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a view to die for

"danny and I have been to this great hotel 8 times and are looking to book again

the fantastic view is truly a panorama. the team are brilliant and this is our home from home

danny and i love the infinity pool and our trips to chania, the venetian port.

we find that this is the best choice for a great chill out or busy holiday

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the view on our last trip 3/5 couples said they were coming back and that says it all! brilliant
  • Good For: Beach
by greaseeastbourne
10 / 10

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I went with my mum as a last minute...

"I went with my mum as a last minute deal which was increadible value. We had no expectations as it was cheap yet it was beautiful boasting amazing views across the sea, which was great for my ongoing art and photography. The food was fantastic, we were upgraded and as a result could use both large infinity pools. I used the gym everyday which was a great break from the midday sun.

The only downside would be its location, at the top of the hills it leaves one slightly issolated. However the local bus is just a short walk and very cheap. The day trips were amazing.

All in all, the hotel cannot dissapoint.We loved it!

by E White
9 / 10

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My stay here was enjoyable, the staff...

"My stay here was enjoyable, the staff were friendly helpful and polite, food was good,as accomodation, not 5* but I've no complaints, the pool, was excellent, hotel located approximatley 20 minute bus ride from chinia (hania) for around 1.30euro's,the bus stops right outside the hotel!, the hotel is in a quite setting ,no good beach near by but can be found if your prepared to walk for 15 mins or so, but I would describe them as mediocre

(been spoilt by maldives & australian beaches! )

ps.....traveled via first choce,

by J Kemp
8 / 10

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We stayed in the Executive Wing of...

"We stayed in the Executive Wing of the Panorama Blue in June 2005 and had a very relaxing break. The hotel staff are friendly and it’s kept very clean and tidy (incl the sunbathing and pool areas).

The food was lovely and the views over the Bay of Chania of an evening were superb! Ensure you try the cocktails in the bar one evening, they're great! A trip into Chania is worthwhile and make sure you explore the harbour and tiny cobbled street filled with a great selection of bars and restaurants.

Value for money was superb and I would recommend that you book the hotel through Med Hotels and organise your flights separately. It’s an easy transfer from Chania airport to the hotel by taxi as well. The only aspect about the hotel to note is the busy road by the hotel, but you get used to this quite quickly.

by Iain Pickles
9 / 10

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We spent 2 weeks at this hotel...

"We spent 2 weeks at this hotel staying in the garden rooms in the panorama blue wing. Rooms spacious, clean and well equipped. The executive rooms had a private pool or private shared pool, however, hardly private as they were below the balcony of the main pool area.

Situated on a blind corner of a busy road there was a varying degree of traffic noise which was not ideal. Walking outside the hotel was OK for us but those with children should be aware that the footpath is non existent in places.

Service in the restaurant was very good, the food we found variable in quality and often the cooked breakfast was cold. The main pool area was superb but service for drinks around the pool was poor as it was outside during the evening. The entertainment was reasonable during the day and evenings.

Chania was lovely, 8 euros for a taxi and a frequent bus service operated outside the hotel. There was a very small beach across the road with a few sun loungers but being adjacent to the road was noisy.

Overall we enjoyed the holiday but certainly would not go back to this hotel as there are far better appointed hotels to be found in quieter locations and closer to amenities.

by K Taylor
6 / 10

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The holiday was relaxing. The rooms...

"The holiday was relaxing. The rooms in the panorama blue were spacious and of a good standard. The main hotel is a little less well presented, so it is much better to go to the panorama blue. The food was of a good standard bearing in mind that it was a buffet. It was relaxed and the food was readily replenished.

It was what you cannot expect from a good buffet - nothing more. Chania was a great disappointment. It was full of restaurants which had people outside leering you in. We only went one evening and didn’t find anywhere we liked so ended up going back to eat at the hotel. The poolside food was very good, it was good to get out of the sun, and it was of a good standard with a wide variety.

The evening entertainment was of a high standard but not what you would find at a top hotel. Nevertheless it was a bit of fun and overall a relaxing holiday, but I probably wouldn’t rush back.

by L Robinson
7 / 10

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Lovely Pool & hotel location, entertainments team A+

"Booked the Panorama hotel for 7 nights, leaving Gatwich at 7:30am 13th Sept. On arrival at the airport, there are about 7 or so car hire companies - well worth picking up their leaflets, as the hotel nominated car hire company is twice the price!!!

