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Best time ever

"Just returned yesterday from a brilliant week around the Adriatic and as a frequent cruiser I can honestly say this has to have been my best yet.

We found the bar staff on deck 10, especially Omar who could not do enough for you, nothing was to much trouble for any of the staff and all deserve 10/10.

The staff on reception very helpfully and very polite and my very small query was dealt with within minutes.

Leroy who was the maître'd is in the perfect job, and he even recognized two lady's wearing the same dress on Captains night and made sure they were seated opposite sides of the dinning room as not to cause any embarrassment. To me I thought that was a lovely thing to do and neither woman knowing about the other.

Our cabin was on deck 3 outside plus and it was lovely, flat screen television and a good hairdrier, which does make all the difference to a woman. The shower was very powerful and constant hot water, air con worked well which was very much needed on this cruise. I would recommend outside plus just for that bit of extra room.

We could not complain about the food as there was too much choice for there not to be something you did not like.

All in all brilliant cruise and already booked our next one.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eat in the 7 seas restraunt on the evening for a special experience.
by Jury
10 / 10

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freindly majesty

"this should be marketed as Thomson friendly cruise ship all staff treat you as long lost palls, spotless, great food,great ports, entertainment team - just okay petty team leader a diva and team follow, they don't mix with passengers shows need an upgrade, but had a great cruise."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014
  • Advice: just relax enjoy as omar (barman) says chill
by smokeys
10 / 10

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Thomson Majesty cruise from Malaga for 7 nights 20th March 2014

"This is the first time we have cruised with Thomsons.

The health and safety on board is disgusting.

My Mother 84 and my sister with learning difficulties had to slide down 4 flights of stairs on her bottom as no staff to help her when the alarm went off in the middle of the night as the engines had broken down in severe weather conditions. We had to get to the muster station on deck 7 from deck 9. There were signs on the lifts saying not to use them.On arriving on deck 7 athe muster station there were only the one or two staff passing through to advise all was OK.We then had to find staff to get back to the room as the lifts were not working still when we were told all was OK but difficult to establish really what had happened we had little information and no real apology as to what the real problem was.When returning to the deck the smell of Diesel was disgusting.

Many staff were terrified also by the experience and they didnt seem to know what was going on when we first looked into the corridor of our deck from our room, wearing their lifejackets and running around confused.,No staff again were able to help us decend the stairs. I was actually told by one member of staff that there had been a fire.

On reaching the room back on deck 9 ,I then repeated my previous requests to remove the big glass table that had we have fallen and my sister also has severe vertigo could have proved fatal.After 4 requests it was removed but the glass put under the bed, bearing in mind the extremely bad weather could easily have slid from under the bed and smashed.

The following night my Mother and sister were severely sick, I asked the medical center to visit them in our room.

My Mother stood up when they arrived and fell on my bed and the bed collapsed, the ship was really rocking. After my Mother and Sister had both been put on a drip we were advise the cost, fortunately My Mother and sister were insured but the cost of the drips were as follows, My Mothers total cost, 627.00 pound my Sisters total cost 629.00 pound we were told there was 500.00 excess to pay and they would charge us on board then we would have to take up with the Insurance company. Outrageous and we are still waiting for a refund having had the cost taken out on our final on board Bill.

As a matter of fact on contacting the Insurance Company (the Medical Center had advised they had contacted the Insurance Co, while we were on board and seen all our papers)and I had also shown to the Medical in the Insurance company's brochure the excess was only 60.00pound each with the Insurance Company so my Mother a pensioner of 84 years is still out of pocket by 500.00 pound.

Thomsons have now stated that the Medical Center were independent from the ship but Thomsons quickly took the 500.00 pound on our final bill and as I pointed out we had booked with Thomsons not the Medical Center direct.I also pointed out the Medical Center was on their ship so should take some responsibility.

It seems to me all Thomsons are bothered with is making money from passengers while no real concerns for their customers.

I have written to Thomsons 3 times since the end of the cruise and filed a complaint the day after the engines broke down filling a form in on board with a member of staff.

This was all very stressful and the reply I have had from Thomson is a very weak apology and on them contacting the staff on the ship are satisfied all was done in the situation!!!


I have responded again to Thomsons after their third letter of response.

They should not get away with it.

We have never had any problems with the 5 other cruise company's we have sailed with in the past.

LIz Hawkins

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Second class
by pavoreal
3 / 10

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What a Disappointment

"If you have never cruised before give it a go you don,t know the difference, If you have cruised with other lines don,t bother as you will be truly disappointed.

