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"Just arrived back from a brilliant cruise on the Thomson Majesty. Reading some of the reviews makes you afraid of even contemplating booking a cruise on this ship. The food was very good, the ship was clean, the staff were great, our cabin was clean well equipped with all amenities including a fridge. We had an inside plus on deck 3, with plenty of wardrobe space and it was a very spacious cabin. We're in our seventies and are pretty agile for our age and don't expect staff or crew to run around seeing to our needs as some people expect them to do. Didn't have any problems at the airport as we're perfectly capable of finding our way around without any problems. Some of the cabins are very small with not a lot of room and without a fridge, but you should do your homework before you book and make sure you get what you want and not moan about it afterwards. We got a great deal at an unbelievable price, so very happy. The public areas on the ship were well maintained and clean and the entertainment was just great. We're a well traveled couple and have been on numerous cruises to various places and on different cruise lines, and the Majesty, not being the top end of cruise ships, was perfectly acceptable and we would definitely cruise on this ship again."

by Maria24
10 / 10

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Thompson majesty or tradesty

"Just come back of a new year cruise on the Thompson majesty thought we might treat our selves to a bit of a treat.....

Well what we got was well under par for Thompson that's for sure!! .we were treated by a member of staff who had only been aboard 1 day .so it took us all a while to find our room .bit of a walk about ..most of the staff were struggling it was plan to see .room was ok but needed. More pillows asked but was told none available. We had just missed the Nora virus thank god!! But this meant restraints and pools closed were plus buffie resttraint was service only by staff that were just chucking it on yer plate.staff clearly not trained in the service of food.on the upside entertainment was good drinks served by non English talking waiters so bit of lottery on the drinks front.. Can I ask were have all your lovely can't do enough for you staff gone .it almost felt like I was in the way ... Won't be going back to this ship.. And anybody reading this check out the reviews I'm not alone..... PS people have to learn but not at my expense.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Eat out
by Jaci Colin
3 / 10

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Great from start to finish!!

"I find it hard to believe some of the recent reviews as we have just returned (16th Jan) from the Canaries Flavours cruise and had a superb time. The food, staff, and cleanliness were first class. We have traveled on RCI, P&O and Celebrity Cruises amongst others and are fully aware that you would not expect the same type of facilities and comfort on the Majesty, however the price reflects this. I would like to particularly praise the entertainment team, in particular Lewis, Adam, Jack and Dave who were brilliant and really helped with the overall enjoyment of the trip. Also, the Red Syndicate Band, who play in the Royal Fireworks lounge are top notch. There is just one negative and that is the attitude of the Spa staff, in particular the young lad on the counter who, whilst talking to my wife, took a call on his mobile phone and walked off - meaning that they lost business. We never had to wait for a drink, could always find a table at dinner and would thoroughly recommend the cruise ship. Finally, for those who want to know what an inside cabin is like, well we had one on deck 3 and whilst being small, this was fine for a week. Been back now for just 2 days, but wish we were still there!!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take some warm clothing as it can get a bit chilly whilst on the move, especially on the sea day
by GoonerMJ
10 / 10

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Thomson majesty cruise August 2014

"Been on Thomson cruise ships before and this has got to be the worst. Food absolutely appalling breakfast overcooked eggs scrambled egg black and all lukewarm. Self service restaurant is awful small cramped and old.had dinner in a large cart restaurant on captains night steak was tough and chewy it was like it had been boiled sent it back no better. Staff in there were unhelpful and kept you waiting walked in the end had enough. Cabin was ok had an outside cabin quite big and kept clean. Overall ship is old and tired. Entertainment not that great nothing for teenagers they good f2f o with a room to hang out in and make Fri we miss. Overall worse holiday I ever had and glad I only BOOKED a we week couldn't wait to get off! Would never book a Thomson cruise again. All the reviews are the same not just mine."

