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wonderful place to stay

"the rooms are beautiful. i cannot say that there was anything that i did not like. i had a wonderful time. the staff is very courteous and friendly. i originally set out to stay two days and ended staying four days. rincon is a beautiful place and i enjoyed every minute of my trip in the island."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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10 Steps to the Beach

"Villa Confresi in Ricon Puerto Rico is a perfect getaway hotel. The beach is just steps away from the back of the lobby. The sunsets are spectacular. The restaurant offers a breakfast buffet which was average as buffets go. Dinners were excellent. Our room was well appointed, large and clean. Staff was friendly. The "open air" bar and the pool tables in the lobby made after beach hours enjoyable. It is a short drive to the small town of Ricon where there is a grocery store, liquor store, and a few local restaurants. There is no major shopping in the immediate area but Mayaguez, with it's mall and casinos, is only a 20 minute drive away."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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truly authentic puertorican parador

"my family and i went to p.r. for 9 nine days and we wanted to see the whole island so we rented a truck and did some hotel hopping. villa cofresi is a government approved local motel which is called a parador. the flavor of the whole experience including the drive and the town is truly authentic. no san juan here. the hotel staff was extremely friendly and helpful. the room we were given was really not modern and definitely needed to be refurbished. but the desk did try to move us but there were no other two bedroom kitchenettes available. the beach bar was great and we really enjoyed chi chi and chuito. the pool was okay and the beach was fantastic. the hotel IS right on the not white sand etc. but truly beautiful and rugged. the sea is not so rough that the kids couldnt play. there was also a game room . we really enjoyed our stay here and would go back and recommend it to others."

by nacrsatmsncom
8 / 10

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a great place to stay/reasonably priced

"Hi there..

Can't say enough about the hotel... a friend and I were traveling from Fajardo when we took a ride to the other side of the island and literally fell upon this hotel... It was clean, staff friendly, and can't understand - where the bartenders were unfriendly... They couldn't be more helpful , attentive and efficient. We met so many people down there from the states, we decided to go back during the New Year holiday and had a blast..

If your looking for the Ritz Carlton - not here, but you couldn't ask for nicer people and clean hotel.... i will be back - for sure.

Thanks Cofressi - (girls from New Jersey)

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Left a little to be desired

"A beautful area to visit, but the Hotel is a little "tired". The pool is small (but clean), the dining room was fair (cleanliness and quality nothing to write home about). The room was large, but needed an update.

People were very friendly. We were a family of 4 visiting, but the Hotel seems to be better suited to large group visits, and student trips.

Attached is a view from the balcony of our room.

by amleach
6 / 10

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Friendly, fun and inexpensive!

"This is our favorite beach bar! I have never met the "unfriendly bartender" that has been mentioned in other reviews and service was great. At sunset you are reminded of Key West, everyone has a drink and cheers the setting of the sun. There is always an available beach chair, whether you are a guest or not. We loved Rincon so much that we finally bought a tiny vacation home here and still come most every evening to watch the sun set at the Villa Confresi. Kick off your fancy city shoes, join the natives, laugh, dance, and have fun! By the way, we're in our 50s not only teenagers party at the Confresi"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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location of room very important

"Having seen the layout of the hotel I can understand that noise would be a problem in many cases. We had a deluxe room with an ocean view and balcony and it could not have been better. Those rooms are in a seperate wing away from all the activity. The only noise we had, day and night, was the ocean. The room was huge, very clean and cheerful. The beach is not terribly attractive compared to others we saw, but at that point in our trip the priority was selecting a place with everything near at hand. We had literally gone around the island and had driven to or walked to many beaches and restaurants. I am not usually attracted to resort-like establishments but I knew I would want a place at the end of the trip that was simply relaxing after so much travelling and sightseeing. I was not disappointed. We were at their bar only one evening and did not have a problem with service. Since we were sitting away at a table I can't comment on the bartenders' friendliness. This is not an expensive establishment so I can't fault their breakfast buffet. It was a little better than others that I experienced. We ate in their restaurant one night and it was good but not exceptional. As others commented, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Considering what you pay for this hotel, I think it is a good value."

by SZ
8 / 10

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Had a great time!

