Poppy Apartments

Foca Mah. Fethiye Merkez, Fethiye, Turkey
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I would recomend poppy for a great holiday.

"These are clean @ well presented apartments ,Mel & staff are only too happy to sort any issues you may have . we've been here the last four years ,cant speak too highly about this establishment I would without any hesitation recommend poppy ...."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go down to the beach to see the sunset its a great sight.
  • Good For: Beach
by ivan cambs
9 / 10

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"Arrive 5.45pm left 12.30am found another place to stay.We book for a room on the first floor with twin beds were given a ground floor room with double bed (we are two single women)we asked for another room they said they would check one hour later we were still waiting no one came we went to reception and were told none avaiable and would not be for the next fortnight decided to give it a go and were told they would bring some sheets so one of us could sleep in the kitchen (no aircon) the pool was about three foot from the front door and window you would not be able to open the curtains it was dark and the heat was unbearable.We waited 2 hours and still no sheets, went to reception no one there rang the bell no one came they were in the bar with other guest decided to go for a walk and look for somewhere else to stay found a hotel and returned packed our bags and just as we were leaving the owner came running after us first time we had seen him we explained we had decided to move on.He said we must sign and say why were not happy we did so and gave it to him he shouted at us calling us liars then screwed it up and was going to throw it at us and then thought beter of it as the taxi driver waitng for us was watching he swore and told us never to come back so we just went.The taxi driver told the manager of the hotel that we stayed at that man had behave very badly and he was not surprised we had not sayed there.I am sure other people have had good experiences at the Poppy but I am afraid that the way we were treat there was no way we would have stayed and it would have been a miserable holiday as it was we had a wonderful time at a lovely hotel on the sea front.(forgot to say it says that the poppy is 5 minuted from the beach make that 25 minutes and when you hsve to walk at night down a gravel road with no lights not very safe.)

We had read reveiws which were good and bad about these apartments and have always felt that if it's not wonderful just make the best of it's only two weeks but quite frankly I could not have stayed there for under any cicumstances we love Turkey and this has not put us off this was just a bad experience.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go
by Moving On
1 / 10

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Fabulous Time

"We stayed at Poppy Apartments in July 2010, sadly only for a week, to celebrat our Ruby Wedding and my birthday,we say sadly because we could have stayed for a month.We have been to many places but this was special, everyone from the owners,Mel & Cam ,Yilmas & Effie, Ghengis, and the other guests were amazing. The place is so friendly & easy going. We would & have recommended Poppy to anyone in need of a good time. Cant wait to go back this year"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with Goldtrail
  • Advice: Friendly, laid back, nothing too much trouble
  • Good For: Beach
by guitarman
8 / 10

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Dirty & Disgusting - AVOID

"We arrived at the apartments around 6am, and there was no movement anywhere! Eventually we found reception and a cryptic note gave the room number of who to inform of our arrival. He didn't know we were arriving - but on checking his computer our booking was there - phew!

We were shown to our apartment and first impressions were disappointment and this worsened on closer inspection.....

The apartments are NOT clean; our doors didn't lock; A/C wouldnt operate; and ants were everywhere. Being on the ground floor (or maybe even basement as we were lower than the swimming pool!), the 'balcony' looked onto a fantastic dusty garden. Really impressive especially with a baby.

Needless to say we found alternative accomodation, and the 'manager' even had the cheek to demand payment for a day's use of A/C!!!!

Whoever gave these apartments 2 stars is having a complete laugh. It is obvious that there is potential, however someone needs to spend a vast sum of money to improve the cleanliness and standard of these apartments to even justify 2 star.

Take our advice and book elsewhere, its not worth it to spoil your holiday by staying in this dump.

by ScotlandGavin
2 / 10

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very nice place!

"when we turnt up (early hours) there was someone waiting to greet us and show us our room. our apartments was great we had a lovely ground floor balcony at the back and literally 2 steps from the lovely clean swimming pool at the front. plenty of sun beds. the staff was so friendly and helpfull. anything we needed information about Gem the manager was there to advise. we eat a couple of times at the bar and the food was great, so laid back we add dinner and dessert from their bar in our balcony. yilmaz made the best pancakes ever . we played pool at their bar many times and had drinks. this was the first hotel were literally everyone was so friendly andwilling to advise what trips was good and what ones was not good for little ones. so close to the beach. our apartment was clean, spaciouse and very very accessable. althought we had a small leak in our room it couldnt of been sorted out any quicker. when we found out that goldtrail went bust gem was there for us helping us out with his contacts and takeing of the pressure by re-ashoring us that we were fine. calis is a very lovely place to stay and really would come back again."

by 186338Matt
8 / 10

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Lovely relaxing week

"We have just had a lovely relaxing week at the Poppy apartments. When we arrived the staff came out and intoduced themselfs to us, and took are cases from us. My husband is disabled and needs a wheel chair they could not help us enough they gave us a ground floor room which was basic but clean, with plenty of clean towels. Very much like most small and friendly apartments in Greece and Turkey so we knew what to expect. just a few steps from our front door and you are in the pool. allways plenty of sunbeds and you did not have to get up early and reserve one. we ate they a couple of times and the food was very good Yamis cooks a very good pasta, my husband liked the pancakes he made. your not far away from the resort centre with lots of restraurants ans bars and the beautiful beach and promenade. On the last day we did not have to leave our apartment until our transfer arrives( at no extra charge) as we were on a late flight this was great. We met some lovely people whilst we were there as it is only a small complex would definalty stay there again. Thanks again for a lovely week"

by carolinekeith
10 / 10

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Avoid these apartments at all costs!!!

