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Lovely repositioning cruise on Azura!

"This was our second cruise, but first time crossing the Atlantic and I was a little unsure about so many sea days but I shouldn't have worried it was fantastic!

We flew from Birmingham on a Dream liner which was lovely, there was a bit of miscommunication as our plane arrived 1hr early but there were no coaches to pick us up, this led to waiting on the plane & again once at the terminal, but once on the ship our holiday started!

We were on C deck in a balcony room which was lovely! Cabin steward introduced himself & was always friendly, and kept the cabin very clean. Balcony is really big on C deck!!!

We were on 1st sitting which we found a little early for us so we only went to the restaurant once! We went to Sindhu twice which was lovely, and the glasshouse about 6 times......we loved the ambiance & staff in the glasshouse. We also used the buffet, food was of good standard but I didn't enjoy trying to find a table while your dinner went cold!

Entertainment at night was excellent, during the day it was ok.

Overall we found the staff friendly & helpful, and loved the Captain's daily updates & "thought of the day"

We found the ship very clean, and well organized.

We enjoyed this cruise so much that we have booked for another transatlantic cruise!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Visit Sindhu......well worth the cover charge!
  • Good For: Beach
by bainess1
8 / 10

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"We have been on many cruises as we love cruising, and we booked our new year cruise many months prior as we were celebrating my dads 70th birthday, the cruise cost our family over 10,000 pounds and what a total waste of money. The ship was filthy in every single area, the staff were rude and so unhelpful, the food had no choice and seemed the same every day steak or pork ! Our whole family went down with a nuro virus which the doctor on the ship said most of the passengers and staff had, which i think is totally unacceptable that my children had to spend many days in bed being so very ill. the entertainment was appalling , the ship although only a few years old looked so old fashioned to other ships we had been on we were very disappointed and infant really gutted we had spent so much on what was to be our special celebrations turned out to be our biggest disappointment

I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, booked with Cruise direct
  • Advice: Rebuild it
by Maxaldo
1 / 10

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P & O Cruise standards are falling at a great rate of knots!

"Azura is a beautiful ship. Have been on 30+ cruises and have never come home before without feeling I had had an amazing time. I feel let down having spent good money on a rubbish holiday.

There is no longer silver service in the restaurant, but a plated meal is brought for you, usually not warm enough but cremated. You then start the search for the food! Some nights the meal portions were very small indeed. The breakfast and lunchtime buffets are dreadful, there is little selection and usually at lunchtime the left overs are used from the previous evenings meal.

Entertainment wonderful.

Surprises to see so many ladies with colored heir, eg. blue, orange, pink, purple, and lots of both men and women with tattoos.

Cruises no better than a third class holiday camp.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with Cumbria Cruises
  • Advice: Stay at home and save your money.
by Alyson J
1 / 10

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Canarie Islands 13 - 26 July 2014

"Our first time with P&O. We hadn't realized the size of the ship. There were too many people especially in the entertainment venues, We only saw a third of the shows due to not enough seats. The Coral swimming pool was manly cold or just aired with too much water. There were too many formal nights we were told three and there were 4 also we didn't realize that my husband would require a jacket so for 4 nights we ended up eating at the buffet, then we could not get in any of the bars except for Brodies where there was no where to seat. Not enough information given on disembarkation. Our cabin was very comfortable with a very nice cabin steward. We enjoyed the food in the Oriental restaurant, with good service from our table waiters and the restaurant manageress arranged some really tasty diabetic puddings."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Cut down on the number of passengers
by Karen P
7 / 10

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Azura June 2014 Norway

"We had high expectations of this ship and our visit to the Norwegian fiords.

The fiords didn't disappoint and we were so lucky to have had exceptionally lovely weather.

The Azura did disappoint us as it was nowhere near as good an experience as on the Oceania last year.

The good bits:-

Nice balcony cabin which was clean and kept tidy by the cabin staff.

The Headliners entertainment was excellent

The restaurant XV11 was fantastic but did have a cover charge of £28 pp

The bad bits:-

Food was generally of a poor quality and the self service restaurants were too busy, overcrowded, noisy and similar to being in a canteen - just not a good experience. The formal restaurants were not much better - noisy with the waiters clattering the plates and slamming drawers and a general feeling of 'quick, get them served and out asap'. Also not keen on being forced to sit at an table for eight- we avoided the restaurant for four nights and only went back when they agreed to us having a table for two.

The Sea screen is a brilliant idea - spoils in our case by the surly attitude of the deck staff as they ignored our request for lilo mattresses and blankets, only supplying them after repeated reminders.

The Glass House - again spoils by inattentive surly dismissive staff.

Silver Service and Gala dinner where has they gone?! What is the point of getting dressed up for 'black tie' nights when it is the same menu offered as on ordinary nights?

Photographers- please leave us alone, not everyone wants photos taken at every dinner and disembarkation and countless other times. The resultant snaps are amateurish and not worth buying.


There does seem to be an attitude problem in the whole of the ship - rude, unfriendly and disrespectful reception staff, waiters, deck staff, buffet servers - just two exceptions, absolutely no faults with the cabin staff and staff in XV11.

This attitude problem is in complete contrast to the Oceania where there was never a fault. This must be a management or leadership issue for the Azura and really needs fixing.