"My wife and I just returned from five days/four nights at the Villa Cofresi. We had an absolutely wonderful time and would recommend this resort. The staff are extremely friendly and accomodating. The restaurant is excellent, and it is a joy to sit outside on the patio warching the ocean while eating your meal. The guests are a nice mixture of Puerto Rican families with children and Americal tourists, many of whom have been coming back to the Cofresi for many years (I talked with one upstate New York firefighter who has been coming back for 19 years).

The patio does have a jukebox which plays Latino music into the evening (usually until 11:00 PM on weekdays and midnight on weekends). However, we enjoyed the music as we retired to our room. In addition, you fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves crashing right outside your door. The first night back in the US, I had trouble sleeping because it was too quiet.

The area does have a problem with beach erosion. The week before we arrived, several large storms had caused the waves to undercut a portion of the patio. The owners were working to restore and strengthen the beachfront. However, at low tide, we had no problem setting up beach chairs right in front of the Cofresi, or walking 100 yeards down the beach to a larger area.

The Cofresi is a small 40-year-old resort with a sense of being family run. I would go there again without hesitation. Besides, for $125 per night for an ocean view room, you can not beat the price. Some of the other tonier Rincon resorts would charge twice as much just to stick you in the back.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Friendly, clean and LOUD!

"We just returned from 2 nights at Villa Cofresi. The front desk staff is very friendly and kind - the waitstaff in the restaurant not so friendly or efficient. The tip is added to the bill for dinner, so there is no incentive to be attentive or provide excellent service. However, the meals were delicious. Our room was very clean and large, and had a beautiful balcony and view. Unfortunately, it was SO loud after hours! There are many, many kids (mostly teens) and they play the jukebox until very late. We didn't complain, because we loved our view so much, but we did not sleep well at all. The beach is very eroded, but we managed to snag a couple chairs (get out before 9AM) and enoy the day in the water and walking the beach. Lunch at the bar was really good, and service was fast. If you have teens, I highly recommend this hotel. They will have a great time, and it feels very safe. If you value your sleep, I would recommend a room away from the bar/recreation/pool area. Otherwise it was lovely, a great location, nice people vacationing here, warm water and great beach for strolling. No hot water, but decent pressure. We may try another hotel on our next visit, unless we bring our kids (which we didn't this time)."

by jkprach
8 / 10

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Came back once,, will not come back twice

"My GF and I, stayed 4 days last year in Rincon at Villa Cofresi, we really liked it, and when our trip to Vail this winter fell apart, we went back to Rincon and to Cofresi. But this time we were disappointed.

First: I agree with a reviewer who said that the bartenders at the bar were unfriendly. That's true.

Second: Few storms hit the area prior to our arrival. The BEACH IS GONE. There is only 5-6 feet of sand left now. All the chairs are lined up next to each other and you still get a wave to reach you now and then. We had to fight to get a couple of chairs.

Third: Rooms are aging.. but really. Old rooms, but clean..Really clean. We moved from one to another. The first was LOUD, I think the engine or something like that was behind us..the noise was incredible ALL NIGHT long. The Second room was just ugly (probably to make money, they transformed a depot or office into a room)

Fourth: The place is Very Very loud at night. KIDS all over the place and abnoxious teenagers.

Fifth: The food at the hotel/Bar is decent. The breakfast is cheap and the coffee always COLD.

DO NOT EAT at BAMBINO's the so Called italian on the corner ... Waste of money. I've been around the world, never had a Pizza like this one NEVER.

Sixth: the nice and fancy restaurant called The Landing is GONE. NO MORE. Vanished. So for dining you have two choices, Calypso and Tamboo.. Both are decent and nicely priced. Lazy Parrot is bad and everthing else is overpriced.

Seventh: The Staff is Very Friendly. I think their customer service is one of the best. Very friendly people and very polite. (NOT THE abnoxious bartender though).

Eights: Their Famous cocktail Pirates is Good and still consistently good. Watch out, it's probably a 1000Kcal/drink.

TRUST me , if you can afford it, try the Copamarina resort in Guanica, the beach is small, but the place is fantastic.

Have fun.

by Naim00
8 / 10

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Address: Rd. 115, Km 12.0, Rincon 00677, Puerto Rico