J Boutique Hotel

Jalan Kartika Plaza No. 20 Bali, Bali 80361, Indonesia
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Small room, noisy air-con, no view from room

"Service was generally average; however on checking in we complained that the room reeked of cigarette smoke even though we requested an non-smoking room, when we asked reception if we could change rooms - the reply we can spray air freshener and you don't have to smoke in the room!

The room was quite small for the size of the bed (king size) so there was very little free space. The window looked out onto a wall, so no view, except for the 6 air-conditioners from all the adjacent rooms. The air con for the room was noisy just outside the window.

Swimming pool area on the rooftop had a good view.

Located in south Kuta, close to airport and 10 min walk to beach. Long way from main shops and tourist areas, though taxis are cheap for getting up to main area.

Management response from JBH-Bali, 20 Sep 2010

Dear Gej2000, Thank you for taking your time to give us your review on our hotel. We apologize for inconvenience occurred during your stay. We took note on your comments in regards to our staff reply on your 'non smoking room request'. The reply was not something we should be proud of, and definitely not as what I personally expected to answer your requests. We will investigate this issue and will make appropriate warning to our staffs as we expect no similar issue to reoccur in the future to other guests. Some of our rooms has back view indeed, unfortunately during peak seasons in Kuta such June - September, where most of the hotels are fully book, including our hotel, we have no other choice then to sell the rooms. However please note that the rooms will only be sold when we're facing 90% occupancy or above, we always prioritize to give our guests city view rooms instead. Please accept our apology for the unpleasant experience during your visit to our hotel. Please advise should you wish to return and stay with us again, we would be happy to let you experience our city view room with a complimentary upgrade. Once again thank you for your feedback and we will share this great input from yours to all our colleagues and team at J Boutique Hotel. Yours sincerely, The Management

by Gej2000
4 / 10

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Great little place to stay

"We have been very positively satisfied by our stay in this hotel. Rooms are very spacious, clean and very well equipped... The hotel has good service and friendly staff in general. Everybody smiling and greeting. The breakfast is nice when traditional music is not played as it is very loud when you just wake up in the morning.

Swimming pool is cool, day beds and bar, great view.

Room service is efficient, but menu could have more choice. Location is fine but not great, we had to drive around a lot to get their coming from the beach as kuta has a lot of one way street.

I think the value for money is good and we would certainly come back there next time.

Management response from JBH-Bali, 20 Sep 2010

Dear LoloHanoi, Thank you for kind words and great input for our improvement. We always strive to get our service better by listening directly of such comments like yours. Appreciated much of your feedback in regards to the music volume on our breakfast venue at The Bellagio, we apologize on this issue and we have set the standard now and turn it down to 15 instead of 25 on volume setting. Also on the menu for the room service, We take note on your comments here, and we are pleased to inform you that we will have new menu completed for all our outlet including guests rooms by first week October 2010. We have reviewed thoroughly on our current menu and will provide more variety of selections menu to meet our guests demand which comes from multiple countries. Once again thank you and look forward to welcoming you back to J Boutique Hotel. Yours sincerely, The Management

by lolohanoi
8 / 10

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Great value

"Had 3 nights here, good, clean room, friendly helpful staff and the best breakfasts we've had in over 2 weeks of Bali."

Management response from JBH-Bali, 20 Sep 2010

Dear PerthJudy, Thank you for your comments, we're pleased to learn that you had a wonderful experience during your stay with us. We will definitely share your experience to all our colleagues here at J Boutique Hotel. Especially your notes on our breakfast quality, our Chef has read your comment and it threw great smile on his face. We are looking forward to welcoming you back again to J Boutique Hotel. Yours sincerely, The Management

by PerthJudy
8 / 10

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i would not stay there again

"I stay in J boutique hotel for 5 nights, I would have moved to another hotel if I had not paid in full. When I checked in to my room, I was shocked how small it was compare to the photo I saw and it was depressing as the window is facing a big grey wall. Anyway, I requested to change to another room and the reception was very helpful and upgrated me to a slightly bigger room with view. The shower in the room was very hot and very low pressure. The pool was very impossible to swim because it is green and milky and I could not spend long by the pool in the afternoon as there's not shade for the sun bed and it was too hot! Again, it wasn't anything like the photo. The worst nightmare began after a tour group checked in the next day, they were so noisy and kids screaming and running around.... I just won't go back any more!"