It is our intention to cruise in Australia next year. It is unlikely that we will choose P and O to take us there after this experience.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Check that P and O has resolved its problems before booking
by Sir Prunealot
4 / 10

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benefit street boat azura

"Avoid at all cost here is why, smoking is allowed on the starboard side of ship in cabins with balcony and on deck with in 2ft of food preparation area and drifts all around the ship, so you are paying to use 75% of the ship if your a non smoker, Food is mostly bought in ping and sling style horrible packet soups bought in rubbish for desserts.The staff are 95% rude and ignorant at best,Bar prices are very expensive and the draft beer is horrid. Entertainment average/poor best acts mike Doyle / Paul Senson. This may sound snobby and maybe is but felt like the whole of benefit street were on board the boat.Back to celebrity solstice class for us."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go
by andy&jo
1 / 10

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The ryan air equivalent of cruising - cheap but not even cheerful

"One of the most disappointing cruises ever ! Firstly the buffets are like a rugby scrum with people elbowing you out of the way to get to the food which is average at best . Secondly the buffet restaurants only serve water or coffee in the hope that you will pay for drinks to accompany your lunch or dinner - every other cruise line offers juice and sodas free but not p&o .

Elsewhere the sunbeds are all reserved even tho there is no sign of the actual people ( just their towels and a book) staff are supposed to police this but cant be bothered.

On that note most serving staff are surly as are the reception staff - only the cabin stewards seemed to have any enthusiasm; didn't quite get why but in the end it rubbed a little.

The boat is a little tired too and in need of TLC and the port side of the boat stank of stale cigarettes as did our balcony as p&0 have no policy for non smokers where balconies are concerned !!

We too suffered the con trick of vantage fares - these are clearly posted on p&o's web site as guaranteed best fares etc etc but when you ask for the promised upgrade, or credit against on board spend they just deny what is promised in black and white - bizarre really but that sums up p&o its a British bucket shop operation akin to Ryanair ie "we sold you it cheap what did you expect? " oh one other thing that annoyed was the short measures ( about 40% less than you'd get in a British bar on shorts ) but most people just brought on bottles of booze and carried it around bars/ restaurants like naughty kids at a youth club . If that's your idea of a luxury cruise then good luck - personally i like to be appreciated, smiled at occasionally and not ripped off ; if paying a little more gets you that i think its money well spent so wont be going with p&o ever again.

Do they care? Not one jot I'm afraid but seriously try princess cruises or any other and you'll see what a real cruise experience is like.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont expect too much that way you wont be dissapointed
  • Good For: Beach
by Steve F
1 / 10

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Rip off Vantage Fare

"Booked Cruise last December on a vantage price of one thousand six hundred and £32 this is a swindle we thought it was a no brainier if price comes down you will get the difference in an upgrade or extra on board spending money our price hasn't come down but the sale away price is now thirteen hundred and ninety nine pounds a £263 difference for the same balcony cabins don't be caught out like us cruise is 21st march 2014"

by lynnegowlett
1 / 10

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Couldn't fault anything!

"Don't need to go into a lot of positive or negative detail. This was an amazing cruise. First one we've done and certainly not the last! There is nothing I could fault about any of it. go and enjoy it and accept it for what it isThe scenery is breathtaking. None of the negative observations in some reviews were experienced by either my wife or myself. It was an exceptional experience and I imagine hard to beat. Got this at a getaway price which made everything even more fantastic."

  • Holiday details: May 2013
  • Advice: Just go without a nit picking mentality - everything was first class.
by Lazerbeam203
10 / 10

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Caribbean cruise

"Just returned as singl traveller of 40years old nice ship but more the the elderly or couples, came last year and the standard much lower this year, went buffet every night and all but one was foreign food last year again standard better. Reception staff absolutely awful no personality and felt like you putting them out disgusting service by them on front ofoffice, as I was travelling alone I wasn't happy that staff new my cabin number several time had them knocking

on cabin late at night, or phoning cabin in end unplugged it.

Sea days it wa like a cattle market too many people on board and most people recommended other cruise ships other than p&o they are giving themselves a bad name as most of them said never again come on p&o I think like a floating butlins camp. Why as one show finishes another one starts so everyone is legging it to next venue why don't they stagger the show so it's not rushing about to get to see one crazy.

But must say the layout and the ship itself very nice its just the ways it's ran, and the goa staff will go out there way to help.

About the destinations all fantastic all but st Vincent twice been there why utter dump

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Cheer up staff, reduce people, stagger the shows times
by Paula C
6 / 10

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Fab holiday on board Azura

"We spent 7 days aboard Azura visiting the Norwegian Fjords and had a perfect holiday! We could not find fault with anything. Service, food and cabin cleanliness were first class. The staff were friendly and always cheerful with nothing too much trouble . Our daughter, son in law and 16 year old grandson travelled with us for their first cruise and they cannot wait to sail on Azura again. She is a beautiful ship and I can highly recommend her."

by Charlies Angel
10 / 10

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Good Value for money and an excellent crew

"Just returned from 14 days in the Med (Cabin R625) and despite missing a port in Gibraltar due to bad weather, we found this cruise excellent value for money. The food was exceptional, the crew top class, and the ship clean and bright. Been on 26 previous cruises and would rate P&O in the top three. Two tribute acts - Elton John and Freddie Mercury - were fantastic, although the onboard resident company a bit mundane and boring. One observation though - the Azura's outside areas are almost entirely in the open, and the ship really isn't fit for purpose in the Med in November, especially the open air pools and cinema. Would certainly cruise P&O again, but if you can wait to do a last minute booking you will save £££££s!"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012
by Mervyn H
9 / 10

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  • by Ship Ahoy

    " Balcony cabin for peace and quiet and views "

  • by Mervyn Hancock

    " Freedom dining is far superior to club - eat when you are hungry and at the time to suit you. "

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