"We have just returned from an 11 night stay at the poppy apartments and wish to tell people on how we were treated there. On arrival at 4.30am the place was in darkness and if it was not for our tranfer taxi driver knocking on doors we had visions of sleeping on the poolside beds for the rest of the night. When we eventually located him he said he had forgot about us even though our name was clearly wrote on the calender for that date. For the first few days we did not buy any drink or food from the restaurant and were completely ignored, after speaking to several other guests this was the norm. However if you bought food/drinks you were greeted with good morning and pleasant conversation during the day. Some guests were charged 20TL each for 5 towels that the manager said they had damaged which is nearly £9 per towel. One of these towels was used as a bath mat as there was none in the apartment and he was still charged. On one afternoon the manager set up an inflatable ball in the pool and asked several guests if they would like to try this out-no mention of any cost. Several took up this offer and were approx 5 mins inside the ball and got charged 15 TL each at the end of their holiday!!!

We were unfotunate to lose our door key through a hole in our bag and tried every effort to locate it but to no avail. Reluctantly the manager let us in to our room and after speaking to the ownwer the following morning he informed us he had to get a locksmith out. Two days later we were still waiting and had to leave our room door open for this duration eventually we were given a new key and shown a lock barrel. On our last day the owner presented us with a bill for 25TL for the barrel when my husband quiered this and said the barrel had not been touched he went away and returned after a few minutes saying there had been a mistake and that he had been told the barrel had been changed by his manager. He agreed that there would be no charge but if we had not quieried this they would have took this money from us. We noticed they were charging 4TL for 5 litre bottles of water which was four times as much as local shops were charging.

We asked 3 times for a gas bottle, both lights out on balconies and light out outside front door. Back balcony must not have been swept for weeks as full of garden debris and unable to sit out here. Cleaner did not come in every day and when she did come in only the bins were emptied.

We chose these apartments because we wanted self catering facilities yet we were made to feel really uncomfortable during our stay because we chose not to eat and drink here. The only good point about these apartments were that we met some lovely people who were staying there who also were treated like us. Needless to say we will not be coming back!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by janmackem
3 / 10

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Avoid these apartments like the plague!!!

"After spending our holiday at the poppy apartments we felt the need to make some comments on how we were treated on our stay there. We arrived at 4.30am and the place was in darkness-nobody around to show us to our rooms. The manager was asleep in his room and our transfer driver had to knock on several doors before he was located. He said he had forgotten about us!!!

After the first few days because we did not buy any meals or drinks around the pool bar we were completely ignored for the whole 11 days of our holiday. After speaking to other guests we found out that they were totally ignored for the same reason. However anyone who bought drinks and meals were greeted with a good morning and pleasant conversation during the day. Some guests were charged 20TL each for 5 towels that the manager had said they had damaged, which is nearly £9 per towel. One of these towels were used instead of a bath mat which they did not have.

On one afternoon the manager set up an inflatable ball in the pool and invited guests to take part. Guests took part for approx 5 minutes rolling around the pool. There was no mention whatsoever of any charge and guests at the end of their holiday were charged 15 lira each for this. We went out one night and lost our key due to a hole in our bag and after retracing our steps twiceand making every effort to find the key we informed the manager what had happened and he reluctantly let us into our room after informing us he would have to call the locksmith out to change the lock. Nearly 2 days later having had to leave our door open when we went out the manager came down to the poolside and gave us a key and showed us a lock barrel inferring that he had changed the barrel on the lock. After checking the lock we found that the barrel had not been changed but had simply issued us with a spare key from existing lock.

On our last day we were presented with a bill for 25TL as they had changed the barrel we informed him that this was not the case and it had not been touched. After going away for several mins he returned saying that there would be no charge as there had been a misunderstanding and he thought the barrel had been changed!!!

We had no lights working on both balconies and outside our apartment door was in darkness. Back balcony was full of leaves and flowers I don't think it had been swept for months unable to sit out here. Shower curtain was mouldy and very limited hot water available for the duration of our holiday. We did not have a gas bottle and had to ask 3 times for this.

Water overpriced charging 4TL which was four times as much as local supermarkets were charging. We choose this apartmentl because it had self catering facilities yet we were made to feel really uncomfortable because we chose not to eat or drink in the hotel.

However on a brighter note we met some lovely people Dave and Deryl. Ozzy and Em and a Liverpool brother and sister who made our holiday!!!

