Aston Hall Hotel

Worksop Road Aston, Sheffield S26 2EE, United Kingdom
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Simply Perfect

"We booked a standard double but got a FREE upgrade which was stunning. We ate in the bar and received lovely free nibbles before our main course arrive. The lady serving us was a delight even though she was quite busy. Would like to return soon. Well done."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Johndrew
10 / 10

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Without swearing - absolutley terrible experience

"Attended a wedding at the hotel and stayed overnight.

The service at this hotel was atrocious -the staff who were working were in obvious need of training especially in customer service and politemess. Some (and it appeared to be the more senior) were downright rude.

1. It took 45 minutes to book in

2. Key card did not operate electric in room -it took two journeys back to reception, from the far side of the hotel, to address this. One consequence of no electric was no light and in trying to hold the door open to see a child's hand was trapped.

3. Wedding guests, including those staying at the hotel, were refused service in the hotel bar and were told they need to go into the wedding venue for service

4. There was not enough staff serving in the wedding venue bar - took upwards of 20minutes to get served.

5. Drinks were served in any type of glass available -was served a single received a brandy in a half pint glass!!

6. Gravy and condiments were distributed by staff and were not on the table - as a consequence of waiting for gravy and accompanying condiments the meal was cold.

7. Guests were charged full price for beer supplied by the host intead of an agreed corking price.

7. Security was rubbish - a key card was found by a guest in a hotel corridor which turned out to be a master key card ??

8. Breakfast was disgusting -not enough staff - not enough food and what there was was terrible. How can a hotel lkie this not be able to serve an english breakfast? What was available (when it was ) was cold bacon, clod sausage and something that we were told was scrambled egg. Twice we were told there was nothing left. Staff were seen coming into the marquee with loaves of bread that gave the impression they'd had to go to the nearest shop.Tea was served not in tea pots but in coffee pots.

All in all an experinence best missed

by Notsafisfied
2 / 10

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staff desperately require training on customer service

"Attended wedding venue at the hotel and stayed overnight. It is fair to say that the majority of the staff have no idea when it comes to customer relations and service. It was taking 45 minutes to get served in the wedding room as there were only two members of staff working behind the bar. A lot of people were getting angry about this and it caused hostility at the bar. If you tried to get served at the residents bar next door you were refused and informed quite rudely that "Wedding guests must use the Wedding bar". The majority of the staff just didnt care to the point where i felt that they were being rude and unhelpful purposely. The following morning you had to endure a 45 minute que for your breakfast. It states buffett breakfast on the welcome pack but do not be fooled. You had to que where when you reached the front an elderly chap gave you one rasher of bacon, one sausage, half a scoop of beans and some cold scrambled egg. The breakfast experience was appalling. No glasses for juice, no tea,coffee and then tto top it off no food to cook. It is a shame because the location and cleanliness are superb and the rooms very comfortable. I have to say that i will definately not return to this venue again and i urge anyone who is booking a large function to consider alternative venues."

by mrmischiefRotherham
6 / 10

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Never Going Back!

"We stayed for a night. What a mistake! A big wedding was on and we weren't part of it but we were given a room very near to the reception party area. It was so noisy that we asked to move and were given a room by the other entrance! So we got to sleep very late. At breakfast the next day we couldn't even get in to the main breakfast room, so we had to eat in an overflow area and walk backwards and forwards to the buffet. The food was simply awful...cold bacon and fried eggs with crusts on top........I've never seen that before. We complained afterwards, but the response was so lamentable and unsatisfactory that we will never return."

by AorN
2 / 10

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Could be so much better...

"My wife and I attended a wedding and stayed overnight at the Aston hotel during July. The fabric of the hotel, the rooms, the location were all ideal and the wedding was a pleasure.

All of which were in stark contrast to the staff, who generally did not have any idea of what good quality customer service was about. From the receptionist who only managed to offer us a vague idea of where our room was located, to the evening bar staff who were rude both to residents and wedding guests alike. Breakfast the following morning staffed by teenagers, with no management, filthy table clothes, no plates or dishes, missing main course ingredients etc etc. It was a sad end to what could have been a great experience.

Good venue, but a serious need to invest in training the management and the staff.

by Travelling Mat
4 / 10

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A wedding factory

"Stayed at this hotel with my husband Friday - Sunday for a weekend break. We booked the 'Jolly July' package through their own website. Whilst the building is fine, we found service at the hotel to be pretty awful. When we checked in there was someone else in the room that we were allocated. Service at the bar is like something out of Fawlty Towers. They never seemed to have anything we asked for and had to disappear for ages to find it (even bottled water). Our dinner order was wrong and we had to remind the waiters several times to bring our bottle of wine. None of the staff appeared to know about the package we had booked and hence we had to constantly explain to them what was supposed to be included.

The hotel website makes the hotel sound quite luxurious but actually it is more of a no frills hotel. 2 sachets of coffee and 2 teabags in the room; basic bath gel and no shampoo. It advertises wireless in the hotel but this didn't work the whole time we were there.

Probably the worst thing however is that we felt as if we were an inconvenience for the staff. They were busy with the weddings and hotel guests come an obvious second. For example we weren't even allowed to sit in the gardens as this was reserved for wedding guests. We were shown to a small enclosed patch of grass on the side of the hotel, with 2 smokers tables, as the place in which we could sit. I would definitely stay away from this hotel at weekends unless I was attending a wedding.

by Kate218
6 / 10

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Very slow service in the restaurant

"We attended this hotel for a meal for my dads 65th birthday in August last year. I realise this review is a little late, but I am new to this site. There were 6 adults in our party, no children. I was the designated driver for the day during to working the next day. The food we had was very good, however the service we received was extremely slow. There was a long time waiting in between courses and at no time during the meal did anyone ask if we required extra drinks. We had one bottle of wine between the 6 of us and would have had a lot more had we been able to find any staff to order some. Unfortunately there was also a wedding taking place, which while I appreicate does require a lot of staff, a wedding is not something which is booked at short notice and as such the restaurant customers should not suffer.

