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A very basic, non-English speaking... by P Ramsay
1 / 10

A very basic, non-English speaking hotel. Rooms are in need of refurbishment as very old & tired looking. Air con is available for 9 Euros per day & a safety deposit box for 4 Euros per day.

Pool facility ok, but again benefit from a lick of paint and some new sunbeds. Burger King is straight below hotel so be prepared to smell burgers all day long!!

Miraflores is situated on a busy main road which can be very noisy at night when you're trying to sleep.

All food is provided by the Gala hotel which is across the road. Quality & choice were minimal. I definitely would not recommend Miraflores for your stay in Can Pastilla as it could possibly ruin your otherwise perfect holiday. Only 1 point scored for accommodation I'm afraid!!

Can Pastilla itself though was positively charming. Turquoise sea & white sand as far as the eye could see...beautiful! Resort is spotlessly clean & a great choice of bars & restaurants.

Try Marys Den for a warm welcome (day or night!) which can be found down the side-street at the Piccadilly restaurant (follow the main road going up from beach, past tabac shop on opposite side of road). There's a few British bars here so take your pick!! A definite 8 out of 10 for resort!!

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Hotel Miraflores also called

  • miraflores hotel can pastilla
  • Address: Xabec, 4, Majorca 07015, Spain

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Map for Hotel Miraflores Closest airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 1.3 miles

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