Please do not visit these apartments if you have any sense- needless to say we won't be rushing back!!!!

PS Please visit a lovely little bar in Calis called AR and ME it sells a large bottle of ice cold Efes for 3.5TL and the owner is a lovely young mother who has a small son. It is located just over the road to Irish bar I think it is called Shamrock.

by jmackem
2 / 10

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Relaxing holiday, 5 star service....

"My partner and I travelled to Calis Beach with 3 friends, after booking a last minute holiday. We all love Turkey and usually visit Icmeler, however, we decided to have a change and opted for Calis Beach nd the 'Poppy Appartmens'. What a great choice. We arrived just after midnight and was welcomed by 3 members of staff. Whilst having a drink in the bar, we enquired if we could get a drop of milk for the morning, 'Charlie' (as my other half named him) actually he was the Manager 'Yilmaz' jumped on his scooter and went to the supermarket to bring us Water, Milk and Juice for the next morning, never before in a Self Catering complex have we received such wonderful service. That was how all the staff were all week. They couln't do enough for us, we enjoyed wonderful meals in the bar, Yilmaz's wife Elif does all the room cleaning and offers a laundry service if required, great job done.

In my words to sum the place up not 5 * accommodation (basic but very clean) definately not 5 * price paid but hey IT IS definately 5 * SERVICE. Thanks to all of you for making our stay so pleasant.

Oh by the way, Calis Beach and Fethiye are lovely places, Calis Beach has pleanty of bars and restaurants and people are very friendly.

Well worth a visit.

by Optic1
10 / 10

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Strong Stomach Required

"This place gets one star for the fact the pool area was fine and our holiday was dirt cheap - emphasis on dirt because we saw a lot of it!

Unfortunately, this place is in dire need of refurbishment. It also wouldn't hurt them to come round with a can of RAID once a day since there are ants EVERYWHERE, on the floor, on the worktops, tables, etc. Not very pleasant.

I have to agree with the man below. They do try to take advantage at every opportunity to bleed money from you. We asked Yumaz - odd jobsman - three times to fix our balcony light which he never did get round to and dragged his heels changing the bulbs in our rooms when they blew TWICE. They only changed our towels/linen once during the entire week we were there which was quite difficult because we had to use them to mop up all the water that came flooding out of the "shower"and it was obvious that the floors hadn't been properly cleaned under the beds and such - I won't tell you what we found there! Yet, he then has the cheek to ask us if we want to go to his Turkish Night at 35 TL which, I am very glad to say, we avoided like the plague. The bar prices are higher than the rest of Calis (5 TL for a small beer compared to 3, 50 TL elsewhere) and most disgustingly they charged us 5 TL for a 5litre bottle of water! It was supposed to be 4 TL, which is bad enough considering it only cost 1,50 TL in the shops, but the owner said he would give us our change later but never did.

Again, I agree with the man below's comments on the cooking/eating utensils. Even thinking about it now makes me squirm and he's right about the warm water too - that was a complete pain in the neck.

I think the problem is that they've got one or two staff doing everything: reception, bar, restaurant/cooking, cleaning, pool maintenance, room maintenance, etc. That's why the place is totally neglected but, for me, that's not good enough. Thank god we were only there for a week, I think I would have snapped if I was there any longer.

by queenofthehighway2
2 / 10

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Amazing holiday, lovely apartments

"Just wanted to put a review of this place online as we used this website to check it before we went and although there a few negative reviews we have absolutely nothing negative to say about the place - it was wonderful. The couple that own in are a British lady and her Turkish husband and they were really lovely and helpful.

We were looking for quite a quiet holiday as we were travelling as a couple, the resort was perfect, not too boring and quiet but not massively full of brits abroad. We went outside of the school holiday time so it was a bit less busy. The pool was perfect, our room was a lot bigger than we expected - had a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen! We only cooked in the room once but had everything we needed. Was clean and tidy - the bar was useful for food and a drink now and again but it was generally quite empty while we were there, as was the pool. Just a quick stroll to the beach, took about 5 mins to get to the sea and lots of restaurants on the seafront. The beach wasn't as nice as the one at Olu Deniz but that's a much busier resort. There is a water taxi that takes you over to Fethiye and there are lovely restaurants over there, very cheap to use and Dolmus's are amazing value to travel from town to town.

We went on a boat trip from the nearby Olu Deniz which was a real highlight, would definitely recommend! And we went to the Turkish Baths as well which were a brilliant experience. Definitely would recommend this place, had the best holiday!

by jenlv
8 / 10

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loved it!

"if you want hospitality ,service. clean beds and a good location go to the poppy.Melanie the owner and her staff are faultless,if you have a problem ask and it will be sorted,good size pool,no fighting for sunbeds and it is cleaned by the nicest person ever,who is also a brilliant cook,porter and has a sense of humour,he also has the sweetest wife ever! We have been to turkey for many years and stayed in many aparts+hotels and the poppy is up there with their friendliness,we will definetly go back."

by kyearnshire
8 / 10

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