Sidero Hotel

Pirinyer Mah. 15 nci Sok. No:10, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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worst hotel in turkey!!!

"myself,husband,cousin & his wife went to the sidero in sept last year as my husband & i had been there 3 times previously & had such a great time we were expecting pretty much of the same but oh my god wot a shock no one cud have prepared us for the change that had occured in such a short time we couldnt beleive it where shall i start,if you had water in your room it was cold,rooms dirty,bathroom bins not emptied daily,bad dirty staff that couldnt give a s***t about you although you had worked all year round to go there & basically pay there wages,no sign of the rep,breakfast was a joke urn broke no kettles,flies swarming round the food they prob. eat more than the guests did,dirty tables,pool neglected,the only good reviews ive read about this hotel recently are from young/single women who yes the staff will make a fuss of till they get wot they want then another plane arrives & they move on!as i said bin there previously-great, old staff have left they didnt get paid we found most of em & they told us a few tales of wot goes on behind the scenes at the sidero its a shame as its in a great position to sum up dont be put off going to turkey or marmaris im on my 26th time nxt year but never go to the sidero thomas cook should be held to blame as they shud stop sending people there my advice go to kadikale resort in turgurtres nr bodrum you wont be dissapointed sorry cozy corner marmaris i think it will be a while b4 we see you again & sample your fantastic food love marmaris could live in turkey but are now sampling different areas there."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: lovely place icmeler is too
  • Activities: cozy corner & taj mahall
  • Good For: Beach
by baskystaffs
2 / 10

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"After reading the comments below, thought i would leave one myself. A 3 star hotel, i wouldn't rate it 1. Me and my boyfriend stayed at this hotel last year 18th July for two weeks. The hotel was herendous! The receptionist was very rude, the pool was dirty, there was live wires hanging out of the walls, the showers were cold, the hotel was dark and dirty and you could hear everything through the walls. We had a hole covered up by a board in our hotel room, air conditioning was rubbish...shall i go on? The total holiday was a complete nightmare, the only good thing was the weather and the bar bloke - Billy could not do enough to help you! Put it this way, we wont be returning. After writing to Thomas Cook on our return, all we recieved was an apology letter!! Shame on Thomas Cook for advertising and selling this hotel! We will now think twice about booking a holiday with Thomas Cook!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by xAmyx
1 / 10

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everything about my holiday to...

"everything about my holiday to marmaris was amazing! the hotel was great and all the staff were really nice! the rooms wer pretty basic with beds, toilet, shower, balcony ect but what else do you really need if your out all day and night!! its only minutes away from the beach and restraunts and the nightlife is brilliant!! i would recommend it to anyone up for a good time on holiday. cant wait to go back to marmaris next year!!"

by L Wilson
9 / 10

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The hotel was a joke, hadnt even...

"The hotel was a joke, hadnt even booked in and someone said watch your money because someone had there money stolen out the safety deposit box!

The breakfast was horrible just like eatting a salad. The swimming pool never got cleaned!

The rooms where soooo small no storage what so ever,there was a tiny wardrobe which you had to move the bed to get into it!

The only one good thing about it was that the rooms where cleaned everyday and the cleaners where so nice and welcome,shame you couldnt say that about the other staff who dont even look or speak to you.

Over all the holiday was fab shame the hotel wasnt!

by L Poulter
1 / 10

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i am not the one on this holiday my...

"i am not the one on this holiday my mother is there at the moment she has only been for a couple of days. althought she is disabled they have put her on the top floor where i know the lift breaks down also the gave her a twin room where she stated she wanted a double room and more to the point is that she has informed myself that there is hardly any hot running water when she asked the person in reception she was told they only put the hot water on at 4pm i mean people like to have a shower in the morning and when they come bk from the beach and also before they go out i WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL to ANYBODY as it sounds like the HOTEL FROM HELL be warned do not book it as u will be so disapointed"

by A Delaney
1 / 10

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just got back from the hotel of...

"just got back from the hotel of horrors (sidero) every think about this hotel is disgusting went for 2weeks with my husbnd we like a lively hotel but this was a joke .fighting shouting, screaming, banging doors,all night. breakfast was a joke warm milk sour milk stewed tea in a tea urn, 3 legged tables. filthy tables cloths. Hotel room toilet stunk vile of sewage,the door was hanging off its hinges,air con blows out warm air, we had 5 hot showers in 14 days .we told reception we had no responce .we have been to marmaris 7 times we love it but will never book with Thomas Cooks again. Book AT YOUR PERILL"

by  M Rogan
1 / 10

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Only go if you are happy with BASIC!...

"Only go if you are happy with BASIC!

We stayed for one week, bed and breakfast. The room was the most basic I have ever stayed in - two single beds, a small drawer, bathroom and that's about it....

One tiny pillow and one thin sheet. I have to admit though, our room was clean at least.

The curtain was rubbish and let through far too much light, also it was extremely noisy, you could hear every noise, more from the floors and corridors than other rooms.

There was no bin for everyday rubbish (other than the bathroom bin, but lets not even go there!). TV only had one English channel - CNN.

Breakfast was Turkish style only, mostly bread and bits, nothing to shout about at all.

Staff were very friendly at all times.

Pool area is in serious need of updating, sunbeds desparately needed new cushions.

Go for a better hotel on the beachfront. Unless you're on an 18-30 and really don't care about standards.

by C Bolt
3 / 10

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Dont even think about listening like...