by Tracy S
3 / 10

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Thompson majesty

"Worst cruise of my life 26 Dec around Canary Islands staff miserable food awful cold and unappetizing little choice liver! Ugh ! Cabin very small I could go on hope to cancel the cruise in May and book with another company just terrible what has gone wrong? 5star price 2star value."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014
  • Advice: Better food and hot pleasant staff no Noro Virus
by Frances.cobbold
1 / 10

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bad room worse hotel

"Booked the majesty this was our 6th cruise with thomsons, we upgraded our cabins mattress was 6 inch to short for the single bed and the fridge door had to be lifted to close it.we had the drinks package we found people who didn't have the package were getting served before we were, The ports of call were container ports. when we got home, we complained to Thomsons and were told we were picky people, we have never complained before THE hotel well that was something else it was an h10 called the grand Tinerfe the room we were given the air con was broken so i complained a person came to the room and told us there was nothing he could do, he gave us an extra card to put in the electric to keep the air con on, complained to rep moved us room,told us it was the only one left in hotel, we took it.balcony glass was broke and was held together with sticky tape, balcony over looked the staff car park the bins were emptied daily staff came out under our balcony to have a smoke wagons backed under our balcony to load and unload,ie food,towels,bedding even jobbers backed there too. facing our balcony was a large air con unit,to the size of a 16 ton lorry,start stop start stop.I have photo's but the person at Thomsons say we have different expectations thanks once again THOMSON'S FOR FOBBING ME OFF"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2014, booked with Thomson
by Alfred S
2 / 10

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not good

"We were so disappointed in our cruise with Thomson at Christmas 2014 around the Canary Islands. We have cruised many times with Thomsons, last Christmas was great on the Celebration, but this year was a shambles. We were on the Majesty a year last February when 5 crew members were killed, (so we know the ship) as you can imagine this was very upsetting for us at the time. However I can only sing the praises of Thomson in dealing with us as passengers then. Our evacuation of the ship was done with military procedure, representatives from our home area were flown over to the ship to aid us to understand what was to happen. This was a very thoughtful endeavor to reassure the passengers. This is Thomsons at its best and the one we know and love.

Unfortunately this year it felt as if someone had lifted the ship up, shook it, dropped it, and it all fell back wrong. There was so many things we were not happy with we do not know where to start.

We will try to list what was not right about this cruise???

* our flight.. not that impressed with Thomson planes and the new way of having to print off our own boarding passes. This leads to having to pay for seat that suit us.

* we landed in Gran Canaria at 5pm did not leave the airport until 7pm ( we had left home at 8am)

when we got on board no one seemed to know where our 'boat drill' was to be held, we were sent every where only to be told not here. this was not good after a long delay at the airport of 2 hours waiting for our luggage to be recovered ( Thomson plane)

* £15 per week for the safe, not good

*then a bit of food on deck 10 not good, too tiered to complain.

*the cabins were small and tired, the towels were old grey and threadbare

* weather bad to start ( not Thomsons fault) got better latter in the week.

* there were plenty of sunbeds available if you were prepared to help yourself and find a sunny spot on deck. usually the sunbeds are waiting for you but on the Majesty they are stacked high and not easy to get at, and we are 68 and 66 years old and arthritic.

* there was no shuttle service available and for somewhere like Funchal its a long walk into the center and we both suffer from arthritis.

* because the facilities are old, the cleanliness was hard to maintain There was a bout of Norovirus on board a lot went down with it. The public toilets were old with broken waste pipes. There was no sanitizer available either inside or outside the toilets different to other ships we have been on.

* the food was poor not much choice and not hot, Christmas Gala Dinner was not much better did not feel special.

*the cabins were small and tired. The towels were grey and grubby. and the room smelled odd.

* the cruise was a total waste of money, and being Christmas it was not cheap.

