Langley Castle Hotel

Langley-on-Tyne, Hexham NE47 5LU, United Kingdom
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Treated like royalty!

"My son and I spent two glorious days and nights at Langley Castle Hotel. We were treated very well by a wonderfully warm and friendly staff. The food was a delight. The rooms are gorgeous and we even got to experience some interaction with the resident ghost! It was all very memorable and exciting and a wonderful way to celebrate my sons graduation. I felt like a gueen mum with my son prince!"

by ElsieMey
10 / 10

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A Wonderful Family Experience

"We had a great time at the Langley Castle. We knew it was expensive, but wanted to do something special with our children and with my sister and we opted for a "Royal Evening" at the Langley Castle.

We arrived mid-afternoon (after a wonderful time exploring Hadrian's Wall). We wanted to have ample time for all of us to enjoy the castle....after all, it was the most expensive place by far during our trip to England. We loved it! We forgot about the price and decided to just have a good time.

We had the Radcliffe Room - a very large room with a sauna in the bathroom! We had a very comfortable king-size bed, while the kids slept on a chair which made into a single bed and a cot that was brought in. My sister and her husband had the Greenwich room, which was great for them. She loved the corner tub...and the sitting area inside the wall of the room.

After spending time exploring, we went down to the parlor area for tea and scones. Very civilized...and fun! The kids loved it...and we enjoyed some time just chatting ... not worrrying about running off to see something else.

Dinner was great....and well organized. We met in the parlor for cocktails. The wait staff then brought the menu to you, and you made your selection there (in the parlor) before going to the dining room. This was great as it allowed them to get the table completely ready before your arrival. Cutting down on extra time before dinner pre-food is great when travelling with children.

We thought the food was very good as well. The appetizers, salads, main course, and desserts! I'm not much of a dessert person, but the hot chocolate browine with ice cream and hot caramel could convert me!

Again, this was an expensive place. But we thought of it as more than a hotel....we thought of it as an experience. We loved staying in a castle...exploring it...eating there...touring it...and having fun on the grounds. We felt it was a 24 hour activity complete with food and a place to sleep!

I'd highly recommend a splurge on this place....especially with kids (or kids at heart) in tow!

by TravelCapl
10 / 10

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Loved Langley Castle!!!Can't wait to go back

"Absolutely loved Langley Castle! Not a bad word to say about it. My family and I have stayed at many top notch hotels ie.Four Seasons, Ritz Hotels ect. so I have experienced some great service before. We had chose the Radcliffe room which was great. Huge room, huge bathroom with a bath tub definately fit for a king, and a sauna my husband really enjoyed. The bed was great, they had lovely toiletries and complimentary spring water and cookies in the room, nice touch I thought. My 5 year old son loved the place especially playing ball out on the lawn and chasing the little bunnies around. We had a fantastic dinner there of Chateaubriand with all the trimmings, great appetizers as well as lovely desserts. My husband is a hard to please fussy man when it comes to food and he really enjoyed everything he had. The presention of the meal was just beautiful as well. A really special dinner. We also had a great breakfast there. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. If you want an authentic castle stay I would recommend Langley Castle. I can't wait to go back next year."

by glasgowgirl67
10 / 10

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Pretty Awful!!

"The one redeeming feature is, as everyone here comments, the castle itself but my advice would be to drive up, have a look then go and stay at a local farmhouse where your money will be more appreciated.

This place is simply not value for money. Main problems were:

1. The noise. The walls are only 7ft thick on the outside. Through the internal walls you will hear every sound in th hotel and kitchen and this will keep you awake until 2am.

2. When you ring reception to complain - no one will answer.

3. When you go down to reception it will be in darkness and no one will be there.

4. The underblankets on the bed are also to be found in the Ibis hotel in Carlisle (£40 per night!!)

5. The carpets in the bedroom are worn and tatty.

6. The food is well below average.

7. On departure they may try to charge you an extra £85 for food you never ate and wine you never drank.

8. Tour of the battlements consists of following a sullen & silent staff member to the roof where you can see where they keep old sweeping brushes and tables.

