Cwmwennol Country House

Swallowtree Woods, Saundersfoot SA69 9DE, United Kingdom
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Room: 8.5/10
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Cleanliness: 8/10
Location: 9.5/10

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Traveller reviews

can not wait to go back by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

we spent a lovely weekend in this hotel our room was spotless and vicky and roy were the perfect hosts .Spent the evenings in the lovely bar where you can sit and watch the wild badgers.We cannot wait to visit again

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Not what I expected. by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

The menu was unadventurous, with carrots broccoli and cabbage accompanying EVERY meal on the a la carte menu.

Breakfast is served early;between 8.30 and 9.00, so no chance of a lie in!

The bar was very pricey, so I didn't visit there after that one time.

The decor could do with updating/modernising as it was very gloomy, and cobwebs were in good supply. The surrounding area was nice, with people walking their dogs around the place.

After a few days, I left, and went to a nearby B&B for the rest of my week, which I enjoyed very much, and this lightened my spirits to what had been a disappointing start.

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great stay amongst the badgers by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Great time staff lovely, food excellent and plentifull, service excellent no trace of dog hairs but a few cobwebs these being the reason for only 4 points, I would go there again in a minute. Rooms very comfortable, I will recommend it to any of my friends

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Loved It by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

Location is without question along with safe parking. Stayed in room 6. Wonderful. Great views. Great hosts Roy and Vicky. Make sure Tony's on the bar !

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Star rating by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Well I am glad I took more notice of the star rating of this hotel rather than the berating found in a couple of reviews on this site. I found the setting utterly peaceful and the atmosphere warm and inviting. As for dog hairs - it should be expected when it advertises itself as a "dog friendly" hotel. Not that I found many. What would one find if it advertised itself as "child friendly" - children maybe? And the only fried piece of my breakfast was the fried egg that I had asked for.

The owners are indeed friendly and knowledgeable with them entertaining guests as though they were friends.

This is definitely a place I will be visiting often - an excellent base for all the wonderful tourist attractions of the area.

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Careless talk can cause loss of business - dot dot dot by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

… or at least it nearly did. Thank goodness we decided to make our own assessment of this hotel, for at one time it was debatable and *we* would have been the losers!.

The *only* evidence of dogs was a fleeting glance of them being walked through the woods as we arrived, and at no time were they seen throughout the entire stay. In fact whilst dogs are welcomed by the proprietors, owners are reminded that not everyone is a dog lover and they are asked to keep them from the public areas. [I prefer children, but couldn’t manage a whole one!]

Talking of which, our only criticism is that the proportions of the exceedingly well-cooked meals were excessive! Not a complaint heard often in the UK.

Whilst one must respect the opinion of the first two posters, it is a truism that there is an art in staying in an hotel, and some are better at it than others. We would hope that the complainants would be sufficiently decent to draw the proprietors’ attention to their concerns in order that they could be addressed, although I suspect not in these cases. Travelling frequently thoughout Europe, we are well aware of the ‘bleating Brits’ who quite frankly are quite unbearably tiresome and we always distance ourselves at every opportunity.

In conclusion, we can only suggest to the complainants that possibly a more suitable place for them to stay would have been somewhere like Cliveden, but……

So, we urge all future potential visitors to make your own mind up. Normally you get what you pay for, and we would suggest that you will get a lot more at Cwmwennol which in our view represents exceptional value for money. Good food, warm and engaging proprietors, good accommodation … and variable weather, but that is no fault of the Management!

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You can please some of the people etc etc by ReadingNigelH
8 / 10

Ever had the feeling that what you're reading doesn't reflect one's personal experience ? Well I've just had that feeling.

Great place with very reasonable prices. Great setting and friendly informative owners. Walk down the woods to the beach. Out of the hustle and bustle. Good food.

What more could you possibly want !!!

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Don't stay here!!!! Go to the Merlewood instead by JRP3
2 / 10

We stayed here last year and wish we had posted a review earlier so that we might have saved the people who visited in June of this year a wasted trip. We agree with all their comments.

The hotel was very unclean and shabby which is such a shame as it is situated in a beautiful spot. I am afraid we couldn't even stay one night and we left in disgust. The room and the rest of the hotel did not look like it had been cleaned with dog hairs everywhere and the toilet was filthy. I cannot believe that the Welsh Tourist Board has actually given this hotel a 3* rating.

As we had travelled a long way we had to find somewhere else to stay and fortunately a lovely clean hotel which was virtually across the road managed to accomodate us. This hotel was called the Merlewood and I would highly recommend it to anyone else especially with young children. The rooms were clean and well maintained, there was a lovely outdoor pool and entertainment most evenings. The food was very good and plentiful. This hotel is only graded a 2* which somehow seems to make a mockery of the grading system as it deserves more.

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Don`t Go by Compo2
2 / 10

Very friendly and approachable owners, really kind hearted and knowledgeable about the area, but that is it!!!! As regards running a business in the tourism and leisure industry it stops there. The hotel was gloomy, dirty and very, very smelly. Reception looked like a bombsite.

Laundry bags littered the entrance as did brochures of interest. Watch out for the three huge Dalmations and the Rhodesian Ridge Back. Strange sounds during the night were also very unnerving. My sister and I were booked in for four nights, one was enough. Breakfast was inedible. Dirty milk jugs for cereal. English breakfast was fried everything!!! Just swimming around in FAT on your plate.

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  • cwmwennol country hotel
  • Address: Swallowtree Woods, Saundersfoot SA69 9DE, United Kingdom

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