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Autopista Varadero km 17 Playa de los Tainos, Varadero, Cuba
4 star
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Like the most beautiful dream by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

We are just back from a two-week stay in the "Arenas Doradas" and we found everything really fantastic. The beach is great, clear water, white sand,( it was cleaned every morning), even enough sunbeds; we had a nice room and all the staff were very helpful and extremely friendly.

We also found the food delicious and cannot understand people who complained about it in former reviews. The different restaurants or bars always offered a large variety of different things to eat at any time of the day and we liked especially the fresh orange juice, fresh fruit and various sorts of fish. It is also a wonderful place for children. Our 11-year-old daughter absolutely loved it: the sea, the pool and the "animación". It was really one of the best holidays we ever had and we wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend it to our friends. We booked it "last minute" and it was absolutely worth the money we paid.

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Great stay! by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Hello there!I came back from Cuba 4 days ago(28thJuly-11thAugust) was my 11th stay there and once more heavenly!About the hotel:I have been in Varadero at other hotels and NONE had the Arenas Doradas'level:here, the food was excellent (think, as am italian, that this could mean something),the hotel structure beautiful, with a big garden, wonderful beach and nice pool.People working there were helpful and professional.The rooms were colorful,with every comfort and very very clean,the room maid lovely.Everything was ok!So if you booked your holiday there I can only say you'll enjoy it!Don't listen to any crap comments!Hope I'll get back there soon!VIVA CUBA!

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Could have been better with minor improvements by Pickles1Canada
6 / 10

July 2003Our family recently took a trip to this hotel. At first we were worried especially when we were one of the last people on the bus after dropping eveyone else off. Upon arriving we were pleasantly surprised as it is a nice looking hotel. Upon arriving at 11:00 a.m.

our hotel room was not yet ready so we had to to wait until 1:30. When we finally got our room the air conditioner was making very loud strange noises and there was a puddle on the floor also the room didnt look that clean so after tipping the bell boy we asked him to call front desk and have our room changed which they did but only for one night as it was already booked. We asked the bell boy to work on it and get us an ocean view and there would be more of a tip for him ( by the way you cant really see the ocean only a peak through the trees). The next day we had oceanview and a nice quiet air conditioner and the bell boy was our friend for the rest of the week.The hotel itself was a 4 the beach was breathtaking the grounds were clean (except for the pool it could have been better)The following is a breakdown:Beach - beautiful but too many cigarette buts PEOPLE have some respect dont throw your butts in the sand and the water (DISGUSTING)Pool - you could see sand at the bottom, cigarette buts and straws at the edges should be cleaned more often Rooms - clean (no bugs) thank god. Bath towels didnt smell fresh (musty) bring Klenexes as they dont have any and toilet paper is limited Restaurant - Food OK (its CUBA) but they should change those table cloths more often and those birds always picking at the bread and food even in the main dinning room YUK. Bars - I think I developed a beer belly thats all I could drink Daquiris tasted like powder drinks and were not icy but watery Internet Service SLOW (forget it if you want to use msm to chat cuba does not allow it you can see who is chatting but you cannot chat $3.00 us for 1 half hour) Princess Reef tour - it was ok as far as the snorkling goes but they say all inclusive what a laugh (a piece of bread with ham and a piece of chicken LOBSTER extra all you can drink for 35.00 Us) Souvenir shopping GREAT but watch out for people selling you bannana leaves instead of the real cigars Entertainment was good but after the entertainemt is done the staff take all the young people out of the hotel to this cave disco in town which is a shame becasuse the hotel has a really nice disco. One plus about this hotel is that it has a free shuttle bus service to veradoro 6 times per day and also to Havana. Also the catamaran, peddle boats and rows boats were always available. Overall it was a nice vacation the beach was the best part.PS Went with Conquest tours our plane was re routed to cancun on the way back to pick up passengers.

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The best holiday! by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

3 of my girlfriends and I spent a week at the Arenas Doradas (Jan.19-26/03) and had the best time. The weather that week left a lot to be desired but the hotel staff brought activities into the lobby area and kept it fun. The staff at this hotel are the best. I have never met such nice hotel staff (and I usually take 4 vacations a year). They brought us to a few discos off property, which was a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the Piarate's Cave (walking distance from the resort). The resort does tend to quiet down after the nightly entertainment but it's up to you to make your own fun (and we certainly did)! The rooms were great. We were upgraded to Suites, which definitely made a difference - having separate living and sleeping areas. The maids kept them spotless and were very sweet. The beach was beautiful, as was the pool area but, like most resorts, lounge chairs were in short supply. No problem for me - I'm quite happy to lay my towel out on the sand! The food was fine. We had no complaints there and the 24-hour pizzaria was wonderful. Not too many Canadians at the resort but we had a great fun with the Germans & Italians there. Another great plus with this resort is that it included a free bus trip to Havana - a definite must! All in all, we highly recommend the Arenas Doradas.