We have just returned on April 3rd from 14 nights on " Thompson Majesty" we were allocated cabin No. 828 which was very small virtually no wardrobe space and a small space between two single beds. Dress codes are ignored as vests and shorts are accepted in Buffet eating areas. The "Show Lounge" is not comfortable that is if you can get a seat which proved not to be easy. There are almost no announcements as to arrivals at Ports of Call, Weather conditions etc. The general alarm activated in the early morning hours but no information was given as to the problem. Entertainment ,the Resident Group were good but guest artists pathetic ( i.e. has been ) All the staff on board were very good but that could not compensate for the downsides.

So sorry Thompson it's a " NO " from us.

by Rikardo
2 / 10

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Wonderful relaxing holiday

"Our first cruise and it was brilliant. The service we received from the crew was second to none, they were all very helpful, hard working and efficient which in turn made everything run as smooth as clock work.

Our cabin was 3 berth outside on deck 7 and was plenty big enough for us, it was clean and had lots of storage space. The bathroom was well equipped. Towels and bedding were bright white. The cabin staff were great and did a very good job.

Food was of a good standard and available 20 hours a day...hence I gained 1/2 stone! Tables were kept well being cleared very quickly even a busy times.

Entertainment was smashing with a variety of quizzes, shows and music to choose from.

Nothing seemed to much trouble for any member of the crew and it is lovely to see so many people enjoying there jobs.

We didn't pay for any excursions as we made our own way around when we docked. Lisbon was our first stop and we got on a hop on hop off bus for €15 each. This was great value for money and we got to see everything we wanted to however when we got to Cadiz we did the same thing it cost us €17 each and was far from value for money as the city is much smaller so is easy to do on foot if you are able. Casablanca is one to watch, although the mosque is beautiful and a must see be very careful get a price before you get in a taxi and watch you bags.

We have traveled a lot and stayed in many hotels but for value for money this one takes the biscuit.

Will 100% book again.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Relax and enjoy you time on board unfortunately it won't last for ever, take something warm to put over your shoulders in the evenings
by Jenniehewer
10 / 10

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Italian Flavours

"We ventured on our first cruise, on the Thomson Majesty, and loved it! We had an outside plus cabin for 3 and found it nice and roomy- and spotless. The crew were brilliant-so too the meals.loved the evening shows, very professional.The wife had a fall in Rome, and Daniele the tour guide even texed the ship to let them know. All the tours a little pricey but very good.Have booked to go on Adriatic explorer this year on the Majesty- can't wait!"

by Robert T
10 / 10

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Majesty ship from limassol

"First time cruisers, really enjoyed ourselves, ship nice and clean, staff were fantastic, couldn't do enough for you, always

Had smiling faces. Food, so much of it, two restaurants with waiter service, visited bistro one night well worth the extra money fantastic food. Entertainment excellent, amenities sauna, gym really enjoyed these, cabin compact but had everything you need inside, always turned down at night with chocolate on the pillows and towels designed into shapes really lovely touch. Only downside was Thomson tour to Jerusalem/Bethlehem to rushed, didn't see everything, so I would take a taxi outside shop and negotiate a deal.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Everything was perfect could'nt find fault
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Matsuri
9 / 10

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Fantastic First cruise!!

"We have just returned from a Thompson cruise and stay on The Majesty and after being really worried as I am not a good sailor, I have to say it was totally amazing. In fact this was our first cruise and friends had suggested the Adriatic Explorer was a good one to start on because it is so flat calm. From the minute we boarded the ship we started to relax, the staff throughout the ship were incredible and made it such a great atmosphere. As I am Gluten Free at mealtimes I was given the menu for the next night and then they adapted it for me. The chef even made my own Baked Alaska! I never expected such quality food or treatment. I loved the fact that staff were at every eating place with anti bacterial bottles ready to zap your hands as you went in, this gives you a great sense of confidence in the ship and its standards.

Visiting Venice amongst all the other lovely places was unforgettable, we had a great day site seeing and when we arrived there mid morning it was very busy in St Marks Square but returning there at lunchtime it had calmed down a bit. We walked everywhere from when we left the ship, the river boats looked so packed and we thought we would see far more by walking about. We really loved it and would like to go back one day; people we met on the cruise had been several times to Venice and always found something to do there. When the ship sailed in the evening, two of the ships classical singers sang 'Andrea Bocelli' and that was wonderful and it felt really emotional. I am not really into classical music but I love 'Bocelli' and it would be hard not to be moved by the sail away.

Returning to the cruise itself, it is incredible value for money [especially if you book early and get a cheap drinks package deal] and we could not fault it in any way, in fact we have already been and booked again, trying another ship this time in another region. People on the cruise said that Thompson are great because you don't feel out of place wearing a smart cocktail dress or top and trousers. Obviously the men wouldn't wear T shirt and shorts for dinner but that is common sense really. Apparently some of the other cruise lines insist on a dress code [jackets for the men in the evenings etc. We prefer a more relaxed approach which is not to say 'tatty' at all.

