Musti's Family Apartments

Merkez Mah. Turgut Ozal Bulv. No:8, Marmaris, Turkey
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Room: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Cleanliness: 7/10
Location: 7.5/10

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hell hole

"Arrived there with my daughter for a 11 night stay room was basic shower filthy bedding and towels were never changed for 11 days Thomas cook rep would not come to hotel Mehmet and his friend came in to our room at 2 am one morning supposedly looking for my daughter and found it funny to see I was asleep and told me next day they watched us sleep he then had 2 English girls fighting over him one was dictating to us about when we could be in the bar and told us not to go near Mehmet or we would no about it the pool was filthy in the bottom corridor was food what he cooked all moldy with ants n fly's all over it yes I took pictures for Thomas cook in this place its Mehmets way or no way had to spend all our time at the raindrop the hot water was not on for 4 days and then the water was off completely for 3 days the only people who are any help is Nigel and Ebo who try there best to help stop here again the hell I would"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014
  • Good For: Beach
by Tracy S
1 / 10

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Think before book here

"Think again before you book this manky filthy hotel,better booking yourself into a prison camp for 2 weeks cause that's wot this place felt like every move you made was getting watched owner Memet was only happy when spending money in his filthy bar that was crawling with ants CCTV looking right into our balcony rooms were covered in mold broken TV wires hanging out off sockets,sinks blocked shower room flooded every time used it,tiles broken all over the floors room cleaned once in the 10 days we managed to last there for,got a flight home 4 days before was due fly home due to food poison on the 2nd day.this is never a family place music they played was all same songs played off you tube with swear words and sexual remarks in them only had entertainment on sat nights and was belly dancer robot show and bar staff show playing games that weren't suitable for kids that lasted 2 hours if that hotel was empty every night we were there,and the pool was never cleaned right kids pool was yellow.only 1 member off staff was good with all people there tolga he would help you out if he could everyone we spoke to in the place didn't have a good word to say about there rooms and hotel staff all very rude to guest and even the rep got told to F off out his hotel wee had to meet her in the Havana bar round corner cause she felt intimidated by Memet the owner and I know a lot off guest felt that way. Never book this hotel that's all I have got to say."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with Jewel of the crown
by Steven W
1 / 10

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excellent holiday

"it s a real family apartments. it was very clean place, nice and friendly staff, i ll go to again this year to this lovely apartments."

by frf69
10 / 10

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"Hi there I stayed at Mustis last and thorougly enjoyed my stay there. Admittedly the rooms are basic but comfortable, but have everything you need for a hotel of this type. However the service provided by the staff is second to none. I dont think you can beat it anywhere in the world. Its a real family hotel and they do all they can to make you feel a part of that family.

Indeed I would say that I consider most of the staff as friends now and still keep in contact with them . I would not hesitate one minute to go back and would highly reccommend this place to anyone visiting marmaris. I know the next time I go back i will definitely be going back to Mustis.....

10 / 10

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great holiday !

"i have read these reviews and i carnt belive people are so petty as i have stayed there my self and found it to be a pleasent stay

i found the rooms basic and clean with everything you need and i thought you got what you paid for

as for the location you are pretty central to everything and as people have been saying a member of family do have resturant but they DON'T badger to go there every night !

we did go to the reasrant a few time on our holiday and the food was exellent with great entertaianment and great service and they pick you up and drop you back off.

i have already booked my stay there for this year.

by kelly58
8 / 10

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"Have stayed in mustis loads of times! .. brilliant place to stay.

lovely friendly people.

about 5 minutes walk from the beach and night life

I loved it soo much, i am going to go back next year and stay here! .

lovely swimming pool and nice bar

Very clean everywher...

i would reccommend anyone whos thinking of going there to stay here..

i am also going back next year !!!!

LOVE IT ----- EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Ruby1724
10 / 10

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It was absoultley Tremendous

"It Was Very Welcoming and very enjoyable place to stay at .. The people were friendly and vey helpful."

by Amy0812
10 / 10

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we love mustis apartmens

"we had the best holiday of our life in mustis family apartmens.the hotel is really very clean and staff are very friendly.i do recomend this place to everyone."

by dt_dv23
10 / 10

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fantastic place and very friendly