The choice is yours.

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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Wonderful castle experience near Hadrian's Wall

"My family and I stayed at Langley Castle for two nights mostly because it was convenient to Hadrian's Wall, but the castle itself also turned out to be a great pleasure. Complete with battlements, It is very impressive -- I wrote in my trip journal while sitting in a window seat overlooking the lawns leading to Threap Wood, very romantic feeling. Big beautiful bedrooms, with classical music playing softly on our arrival, and the most wonderful baths we experienced during our entire trip. I see that some reviewers were unhappy with the staff or food quality, but we were very pleased with both and particularly enjoyed gathering in the dramatic drawing room for sherry before dinner. Based on the price of most castle-hotels we looked at before we went on our trip, we felt that the food was also a very good value.

The front desk clerk gave us extensive information about the Hadrian's Wall bus and helped us book a taxi to get us started on our tour of Hadrian's Wall the second day of our stay. The closest wall site, Brunton's Tower, was only about a ten-fifteen minute trip away and Chesters Fort not much farther on. If you do want to use the Hadrian's Wall bus, be sure to get a ride into Hexham so that you can buy a ticket good for the whole day.

Our day on the Wall was beautiful and tiring, so it was very nice to return to such a comfortable room afterwards. I recommend Langley Castle strongly, especially if you're planning a short break to see one of the most impressive tourist sites in Great Britain.

by JamieMSanDiego
10 / 10

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The best Hotel I have stayed in, but.....

".......let down by service.

I’ve read all the reviews of this hotel and I can identify with pretty much everything said: Good and bad. This is why this is the most difficult review I have had to write and I have written many reviews, both good and bad.

The hotel setting and the building itself are out of a Disney like vision of what a small castle should look like. Breathtaking. We stayed in the Cadawaller room which is my idea of what a room in a castle should look like. The room was beautiful with its large 4 poster and very comfortable bed. A nook for sitting to enjoy the views and while away some quiet time and a private bathroom with an archway which was very impressive.

Then there is the public lounge also very much in keeping for a castle with another nook, fireplace, fabulous window and the obligatory suit of armour. On the ground floor a beautifully presented canteen, sorry restaurant.

Now all the bad bits, which I’ll say up-front did NOT spoil the holiday. But I do think are the difference between a Burj al Arab experience (7* in Dubai) and a basic Travel-Inn.

The service was never rude, but it wasn’t offered. Staff didn’t acknowledge customers unless spoken too and the food in the restaurant wasn’t good enough for the £35+ price charged for 4 courses. Because the hotel is so beautiful it won’t spoil most peoples break as they will be enjoying a break in surroundings that are very rare.

For the sake of some training this is a 2* offering in a 6* setting.

The hotel has lots of positive testimonials, mostly (99% of them) are from wedding receptions. I think the chef is geared to provide very good food for large parties. Sadly when the hotel is only looking after couples as it was when we stayed, they fall down with food quality and the generally poor service given by poorly trained staff. A smile never hurts.

Would I go again? Yes. Have I told the manager what I think? Yes. Does he care? Who knows, but when you have such a splendid hotel to work with, maybe you get a little complacent about the small things when you have the big things so, so right.

Make of that what you will. If you are a negative and fussy person, you might not overlook the poor service. If you are easy going you will still love the place despite the poor service.

by melwood
8 / 10

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fabulous place, unbelievable!!

"the most fabulous weekend we have ever spent as a couple. The food was exquisite, the staff pleasant and helpful. The surroundings were serene. We spent one afternoon when other guests had gone out taking photos of our car infront of the castle so it looked as if we lived there! small things amuse small minds........ haha

a beautiful place and when we can afford it we will be going back, :)

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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A Castle full of history and comfort

"My husaband and I first stayed at Langley Castle in December 1999 and were thrilled to be staying at such a special place. We have stayed there several times since that date and each time have had a very happy time there. The feeling of history one gets from staying in the castle is amazing and the staff are very helpful. My husband needed emergency dental treatment last time we were there and the staff found a dentist very quickly for him. The food is really lovely, from the wonderful breakfast menu through to the evening a la carte menu. The whole stay when we have been there has been magical. A wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion.

