Sea Garden Resort

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Traveller reviews

a real 4 star hotel

"You know what they say that in Egipt, hotels are really one star less than the stars they say they are, compared to Europe...well, this one is a real 4 star hotel.

We had an excellent experience staying there. The best things were the diversity and quality of the meals, the access to the facilities in the three hotels for all inclusive (three pools, three restaurants for all inclusive, a big beach area), the large room and the sea shore. When the tide is low, we were actually able to walk in knee-deep water and see the fish swimming around us...

by cradun
10 / 10

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It's all about location, location, location!

"The one bit of advice I would give to anyone going to Sharm is to make sure you get a hotel on the beach. After all the sea is the main reason for going to this region of Egypt. The Sea Garden is a large complex made up of three areas, we luckily were in the quietest. The visitors are mainly from Germany & the eastern block. The Germans were ok, the rest!......I will leave to your imagination.

Make sure take your own snorkel & fins( AND footware you can use in the water) as the reef just off the hotels beach is amazing. Buy a re-usable cheap underwater camera (available for about £10 in the hotel shops) & enjoy the warm Red Sea environment. Do go on a day dive even if you have not been before the staff will look after you and if you want will quite literally hold your hand throughout.

We went on an all inclusive deal. HA! The food was adequate & the typical buffet fare, the alcoholic drinks which were included did not contain any discerable amounts of alcohol & the branded drinks were very expensive. The type of extras you have to pay for is penny pinching by the hotel, pool, table football, ice cream , night time shows etc etc.

Don't bother with the over priced massage, it was awful.

Also when you book your diving days pay cash (Egypian pounds) otherwise the triple currency exchange rate fiddle they use will add about 10-15% to the cost ( we simply used the cash machine in reception).

The local towns are simply markets in which all the shops sell exactly the same tat as each other, worth an evening out but don't get to excited.

Don't go on the Cairo coach trip unless you want to spend 9 hours each way on a coach only to spend 30 minutes at the pyramids 2 hours a the museum & the rest of the time being taken to various souvenir factories.

Don't forget it gets very hot so beware & take a good sunscreen.

Enjoy the snorkelling!

Farlington Bob

by Farlington-Bob
6 / 10

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fantastic holiday

"after looking at many hotels with only 10 days to my holiday , i finally came to a conclusion on the sea garden resort. im glad i did. this was a fantastic hotel. the staff were amazing, they couldnt do enough for you. the hotel was fantastically clean, rooms , restaurant, outside and the pool. they are so friendly. although the hotel was great you could use all facilities at the sea life and sea club resorts, eat in any of the restaurants and use your all inclusive for drinks etc with only a minutes walk through foliage and flowered walkways. the food was great with a 14 day themed cuisine, but many other dishes and salads you could name. I would recommend this hotel to anyone. the rooms were very spacious, more than most hotels. im so sad to be home and cant wait to go back to egypt again next year."

by penelopewirral
10 / 10

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Great resort

"Just returned from a weeks stay at the Sea Garden Resort and had a really relaxing holiday. The rooms are spacious and clean, food good with lots of choice and can also eat at the Sea Life and Sea Club resorts.

No beach at the Sea Garden but not too far a walk to the beaches at Sea Life or the Sea Club. We tended to stay around the pool at the Sea Garden and always found lots of sun beds.

Although not many reports from English travellers on trip advisor before we went, we found that there were lots of English families at the resort. Staff are very friendly and all spoke good English.

All in All had a really relaxing holiday and would return to this resort again.

Not to far from the Airport and cost about £8.00 in a Taxi to the hotel. Our flight home was not until 23.45pm but was able to keep the room up until 20.00pm for a extra £32.00

by bajManchester
10 / 10

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Wonderful Stay

"Stayed at this wonderful resort for one week. We was on a Thomas Cook holiday. Very quick check-in first night and because we arrived late they kindly left the all inclusive restaurant open later for us to enjoy.

When the sun rose on the second day we explored. The complex is huge and the Garden is just 1 of 3 hotels in the flash international chain. The others being the sea life and sea club. The great thing was we can use the facilities, which included the gym, snorkling, use of their restaurants, also the beach and swimming pools.

The staff were wonderful and very friendly especially Sammi who makes wonderful cocktails at the lobby bar in Sea Garden, you have pay for them outside all inclusive but its worth it. The other wonder is the cleaners, they made our room spotless everyday and left a wonderful flower arrangement every morning.

The food was excellent for All Inclusive and you had a choice of 3 restaurants, or for an extra charge you can enjoy the very pleasant Lebanese restaurant over at sea life, highly recommended!!.

The room was massive, most of them look over the swimming pool and as above were cleaned to a very high standard everyday.

For those who are looking for a quiet week in the sun then this place is great. There was a shuttle bus free twice a day to Naama Bay and also you are minutes away from the airport but don't hear much noise from passing aircraft.

by benrufus1
10 / 10

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Best Hotel I Have Ever Stayed In .. 5* Treatment!!!