Management response from JBH-Bali, 28 Jun 2010

Dear Simonzee, We acknowledge your feedback and critism as very valuable input to continuously make improvements. We apologize if the room you were staying was not as spacious as what you expected. We have always indicated our room size on each of the room categories we promoted via our on line travel partners accordingly.We expect this will give our clients a better understanding of our room size and we always put room photo according to the room type promoted. In regards to your questions on our swimming pool, it was because of natural rainy seasons that effect the water quality of our outdoor swimming pool. It was unpredictable rainy seasons in Kuta that had given our team a challenge in maintaining our swimming pool quality crystal clear 100% all time. However I am happy to share with you that on June 23rd, we have added up new water pump to increase volume water filter flows to speed up the cleaning process even during rainy seasons. Hope this will enhance our guest experience in staying with us. Last but not least, thank you once again for your fair comments and feedback. We always take valuable input such yours for improvements. We certainly hope to have another apportunity to welcome you again to stay with us. Yours truly, The Management

by simonzee
4 / 10

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Would come back..

"We were staying for 3 days in may (4th to 7th may) and found the staff on arrival very helpfull,full of smile and efficient ( that was we need after 15 hours in the plane)...the room was clean and big enough for both of us ( I don't know how much bigger someone need) but for us it was perfect compare with the wellknown expensieve hotel on kuta beach which certainly did not live up to expectaction highly disappointed. For sure jbh has a clean room friendly and approachable staff and deffenitely worth to visit.

As I work as a customer service rep one think I know for sure we can not pleased everybody but every review wort to think about

JBH staff keep the good service !!!! We will recommend your hotel in Europe !!!!!

Management response from JBH-Bali, 21 Jun 2010

Dear Ephie69, Your comments draws a big smile on our face indeed. We truly appreciate your comments and feedback. It is our pleasure to have you here with us. We took your quote 'We can not pleased everybody but every review wort to think about' as our boost to continuously strive for making improvements. On behalf of the team here at J Boutique Hotel, we thanked you for your trust in choosing our hotel as you prerred hotel to stay. We certainly look forward to welcoming you back again. Yours truly, The Management

by ephie69
8 / 10

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Great Hotel

"I stayed 1 night at J Boutique Hotel. Very nice hotel with nice decor and ambiance. Defiately worth the price I paid. Excellent service and acceptable breakfast. The room is very nice and na dthe lounge provided good services as well. Definatley worth to stay there."

Management response from JBH-Bali, 21 Jun 2010

Dear Aida38, It was such a pleasure reading your comments and feedback. We have shared your comments amongts our team at J Boutique Hotel, and indeed it throws a nice smile on their face. We certainly look forward to welcoming you back again to stay with us. Yours truly, The Management

by aida38
10 / 10

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"J Boutique Hotel

Not remembering this was once the Jatra Hotel,

I walked into the hotel lobby towards reception and thought, this was not too bad at all.

Right near the airport, fairly close and easy to get to Kuta beach,

Legian as well as being able to access Jimbaran and Nusa Dua as it is smack dab near the 'skinny middle' of Bali's airport location,

and with its modernized interior design,

J Boutique Hotel (JBH) looked to delight and ease (although not flat out impress) the needs of any budget traveler.

Upon being greeted at reception however, the phrase "its all downhill" from here came fore front to my mind. The reception did not greet me with a smile, nor seem to be happy that I (when I say I, I mean my darling wife) was able to score a room at a very discounted rate (about less than 30% of the regular published rate). Sticking with Reception, while the room as well as the booking was meant for two persons, there seemed to be a massive paper shortage I had not heard of as the Reception decided not to give me my other half's Welcome Drink ticket, and almost decided to also take away the rest of the breakfast coupons and 'free 10minute massage' coupon as well! This 'stingy' mentality at least gave me some humor as I thought of Fawlty Towers...