We were looking at some of your reviews about the castle and noticed that one of the guests there had taken photo's of their room and some strange white circles had appeared on their photo's. I looked back at our photo's and couldn't believe my eyes. There on some of our photo's were the same white circles! I am sure that if these are spirits then they must be friendly spirits because at no time have we ever felt spooked or uncomfortable during our stay there!

10 / 10

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One-of-a-kind Experience

"We stayed at Langley two weeks ago, and it exceeded our expectations. My wife and I recalled the couple 'disappointing' reviews we had seen here, and just shook our heads. Can not possibly understand how someone could be disappointed by a 700 year old castle, lovingly and meticulously restored in to a five star hotel with beautiful grounds and service to match.

Due to the cost, which is high for Americans right now (about $600 for the Derwentwater room for four and dinner and drinks), we only stayed one night out of the 12 on our UK trip. My 7 and 9 year-olds agreed it was the best night of the vacation. Magical.

But here's the kicker; EVERY picture I took in our room, and ONLY in our room, had these strange translucent circles of differing location, size, and intensity. My sister, who is in to these things, swears they're spirits. I'm not so sure, but I know this; they weren't in any other room I took pictures in. But it wasn't creepy, my 7 year old daughter, even after hearing our talking about what we saw on my digital screen, was happy to be in the room by herself. We also felt very cozy. I will post pictures, and you can judge for yourself.

Not the easiest place to get to with out a car, but worth every pound.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Sooooooo fun!!! Magical!!! You must go!!!

"Stayed with my family of 8. Our room was a adjoining suite in the Castle; the Percy and Josephine suite. Wow!! Rating 12 on a 10 scale. Our family stayed in the Keep and the rooms probably rated to them a 9 out of 10. For that truly medieval feeling while you were trying to make your way to your room-12 out of 10. My kids reaction 15 out of 10. The little alcolves where you could get lost with a good book-15 out of 10. Having a drink with your family in the great hall before dinner-12 out of 10. The intimate feeling in the grand dining room 12-10. Service by employees 12-10.

Sad to say, but the food was a little lack luster. High quality, but they missed a beat or two here and there but quickly made amends-9-10.

This hotel gives you a feeling that the Peninsula and the Four Seasons or the Mandarin will not give you-that truly medieval experience. Get ready to cosey up to your loved one at night, while you go to sleep, just in case a ghost desides to pay you a visit.

Very Romantic!! Fun for one and all!! Castle accommodations recommended!!

by Need2ski2
10 / 10

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Very Dissapointing

"Myself and my partner were eagerly anticipating our stay at Langley Castle. Unfortunately or excitement soon turned to distress. After the initial wow factor of the hotel (and it is beautiful) you soon come to realise that there is very little else worth mentioning.

The staff were inattentive and in the case of some, just plain rude.

The food was of adequate quality but nothing out of the ordinary and for a hotel of this supposed quality one would expect a more varied menu and one that changes over the space of a 3 day stay. In addition the obviously bought-in desserts were tasteless and unimaginative despite the attempts to liven them up with a few berries and sauce.

The standard of breakfast varied incredibly too, from very good one morning to abysmal the next.

When we complained about the quality of our food it was made abundantly clear that no-one was interested. In fact, from our seat close to the kitchen door the chef could clearly be heard swearing that there was nothing wrong with the way he had prepared it.

All in all a disappointing stay.

by just-me-here
4 / 10

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Wonderful Visit!

"We had a wonderful visit to Langley in May 2004! My husband had stayed there as a child and insisted that we return on our driving tour. It was such a relaxing stay. Our room was stunning, with 6 feet thick walls and an amazing window (see picture). The bed was so luxurious! Our dinner was delicious and the service was great. The concierge took us on a tour of the castle and we got to go to the roof to see the beautiful views. It was pricey (with the exchange rate) but was well worth it! We will certainly visit again."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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