The Hunters' Inn

Heddon Valley, Parracombe EX31 4PY, United Kingdom
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Traveller reviews

FAB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"great location for the south west coast path , the INN was excellent all round , the staff were so friendly , the food was excellent , the rooms were clean , the views fantastic , great booze what more could you ask for , we will be back ............ if you will have us lol"

by scoobysusie
10 / 10

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What a let down!

"We booked one night at the Hunters Inn and was maybe one night too many. We have previously stayed there for a short break and is a place we became very fond of due to its stunning location and it being such a majestic building itself. This is why we felt so monumentally let down by all the staff at the Hunters Inn.

At arrival we had to interrupt a group of teenage girls gathered around a laptop who handed over the key to our room, without a word about dinner of time of breakfast. The room was in great condition and the owner has put a great deal of work into refurbishment which was much needed. we went down to the bar to have a drink and was greeted by the same crowd of girls who were having a chat about what time they were getting off and moaning that they have a long shift for a wedding next week, generally standing around talking amongst themselves and saying thet they 'couldnt wait to get out of here'. there were way too many of these staff, most of which were only interested in looking at facebook on a laptop which was on the bar. Eventually we were reluctantly served by a girl still talking to her mate across the bar about meeting her boyfriend later.

At dinner we took a seat reserved for us and waited and waited for service before getting our own menu. The food was really nice as it has been always when we stayed previously, which was one of the few positives from our stay. Even asking for the wine list is received with a blank stare and a sigh from the waitress.

After dinner we decided to go to our room and while paying for the food the girl at the bar knocked a glass of wine over us and although accidental, she was far from apologetic.

Back in the room at about 11 oclock our tv was drowned out by the sound of the music and locals down in the bar which was below our room. At midnight i was forced to go down and complain, the owner turned the music off, but if the rooms above are going to be let out then something must be done about the noise.

In the morning the noise was just as bad from the door to the kitchen slamming every thirty seconds from 7 oclock. We went down to a less than impressive breakfast served by the same inconvenienced young girls who stared vacantly when we told them about the noise from the door.

In the end we couldnt wait to leave the place. The owner has some serious work to do with the hospitality as it seems like he has no idea about making visitors feel welcome. It is such a shame that a wonderful place like this is run by these people and shouldn't be allowed.

Management response from DavidOrton, 27 Jul 2010

We responded by letter to the complaint on 12/7/2010 saying:- Dear Mr .............. I am very sorry to read about your disappointing stay at The Hunters Inn on the 3rd July 2010. I accept your comments and have made great efforts to address the issues with the staff. On your arrival the girls that were using the computer to check their Facebook accounts had finished their shifts; however I have asked that they do not do this as they are still in uniform and customers are not to know that they have finished. The person on the bar should have attended to you in a much more professional way checking you in and letting you know the arrangements for dinner and breakfast and then a member of staff should have shown you to your room. The lack of attention shown to you at dinner was most disappointing to me and I have arranged additional training with the manager for all parties involved. As you commented the rooms have only just been refurbished and brought into use, you are the first person to comment about any noise from the bar. As you heard when you came down to complain the music was not being played at a high volume; subsequently I have asked the builders to look at noise insulation on the ceiling. I do not know why doors were being slammed at 7am as no staff clocked on until 8am however the door from the kitchen to the breakfast room is due to be replaced with a new fire door and closer as part of the current refurbishments; I can only assume that this was the door that you heard as all the other dampers are working well. We had a head chef change on the 9th July and I had already asked him to review the breakfast menu before reading your comments. The current breakfast is limited in selection but of a high ingredient quality. I would be interested in any further opinions that you had about the breakfast. I live locally and purchased the Inn four years ago after discovering that our predecessors were intending to close the Inn. I have invested huge amounts of energy, time and money to try to preserve the Inn and was very disappointed that we failed to meet the expected standards. I have taken onboard all your comments and will make sure that we do better. I have enclosed a voucher for a free nights accommodation and hope that you will use it and find a significant improvement in the service. Assuring you of my best intentions. Yours sincerely ............. We then received the following reply 13/7/2010 Hi .............. I have received the letter you sent me regarding our stay on the 3rd July. Thank you for the voucher and we are heartened that you are willing to make the effort to improve on the issues raised. We had a very long drive to stay with you and it's an expensive weekend but we were happy to make the trip as we previously had a really nice stay with you. Unfortunately this time we were very disappointed particularly as we like the place so much. We can see how much effort you have put into the Inn and it does look stunning inside and out. We wish you the all the best and continued success with your plans. We greatly appreciate the sentiment of your letter. To which we have responded 26/7/2010: Dear........................ Sorry for the delay in replying to your email; we just wanted time to discuss one-to-one with all front of house staff the seriousness of the complaint received. We want to thank you for your understanding and we hope to properly welcome you to the Hunters Inn in the not too distant future. With Kindest regards.....................

by GraemeLeighonSea
2 / 10

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Review as a pub/restaurant rather than a hotel

"The location is in the middle of an area of outstanding beauty. The building itself is very handsome. However, the staff have never made us feel welcomed. We've been there 3 times in the last two years. No friendly greetings, just blank-faced service with no check-ups to see how we were getting on.

The food is average at best. What was surprising is that they don't serve food all day. They stop at 3:pm and re-start around 5:30 or 6:pm.