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Had a great time! by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

My boyfriend and I just arrived back from Cuba, where we stayed from March 31 to April 7. I had booked Arenas Doradas as our resort of choice. I searched the internet previous to booking, and thought the resort looked beautiful. Only after booking, did I read the other reviews. I, like others, was scared after reading some of the reviews, but each trip is what you make of it! I have to agree that some days, the food maybe wasn't the best, however, we did a trip into Varadero, where we ordered a hamburger from a local restaurant. Let me tell you - after eating, or rathering attempting to eat, that hamburger, the food at our resort was "heavenly"! I have travelled to many tropical places, and the food is right on par with the rest. The rooms were also quite nice - very big, and comfortable. The housekeeping service was amazing - we even had nice notes left for us, thanking us for staying there, and "helping" them out! The rest of the hotel service was generally quite good as well. If I had to make a complaint - it would be that the bartenders don't listen when you ask for a "little" rum in your drink...Apparently they don't care how much you want, you still get a lot! Overall, I have no complaints about our resort. I overheard some people complaining on the flight home, about their experiences, and we had nothing to complain about compared to them. Again, I emphasize, that each trip is what you make of it!

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Correct hotel in paradise, but crap-food by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

I went to Varadero some months ago and I stayed at Las Arenas Doradas. Though the rooms decoration was horrible (dark green walls), they were clean and comfortable enough. They had nice little terrazes table and chairs which were quite pleasant. The beach was paradise: extremely clean with typical caribbean turquoise waters and white sands. In the hotel area, in the nearest part to the beach, there was a fantastic grill bar called LOS PELÍCANOS, in which we used to eat, because it was part of the ALL INCLUSIVE thing, and was billions of miles better than the "buffet" (did I say "buffet"?. Did I say food?. Well... food?... it was an attempt). The buffet was one of the worst tortures for a stomach to suffer. Really bad food. The pool area was absolutely wonderful, awesome, with a bar into the pool (typically tropical), so that you can have a drink while enjoying a great bath (water was heated enough). In general terms, ARENAS DORADAS HOTEL is a good place to stay, very affordable and so on. It has its inconvenients, but nothing's perfect. Good value for money

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Beautiful beach+decent food=good holiday by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

My wife and I stayed there Feb 28th to March 7. We were initially worried about the place, having read some of the more negative reviews, and our first impression of the place really wasn't that great...our room wasn't ready when we arrived and nobody associated with the hotel seemed to be in a hurry to do anything. After a couple of hours, our room was ready and things really started to improve from there. The weather was wonderful--hot and sunny--the beach was GORGEOUS, the ocean was warm and clean and the resort was clean and well kept. The relaxed "no need to hurry" attitude is sometimes frustrating, but after a while it becomes easier to deal with-especially as we became more relaxed. It is a nice place, with decent food, and decent people working there and we had a very good time.

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Arenas Doradas-don't do it! by Tracyq
4 / 10

My boyfriend and I stayed at Arenas Doradas for reading week from Feb 17-25. It was the first time both of us had been to Cuba and based on our experience it will be our last ( to this hotel anyway). The beach itself was beautiful, however if you like to swim you are out of luck; I only went swimming 1 day out of 7 since the water was almost always off limits due to strong currents. We noticed that the hotel advertised having a jaccuzzi but the whole time we were there it was broken and full of dirt and bugs. If you don't enjoy eating pineapple, ham and sugar cane for seven days straight then don't stay here. Other food options included pizza which consisted of a hard piece of flat bread with ketchup on it. We never understood why they provided menus when 75% of the food found on the menus was not available. The only decent place to eat was the beach grill. The worst part of the trip wasn't the food it was actually the staff. They were very unhelpful and unfriendly and acted as if we were obliged to tip even though the service was so poor. We didn't have too many problems with our room other than not having any running water one morning. We also didn't appreciate being woken up very early in the morning by the noise of the construction work outside our room. One thing I can't stress enough is that this hotel definitely does not cater to young people, if you are looking for a fun and entertaining place to go for reading week this is not the place. By 8 or 9pm at night all the lights on the resort are out and there isn't much to do except to crowd into the main lobby bar and stand since there were never enough seats. Beware of the security guards roaming the resort at night, we caught one of them trying to sneak a peak into our room.

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Fantastic Resort with beautiful beaches by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Me and my wife spent one weekFeb/23 to Mar/03 in this beautiful resort and enjoyed every single minute of it. The people were so friendly and the beach was unbelievable with lots of activities along the beach. Lots of variety of food for everyone's taste so I don't know why other people complain about the food. The swimming pool was one of the best especially the bar inside the pool so I could say more and more but you should go and experience it yourself....Make sure you tip the staff to make them happier even if you don't pay them they still have that beautiful smile.....So go for it and enjoy your trip there.....

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Great resort by annemie1
8 / 10

I stayed at Arenas Doradas from 14 until 25 february and I have to say that I was a little bit scared when reading all the bad things about this resort. I honnestly cannot understand why people are complaining about this resort. I had a great holiday over there and I could not find anything wrong there. Ok, the internet service was bad but apart from that, everything was very good. Friendly people, beautiful room with balcony, lots of entertainment, nice beach and the food was ok too. If you know how people are struggeling over there to survive, than you have nothing to complain about. So, for everyone who has booked a stay in that resort. Don't believe the bad things you read and just enjoy your holiday.

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