In all the food was very good but due to the poor service, I would check if there are any other functions on before booking another meal at this hotel.

by Rachie77Sheffield
6 / 10

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Could be so very good !!

"This hotel has so much going for it, historic country house in a seriously good, easy to find location and very nicely and tastefully refurbished.

The room I stayed in was very spacious with good facilities, contemporary furnishings and a really good bathroom.

We ate in our room, the food was also very good and really couldn't be faulted with a very pleasant waitress.

So where does it all go wrong? STAFF TRAINING.

That's really all that's required, someone experienced to take ownership and train the staff, all of whom seemed very attentive but needing direction. It really is the difference between an exceptional hotel and Fawlty Towers! The training needs to be throughout even just showing someone how to check the final cleanliness of a room would have made a difference to our room!

Sunday breakfast was buffet, normally self service but here it was supervised by someone who maybe had a vested interest in keeping portions small, my opinion is that most people enjoy a good hearty breakfast and I am certain the cost of having it supervised would not be exceeded by letting people self serve.

by arthurh
6 / 10

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Does exactly what it says on the tin

"Aston Hall is an excellent venue which offers great value for money. You just need to be very clear about what you're booking.

The hotel is situated on the outskirts of Sheffield, near junction 31 of the M1. It's not exactly a convenient location for very many places (for example, it's a good 10 miles into Sheffield, and there isn't very much in the immediate area which anyone would be likely to want to visit). As a result, the hotel clearly caters for numerous different markets - corporate events, weddings, office parties in December, theme nights etc. You get what you pay for, which some of the negative reviewers on this site seem to have missed. The quality of the different events is closely matched to the likely market and the price being paid, but in my experience you get good value for what you pay.

The staff are all very helpful, pleasant and competent.

by Prof_Yaffel
10 / 10

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Love it!

"This hotel is lovely, I absolutely recommend it. I have stayed here on business twice now and have booked another two stays for November. The rooms and the ensuites are tastefully decorated. I orignally stayed in a standard double which was in the new West Wing. The rooms and bathrooms are large and well lit with air conditioning and complimentaries as you would expect. The last time I stayed in a superior double room which is larger, has more character, more funiture and complimentary bathrobes. All rooms have flat screen TV and DVD, large wardrobes, ironing boards and various condiments. Room service is fast and the food is to be recommended. The staff team are young but seem to be professional. The negative points I have found are the beds are huge but seem to be two beds joined together which is not ideal if you are sharing. The breakfast area can be intimidating if you are a woman on your own but they do deliver to the room from 5.30am if you prefer. You have to carry your suitcase upstairs as there is no lift from reception but they do have rooms for those who prefer the ground floor or a side door entrance for those who need a lift. Other good points include a large car park right outside reception, an on site gym with all the basic equipment and a huge flat screen TV, and a beautiful setting."

by VickiBHerefordshire
8 / 10

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Better than Hotel Du Vin

"I would just like to say to the negative reviews you must have been having an off day!

Both me and my husband had Sunday lunch at the hotel on the 3 August. We didn't book a table beforehand as we called in on the off chance and we asked the reception if they could fit us in, which they did!

I have to say the setting is beautiful especially if you go on a sunny day where you can enjoy a glass of wine beside the lovely lush gardens. You don't feel like your in Sheffield it's so tranquil.

Both me and my husband had a 3 course meal and I have to say the food was luxuriant! We have eaten at most restaurants in York including the exquisite Hotel Du Vin and I am not exaggerating when I say the food at Aston was on par to their standard if not better.

The only slightly negative I have to say is that the waiter was a little slow in bringing a refil of the wine but as my husband would say I shouldn't have drunk the first one so fast! Given you often have to order at the bar in Hotel Du Vin you can't really take this as something to complain about, after all it was Sunday and a wedding was on at the same time.

Me and my husband will be staying at the hotel soon and I am sure if our first experience of Aston has anything to go by it will be a memorable stay!

I have also stayed at one of the sister hotels The Great Victoria in Bradford please see my review for further details.

by Krysto
10 / 10

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READ THIS - Extremely Poor Customer Service - see other Reviews too

"Attended a wedding here in July 2008 and stayed for one night. They claim the residents' bar is 24/7 but decided to close it early (midnight) without reason - possibly because the wedding was on a Sunday. The guy working behind the bar had no sense of humour and should not have been exposed to customers. At about 10PM one person turned on the beer tap (that's the silly things people do when having a laugh) and the barman made someone else at the bar pay for 2 pints of beer before he would allow any more drinks to be purchased. About a quarter of a pint was wasted in fairness. The money that the barman wanted was paid but then he refused to serve the customer. The customer then asked to speak to a person who spoke English as he could not understand the barman's broken accent or why he was being refused. All hell broke loose with the barman accusing the customer of being racist. On a positive note, the rooms were excellent, spacious, well lit and air con. If you're looking for customer service then I'd say only choose the Aston as a last resort! In addtion, I should point out that another guest stayed in one of their superior apartments on the night before the wedding (there's 2 in one block) - really nice accommodation but the other residents fought all night: banging, shouting and screaming. This was reported to the night manager at 4AM who offered to speak to the offending guests. However as there was only 2 apartments in one block the guests (both ladies in their 50's) felt this could make things worse. The next day they complained because on reflection the hotel could have offered them another room, which they failed to do. The manager offered to knock £40 of the £170 per night room and said that was all he was prepared to do - is that good customer service - you decide?"

by GunnersAreGreat
4 / 10

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