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Traveller reviews

Trust me, this place is awlful!!!

"The only good thing I can say about this hotel is it's location.

Just a short walk from St. George beach and into town as well.

If you get a balcony you can enjoy a truly lovely seaview. Unfortunately, that IS the only thing I found to enjoy about this hotel.Be very aware that the 2nd floof can be QUITE difficult and VERY DANGEROUS for older travelers. They are not really steps, more like crooked stones,steep and without any rail. My mother had a TERRIBLE time with them. There were two very uncomfortable beds and a small t.v. bolted to the wall. No cable or English channels. Kitchenette was actually adequate and even contained some pots and pans and clean utensils. The bathroom was the true horror. Very dirty. Floor and sink were drippping wet and slipppery. No tub or real shower. Just a spiggot that would spray water virtually everywhere. I reccommmend sitting down on tile during shower so as not to slip. Besides there IS no where else to put soap or shampoo.

As for the grounds, they are o.k. but really not much to look at. The pool is adequate but being from California we found it quite average. Also, even though the weather was quite warm and sunny the pool was FREEZING COLD so we were unable to enjoy it. As for the staff, we found the man on duty during the day to be QUITE rude. Was generally unable or unwilling to answer the majority of our questions. Was very happy to leave in large part due to him. We were generally treated with hostility and as a general nusiunce. It got to the point where we literally preferred being lost rather than ask the daytime desk clerk for any assistance. Could maybe reccommend if you just wanted the location and did not spend any time in room. But, even then you can easily find much cheaper and nicer along this same area.

Your best bet is to wait till you arrive in Naxos. Hotel owners greet you at the ferry. We saw several truly beautiful rooms very near ours at half the rate. This is probably due to going in the off season.You absolutely CAN bargain in person. Next time that is how we will book.

by manhatten1
2 / 10

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Great pool and location but a bit strange

"We stayed here for 7 nights. It has a lovely pool area and is just down the road from the beach where there was a really nice beach cafe Trata, great for lunch. Its a short walk along the seafront to the town so very easy for the evening.

We had room 108 which had a lovely balcony with a great sea view for watching the sunset. The room was a good size but the bed was rubbish and the pillows so flat they were pointless. Some rooms had tiny balconies or just open onto the pool area so don't have one and some faced walls so request a good balcony.

The hotel seems to cater a lot for tour groups that stay 1 to 2 nights which might explain the reason why they go cheap on some details, you would expect a bit more. The breakfast is bad, its just a few bits of bread and some jam,cheese and ham. Would expect a few croissants or some fresh juice or something. It also meant the pool area was packed one day and empty the next which was fine with us as we stayed out on the busy days.

The staff weren't that friendly so everything seems a bit of an effort. I asked reception for some towels and toilet rolls which seemed such an ordeal I wish I hadn't bothered.

Despite these things I would go back as the pool is lovely and the location and beach are definitely worth going back for.

by marchwood
8 / 10

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Naxos 5 day visit, July 2007

"We stayed at the Galaxy for 5 days, July 23-27, two studio rooms with kitchenettes, for 4 adults and 2 children. The hotel is 60 yards from the Ayios Georgios beach (St. George), has a beach view for most rooms, see website [--] for details. This hotel is right next to the Naxos Royal hotel, which is a bit more expensive but with more to offer. See [--] Either one is a good deal. What I did not like about it was the fact that there was no guarantee of the view or the balcony size. We ended up on the 2nd floor (highest floor) with a real good view of the sea and an extended balcony with a table and chairs. Very nice, We even had a double bed, usually it's two twins are placed next ot each other. My parents ended up in a ground floor room, much larger that ours, but no sea view, unless one ventured out the side door to a courtyard with a table and 2 chairs amidst the gardens. My mom asked for a change immediately, was told they could switch in a couple of days, but eventually ended up liking it enough to skip the trouble of switching rooms.

The pool is lovely, there is a pool side bar, the pool water fresh, big points for that! The grounds and decor are nice and the beach is so near.