The prices for food and beer is what you'd expect in the west country---slightly pricey but fair enough.

The pub is always busy no matter what time of day you arrive---not because anything about it is sooo good, but because it is the only place to eat or have a cup of tea for many miles around.

The waiting staff are usually teenagers with no sense of making people feel welcomed or appreciated.

Food= Decent, not great, just fair.

Prices for food and beer= Decent, typical of west country.

Service of waiting staff= Bare minimum, hardly friendly or welcoming.

The location is so very pretty and the house itself is extremely handsome, it is therefore hard to understand why the staff aren't happier or nicer to the customers. I would be well chuffed to work at such a place and happy to make the customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

by millionaire64
4 / 10

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Good food and beer under one roof!

"We stayed for a long weekend. Accommodation clean and adequate but undergoing refurbishment. Landlord very hospitable and researching the history of the Inn and returning it where possible to its original details. Has the 2009 CAMRA award and keeps a very nice real ale cellar. Food excellent and large portions provided. Staff are happy and willing to go the extra yard for you without being prompted or "in your face"

Well behaved pets are welcome!

by OxfordBeerMonster
10 / 10

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Felt Like a Home from Home

"We were recommended the Hunters' Inn by friends who had stayed earlier in the year.

When we arrived, there was a Halloween party in full swing but the owner still took time to personally welcome us and make us feel immediately at home. All the locals were equally as welcoming.

Our room was massive with a four poster bed. It was a bit chilly but we had an extra heater to compensate for that.

The only down side was that there was no shower, just a bath, in our en suite but when I mentioned this to the owner, he kindly let me use the shower of a free room next to ours.

We did two fabulous walks over the weekend and finished off each day in the bar for a few drinks and a fantasic dinner on both nights.

I would highly recommend the Hunters' Inn for anyone who likes a cosy and friendly atmosphere, bracing walks and excellent food and drink.

We will definately be returning!

by BouvieLover
10 / 10

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Great place to relax and unwind

"Stayed here for the first time and loved it. Location is stunning and perfectly positioned for walking both on the moors and coastal path.

Dave (owner) wants his customers to relax and feel at home and we did! Returning cold and hungry from walking we left our boots by the door and sat by the fire with hot chocolate - perfect.

The menu is extensive and the food is good quality so there is no need to look any further for evening meals which is good as the location of the Inn is very remote.

Rooms were 'homely' rather than luxurious. Although they are being refurbished over a period of time we were more than happy with ours - the only comment would be that one of them was quite chilly and did not have an additional heater.

All in all would definately recommend the Hunters Inn and hope to return.

'The Browns'

by able02
8 / 10

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Tired Hunter's Inn

"I have wanted to stay at Hunter's Inn since first driving through this beautiful valley back in the late 70's.

From outside it looked idyllic, but the bedroom we had for the weekend was the most rundown I have ever experienced! Luckily the bed was good and the linen clean.

The bathroom was possibly the worst bit - cracked basin, dripping taps that wouldn't turn off, old carpet on the floor and no shower.

It wasn't cheap either at £70 each per night for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast (£280+ drinks for 2 for 2 nights). The food was all good, although claims of home-made and locally sourced was stretching it a bit as all the desserts were quite evidently bought in (the waitress even told us that). The lamb shanks were just like those sold by cash and carry.... anyway, that was all fine. Not marvellous, but fine.

The beer was fantastic - we have to say that! The pub downstairs was well frequented being in a local beauty spot. Possibly the best thing for a lot of people would be that dogs were very welcome.

The place needs a lot of money spent on it, but no-one said that it was being planned. No-one at any stage asked us if everything was okay.

by ardent_traveller_7
4 / 10

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Has the hunters changed for the better?

"Myself and my partner have been going to the hunters inn for 10 years 4 or 5 times a year have always found it to be homely and good value for money. The rooms although did require updating were very comfortable and relaxing . On our last visit my favorite room number 8 had been refurbished and the menu changed and the residents lounge. we had a meal which cost a great deal of money but was a tiny portion and not the good usual good pub grub that the hunters excels on. Room 8 had been turned into what looked like a luxury apartment with beige carpets in place for us muddy walkers and dogs Also the residents lounge had been turned into what appeared to resemble a restaraunt and the residents lounge was now a small room with a window that looked out onto the bins , lovely. Now looking at the price increase we can no longer afford it and wont be going again. sad really as i have always used this place as my escape from my busy life in nursing and the peace and quiet there is fantastic"

by ManchesterJeanette
10 / 10

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Fantastic Location

"Stayed 3 nights recently and the location is amazing. Great if you like walking with some of the best coastal scenery I have ever seen.

Really friendly staff and great food.

We stayed in a four poster bedroom which was large and well equipped but could do with a bit of a facelift.

Overall we had a great time and will definitely be going back as soon as we can.

by zzsarahzz
8 / 10

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Excellent Country Inn

"Stayed for one night just after Easter, April 2007. Quite a popular hostelry, but you won't accidentally come across it if you don't know about it. Situated in the middle of nowhere right on the edge of Exmoor, not far from the coast - superb walking country. Our room was large, clean, with a 4 poster bed. Very reasonable rates and good value for money. Good selection of local ciders, beers and country fayre. Would strongly recommend, if you like an isolated country inn with lots of character."

by js009
10 / 10

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