*the staff lacked interest, and on occasions, quite rude. We asked the head waiter, in one of the restaurants one night, if we could have a table for two, we thought he was quite rude telling us, why don't we sit with others and make friends. We have family and friends a plenty at home, this particular night, we just wanted some peace and quiet with some quality time together. How dare he dictate to us what we should do and make us think we were being awkward.

* there did not seem to be any organization or management. One hand does not know what the other one is doing half the time.

* we were in cabin 3045 and the cabin staff were very good considering what they had to work with, our dog has better towels, but the staff kept changing them.

* entertainment was average. However the MOULIN ROUGE was very good but the Beatles were terrible. The comedian was good but we are elderly not suitable for the younger passengers.

* I could go on with this list, but the Majesty has had enough of my time. best thing to do with this ship is to scrap it.

* we are suppose to go on a Thomson cruise again to the Caribbean in April 2015, and however we have only put a small deposit down so far, and before we part with more money, we require a satisfactory answer to this complaint.

Yours Truly Mr & Mrs I Watkin

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: don't go
by Veronica W
2 / 10

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Xmas cruise

"We have just returned from our cruise on the Thomson majesty cruise ship and it was a Xmas cruise to remember for all the wrong reasons.

The ship was rife with the so called Noro virus and my husband got it on Xmas eve we think it was the rice that did it, so our Xmas day was confined to our cabin, with the worst room service ever, each meal that was delivered to the cabin was cold .

The problem with this ship is the food, it did not matter where you went to eat it was always cold or just warm and no more so it did not surprise me that people were ill, if the food was hot as it should have been it would have got the thumbs up as there was plenty to choose from.We were not the only ones to complain as speaking to others at meal times they too said the meals were not hot enough.

The entertainment was good and the cabin and cleaning staff worked there socks off as did the Thomson's entertainment team

We had an outside plus cabin it was excellent plenty of room and the shower was good.

The trips Thomson do are not value for money, we went on the morocco shopping trip and for 29.00 each we got a approx15 min trip in a coach to 2 places with 1 hour in each place which was not enough time to look around,

The ship docks in an industrial port so you can't walk anywhere, there are taxis at the port and through talking to other ship mates they told us they got 3and a half hours in a taxi being taken around and stopping at the same places as we had done and more, for a grand total of 30 euros. So I feel we were ripped off.This was our 3rd cruise but not one we would do again.

by Val C
8 / 10

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Think about this ship long and hard before committing yourself

"I have never written a review in my life before, but felt I needed to have my say about the present state of the Majesty. We have just returned from the Xmas cruise. We traveled on this ship soon after Thomson took ownership and really enjoyed the ship and what it was offering, but things have changed... We still enjoyed this cruise I think you have to take ownership of your own destiny, but there are many things that need looking at .....

The check in procedure: We had to stand and wait for 1 hour 30 minutes to check in for the ship, they only had a few check in desks open and said that 10 flights had arrived within an hour of each other, this must happen every week so why wasn't an action plan put in place to open more desks when these flights arrived, this was especially bad for the disabled people, there was no wheelchairs available and we even witnessed a frail elderly lady sitting on the floor in the queue to check in, this is completely unacceptable

The cabin: We had an outside plus so the size was adequate,the fronts of the draws were loose and if you opened one draw you were faced with at least two others opening at the same time, yes the bathroom did have chipped paint around the sink and I do think this isn't acceptable and Thomson should be sorting things out like this, that do look a mess, BUT it didn't spoil my holiday.

The shows: We were disappointed with the standards of the shows, some aspects were great but others were pretty poor and the big surprise is the amount of chunky girls/boys that were in the singing/dancing troop, I'm chunky myself so I know the slimmer people always look more appealing to the eye and I also think it did show in the performances ( this isn't a complaint only an observation)

The food: I don't know where to start with this really so.... The main complaint is that the food in all venues wasn't hot enough I did complain and sent my food back on a couple of occasions but even then it wasn't any warmer and being typically British didn't send it back a second time (I know I should have) having sailed with Thomson and many other cruise companies again I was disappointed to have to pay if we wanted a plain steak in the 7 seas or 4 seasons this was always offered as a free option and still is with other cruise companies.... That said we were quite happy with the main selection of food we certainly didn't go hungry.