"The Sea Garden was fantastic, the rooms were cleaned everyday to perfection, the pool area was spotless .. I didn't see one creepy crawly all holiday which was a bonus, food was delicious, the pool bar at lunchtime did tasty burgers and pizzas!! Another good thing about it that you could visit the Sea Life or Sea Club hotel which is in the same grounds and eat and drink in any of those.

It was also only 10 mins in a taxi to Naama Bay, where Pacha etc is so its pretty close to everywhere and the taxi there and back, which we used to book through the hotel was only 144 Egyptian Pounds, so it was reasonable

I wouldn't hesitate in reccomending this to anybody, it was great!!

by fivefiveohfour
10 / 10

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"I have just come back from 2 weeks at the Sea Garden and I had a wicked time. The Sea Garden is part of a complex of 3 hotels ( Sea Life, Sea Club, Sea Garden) that are spread out and you can eat and drink in any of the hotels, I found the food in the Sea Life and Sea Club very slightly better than the Sea Garden, but only very slightly.

But the rooms in the Sea Garden are nicer and quieter than the Sea Life as we had a junior suite and it overlooked the sea and some friends that I made were in the Sea Life and their room was quite small and also quite noisy due to the animation team.

I will definately be going back next year.

by raque1we1ch
10 / 10

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Little Gem

"Sea Garden is one of 3 hotels in a large complex but is a little gem. The rooms were huge, we actually had a lounge and a large bedroom, which was spotlessly clean. The staff were , helpful and did everything they could to make sure you were happy with the service. The food was very good and there was always something even the most fussy eater could eat. If all else failed you could always have a pasta made foe you with your choice of ingrediants. You were greeted by smiles everywhere.

With the 3 hotels you could have a swap round and use the facilities in the Sea Club or Sea Life which was great.

by FlamingoCheshire
10 / 10

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Great resort of 3 superb hotels, great staff, food, and private beach,

"Sea Garden Resort is a superb collection of 3 hotels, Sea Life, Sea Club and Sea Garden, all grouped together in one very large complex. Sea garden is behind the other two and you have a five minute walk down to the beach, which you really have to visit. The snorkelling is brilliant in water that is often just up to your knees, so suitable for the very beginners like me. The grounds are superb, very colourful and well kept offering interesting walks in every direction. Sea Life and Sea Club both have outdoor theatres. We have really enjoyed our 2 week stay. The staff are very friendly, especially Sammy in the Sea Club restaurant and Ossamar who runs the breakfast egg station in the Sea Life restaurant at breakfast time. He makes great omelettes, but will fry or scramble eggs for you on request as well.

We found there were a lot more English people there than we expected from previous comments, but there were also French, Italian and other nationalities. I reckon there were more Germans but British probably came second. We mainly used the Sea Garden pool as it was the quietest and we had no problems getting sunbeds which are top quality solid wooden beds with a 3 inch mattress on top. They all adjust at one end to a sitting or reclining position. Towels are provided free and our pool guys were excellent, Tarek and Mohammed.

The beach isn’t a soft sandy beach but there are lots of beds, sun shades and two pool bars for your free drinks. The sea breeze is very necessary and enjoyable, but just wander into the water and only feet from the sand and you will have beautiful coloured fish swimming around you feet. Use a snorkel mask and tube and you will see loads more – no need for flippers as you just want to float on the water and watch the fish, which are very plentiful and not in the least bothered by our presence. We saw lots of baby fish, so it appears the bay is a great breeding area. The deep water meets the reef about fifty yards from the beach and the waves virtually die there so the bay is very calm and relaxing. At the left (north) end of the private beach there is a pier that enables you to walk out to just past the edge of the reef and to the deeper water where some very large fish can be observed without even getting wet. Diving is organised from this pier by the hotel’s diving school.

The hotel runs a minibus to Naama bay – which is free if you go at 4pm and return at 7pm – just enough time for a nice look around and a bit of shopping. Prices are certainly cheaper there than at the hotel’s range of shops – but that is true of every hotel shop.

This is Egypt so there will be no pork, ham, gammon or bacon on the menu. Staff don’t make great wages and really appreciate the odd tip, and once you have tipped them you will get great service with a smile, so invest a little early on and reap the rewards, it doesn’t take much. You might get a slight touch of the runs, it can be the heat, water, change or diet and too much alcohol, just see Sammy at the Sea Club restaurant, he fixed us up with some mint tea. The food really was excellent in all the restaurants we tried. There are also several restaurants that we didn’t even bother trying. You need to book them at reception in advance. The whole resort is spotless and very well maintained.

by SeatonIan
10 / 10

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very good resort for all inclusive

"The sea garden resort is made up of 3 resorts sea life, sea club and sea garden which makes it a huge place to go to. The beaches are good not perfect white sand but the snorkelling is fantastic the coral has a great selection of fish it a must do. There is not that many engish staying at the resort which for me and my partner we found to be a nice break. The food is of a good standard, the staff are friendly and helpful. The rooms are great they are large open and very light, the pool at each resort is large with lots of space. The gardens and beach are very clean. To end i was very happy surprised by he quality of the staff, resort and food"

by Stirlo74
10 / 10

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