"Dont even think about listening like i did to the muppets that wrote 10/10 for this hostel!!!! This is the worst hotel that i have ever been to in my life and the fact of the matter is thomas cook are still sending people to it.. We booked this hotel for our honeymoon and if it was based on marriage then i would be divorced and be living in a shed.. 1st room we got allocated was dirty with slept in sheets and medicine bottles. filled toilet bin which stunk to the point i was nearly sick. they did swap us rooms but that wernt much better.Right now on with the nitty gritty! dirty toilet seat, dirty shower area, bolts in the pool sticking up from where they removed a hand rail, steps into the pool were sharp edged, breakfast was a joke and not looked after, the turkish night in the hotel they brought the food out at 5 o clock when it didnt start till half sevenish(plenty of time to have flies and the sun on it), the lift broke down and the emergency phone didnt work, badly lit corridors,slamming of doors till 5am,You might think that im just a complaining idiot that wants the best of things.... i always travel 2 to 3 star all over the place and i have never complained once on a holiday till now. ok some of the places could be a bit better but on the whole i have always been satisfied.You might think that this information was bad but wait!!! The hotel dog even uses the pool to cool off.Its 2008 and the last thing i want is a alsation in the pool with me whilst im on my honeymoon!!! If you have booked this holiday then all i can say if you dont cancel, good luck!!! Dont eat the food and dont blame me coz as the old expression goes i did tell you so! p.s. dont use the tour people opposite the hotel intead use mr jack just down the road towards the beach. He is a lot cheaper and doesnt pester you so much! I hope this helps you and you decide not to book it. this way they might just spend some time and money doing this hotel up for future holidaymakers to enjoy ,instead of regret!"

1 / 10

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This hotel was fantastic. It really...

"This hotel was fantastic. It really was a fun and exciting place to be. I really don't know what people are moaning about! they must be old...

The rooms were kept clean and tidy by very nice polite cleaners, the bathroom was good, no complaints there whatsover very hot water in the shower.

The pool was very refreshing in the hot sun, it was nice and was kept tidy too. The breakfast was very nice too.

The staff there are the freindliest people i have ever met. They really make an effort to make sure your stay there is the best. They really like it if you try and speak turkish. I did and they just loved it.

Overall it was one of the best hotels that i have stayed at. Please dont take any notice of the bad comments. You should make your mind up for yourselves. I will definately be returning later on this year or maybe next year...

by C Dawkins
10 / 10

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Just got back from my holiday to...

"Just got back from my holiday to Sidero, Marmaris. Cannot stop thinking about what an amazing time I had there! Superb in every way! Beautiful food, clean apartment, fabulous weather, and brilliant staff. Me and my friends will never forget the staff we met here, as they made our stay at Sidero the best it could possibly be. They were so helpful, welcoming and entertaining - morning noon and night!!!

The surroundings in Marmaris are just as nice, all the bars and restaurants are very welcoming and will not let you down!

There's always lots to do; however, its the perfect place to chill out and relax too!

Will definitley be planning a second holiday here without a doubt.

Whatever negative stories you have heard about Turkey, please go and make up your own mind, you won't regret it.

by L Lawlor
10 / 10

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can anybody think of a word worse...

"can anybody think of a word worse than discusting.. my partner and i booked bed and breakfast for two weeks and were both discusted with the standard of the food. sour un refrigerated butter, warm milk for the cereal, cold water for making hot drinks and overall terible service. the lift was broken down more than it worked, a total of four times in two weeks. the pool was filthy with the debris from the badly organised turkish night and ring pulls from cans. the air conditioning flooded the room and every night was bought to an end with banging doors, screeming, laughing and joking, and fighting outside the room until such times as 3am if your looking for relaxation then sidero is no go perhaps if you like any of the above then dont hesitate to book but for the price it just aint worth it... some people would compare marmaris to blackpool in the sun.. i would compare sidero to butlins in minehead.... (rough just doesnt come close)"

by R Gough
1 / 10

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Myself and my fiance have just...

"Myself and my fiance have just literally returned from a week at the Hotel Sidero and we couldn't wait to leave that place. The rating we were told by Thomas Cook was 3* but it wasn't even a 1*. The rooms were described as basic but I wouldn't even call them that!!!! They are dirty, definately behind the times, light fittings hanging off the walls, toilet never been cleaned, floors never been cleaned, bed linen and towels had dirty stains on them (and they are meant to be clean) and hot water in very short supply. Sinks in bathroom stank of sewerage. Very noisey hotel - you can hear every door banging, and the people in the next room . The breakfast is not even worth looking at, let alone trying. We paid for bed and breakfast but refused to eat there. The tableclothes were disgusting and the staff looked like they had been dragged in off the street. The receptionists in particular were extremely unhelpful and thought nothing of either leaving the front desk to have a fag on the terrace, or ignoring you completely and let you wait whilst there preferred to speak to a colleague. This is the first and last time we will go to turkey & book with Thomas Cook. The rep was young and really didn't seem to care. There was no welcome drink at the Welcome Meeting, even in 40 degree heat. The sun loungers around the pool were shabby and dirty and the pool bar stank constantly of sewarage. I wouldn't even recommend this hotel to my worst enemy. The majority of people this hotel is geared for are 18 - 25 year olds. Marmaris is loud and noisey with no turkish charm or character what so ever. If you love Fun Pubs and Karioke bars then this will be right up your street. Don't waste your money coming here. We were certainly ripped off."

by B Gibbons
1 / 10

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    " Blackpool bar on the Seafront was fantastic at night "

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Address: Pirinyer Mah. 15 nci Sok. No:10, Marmaris 48700, Turkey