Amphi Apartments & Studios

Hatip Irimi Mah. 147. Sok. No:10 Marmaris Merkez, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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Hotel Amphi - Marmaris...August 2011

"We booked the Amphi after consulting reviews on the web and found that 95% of people appeared more than satisfied with the time they had spent there. Upon our arrival ( which was 3am in the morning) we were greeted by the night porter who showed us to our room. We unpacked, and settled down to sleep only to be woken again half an hour later by the porter to say he had put us in the wrong room! To say the least we were more than unhappy with this at the start of the holiday....But thats where it ended. The remainder of the holiday was superb. The hotel itself was clean, maid came arond most days to clean and new towels were given to us every 3rd day. We had to pay £90 for 2 weeks of air conditioning but believe me it was well worth every penny. The temperatures reached 51 degrees in the day and to return to your room in the cold was great. The pool area was great too although in the second week there were lots of families and groups who hoarded the pool area. Drinks were pretty cheap by the poolside..around £1.80 for a bottle of miller or £1 for a lime and soda. The staff were great, very friendly and helpful.Food at the Amphi was good and the breakfasts were lovely. We did tend to eat out on the front for most of the time. Tiffany's was certainly the best food out there on the front and the service was great. Emre's bar was also great. This was only a short walk from the Amphi itself... They do great Turkish nights and are very friendly there. The coldest beers incidentally are from the Atlantis bar which is again approx 5 mins from the Amphi.

We booked 2 boat trips. First was the night cruise which was superb. For only £7.50 each we has a lovely meal and were entertained most of the night. The second cruise in the day this time was also great. For £15 for the 2 of us we had unlimited drinks all day which were needed in the heat. You can find lots of great items to buy as gifts or stuff for yourself over in Marmaris. The best deaals were probably from Firat silver which was a small shop with probably the best copied rings, bracelets, pandoras, Thomas Sabo bracelets viviene westwood broaches and anything else silver! - All in all we spent a lot as you could get lots for your money but we came home with plenty too. Marmaris is a boss place with lovely people. If your an Evertonian you have to go the the Goodison park bar...excellent place for a bevvy and to watch the blues as they have every match on there....Great holiday, well worth the money and would deffo go again.....

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Petermac
9 / 10

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Good value

"Just back from staying at Amphi apartment hotel Marmaris Turkey,clean and comfortable staff very freindly and helpful,pool clean.Good outside covered bar and eating area.downside loud music played from late morning till early hours along with football on tv.Our room overlooked the pool and bar just a pity that we had to have this constant noise.Food and drinks quiet cheap but if you go down the road towards the beach lots of restraunts and prices a little better.If you book any trips use one of the tour shops we used DRD tours very freindly guys and trustworthy we booked 4 trips and had no issues very good value and they also change currancy at a better rate than most places,Good place to eat is Dominoes 2 min walk from Amphi owners are english Paul and Karen good quality food at very good prices go on Thurs night and take part in free quiz win a fishbowl filled with cocktail Great,Another good place is The Palace owner Alex good food make you feel welcome but apart from dominoes they all try and get you in off the street to eat at there place can be a bit tiring.Overall enjoyed Marmaris only saw a tiny part of the town as it is large but if you want quiet and no loud music you will struggle to find it in Marmaris."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Self catering, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: See if you can get a room at front of hotel if you don't want loud music,Go to Thursdays Market.
by Tc the Turk
8 / 10

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A nice and quite place to enjoy the Sun

"I travel to turkey on yearly basis.I stayed in AA&S where friendly staff were willing to do anything to please me.The Turkish culture to respect the guests is apparent there.The only problem i had was the distance to the beach.For a disabled man like me, It was a bit far but if you can walk,that's no problem at all.I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quite stay full of good memories."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just stay in the swimming pool allday and enjoy the Sun.
by Naughty boy
9 / 10

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Fantastic Amphi lovely hotel

"First visit to Turkey and what a fantastic time we had. The hotel manager and reception team at the Ampthi were friendly and really helpful (hello Memhet) and a huge thankyou to the maids who cleaned our room they were spotlessly clean. Also thankyou to the bar staff, Alex (what a sweety) Jason & Ferry who entertained us, looked after us, and generally spoilt us rotten and made us laugh.

The Amphi hotel is very well run, the grounds are kept lovely with lots of sun loungers and a lovely clean pool, plus bar staff who were hilarious and used to dance like a bunch of nutters!

Get Alex to do his magic tricks they are fab. (hi Alex it's white chicken Katie)

Jason , Ferry & Alex are so easygoing and such good fun that regardless of your age, young or old, attached or single you will end up having a laugh and a joke with them.

We couldn't believe how nice the hotel and our rooms were and when the bus pulled up I thought that there had been a mistake and that this couldn't be our hotel. I gurantee that if you visit this hotel you will end up going back time and time again. We loved it.

by Katie_white_chicken
10 / 10

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Back Again, Great as ever!