Anyway, the hotel is nicely appointed, after having a renovation in 2002. It is approx 40 mins transfer from Chania Airport, via Chania (which can be very conjested).

The lifts are old and the carpet on the walls smells!! They sometimes fail to open on floor 2, although a trip back down and up again usually sorts the problem!!

The bar prices and pool cafe are very expensive - a pint of beer is about Euro5.00, and bottled beer is more expensive. A Gin and Tonic is about Euro 6.50. However there is a little shop outside the hotel (just cross the road) - Big Magnum Ic Cream Cornets are only Euro1.30 (triple in the hotel!!); water is Euro0.45 (shop); Euro2.90 (hotel).

The food is buffet, and of an above averge standard. Breakfast is especially nice; evening meals are served on a lovely terrace over looking the sea. Evening meals are themed - e.g. "italian night; Createan Night...etc"

The highlight of the hotel is the pool - its saltwater and you can float!! When you are in it, there is an illusion that the end of the water is the start of the sea - nice design!

The entertainments team are fantastic...Mario, Bella, Craig, Luc....all fantastic people, not pushy, very friendly and have a good selection of activities to keep people happy from Darts, Water Polo, bar games. There were 2 shows that were well rehearsed and well delivered...well done guys!! Bella has a fantastic voice too :)

I would return.

10 / 10

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Not 5 star

"We have just returned from a weeks holiday at the hotel Panorama Blue(executive wing of Hotel panorama)

This is definately NOT 5 STAR!

Good points, Nice pool area, Beautiful sea views,

Bad points, Food, location(middle of nowhere), Busy main road with NO footpath, Evening entertainment poor, Drinks expensive.

Should be classed as 3star, Nothing like the quality of sister hotel (Coral Beach Hotel Paphos)

by qualityexpected
6 / 10

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Hotel so-so but Chania Town is great!

"We stayed in the 'Executive' wing of the Hotel known as Panorma Blue from 30 Aug - 6 Sept this year.

I have to say that on arrival we were given a pretty bad explanation of how to get to our room as it's not within the main building - no one took us there, and we were bumbling around in the grounds for a short period! This later proved to be quite odd as we saw other guests to the same wing being delivered via 'Golf buggy' day in, day out. Perhaps, they were short staffed when we arrived as it was an evening flight?

The hotel itself is a little dated (as mentioned in a previous review) but very clean and most of the staff are all friendly and keen to help. The pools are all lovely to look at (infinity pools) and very popular with the guests. Food is plentiful and varied. Although, we rarely ate at the hotel preferring to go out and about at night. The hotel is within an easy taxi ride of Chania Town and the cost ( 5 - 6 Euro) is well worth it as the town provides a host of really excellent restaurants, bars and shopping. It's a little gem and I spent many happy hours wandering around there.

Keep to the restaurants just behind the harbour front if you want really good food at great value. You won't miss the view of the harbour because the Venetian archicture is better in this part of the town and the tiny winding streets are full of interesting sights.

I guess the most disappointing factor for us is that we paid that bit extra to stay in the 'Executive' wing believing we would have more PEACE. We work very long hours during the year and part of a holiday is catching up on some decent nights and having the odd lie-in. The noise from the road was very hard to ignore (Room 1003) in that wing. Secondly, the machine room for the lift & a room where one of the pool filtrations system seemed to be housed was incredibly noisy and our room was a little too near for comfort. I noticed that Rooms 1001 - 1002 remained un-occupied and I can see why - it would have been hellish to avoid the noise being right beside these noisy utility rooms. I pity anyone put in there.

We had another semi-circular pool above our room (which was amazing to look at) and guests in the more luxurious rooms on the 2nd floor had sole access to this. This made gurgling noises for most of the night and the pump switched on every morning at 7 a.m. making even more noise right above our heads. At times, it was so loud it was as if we'd left a tap running in the bathroom.

In conclusion, the hotel was disappointing for us but I'm sure would suit other people admirably if they weren't too bothered about noise levels and could avoid our particular room.

I would definitely go to Crete & Chania again but not to this hotel. It was a rather expensive hotel (Panorama Blue section) that failed to give us what we ultimately wanted - some real peace!

