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Def for the party heads!!!!!

"I went with my mate on the club 18-30, overall the hotel was good, it was clean, you had your room service pretty much every day unless your out cold from the night before, you wouldnt expect the cleaner to come in while your sleeping. Can be pretty noisey when its rolling home time after a night out but thats what you get from club 18-30.... The pool isnt much to go by but then you have the beach right down the steps so not far to go either!

The cafe right opposite the hotel is lovely for a late breakfast if you've missed it in the hotel! The staff and reps were really helpfull too.... had the majority of the club 18-30 reps at hotel Nugget and Emry STARS haha

This is not for the family type holiday would only recommend for the party goers, situated right at the top of the strip, great location and will def be going back sometime in the future!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great hotel for the clubbers, not for the families!
  • Good For: Beach
by sxyempathy
8 / 10

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mint hotel

"Me and two of my friend went to the don paco and we are returning again in august 2009 best hotel ever very clean. it defo for the party people!!!! reps wer mad partyed all holiday just minutes away from the main night life with loads of bars surrounding. overall this was the best holiday ever. anyone who can complain about this hotel just has nowt better to do nd dont no how to party."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: its mint you have to go
  • Activities: clubbing and a small restaurant 2 mins awy from the don paco dont no the name
  • Good For: Beach
by KE111228
10 / 10

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scruffy and low class

"How bad can a three star hotle be i thought.. well IT WAS BAD! when we arrived at 4am our hotel room door didnt lock, the receptionist didnt seem too worried despite the drunken guests wandering about the coridors we were told to "jam a cabinate against the door"!! We then had to pester the morning staff in order to get the lock fixed. The sink in the room was blocked and also had a leak in the pipe so we had to put the bin underneath to catch the water. It took three visits on 3 seperate days by hotel maintinance to fix this. The cleaners simply didnt clean. Our beds were made twice in a week and our sheets never changed. The bin full of water from the sink was never emptied or replace. We counted ourselves lucky though as the girls next door found a cockroach! The breakfast included in our bed&breakfast stay was dismal fatty bacon and stale bread was top choice. The entire hotel was shabby. As a club 18-30 i guess the staff thought why bother but not all young people who like drinking a clubbing like living in filth."

by foxychicken
2 / 10

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We have just returned from a weeks...

"We have just returned from a weeks hols at this hotel and found both the staff and hotel facilities very good. Our room was clean and comfortable. It was cleaned 5 days out of 7, with clean sheets 3 times and towels changed 4 times. The pool is quite small and is in shade for a good half of the day, (we didn't use it, we prefer the beach). The hotel is well positioned, only 2/3 mins walk from beach, bars, restaurants, shops etc. We didn't use the clubs but can reccomend the chinese restaurant (red dragon) just up the road from hotel, (2 X 4 course meals and wine for 17 euros)! We found the hotel breakfast to be very good , bacon and eggs etc, fresh fruit, cold meat & cheese, cereal, toast, selection of hot and cold drinks. Open from 9-11am each day so most guests gave it a miss. Reps and reception staff very helpful. If you want to know about the best clubs etc see the reps but for tourist info go to reception as they have far more knowledge. The only problems we had were that the tv didn't work although that didn't really bother us as only one english channel, I would have prefered a fridge in the room. Air con was not working which made the room very hot at night, not too bad with the balcony door open, except for the noise, but very uncomfortable with the door shut. The worst problem for us was the noise at night, the hotel was in a quiet possition but some of the guests were very inconciderate, calling rooms at random throughout the night, (after the 2nd night we turned the ringer off on the phone), guests calling across from one balcomy to another at 4/5am and then partying in their rooms or worse still in the corridors. Staff got wise to this and confiscated hi-fi's from guests that used them after returning from a night out, and were kept until they checked out on the last day. If complaints were made during the night, security would visit, followed by a police visit to the worst offenders, the only problem was that drunken guests would then get even more noisy and abusive to staff, causing even more disturbance to other guests. Overall we had a great holiday,don't let the unrully guests put you off as the security staff got tougher with them day by day and the nights got quieter. If you are not going to be clubing ask for a quiet room, (the high floors are best) as long as you don't have the neighbours from hell! If you do, give them a phone call when you get up for breakfast (when they are fast asleep)! We would go back again, but probably in low season and ask for a quieter room."

by  C P
7 / 10

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Myself and my partner got back from...

"Myself and my partner got back from satying at the don paco, and there isn t much to say about this hotel apart from [-] HOLE.It is awful, dirty,smelly,noisy, full of disrespectful chavs.We were told it was the best hotel in magaluf, it was no where near, the hotel next door tho looked lovely.While we were there a nasty fat bloke in a skirt! pissed in the pool and then was sick, it wasn t cleaned up.Our room stank, our balcony door wouldn t close, toilet wouldn t flush, writing on the walls,wall paper torn, tiles on the floor with cracks down them.We had Vicky Pollard type girls calling our room phone one night, thinking it was funny.The breakfast wasn t even edible for a dog, plates and glasses not cleaned.Hotel was filth....Reps were good tho, very friendly and outgoing, however there pub crawls rip you off. 190 euros for nights out and free drinks, but its only 12 euros a night to get into 5 different clubs all night and drinks are 1 euro.Other than that it is ideally located..And beach is beautiful.Would i go"

2 / 10

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wicked hotel went 4 a week best time...