"Hey, woohoo went back to the Amphi in August with 5 friends this time. 3 lads and 3 girls, we was bit worried if the lads would take to it or not as one hadn't even been abroad before. But as hoped they all loved it! Thanks to Jason and the crew for getting em involved in the football match, when we got there was just like them 3 and rest where the staff! Had another fantastic time, thanks again. Me and a friend wanted to go back and stay there in October as we did last year but they told us that they where to close early due to a quiet season :( Where we stayed was nothing compared to the Amphi but still only two minutes away so when the Amphi was still open we made the most of it and went down to see everyone!!! I have made some fantastic memories at the Amphi and hopefully there will be more to come. Great Turkish night too and as we where there at the time of the bombs, they helped us through it! Never let us down! Great apartments, recommend to anyone who wants a great holiday, just beware at end of season like this year they do go quiet and tend to pack away - we just helped them last year- mugs i know! hehe thanks again!"

by czyK8tie
10 / 10

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Would never go back

"I went to the amphi for a weeks holiday with a friend and we wanted a relaxing, enjoyable holiday, we never got this. The first couple of days of our holiday were fine from the sat to the monday, then it was only my friend and i left in the hotel and it just got worse from there. When we handed the keys in at the reception anytime we went to go and collect it there was no one there so when we asked the bar staff to get it for us they told us that if no-one was there we were to help ourselves,this meant that anyone could`ve walked into the reception and took the key and got into our room. On the wednesday all the keys for the other rooms were taken away from the reception so if anyone had came in to the hotel then it woul`ve been easy enough to find the room which we were in.The reception was also left with no one there at night when we got back from being out so again we were helping ourselves to the key. The room was not cleaned properly the bed got made and the bucket emptied everyday but nothing else, the bed sheets had holes in them and the cups that we had from the bar were left in the room from the tues and were still there when we left. The room oposite us had a mop bucket with dirty water in it, a bag of rubbish outside it from the monday and was never moved which wasn't a nice sight to look at everytime we went out of the room. On the wednesday when we still had three days left of out holiday whilst lying at the pool the bar staff stacked up all the tables and chairs and took them away, this made my friend and i very uneasy and unwanted about staying there, we had friends at another hotel so we went to see them amd when we came back the were no sun loungers left, no umberellas, no buckets they had took everything away, after having a little sleep in the afternoon we woke up to the bar being closed and the swimming emptied. The manager of the hotel also was happy that we were leaving at midnight on the friday, when she asked us what time we were leaving at her face dropped when we told her. My friend and i felt very uneasy bout staying there and also didn`t feel safe so the following day we got in touch with thomas cook and they moved us hotel as the bar staff had not been nice to us the full week and were very rude. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone and i will certainly not be returning to this particular hotel"

by jennad11
4 / 10

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Amphi is the best.

"It was mine and my partners first holiday to Turkey and it was our best holiday yet. The Amphi is very clean and tidy and we will be returning. We stayed at the Amphi for 2 week at the end of June to was awsome. Staff was great and they helped us enjoy our holiday. We will definatly be returning maybe next year, Can't wait. Sami @ Hull England."

by sami_hillerby
10 / 10

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Amphi was Awesome!!!

"Amphi was great, 8 teenagers with Thomas Cook; we thought we were going to get a complete dump but everything was clean and well maintained. The Bar Staff were great fun and if you do go ask Jason at the pool bar for a "Kiss The Chicken" cocktail !!!!"

by mouthmaster
10 / 10

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love the amphi

"absolutley fantastic holiday recommended for any type of client. very clean well maintained, very friendly helpfull, and entertaining. good location excellent service throughout particularly the bar staff..would definatley go back and thanks for a great memorable holiday."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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the amphi is brilliant

"We stayed at the Amphi apartment for two weeks, it was our first visit to Turkey and didnt know wh t to expect, all the staff at Amphi made our stay very enjoyable, very friendly and helpful, a credit to them all, the apartments were clean and spacious, the pool area was brilliant and great entertainment from all the bar staff, we will definatly return ....."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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"We have just got back from 2 weeks at the Amphi in Marmaris and I can't recommend it highly enough.

The rooms are basic but kept exceptionally clean. This was more than enough as you should only be sleeping there and not much else. We didn't find one member of staff to be rude or ignorant and we made great friends there. I celebrated my birthday whilst over there and the manageress of the apartments ordered me a birthday cake. It was amazing and I have to admit, I cried as soon as I saw it. They made my birthday really special. The ladies who clean the rooms are so friendly and as soon as they found out I spoke a little Turkish and wanted to learn more, they (along with the rest of the staff) spent time teaching me. The bar lads - what can I say? Jason, Ali, Ferry and Alex - you helped make our stay - even though I didn't really believe that Jason would have thrown me in the pool like he did. Mehmet - on night reception, became a good friend to us and he and my husband are now keeping in touch - as we are with a lot of them now.

The Amphitheatre is right next to the apartments and we recommend going up there as the sun sets and taking pictures. The views of Marmaris from here are amazing. The surrounding area isn't noisy as it's not in the middle of the night action and the weekly Thursday market is just around the corner. The whole surrounding area was a lovely place to be. Shop owners gave their time to chat and talk to us - and again, help us improve our Turkish. We have promised that we'll become more fluent in the language for next time we go as we've promised we'll go back and maybe take our kids and grand daughter with us next time. No we're not old fogies. We're in our late 30's - just have a young family so don't be put off and think that it's only for the 'older' generation. This place is for everyone.

I can honestly say, I've never met a nicer more genuine people than the Turkish and we can see why people return year after year, as we have now said that we will.

Don't be put off by the hassle you'll receive in the resort. I'm one of the weakest willed people you would have met but it hardened me after a few days. Just be polite, say no thank you and as they start to recognise you, their hassle to eat in their restaurant or buy their goods becomes a greeting and a wish that you enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

I couldn't wait to get home and see my family but it broke my heart to leave Marmaris. I fell in love with it and can't wait to go back - especially to the Amphi.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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we wanna come back

"this holiday was the best... we loved all the staff especially the bar men! we miss u all lots...we cant wait to come back. u made us feel so welcome and comfortable. this hotel is very clean and the night life near by was good. xxx"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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  • by Petermac

    " Turn right as you come out of the Amphi...good supermarket there and great bars in the night on the top road.. "

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