Paradise Island Beach Club

Ocean Ridge Dr, New Providence, Bahamas
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Excellent Vacation Experience!!!! by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

We were so thrilled to be a guest at the Paradise Island Beach Club! Upon our arrival, the owners of the resort surprised us with a "Welcome Beach Party" at the pool. New guests received free drinks and could sample all the buffet style Bahamian food prepared by the resort's chefs. The owners were very generous to conduct this event and we felt this was "first rate". All the staff were extremely helpful; especially Keisha and Carla at the front desk. The beach and the sunsets are fantastic! And, the scuba diving is outstanding! To coin a phrase from the tourist bureau, "It's better in the Bahamas"!!!!

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10 / 10

I have been reading reviews about lousy "HOTEL" "staff did not carry Luggage" etc. This is a time share, usually owner occupied. It's beautiful and has all the comforts of "home". They do not provide daily maid service, and as owners we have desided what we wish to support, so the mini mart is on it's own and must make a profit. Most of us know our way around the resort and do not expect anyone to escort us to our villa. Time Sharing is not for every one, but you can't beat the price, the location, or the beach.

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PIBC is nice by Snsmith02
6 / 10

PIBC was very nice. The beach is right at your doorstep and the villas are nice too. The kitchen area is helpful and there is a good sized TV in the unit. Washers and dryers are on site. The unit's bathrooms are a little dim and the floor is tiled in the whole villa, so prepare for cold feet and sandy toes if you like to walk barefoot. Mini-mart is good for small items but can be pricey. Staff is friendly but the pool could be a little cleaner. Beware of the welcome dinner when you first get there, because if you're even 10 seconds late, you get NOTHING, and they're not serving anymore. Bahamian all you can eat dinner is good :P. It's also good that they have a shuttle that takes you to the Paradise Harbour Club and you can ride the Water Taxi to the straw market. Atlantis & shops are within walking distance [less than 2 miles]...and believe me, we walked ALOT because cabs can be costly. You do have to travel for some nightlife fun because the area is isolated at the end of a residential area. We went during Junkanoo and it was very fun. Can't wait to go back!

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Beautiful Suite by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful week at the Paradise Island Beach Club. On arriving, our bags were taken to Suite #30; a very large two bedroom condo. The condo. is in excellent condition. We decided to check at the front desk on a good restaurant nearby.

Fortunately, we met David Kugler the new developer of the P. I. Beach Club; he took as to his Columbus Tavern. It was actually a five minute walk. The food was excellent and reasonable. If you want to get a 4/5 star dinner, my wife and I recommend the Ocean Club French restaurant.

It is located almost next door to the Paradise Island Beach Club. The Ocean Club is similar in quality to Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France. Very beautiful! Two more excellent restaurants: Cafe Matisse in downtown Nassau and the Poop Deck, near the Sandy Port Resort.

Unfortunately, we had two dinners at the Atlantis; very commercial and expensive. The great restaurant "Graycliff" is very expensive with a great wine selection. In closing, my wife & I will definitely be returning to the Paradise Island Beach Club.

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Ice Cream ... by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

I went to the Marriott over Christmas Vacation with my children and a group of friends. We gave the kids some money to buy ice cream... What a mistake. The ice cream lady was rude and obnoxious. She gave my son a coconut ice cream, which he is allergic to, when he clearly asked for chocolate. When he told her that she gave him the wrong ice cream, she screamed at him, and told him that he must throw out the ice cream in the garbage, or he would not be able to get a new one. He was startled and confused, and ran to me crying. Then I went over to the ice-cream lady and gave her a piece of my mind. ...

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Had a great time. by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

My wife and i just got back from a week vacation at this resort.

Although the resort is going through selected renovations, none of this interfered with our stay. The people were friendly and helpful. Our room was clean and comfortable. You are steps away from one of the nicest, fairly private beaches in the world. Some of the amenities were in need of upgrading, like the exercise room. The on-site mini-mart was well stocked, and reasonably priced. In summary, this resort is in the process of returning to a first-class resort. However, it is a fantastic location, very private and surrounded by luxury resorts (Ocean Club, Atlantis) that are in walking distance. We would definitely go back.

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horrible by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

I have stayed there several times, but I will not stay there any longer. Now that Marriott does not manage this property, it is awful. I had to clean the room when I got there. Pubic hair was all over the bathroom. The front desk is never there and seldom helpful. What a waste of money!!!

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Vacation in Paradise??? by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

My fiance and I invited a couple who are very close friends of ours to this so-called great getaway. First of all, we haven't been told that Marriott no longer owns the place so we were disappointed about that because we've always stayed at Marriott hotels and have never been let down. For those of you planning to stay here, it is definitely a getaway since it's sort of secluded from most of the hotels and shopping area. But don't worry because they are just a short cab ride away which will cost you $3-5 per person depending on how far you go.