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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Go to Palazzo Porto Platanias instead!

"We booked this hotel and when we got there found that they had rented our room to someone else! Not great!

So they moved us to Palazzo Porto Platanias, which was absolutely mindblowing! If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the area go there instead. From there we drove past the Panorama several times and it seemed very out of the way, stuck on its own.

What we saw of the hotel (the reception area etc) was excellent, very clean and luxurious. But if it were the same price etc purely on the location front, go for the PPP!

by the_commandante
8 / 10

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Some of these reviews are ridiculous!

"There have been a lot of mixed reviews about this hotel so I'll try and sow it all up here.

Like most of Greece your better off going at the tail end of the season, especially to a hotel like this as you can get some truly amazing deals. For instance, if you go in late Sept you can get deals around £150 p.p. sharing, which is excellent value. To state it's a 5* is a lie, but different countries have different ratings - I think this is partially why people have formed such mixed views but it does make me wonder how much these people really travel...the price should be a giveaway for goodness sake. I would say it was a 4 star, as I've stayed in Sheratons and other branded hotels for work in Europe/States and the standard isn't much higher. They are all clean, room service is good (food v good), good TV, air con (free) and a nice bathroom. You can't hear the traffic as much as people make out, but if you live in the sticks or are old you may not be use to some slight noise, but it certainly won't bother you. The thing that lets the hotel down is the lobby, my heart initially sank when we got in. It's a bit dated but lets face it are you really going to hang out there? The lifts are old and look like they're from a Paris apartment block - 4 people to one lift tops. The pool side is great, and it does look like the photos. If you don't believe me check out one of the reviews below where the person has attached one.

Another main criticism people have commented on is the lack of things to do in the evening. I find this laughable. People who have made this comment should clearly stay in their English hamlets. There is SO much to do. In the evening get a taxi to Chania (Harn-e-ah). It's only 7€ and a short ride away. The old town is beautiful and has some fantastic restaurants, Cretan food is amazing, far better than traditional Greek. I came back looking healthier than ever. There is also a trendy bar area in Chania, which hidden round corner from the main harbor past the ampitheatre(?). Ask the hotel as this place is chic and full of beautiful Cretans enjoying the evening. We hung out with loads of people in their 20s/30s here. There are no egg and chips brigade here just Chic Cretans and Athenians.

Some people stayed at the hotel all day as it is on a hill up from the costal road, and either didn't bother or didn't know what was only a few miles away. All you have to do is get a cab or hire a car. If you can't be arsed then don't bother going.

As for the day there are loads of excursions and beaches nearby, islands to hop to (Santorini) markets to shop in (Chania), lush mountains to drive through, loads of ruins, amazing caves, a stunning gorge, countless villages and beautiful olive groves to drive through - you just have to make an effort. I have seen some of the best lagoons and beaches in Europe on this island and believe me I travel a lot. Just hire a car and explore this is one hell of a beautiful island and I thought the hotel was perfectly placed for it all.

So to conclude:

This is a great hotel to use as a base to explore the most beautiful part of the island.It might not be 5 star but its clean, the staff are good, the views stunning and the food great. It is well placed to drive to the beaches or explore the old capital. At night you can get a cab either direction or hang out and have food by one of the amazing beaches. You just have to make an effort nothing is just round the corner, but it's like that for most of the island. If you're looking this up just before you go, please take my advice and use this hotel as a good base, don't be disheartened when you first arrive - just go out check out the view and get a taxi into town in the evening. You'll have a great time.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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My husband and I have just come back...

"My husband and I have just come back from a very relaxing holiday here. The food is really fantastic. We very highly recommend it.

The hotel is in an ok location. There is no real beach to speak of but the pool is very nice and plenty of sun loungers.

If you are staying in the 'blue' executive wing of the hotel you get extra benefits including a free drink before dinner and free tea and coffee all day.

The view from the main pool is the best place to be to get the panoramic views, spoken about on the website. The views from the executive wing were a little disappointing, and we would recommend that you stay in a room with a private shared pool.

The hotel is next to a busy road which does create bit of noise, but it's not too much of a problem.

It is a must to hire a car as you can explore the local area. We recommend a trip or two into Chania and have a lunch by the harbour.

Overall this was an excellent holiday and we came home very relaxed.

by F Morgan
8 / 10

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