The drink: We were all inclusive so did have a selection included to choose from but found it quite strange that some liqueurs are included but the vast majority are not 'why' what is the reasoning most are the same price to purchase in their own duty free shop, I think with the spirits it's fair to say you can have 1 type of any of the main spirits and if you want a particular brand then you pay a supplement, I'm not quite sure what the whole reasoning is behind the drinks menu but like I said there is enough to go at without going thirsty. People complain the bottled water isn't included but you can get purified water by the glass from any bar for free, so what is there to complain about.

The staff: We found a lot of the staff on board this time to be Eastern Europeans and not Philippine's, Eastern Europeans are renowned for being abrupt and quite rude and we, and others found this to be true.

Then finally we did have an outbreak of the virus we and many others were not affected, the ship took immediate steps to eradicate it including fogging(apparently this means fumigating) the restaurants and all the main bars and seating areas but I'm sure you will get reviews from other passengers stating how bad this was and how someone even died, and yes they did but they passed away from a heart attack although this wasn't confirmed to any passengers, someone in a cabin near to the place of death said some old chap had a coughing and sickness attack through the virus which brought on the heart attack, on our last day Friday 27/12 other passengers were saying there were in fact 3 deaths on board again non of this was confirmed, also on our last day there was plenty of cordoned off areas and toilets out of use where people had been sick remember people die all the time...

Having said all this I have to say we had a great time but for us the standards have dropped too much and I don't think we will be giving Thomson cruises our business again, it's a shame because we have cruised with Thomson countless times, but as I said there standards have dropped too much this time.

by Wilkie
5 / 10

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Excellant in all ways

"We have just returned from a 1 week cruise on the Majesty sailing from Santa Cruz in Terrine around the Canary Islands. We have previously cruised on the Celebration and the Spirit so we knew what we were expecting from Thomson. WE have also sailed on NCL, Royal Caribbean and Carnival so experienced cruisers!

We were dreading this cruise following the awful reviews on this website and others. However we needn't have worried this cruise was superb in every way and equally the same standard as the other Thomson ships.

Firstly the food is HOT and I'm told they have now changed their chef so the food served was excellent.

The ship is kept immaculately clean and tidy and the staff work very hard to ensure it stays that way.

Our only negative and agreement with the other negative reviews is the size of the standard inside cabin. It was too small and disappointing but we now know we can upgrade to an inside plus cabin for a small charge so will do that next time. We had a problem with our shower water temperature, it was sorted immediately.

The entertainment was very good and again the same standard as the other ships.

The gym is small but functional and equipment is very good.

We also had the all inclusive drinks package and this was excellent value.

All in all this cruise was fantastic and all I will say is we certainly did not have the same experience as other reviewers, weather this is because it is a different travel schedule and crew I'm not sure but we cant wait

to cruise again in March.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ignore all the previous negative reviews and go with an open mind!
by EKR2014
10 / 10

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Adriatic Cruise

"The cruise itself was excellent and so were most of the excursions but be warned that Thomson will mislead you on the Venice excursion. If the ship docks in Choggia it is a one and half hour transfer to Venice which takes three hours out of the excursion, Thomson calls this a short hop! which makes this excursion a waste of money!"

by Carol Y
9 / 10

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Worst ship ever!

"Been on every Thomsons ship and Thomson Majesty has been the worst by far. The cabins were dirty and smelly. We enjoyed the food in the restaurant but the food in the self-service was appalling! The entertainment was very good. My family sent a celebration package for my 70th birthday and it all went wrong! (Thank you for making a mess of it Richard!) We stayed in cabin 370, holiday from the 17th October 2014- 30th October 2014.

We will never go on a Thomson ship again!

by Preston1234
2 / 10

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