Back to the JBH. The room was small, but just managed to fit a double bed, a desk, standard lcd, suitcase table and built in wardrobe. The problem? NOISY. Sounds, noises and chatter could be heard through the doors, the AC, while cold, was way too loud, even on the lowest fan setting - I'm not particularly sensitive to noise, but knowing my wife we would have had to have left the very day we checked in! The bathroom was functional, except but again, only ONE itty bitty shampoo bottle and thin round soap.

I had the buffet breakfast the next day, wondering what I might find. Surprise, surprise; disappointment. While I should have tried the Asian section of Bubur ayam, and pecel or curry, I guess it just seemed too rich for my early morning tastes and went with a standard of scrambled eggs, cut sausage, 'baked beans' and potato cubes.


Eggs= a bit too 'wet' couldve been much better (how do you screw up scrambled eggs??),

'Baked Beans' were actually 'sweet and sour red beans', basicaly peanuts in a sweet/sour tomato concoction = yuck,

Potato = overfried

Sausage pieces = overfried

I have a few more days here...glad we scored the heavy discount!

IF YOU CAN, please don't stay here.

there are many other hotels out there which offers great discounts, such as aston, etc

Management response from JBH-Bali, 21 Jun 2010

Dear Fourtimesayear, Many thanks for your constructive feedback. We have read thoroughly your comments and take immediate action for improvements. On bahalf of the Management at J Boutque Hotel, we apologize for our service handicap during your stay. Regardles number of discount you had successfully negotiated with reception as walk in guest our service to all guests should remain the same. We have noted also your comments on breakfast menu selections and also the quality, we strive to make improvement day by day. We have asian and western guest staying at our hotel, hence we have selections of asian and western buffet menu. Your feedback is very well noted by our kitchen team and they are striving for making improvement. In regards to your comment on bath soap and shampoo, you should had not worry on this, as we replace the soap and shampoo daily according to our guests' need.Last but not least, once again thank you for giving us your comments. We hope you have had a pleasent journey for the rest of your leisure agenda. Yours truly, The Management

by fourtimesayear
4 / 10

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Average hotel for sleeping only

"I stayed in J Boutique for 4 nights and I found that the rooms was just okay for sleeping.

Aircon was making too loud noise and the room was also quite average.

You will be able to hear noises from outside your room too easily.

Service was okay, not too fast nor too slow.

But if the hotel is fully occupied, I'm sure the service will be slower because I had to wait for awhile when I'm only want to check out on the last day.

Management response from JBH-Bali, 07 Jun 2010

Dear HDSurya, Many thanks for your constructive feedback and We will certainly take your valuable comments into our action to make continuous improvement on our service. Please accept our apology for not being able to provide the services as what you expected during your stay with us. In other hand, I am happy to update you that we were progressing with AC replacements for 12 new AC units for our guest rooms, however due to the current occupancy level was quite high, We were slightly behind our schedule in implementing the replacements. This may have caused some inconvenience to the room you were staying during your visit. However we fully understood that this should not be an excuse to provide the best service to all our customers. Following significant increment of business at our hotel, We understand that we must be able to maintain proper speed of service ensuring our guest experience will not be jeopardized. We have taken your constructive feedback into our serious consideration to make instant improvement on our general service not only in Front Office Department where you experience a bit of time on check out time. We certainly hope, there is another opportunity for us to serve you better in the future. We believe on continuous effort on improvements, and your fair feedback is truly appreciate it. Once again thank you for your comments, and look forward to welcoming you again at our hotel. Yours truly, The Management

by hdsurya
6 / 10

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average hotel

"location good, rooms small and aircond lousywhn we first checked in .after all the complaints then they gave us a bigger room.,view lousy , you actually face a wall.if ,service slow without a smile. shower too hot .breakfast not too bad. u can request for shuttle service which we overlooked. i would stay in another hotel next time."