"i have read the review and cannot believe that people are dissapointed with this hotel i stayed there for 2 weeks with my partner and we were welcomed by the very friendly staff we had the best holiday we have had the rooms were basic but spotless and couldnt fault them the pool area was great and we ate at the mustis resturant many times and were picked up and dropped back to the hotel what more could you ask for we enjoyed it so much we have just booked to go back this year but we struggled to get the weeks we wanted because it was full so that says something nearly booked up for july cant wait to go back"

by SkeltonEngland
10 / 10

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dont belive all you readabout these apartments

"after reading some of the reports about these apartments we nearly cancelled our stay, but in the end we decided to go and we found that alltough the place is a bit dated the rooms and facilities were basic but clean, the staff were friendly and helpful at all times, we ask for another bed cover and it was there in 1 minute, there was a piece of wood proping up the sink unit but it could only be seen if you bent down and the unit doors were open, as for the toilet paper do these people who make comments not understand that is the way of this country, the resturant belonging to the brother of the owner was mentioned only once we tried it and found it a very pleasant experience excelent serviceand food and reasonably priced, and we were not badgered into eating there every night,the pool area was kept spotless by the staff as were the bar areas, it was a bit far to walk to the sea if you are getting on like us, but you could catch a bus to the centre of marmaris round the corner for 1.25lira which dropped you out side a supermarket where prices were bit lower that the local shops, its not the hilton but its not a doss house as some of the reviews lead you to believe, my wifeand i enjoyed our stay ther we went for a wind down week and that it what we got, the only gripe was the constant rap music through the day, when i mentionedit to threowner the music was changed"

by selwynontour
6 / 10

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Don't go here!

"The service at this hotel was not good at all!

The hotel has a restaurant about a 5 minute drive away from the actual hotel itself owned by the brother of the owner of the hotel. They offer a shuttle service to the restaurant. The owner if the hotel is extremely persistent and almost forces you to eat there every night!

The rooms themselves are unclean. You have to pay about 45pence for each toilet roll. The sewage system at the Mustis Apartments is not big enough to deal with toilet paper (as is the case with most places in Marmaris), therefore the hotel provides a tiny bin for you to put the loo roll in. On a couple of occasions we left the room in the morning with half a roll of loo roll and came back to find it had gone which led us to believe the cleaning staff were taking it so we were forced to buy more from the hotel.

Bottled water which we left in the bathroom to brush out teeth also disappeared on a couple of occasions, coincidently; this was also sold at the hotel.

There was a double bed in our room which only had a single top cover on it and the bottom sheet did not fit the bed. The sheets had holes in them and were heavily stained – especially the pillow cases.

The shower was tiny and the entire bathroom was dirty.

The hotel is situated in a fairly good place, you can walk to the beach and restaurants – but only if you are prepared to be hassled by Turkish men requesting you come into their restaurant. Otherwise it takes about 5 minutes in a taxi and costs about £4 each time 8 Turkish lira.

The taxi drivers do not really know where the hotel is so you have to carry a card (which you can get from the hotel) around with you.

The pool was clean and a fairly good size and there were plenty of sun loungers to go around.

I would not return to Marmaris due to being hassled by restaurant staff to eat I their restaurants and I would most certainly NOT return to the Mustis Family Apartments even if they were based elsewhere.

by Honesty321
2 / 10

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"Stay away from these apartments, On arrival we were asked for £70 for safety box and aircon.We were then told we are to early but luckly our room was ready for us, but we had arrived on time. They tell you that they are all family and that if you look after them they will look after you ( basiscly if you spend your money there, and leave tips). The room was basic with twin beds but we requested a double bed. The sheets had holes the towels were stained. We were told that the rooms cleaned every day and towels and bedding changed every 3 days, we had to ask for them to be changed. The towels were stained and covered in lipstick. Our sink collapsed in the kitchen and it was glued back into position and proped with sticks. The staff are nice to your face but as soon as your back is turned they talk about you to th eother guests.

On there web site it looks impresive and the reviews are all good, on the reviews there are names of people that apparently stayed there the same time of us but they did not, in reality the pool, rooms, bar area are half the size and no name on the building. they advertise games, karaoke, sky tv well they dont have karaoke sky tv is mostly put on in Turkish and no games. We were there for 2 wks we did meet some great people and they all said the same.

On the last day of your stay they put hand made evelopes with TIP BOX written on the front. SO DO YOURSELVE A FAVOUR AND STAY AWAY

!!!!!!!! Marmaris was GREAT !!!!!!!

by mikemPlymouth
2 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Call now for great deals on holidays to Musti's Family Apartments

  • Call 020 3468 2351

Call now for great deals on holidays to Musti's Family Apartments

  • Call 020 3468 2351

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