Villa Puri Ayu

Jalan Cemara 4-B, Bali 80280, Indonesia
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Nice room, not so nice bathroom

"We stayed at this hotel in February of this year. I noticed that other people have complained about mosquitos. We didnt have this problem but I could imagine it could be a problem in the summer because of the open air bathroom. The room is fitted with a mosquito net and we used a electric mosquito repellent of a night time anyway. Room was always clean. Wifi in the room and TV/DVD player and you could borrow movies and books. Breakfast was very good. Free use of bicycles. Small but nice, clean pool. Close to many restaurants and bars. . The two times that we asked for something to eat of an evening, we were told that the restaurant was closed...although tone time it was quite late. as we had just checked in and the other was about 8pmish. Good value for the price"

by JW1234
6 / 10

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Nice staff but need blood transfusion from mosquitoes.

"Firstly, I totally agree with the previous reviewer, but there are positive points.

The staff are very nice and very helpful and tried everything to accomodate us. This is especially true for the House Keeping staff who I am sure would cop a lot of angst from their guest.

The free WiFi was very convenient and the main pool and the accompanying deck chairs are very modern and chic. We had great cable TV and a library with modern DVDs and books.

The Kitchen utensils are good and there are an endless supply of drinking water.

The negatives are as follows.

1. The alley way of destruction. During January the road to and from the beach and the main road are absolutely flooded. It lies stagnant and very brown, a perfect breeding place for disease carrying insects. After a while we just gave up going to the beach and once considered jumping the fence into the next resort but there were barb wires. They say it is up to the government to fix it, I say there are 4 resorts straddling that lane way, they can pool their resources together and fix it or at least get a pump and drain it.

2. The breakfast got old very fast. We had an Australian couple next door who would carry their own breakfast in the morning.

3. We stayed at the Emerald Loft and we were constantly exposed to the outside world. Yes there are curtains but they don't cover the stairway. If you a nude and late waker, be prepared to show the breakfast crowd all and sundry. Also, for a structure which is only 2 years old, there are multiple leaks and cracks in the the wall.

4. The bathroom is very modern but don't expect any hot water, in fact don't expect any water to flow at all. While we were there we had it repaired twice. Also the concept of an outside toilet is very romantic but when it rains the toilet gets flooded.

5. The Gym is very far away and you are risking life and limb if you try to get there on the rusty seatless bikes they hire for free.

6. Now I can hanble all of the negatives I have mentioned before but not the mosquitoes. Everything you went in the resort there were mosquitoes. We thought we could find santuary in our rooms but there are everywhere. My wife used to spray the room constantly and we had coils everywhere. I suck in more chemicals in the seven days than 35 years in Australia. We bought our daughter a electronic insect zapper in the shape of a tennis racquet. She probably made fifty to a hundred kills per day, this is not including the coils, spraying and the fumigation from the resort staff.

We are well season travellers, we have travelled to Bali 16 times in the last 12 years and we have stayed in accomodations ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars. The mosquitoes and the laneway outweigh the positives we won't be back.

Management response from supbali, 31 Mar 2009

Hello to everyone, This year we had quite some complains about mosquitoes! Is quite a normal problem in all tropical areas, especially in the raining season. Is it worst in our resort then in our neighbors? Absolutely not... There are some rules to avoid that they enter in your room: - Keep doors and window closed specially at sunrise and sunset when they are more active. - Keep always the AC on even when you are going out. - Spray the room before going out for dinner. - Use repellent if you are particularly sensitive. - Sleep under the mosquitoes net, that we provide for your protection. Since February the following measures have been taken to ensure that your stay is totally bugs free! We increase the pest control visit to twice a week during the raining season for fumigation. We carefully inspected all the rooms and closed all the possible way of entrance for mosquitoes with metals netting. We add in our garden specials Balinese plants that have the property to keep mosquitoes at bay. We are changing all the mosquitoes net in every room with a better one that improve air circulation (early April). We are installing them also in the Emerald Wing where previously were not available. I would like to point out that we really care about the feedback in Trip Advisor and that we will always do the best we can to fix all the problems. Best regards Giancarlo Avancini Management Consultant

by setraveller2
4 / 10

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What a dream place!

"Stayed here for a week with two cildren and wife. We ended up in Villa Diamond, with 4 bedrooms, 5 showers, own lap pool, etc. The place was heaven on earth!

The fact it was a 30 second stroll to the beach in one direction, and 30 seconds to a busy Jalan in the other, made the whole experience so much nicer.

Freindly staff, simple breakfast, and cheap internet access.