There really is something for everyone and music wise too, from piano/violin, to modern pop and classical. One night after a show I suggested we go and look at the disco/nightclub, it was so good we stayed and danced for a while.

I have reviewed the hotel we stayed in Corfu separately for the second week [Louis Grand Glyfada] incidentally the organization and transfers from plane to ship to hotel all ran really smoothly.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: If you have flatish suitcases take them [ours were too deep] , they are better as they will fit under the bed to provide more space in the cabin.
by Cheryl W
10 / 10

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Dinning and drinks package

"Loved the ship the staff were fantastic really helpful made our holiday as always. Thomson should be very proud of their staff. Leroy and Stefan went the extra mile to ensure everybody enjoyed their time on board. The bar staff were all great but we feel Victor JD and Rab C did that little bit more to make us feel special.

The entertainment was fantastic all the shows were first class Music Unlimited did a fantastic job playing all over the ship.

The food in the restaurant was very good but that was not the case of the buffet on deck ten. Most of the tine the food was Luke warm and the choice was limited very disappointing not your usual standard.

The drinks package left a lot to be desired . Most of the drinks I like I had to pay extra also the soft drinks by the can were also chargeable . My husband returned several drinks as the horrible Pepsi cola was flat out of the bottle. When we were on the Majesty in April we still got cans of coke at no charge . I think at £200 each per week most drinks should be included especially. Soft drinks.

by Jim Janette
8 / 10

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Great Cruise, shame about the ship

"This was our first cruise, and we had a great time. We had an inside cabin which was fine, plenty enough space and storage. The ship was spotlessly clean but tired looking in places. Having said that I wasn't very impressed, take your own hairdryer, the one in the cabin isn't strong enough to blow out a candle (and ours was held together with tape), towels grey and flat, we had to have our shower mixer replaced as we had no hot water for 2 days. My mattress had a large dip in it, it took 3 days for them to change it so I had a bad back, the first lady I spoke to at reception just shrugged and said there were no more, until I pointed out there were 2 spare bunks in our cabin. The food in the restaurants was mostly good apart from the coffee in the evenings, I'm sure it was from lunchtime, and I sent it back many times. Every time we tried to go to a show we couldn't get in, as we went to the second show as we don't like to eat early. Contrary to above comments, during our trip there were not enough sunbeds! There were notices around saying any sunbed left for 45 minutes and the towels etc would be removed, I never saw this enforced. The Café Royale was like a staff canteen, and the food choice was the same every day unimaginative. Please leave the ice carving, vegetable carving and towel folding alone and concentrate on what matters. I liked that when you went for breakfast and dinner you sat at a large table with different people every time, we made some lovely friends this way, the trips and itinerary were great. We were told by veteran cruise goers, please don't judge all cruises on this one, this is the poorest ship we have been on. Not sure if we will cruise again"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013
  • Advice: don't go if the ship is full
by Jill R
4 / 10

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fantastic holiday

"This was our second holiday on the Majesty, and was again a fantastic holiday, we had an outside plus cabin, that was clean, and a good size, the cleaners did the room twice daily, and were very friendly. The main areas of the ship were always clean and tidy.

The food was great, buffet breakfast with a great choice, lunch time there was a choice of buffet or waiter service. Evening meal was open sitting, we never had to queue , the menus were brilliant with 5 courses.

The entertainment was great, although this year we only had one professional entertainer, (a comedian who was very good). Could have done with a professional singer as well.

What really makes this holiday is the staff, they work so hard, and give a fantastic service.

Well worth having the drinks package, really good value for money.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: visit the al la carte restaurant. £19 per person was excellent,
  • Good For: Beach
by Christine W
10 / 10

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Pearls of the Aegean September 2013

"I often wonder do some people spend their holiday just looking for faults .It seems that some people will moan about the toilet paper.My wife and I have just had a superb week on the Majesty ,staff always happy and friendly, our cabin kept spotless by Maryna, food hot and varied, entertainment excellent. The cabin was adequate for us you only sleep in it not live in it.Shower had boiling hot water and was ok in size. The ship was constantly being cleaned AND THERE WERE PLENTY OF SUNBEDS. Do not take very large cases because you store them under the bed. All in all a great holiday on a good ship. All of us enjoyed our cruise so a BIG THANK YOU THOMSON MAJESTY."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Stop looking for faults just enjoy yourself .Your holiday will soon be over
by vernon
10 / 10

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