The walk to town is only 10 minutes, so you do get the best of both worlds. No need to rent a car. Another big plus. Eat at Poppi's in town, very Greek cuisine, try the roasted lamb.

by dimitri7777
6 / 10

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Up to date info

"We stayed from 6 June to 9 June 2007. We had a room over looking the pool. The room was quite comfortable and we had a fabulous view in the mornings. Breakfast was fine except if we were late we ate in the courtyard which was lovely when it was fine but a bit awkward if it was windy. I mostly wanted to refer to an older review which nearly caused us to cancel. There was no suggestion while we were there that we should not flush paper down the toilet. It was within very convenient walking distance to the beach and shops restaurants etc. I strongly recommend it."

by conno
8 / 10

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Simply the Best in Naxos!

"The staff are really friendly, they stayed up to late in the evening (02:00am) because our ferry were delayed. Very fresh and clean room. Very calm on the hotel area, day as night. You can really relax and have your vacation. Just to relax by the pool, buy somthing from the Pool bar or take a very short walk to the beach. Neraby you have a supermarket, Outdoor cinema and bus stops to the ex. beaches like Agia Prokopios and Agia Anna. I really recommend the Hotel and me and my boyfriend will go back already this year (2006) in september!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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"The hotel was verry nice & clean and the staff were very friendly. We had a fantastic sea view and were delighted with our room very clean. The saint george beach was excellent very clean & clear water! All in all the holiday was fantastic and we would definately go back to Galaxy hotel for another relaxing two weeks."

by saron
10 / 10

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Not recommended at all and way overpriced

"After walking past several beautiful white hotels, it is quite disappointing to see the hotel Galaxy, old fashioned brick (browny, orange) and the rooms suit the exterior. We had a studio, which was basically decorated and a bit musty, not to mention had horrible barn type doors. Not washing up liquid was provided with the kitchenette, and the maid did not clean the items.

The Pool was unprotected from the sea breeze and it was quite windy laying next to the pool and cold at times. Be quick to get a spot aswell (before breakfast) as it seemed there were towels on the beds all day but no-one sitting on the lounges!

Breakfast was extremely basic and what they called orange juice, was a bright yellow mix which can only be described as foul and reminded me of the contents of a glow stick.

In short, way overpriced, and over-rated.

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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"we are going now for the 7 time to stay in galaxy hotel and we have always the same room 151. The hotel is at a perfect lokation situated at the beach and near the center ..... all ingedients that my husband , liitle son and i wanted we found in GALAXY

The breakfast is not very good it is simple, typical an greek breakfast. The son of the owners, his name is Lambros is a verry good greek man and speaks verry good english and always kind and friendly. The pool bar is not so beatiful it could be much nicer if the owners wanted to put money in it than the customers will also stay in the evening time at the pool.....with greek music par example....BUT WE LOVE GALAXY AND AUGUST 2005 WE ARE STAYING AGAIN FOR 3 WEEKS IN GALAXY !!

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Close to the beach, but disappointing

"We were unfortunately unable to get a single room for our adult daughter, so we decided to take a studio, assuming that it would be large enough. The studio was very small for three adults, but that wasn't what bothered us most. This was the first hotel that we stayed at in Greece (Thassos, Lesbos, Mykonos, Santorini), approx. same price and rating, that didn't allow us to flush paper down the toilet. I feel that that can ruin a holiday, especially with three people sharing one bathroom."

by siestaplease
4 / 10

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Very nice hotel, near perfect rating

"Overall, we were very pleased with our 4 night stay at the Hotel Galaxy in May 2004. Would definitely come back to stay here again. Relatively newly built, the hotel was clean and attractive with a great setting. Our only significant gripe was the staff smoking behind the desk (but, then again, this is Greece, where they smoke even in the metro ticket window -- 58% of men in Greece smoke). The staff responding to emails were very friendly and responsive, arranging to meet our ferry on arrival. With a warm welcome at the port, he introduced us to the hotel taxi driver who was cheerful and friendly. When we got to the hotel and checked in, we were shown to our rooms which were of ample size with nice balconies overlooking the pool and the sea. Our "studio" rooms were 111 (bigger balcony) and 112 (smaller balcony), each with a little kitchenette. As with all hotels in the St. George beach area, it's a bit of a schlep into town, but only about a 10 minute walk from the Castro (the old part of town)."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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