small variety of bland tasteless so called food. If your looking for traditional greek food you wont get it here. When i asked why? i was told the hotel was catering for the russian and polish holiday makers. There was no snack bar either only dried up biscuits or some strange egg thing that seemed to have the day before left overs in it. There was no icecream or lollies for kids unless you paid. The drink wasnt much better. The hotel seemed very understaffed. The animation team where all very nice and tried their best to entertain us with poor facilities. Andy was great fun. The mini disco and entertainment was in a dark hole not close to the bar, so you had to keep going and checking on the kids. why they didnt have it in the main bar where there was plenty of room is a wonder. The pool was lovely but wasnt the cleanest.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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  • filerimos aparthotel trianda
  • Address: 37 Ialyssos, Rhodes 85101, Greece

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  • by claire

    " If u want to lose weight quickly come stay here!!! "

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