Highly recommended!

by miles_wa
10 / 10

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clean and quiet

"Apart from a little confusion when we arrived over our booking, everything was great. We were in the relatively new studios with mezzanine bedroom - stairs a little steep. very clean and comfortable. outside bathroom great. friendly staff and being a small complex, quiet and relaxing. a short stroll to the beach with several cafes and resorts a little further along. dining and bars on the main street in the other direction (Little India very good). very inexpensive around $AUS63 per night with breakfast included. beer at bar not cold enough - ofcourse! but good fridge in room, so not a drama. highly recommended."

by campbell351
8 / 10

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Peaceful and nice place

"Just came from the trip Malaysia - Indonesia - Malaysia. Have stopped at different hotels, liveaboards, etc. Villa Puri Ayu - best value for money paid. Very pleasant, cosy and beautiful place. Very kind and attentive staff. Beautiful rooms (but not freshly overhauled ). 2 min. walking distance to a beach. We liked it and sure will be back."

by Ukrainian_fun_diver
8 / 10

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Mosquitoes and bugs everywhere--stay away!

"Unless you enjoy being attacked by mosquitoes, ants, and all types of strange bugs at night, please do yourself a big favor and do not book this hotel. The "deluxe" room was a dingy, dark, smelly, and depressing bangalow (room 102). It was so dark that we felt like we were staying in a cave. Every morning we would wake up with bites and strange rashes. The room was very poorly appointed with no chairs, no tables,and no drawers--no place to put our clothes. The lighting in the room was so poor that it was impossible to read or even to open/close the room safe. Our poor excuse for a "reading lamp" had electrical wiring exposed--causing great danger (like an electrical shock or worse, a fire). The bathroom was also terrible.There was hardly any lightining to speak of. Every time we took a shower, the bathroom got flooded. There was no hot water in the sink during our ten day stay. It was impossible to shave. The towels, bed sheets, and mosquito nets were yellow, smelly and old with dark stains. We were told that the hotel had not bought new ones in seven years. When I alerted the manager to our complaints, he was downright rude and arrogant. "It's up to Indonesian standards," he assured me. I told him that the hotel was not up to "international" standards. His answer to the problem was insulting. He left a large bottle of mosquito spray in the room. No apology. No change of room. We were told that room 102 was the only one with two beds. Don't be fooled by the claim of a "private" beach. It's nothing more than a few old and dirty lounge chairs by an unkempt, unswimable beach full of seaweed and litter. And you have to walk down a unpaved dirty street to get there. This hotel needs to cleans up its act. All I can say is: stay way There are so many other better choices of hotels in Sanur. Also, Americans beware! If you are not European (especially, Dutch), you will be ignored and treated like a second class guest. You will notice this prejudice on the very first day at breakfast. It is obvious that this hotel is terribly managed and there are a few sour and angry employees. In short, I have stayed at hostels that are far better.

However, to be totally fair, some of the hotel staff are very sweet and helpful. This hotel does have potential; the pool is wonderful. But one does not sleep in the swimming pool.

by al1002
2 / 10

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Never again!!!

"300 Euros stolen in our safety box and almost a day spent at the police station were a very bad moment for us. The hotel is OK for the price but we felt like we paid twice. They have a master key for digit code safety box (ours were closed when we arrived so they opened it in front of us). 4 days after we arrived they stoled a part of our money (maybe they were thinking we wouldn't notice...) The boss did not believe us so we had to go to the police but nothing will happen and we won't get our money back..."

by Cilou14
2 / 10

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Nice place :)

"We spent 5 nights in Villa Puri Ayu and overall it was nice experience.

Hotel is located on south part of Sanur (close to Sanur Beach Hotel) and is about 3 minutes walk to the beach.

Is splited into 2 parts - new lofts and older part - villas and rooms in small bungallows. We had one bedroom apartment what means that we had beautifull bedroom , open air bathroom (great

shower with sky view;), open air kitchen and own garden with patio :). It was great. Of course eg. bathroom needed some renovation, but overall it was nice. Hotel has got two small swimming pools - new and old one. The restaurant is located close to the reception and new swimming pool and usually we had only a breakfast there. Breakfast unfortunatelly we have to complain about. Of course in such place like Bali you have got a lot of places to eat out, however breakfast is a good start of the day :) so you expect something more than in Villa Puri Ayu.

You have got a set and a choice of : pancake, eggs or nasi goreng. Also you have to decide - would you like to drink a juice or have a fresh fruits - not both one :(

Usually we had a fruits what means 3 slices of watermellon and 3 slices of bananas. :( !!! again- it is not needed to have a huge breakfast, but bigger choice and no limits for juices otr fruits - that is something what people expect :)

Unfortunatelly for 3 days the waitress was also very unhappy to serve whatever we ordered and (what amazing on Bali) she was not very nice :(

So generally breakfast is very poor there unfortunatelly and really we regret because seating in open air restaurant was very nice :)

Overall - super apartment and poor breakfast.

by AdamStolarczyk
6 / 10

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Old Bali Hospitality

"Stayed here in early July escaping Australia's winter. Booked directly with the hotel on a recommendation from a friend. Literally located between the Sanur Beach Hotel and Puri Santrian down a small lane away only 100m from the beach.

We stayed in a garden suite apartment / villa with a fully equipped kitchen for those who want to self cater but a large refridgerator was all we needed for the mandatory Bintang. Whilst comfortable and clean the villa is in need of a freshen up and larger towels would be helpful. The garden area with sun beds and covered 'warong' provided the choice of relaxing indoors or outdoors in the privacy of a gated garden villa/apartment.