Management response from JBH-Bali, 25 May 2010

Dear Yasminf, Thank you for your review and appreciate it much of your feedback. We apologize if our hotel rooms and facilities were not as what you expected. In our marketing collateral we clearly mentioned the size of each of our rooms and all the services and benefits we offer that includes into the rate, We believe you acknowledged this prior to place the booking. We take your review on our hotel services for our improvement and thank you so much for your unbiased comments. We will definitely strive to be a better hotel and providing service that meet all our client's expectations. It is too bad to hear that you will consider other hotel on your next trip, if only we may have another chance to re-invite you to stay with us again, it would be our pleasure to welcome you here. Yours sincerely, The Management J Boutique Hotel

by yasminf
4 / 10

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"A memorable moment at J Boutique Hotel Bali"

"Stayed in J Boutique hotel gives us an excellent experienced.

Room is clean, all the staff are nice, friendly and helpfull. Location near to airport but far a bit far from kuta beach. For amenities I'll say its average. What I like best is the hospitality from all staff. From door man, front desk, housekeeper, room service they all helpfull and friendly. So far about J boutique hotel is GOOD. Keep all the good work. GBU


Management response from JBH-Bali, 19 May 2010

Dear Swetty Cha, It was such a great pleasure to read your feedback and review about our property. Your comments in this forum is shared to all our hotel staffs. We really appreciate your time to write such great feedback. We always strive to make improvement based on our guests' review such yours. We certainly look forward to welcoming you to J Boutique Hotel Yours sincerely, The Management J Boutique Hotel

by swettycha
8 / 10

Did you find this review helpful? Yes

Really satisfied

"i went to Bali to have a beautiful honeymoon because we just married last month. at first i tought J Boutique Hotel is quite expensive, so i passed this hotel and search another hotel. and i slept at one hotel near from J Boutique hotel, but i felt no comfort at that hotel so i decided with my husband to look J Boutique Hotel. First impression is this hotel is quite far from kuta square if we take walk. But when i came in i feel so comfortable. so i ask room for 2 nights. but unfortunately, i only got 1 night. so i took it.it's better than never. and i became more satisfied once i knew that J Boutique hotel can take us to Kuta square with their shuttle bus. it's free ^^. and when i returned to airport they gave us free return to airport.. too bad that i only have one night at J boutique hotel.. i wonder if one night make me satisfied, how about two night and another night?

i'm sure that one day i come to Bali again i will choose this hotel as my priority ^^

Management response from JBH-Bali, 19 May 2010

Dear Renbert, Your review caused great smiles to all our staffs. On behalf of the management and all staffs at J Boutique Hotel, we thank you for your pleasant review and congratulations on your wedding. We apologize for not being able to accommodate your request staying for 2 nights, we certainly hope we may have another chance to welcoming you and your husband back again to stay with us. Yours sincerely, The Management J Boutique Hotel

by ReNbeRt
8 / 10

Did you find this review helpful? Yes

Cute Hotel and Good Price

"Stayed at J Boutique for 1 night,rooms have been renovated,we were on the 3rd floor non-smoking floor. Our room was Executive Business Deluxe,we had a flat screen tv,dvd player,comfy king size bed,mini bar. Hot water in shower was not so hot after all,more like cold. Pool area is nice,but no staff member was there to take your order for food or drink, we had to call someone on the phone there to get food and drink,which seemed like forever to come up to us. Breakfast was average,the only good food was the omelettes made fresh for you and brought to your table,coffee was good,pancakes in warmer were cold as well, as a few of the other foods they had in the warmers. They could improve on Breakfast and service at the Pool side Bar,other than that it is a good hotel,but it is walking distance from the main area of Kuta and shopping areas,restaurants."

Management response from JBH-Bali, 10 May 2010

Dear Addikted2travel, Thank you for your feedback and review on our hotel and services. We noted your comment as constructive feedback for us to improve our services and facilities. We are happy to share with you that since May 5th, 2010 we are working on light piping maintenance to fix the issue with our hot water, ensuring enough temperature to all our guest rooms especially those rooms located on the corner end where the temperature was often drop. We are also doing our best to improve on our breakfast rotation menu. Our Executive Chef and his team will ensure on this improvement. Once again thank you for your great feedback and we certainly look forward to welcoming you again to J Boutique Hotel. Yours sincerely, The Management

by addikted2travel
6 / 10

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