"wicked hotel went 4 a week best time of my life hotel is like a nightclub people just blasting music all day and nite if u r going 4 the clubs u will love it based right at the top of the main strip. ; ) i would defo go there again x"

by  Gv Velounias
8 / 10

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it was a good hotel beakfast not...

"it was a good hotel beakfast not reccomended but nice foyer and bar area good pool rooms average 3*** good rating get what you expect down side tv didn't work apart from that all was excellent staff were freindly and polite would reccomend to anybody apart less mobile due to been on top of an incline"

by M Tuplin
8 / 10

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I went on holiday with 3 other girls,...

"I went on holiday with 3 other girls, aged between 18-20...we did the 18-30's holiday and stayed in the hotel don paco. The hotel is lovely, and very clean. fortunately even though it is literally a 2 minute walk away from the main drinking strip in magalluf the hotel itself is just up a small hill and therefore no noise from the streets below keep you awake when you finally roll into the hotel in the early hours of the morning.

The staff at the don paco were lovely and always happy to help, they made our stay at don paco very enjoyable, the 18-30's staff are also awesome! they werent only our reps they became our friends, especially Adey, Emery, Stacy and Ryan (we love love love them guys) out for nugget though, hes slightly strange, but hes not based at the don paco...phew lol!!

Lads i do have to say that lads do own the don paco, there were hardly any girlies there compared to the amount of fellas...good thing for us girls is a nice atmosphere at the don paco and when we were there everyone got along...and if there is the smallest bit of trouble, even something really tiny the staff and reps are the first to be there and kick the trouble makers out of the hotel...

The rooms are decent, with air con...thank goodness...however you dont get a fridge for your beer or anything and you arent allowed bottles down near the pool, but i would say that thats common sense taking into consideration that they arent bought at the resort! lol..the bar man does have a tendancy to make your drinks as strong as i hope thats how you like em, didnt take me many vodka and cokes to start feeling giddy...

if your going to the don paco have a lovely time, we did! ooo and tell the reps steph and the gang say hi top :)....spesh adey xxxx

by Cowell
8 / 10

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Great hotel, moaning minnies

"Good value for money hotel, staff very helpful. Breakfasts were more than ample(varied). Dinner was satisfactory, not enough choice.Rooms very clean,maid service was excellent.Rooms were tidied daily.A few guests were not satisfied with the variety of food as it was a healthy option but they still managed to shovel enough in their pie holes!!!!!!!! If its fatty food they want, go to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

by SheffieldFlowerpower
6 / 10

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not that good

"We have just returned from staying a week at the Don Paco we arrived at 10pm to be told we have to go to the Rosa Del Mar for one night (we was glad it was only one night ).We found the rooms in the Don Paco to be clean but basic. It was the first time we had to pay a deposit for the remote for a television which had no English channels. The towels were changed 3 times a week, the pool was small and deep. We went half board which we dont normally do (what a mistake that was) the food was the worst we have ever had most people were moaning about it and you even at to pay for a drink of water to have with your dinner. We was told the hotel is used as a over flow for other hotels in the area ,we did meet a few couples that should of been staying elsewhere. We did not realise how close to magaluf we was, the other end of palma nova is much better and more suited to families and couples"

by suemin
2 / 10

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Great Hotel

"This didnt look like an three star hotel, more like a four star. The Breakfast was ok. You could see that most of the guests were British, Eggs, bacon, toast... The dinner was al right, but i got sick of chips... A variety of meat, fish and cold salads and pasta salads. Our room (116) had three beds, safe, indoor table and outdoor table, night table, shower, tub, balcony with three chairs.

The room and balcony got cleaned every day, and towels got changed monday, wednesday and friday.

The outdoor pool was a bit small, and the sun didnt shine there before the afternoon. There were plenty with sunbeds.

The hotel was in walking distance from al type of shops, restaurants and the beach.

I can reccomend this hotel!

Quiet, cheap and good.

by TheNorwegianLad
10 / 10

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nice hotel, great location but we had problems with the water

"I must admit before the water problems we were very pleased with the hotel, It was clean and the gentlemen at the desk seemed very polite and helpful. We never went in the pool during our stay because it just did not seem as apealing as the beautiful beaches and nightlife that were just a few minutes away. Every day during our stay we ended up laying our hand towels down on the floor because the floor was extremly slippery when even the slightest wet, so id suggest being careful on those. On the last 3 days of our stay we had orange water coming out of ours taps and sometimes for hours we had no water at all. The lady told us it was because sand had got into the water filter. I think we were just unfortunate in this case and im guessing its not a regular occurence. The food wasnt to nice either but it gave us an excuse to eat out, the canny resturant does great breaky and tex mex isnt to bad for food either. overall a BRILLIANT LOCATION magaluf and palma nova beach both minutes away. Not alot to do at the hotel but it was clean and tidy for when you came back in."

4 / 10

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