The staff were friendly and very hospitable. They will meet and greet you at the airport if you want and we would recommend you do that especially if you arrive late at night.

You have a choice of 2 pools. The large pool by the bar / dining area was delightful with plenty of room to relax around the pool in a variety of sun beds and chairs. The smaller more private plunge pool allowed you to escape from the general pool area when families were present.

Being a small property of 20 rooms or so meant no major crowds or hassle and meant our stay was quiet and enjoyable.

Would recommend for everyone and anyone.

8 / 10

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Just wonderful

"My family (wife and two teenage daughters) stayed in the Emerald Wing accomodation. This was very nice with excellent beds and sheets in two bedroom (both doubles), huge lounge/dining and self contained kitchen. Plasma TV and DVD working. Very spacious and right by the pool. Thoroughly cleaned every day by team of 3 staff, good quality clean towels. Only had small problem with basin plumbing in one ensuite and tap falling off in kitchen (seems to be routine faults in Bali). Very hard to get hot water so be prepared to settle for tepid showers. Big (15 litre) drinking water bottle cooler supplied. Staff very friendly but dont ask them to book any activities or transport for you unless you want to pay more than if you go up the street to a travel agent stall or one of the local "transport" guys. Swimming pool was very good, clean and big enough to swim laps, surrounded by timber decking. Sunlounges in good order and clean. Breakfasts supplied were good and they give 2 eggs. All other meals on there menu are ordered in from restuarants just up the laneway (pizzas good). Close to shops and heaps restaurants. Short bemo or taxi up to shopping centre. Laneway down to beach (100 metres) a bit rough and not lit at nighttime so watch your step. Absolutely value for money accomodation."

by FlipperTasmania
8 / 10

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Never again !

"We travelled to Sanur with our two children ( 11 + 12 ) after staying in Ubud for three nights, I wish we had stayed there!

We had the Villa Diamond and although the previous reviews rave about this Villa we thought it was terrible. Our children slept upstairs the first night, well part of it as they were kept awake by the noise from the Sanur Beach Hotel that is directly behind. The following morning my daughter woke up with insect bites all over her face, not mosquito, although she did have a few of those on her legs.

The Villa is very large but old and tired. You could not cook in the kitchen as there were ants continually running all over the sideboard. It is never a good sign when there are large cans of insect killer left around the villa so you can spray.

The downstairs bedroom had an ensuite bathroom that was basic and also an outside shower which unfortunately we dare not use as the stone floor tiling was so dirty and sticky.

The only upside was the outside private pool and seating area that were very nice.

We did ask to move after the first night and were offered an alternative smaller villa, but whilst it was a bit better it still smelt damp and was quite dark inside, we decided to stick it out.

However after the second night we decided to cut our losses and fly home early, the first time we have ever had to do this. However before leaving we voiced our concerns to the manager and whilst they were very polite I doubt anything will be done.

The breakfasts were OK but nothing special, the staff as always in Bali were lovely and friendly and did try to help whenever they could.

There are some newer rooms that have been built on site and these do look quite nice but we did not stay in those. The main pool area is nice.

The beach is close by but don't be fooled by the photos of a private beach with sun loungers. These are kept at the top of the beach practically touching the massage beds of the shop ladies selling t-shirts, sarongs etc, in fact we noticed a few of them asleep on the loungers, so we never got to use them. Unfortunately the beach at this end of Sanur is not that clean, better can be found towards the Hyatt.

by tipsy8
2 / 10

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Great value for money

"Just returned from a week at Villa Puri Ayu. The location was a bit far away from the main area of Sanur which was a bit of a shame, but all the same it was nice and peaceful for the most part.

High points included:

1) The room. Without fail, this was the best room I have ever had. We were staying in a 2br apartment, and it was just fantastic. So much room to move, really comfy beds, and two bathrooms - it really was fabulous.

2) The pools. Both pools were fantastic - the plunge pool was quite cool, and great to jump into after lying in the sun for a while. The main pool was just beautiful, and the lounge chairs divine.

3) The staff. All of the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, and you could not fault them.

However, the two low points made the experience less than perfect:

1) The food was terrible! We gave up having the included breakfast there after the first two days because it was inedible. Eggs were cooked in vinegar, one tiny piece of bacon and a piece of toast was it. Not to mention that regardless of what we ordered (be it lunch, dinner, breakfast or room service) the food took ages to come out and was stone cold by the time we got there...

2) Construction. I believe they were doing refurbishments on the 3br villa with spa (which did look beautiful, by the way!) However, every day for the last five days of our stay there, we endured constant hammering, drilling and sawing that really impacted on our time there. I understand that the work has to be done, but if we had known that there was construction happening we would have considered staying elsewhere....

All in all, it was a nice place. However I would strongly suggest if you are considering staying there to NOT get food included and to double-check if they are doing any refurbishments.

by balitraveller101
4 / 10

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