We were welcomed as we walked into the tiny lobby of the resort and were asked to pay additional fees (which we were never informed of) for the increase in crude oil prices and electricity. When we finally finished checking in, we had to find our villa ourselves in this maze they have going on there with their villas' setting. No one helped us carry our luggage or even bothered to show us where to go. We had to ask them because some of the workers kept passing us by as we were trying to figure where it is that we belonged. We finally found the villa and we had to drag our large suitcases to the 3rd floor. The villas are pretty decent once you get used to having just one TV for everyone since they removed the one for the master bedroom. All is left is the armoire for it. You do get two full baths and a full kitchen with big enough dining table. The balcony/small yard are good for smokers or those who like to sit outside. The pools are rather small even though the other one by the poolside bar is a bit larger. We didn't bother eating at the pool bar since we caught a glimpse of the dirty kitchen. The mini mart at the resort jacks up the prices to the point of making you laugh. Also these two here open whenever they want, so better get your stuff as soon as they open. The beach however is gorgeous and you get more privacy when you look over to your left where the Atlantis and Sheraton is located which has more people. The water is clear, warm and smooth. The sand is soft and white. The workers I met at the beach were nice and they offered you beach chairs. I personally think the workers and the people in general are very nice and well-mannered and hard-working. There are exceptions, however. If you make arrangement beforehand because your require a certain room, beware and make sure you keep calling them to make sure you get what you want. Otherwise you will get there and they decide for you and you really can't change their mind, especially when the manager comes to offer you some balony. Well, all in all, it was ok. I do miss Bahamas.

This resort is good, don't worry. Just watch out for those I've mentioned. The Sheraton is nearby and they have great restaurants. The Atlantis is right next door to it and the casino as awesome. There is also a shopping center nearby and the streets are nice and clean. If you want deals and more stores, take a cab and just cross the bridge to Nassau's downtown. Have a nice stay.

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Be advised by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

To all Marriott owners, please note that this resort is no longer managed by Marriott. The complex is now managed by a company named VIP, but do not be fooled, it stands for Vacation in Paradise. I really do not know the company, so I cannot talk about it. However the person that is in charge of managing the resort is all but devoted to customer satisfaction. In fact I think that phrase is not in her vocabulary. Please be aware that if you own an 8 or 10 person villa you cannot go to this resort since it will only take a maximum of 6 guests including kids (even if they are babies). According to the management several laws in Bahamas strictly forbid that more than 6 people stay in any condo. As you can imagine that caused me a lot of inconvenience since I own an 8 person villa. However I was expecting to solve the problem with them, maybe paying for two additional persons. The only answer that I got from her is that two persons would have to go out. Of course she offered me a junior suite at their next door hotel at a rate of 200 per night. That may not seem too much, but if you multiply it by 7 nights and add it to the rest of the money that you have already paid to get there it starts to look ugly. Especially since you would expect a special deal given the situation (besides, I rather spend that money at the casino or other attraction). So I had to look for a hotel for two of my guest. Fortunately I found a great deal at the Sheraton (99+tax), which is a much better hotel than the one she was offering. But while I was away looking for a hotel she locked me out of our villa and she did not opened it until I showed her the keys to the room at the Sheraton. Of course I already had the keys, but I was really pissed off since I wasted half a sunny day of my vacation at the beach arguing with this lady and trying to solve the issue. As far as the condo, if you are still interested, do not expect to get what you have at your Marriott villa. If you are planning to exchange your week I suggest you look foilla with your Marriott villa, in all senses: room, amenities, service, etc. I encourage you to go the Bahamas, it is a beautiful place and you will have the time of your life, just look for another place to stay.

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100% perfect in every way. by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

If you have not yet been to this resort, your life is not complete! Each private villa is equiped with everything you need for a vacation in Paradise! The sand is white as powdered sugar and the sunset is beautiful as can be. The bar in the pool serves delicious non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages and delicious cheeseburgers and fries. You can relax while sitting in the pool and sipping a drink, admiring the beautiful palm trees all around. I definitely reccoment you try horseback riding, just a few minutes' drive from the hotel. There is even a shuttle that will bring you there. Many restaurants surround the resort and are great to visit. You can walk to the Atlantis where fine dining is a specialty, but the facilities there are no match for the Marriott's charm and style. I reccommend visiting the Atlantis for its activiies such as the great water slides and for its fine dining, but as far as accomodations go, the Marriott is the place to be. It is perfect for couples, families and anyone searching for a magical vacation. A small shop provides ice cream bars, sunscreen and many supplies in case you forgot something at home and there is even a recreation room for kids or adults. I really hope you consider this resort because my family and I have not stopped talking about our stay there since we returned. Happy travelling!

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  • Address: Ocean Ridge Dr, New Providence, Bahamas

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