Isla Bonita Apartment

Avenida Tasartico, Gran Canaria, Spain
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Brilliant Time

"Accomodation was exactly what we were expecting and more. For the money we paid, what can I say, brill!!

The pool was a great size for the number of people staying in Isla Bonita, very clean!

Would be great for kids as you can see them no matter where they go! The kids pool is smaller but great for young kds.

Apartment was kept very clean and the kithen area was a good change to other cheap holidays I have been on. Also great shower!!

Nice walk down to the shops, bars, clubs and resturants. It doesn't take long at all. Think one night we got a taxi back, but that was because of feet issues!haha!

I would love to return to Isla Bonita with my kids as I didn't have them with me on my last visit but have realised that it's a great complex for couples, families and also clubbers!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great clubs, bars and restaurants
  • Activities: Jeep Safari
  • Good For: Beach
by morven_123
9 / 10

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Map for Isla Bonita Apartment Closest airport: Gran Canaria (LPA) 22.4 miles

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